Offer Photo/Video Underwater Camera Set Light & Motion Bluefin+Canon XA 10+Lights

1599 EUR

With this underwater camera, you can film anything!

It doesn't matter if it's clownfish or dolphins!
It doesn't matter if it's day or night!
It doesn't matter if it's fresh water or salt water!

Underwater image 1.
Thanks to the integrated swivel red filter, the underwater world looks even more colorful.
Underwater image 2.
At night, in wrecks or caves, the two lamps provide a natural-looking floodlight that can easily illuminate several square meters.
Underwater image 3.
And in the lake at home, you can leave out the filter and capture the beauty of the underwater world with or without lamps.

Whether it's a wide-angle or close-up, everything is possible.
Thanks to the knobs and levers, you have control over white balance, zoom or filter at all times. By the way, you only need to press 2 buttons for the white balance, the rest is automatic.
Thanks to the floating arms and the buoyancy devices, the set is neutrally balanced.

- Light & Motion Bluefin for Canon HF G10 or XA 10
- Fathom 90 wide-angle fully zoomable
- Internal swivel red filter
- Complete camera control via 10 buttons
- Monitor back panel
- Max. diving depth 100 meters

- Canon XA 10 ( Full HD 50i or 25p )
- With XLR camera grip
- Wide-angle and telephoto for landscape shots
- Camera bag + accessories

- AIO RG Blue System 01
- 2200 lumens
- 110 degree floodlight
- Lamp Bags + Accessories

All components have been regularly serviced and are working!
The set is sold because of hobby abandonment.
If you have any further questions, please contact us for more pictures or videos.

Assured shipping, PayPal, transfer, pick-up, negotiation, technical discussion all possible!