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Rebreather in very good condition !!!

Hardly dipped and always stored dry

Please only call after 6 pm!

Phone: 015737286115

1200 EUR VB


Sell mine, as good as new Dräger full face mask with 2nd level of Apeks (TX 100).

Minimal traces of use at stage 2.

Used for a maximum of 3 dives, otherwise I use the club's own equipment (DLRG).
That's why I want to sell them again to someone who likes to use them.

The Panorama Nova Dive is a very high quality and super reliable full face mask for any type of diving!

Whether in cold water, during operations or when working under water, it offers the best possible protection against heat loss or contaminated water.

In conjunction with a radio communication device, it is even possible to communicate with each other.

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Sell my lead strap incl 8 draeger klippblei. Everything works perfectly.
Price incl. shipping: 50euro


For sale are 2 pcs Dolphin v,DRAEGER
almost as new complete with 5 L O2 Clen

Mfg Erwin
Phone 05341 331818 v.8,00to 18,00