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IDE TSI 320 ET N Compressor
It is a 300/200 bar Compressor for Nitrox and Breathing Air Compaction in Super Silent Version. The New Price is about EUR 20,000,-The Compressor is completely outdated and opt-free. And technically in perfect Condition.
The Year is 2013 and the Operating Hours are about 970 Hours.
The Compressor is supplied with all Documents such as TÜV Certificate, Instruction manual, declaration of Conformity, Etc.
The Compressor has a Control Panel to provide or adjust all important information such as: Automatic Drainage, Final Pressure Shutdown, filter state, etc.
The Compressor can be visited at any time as well as including Filling Process.
On Request, a 6-Compartment filling Matt can be purchased at a Price of EUR 2000.00.
VAT can be reported.
Tel: 040-2206064

Price without Filling Matt EUR 7500.00