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Offer Dive Gear Unused rebreather Poseidon MK 6 / VI for 2700€ VB

Poseidon MK 6 / VI - offered here for 2700 EUR VB

Unused rebreather, there has never been a battery installed, with two bottles from 2011/ 2012 (without current MOT). The device has not yet seen water or UV rays. It was stored in a bunker, cool with the slightest temperature fluctuations. Proof of purchase (6 thousand euros) is presentable. With functional guarantee.

It is possible (at the manufacturer) to upgrade the device to the latest version MK7 / VII.

The following is copied from the Poseidonhomepage and translated into English:

Circuit diving has 5 major advantages over traditional open circuit equipment: 3 hours typical dive time, safer and easier to use, lighter and smaller, no decompression stops and quiet operation makes you a part of the environment; Not just a visitor.

Link to website: poseidon-uk.co.uk/">https://www.poseidon-uk.co.uk/
Link to User manuel: poseidon-uk.co.uk/_webedit/uploaded-files/All%20Files/MKVI_User_Manual_ver2%205_ENG.pdf">https://www.poseidon-uk.co.uk/_webedit/uploaded-files/All%20Files/MKVI_User_Manual_ver2%205_ENG.pdf

The device is located in the vicinity of Bremen. If I don't answer right away it doesn't mean anything, I just have little time.

More details are also welcome in a phone call.