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Sell my dry suit in size ML for women.

700 VB

Fitting in Hamburg-Winterhude possible.

The suit was bought about 5 years ago and made about 100 TG with it in fresh and salt water. Exchanged
became the zipper, the arm cuffs and the boots. So it is no longer the original boots, but
Softboots size approx. 42-44.
The adhesive on the label as well as on the inlet valve has discolored - whatever happens...
The suit has not been used for a long time, so I can not give a guarantee of tightness!

Now sell this far too little dipped Trocki from the company Waterproof. It is the model Sedna in Man size M.

Shipping and PayPal are possible!

Price 250EUR


Offer the following NEW diving equipment:

Neoprene Aqualung Dynaflex FS, 7 mm, size L

Gloves Waterproof G 1, 5 mm, size L

Footwear Waterproof Classic NG, 5 mm, size 11

Hood Waterproof HI, 5/7 mm, valve, size L

Equipment fins Mares Avanti Quatro +, size XL

Everything listed above was bought on 05.02.2022 for 600 EUR and never worn. So the stuff is all NEW.

In addition, I offer diving mask, snorkel and other fins, all from the brand Mares.

Dortmund (Mitte)

2 almost complete diving equipment for big boys (about 1.90-1.95 m). Preferably completely. Task of the hobby, see complete list and pictures. The things have been lying dry in the basement for 10 years. Revisions are, of course, long overdue. Suits well preserved. Jackets inflatable. Everything still works. 350 EUR. No return, no exchange as private sale. On request also further pictures. Shipping against postage refund possible.

New underwear from Waterproof in XL.

Model: Warmtec 200

Fiber Technology

Original price ca 280EUR

120EUR VB plus 5EUR shipping within Germany

Note as always:

No guarantee, return as from private to private.

Mobile: +491632315136


Phone: 01632315136

Offer 2 backpacks with the newer logo of Waterproof as well as 1 backpack with the old logo, all are like new, since after the purchase of the dry suits no longer used.

Gladly to self-collector.

15 EUR/backpack + shipping


Since I am no longer allowed to dive for health reasons, I sell my complete diving equipment. The equipment is in good condition. The last maintenance was carried out in 09.2020 by the dive shop in Dresden. Not dived since.

  • Dry suit Waterproof Gr.L (neck cuff should be renewed) incl. glove system
  • Underwear Waterproof Gr.ML
  • Mares Semi-Dry Diving Suit Gr.5W
  • Underwear Scubapro Gr.XL
  • Jacket Scubapro XForce Gr.XL
  • Compressed air cylinders 12 L short and 15 L
  • Complete controller set from Mares, 2 first stages
  • Dive computer Mares incl transmitter
  • Dive Computer Mares Puck
  • Hartenberger lamps need new batteries
  • 13Kg lead plastic coated
  • Fins, mask, hoods, gloves, small stuff, box etc.

For most equipment stands, the original invoices are available. The equipment was only immersed in fresh water. About 150 dives.

Just make me a realistic offer.


I sell a Waterproof D70 in size Men's XL.
The suit is as good as new and has only been tried once in the pool.

Just write to questions.

VB: 599,- Euro

Private sale no guarantee or return.


I sell a new Waterproof Combat SD in women's size ML.
The suit is new.

VB: 499,- Euro

Private sale no guarantee or return.


ch sell a Waterproof D6 lite in Mr. size L. Great travel rocki!
The suit is new and hasn't been in the water yet.
The cuffs are of course uncut.
The neck cuff is slightly damaged at the edge from storage. If you cut the cuffs, this is omitted.

If you have any questions, just write!

VB: 499,- Euro

Private sale, no return or guarantee


Waterproof Women's Dry Suit Draco Gr. S

Shoe size: 37

Suit was hardly worn and has been unused for some time now. Due to storage, the cuffs have become porous and need to be replaced.

For sale for 160 EUR

Since private sale no right of return and no warranty/guarantee!


Waterproof W2 7mm semi-dry - Women's suit size S

The suit has about 35 dives and would always be very well maintained and stored.
The zippers all run clean.
The suit is in very good condition!


If you have any questions, please contact us at any time

Is ready in 71034 B├Âblingen

I offer here my wetsuit Waterproof W80 for sale. All in all, the suit was maybe 30 dives in the water. It is in perfect condition. I can also provide more photos if desired. I am 175 cm and weigh 70 kilos. I took the size mainly because of the length of the legs. If interested, I could also offer a Waterproof ice vest.

Shipping is possible, pick-up in Bremen as well or alternatively handover in Hemmoor.

Price 275,00 EUR VHB


Scubapro Evertech Dry Breathable

Size M

about 20 dives. Including dry glove system Waterproof Ultima mounted (complete system incl. gloves included)

Everything 100% tight
Suit has warranty at the dealer until October 2022.
Professional retrofitting of glove system in August 2021 for ~300EUR

Gladly realistic price proposals by e-mail to me.

Insured shipping possible.

Oberhausen / NRW

Size S

Gloves are hardly used like new

Original price 75EUR

The Waterproof G1 5mm 5-finger semi-dry neoprene gloves are among the highest quality neoprene gloves on the market. This is not only due to the very elastic and durable material and the sturdy seams sewn with coated Hi-Q nylon thread that ensure maximum durability of the Waterproof 5-finger neoprene gloves G1 5mm, but also to the many thoughtful details that meet every requirement and leave nothing to be desired by any diver.

The elastic neoprene material of the Waterproof Diving Gloves G1 5mm are coated inside with I-Span Super Stretch Nylon for pleasant wearing comfort, and easy to put on and take off. The latter is also ensured by the extra-long YKK zipper, the non-slip finger coating and the specially attached rubber pad on the cuffs ÔÇô so the glove can be tightly packed and easily striped over the hand, even if you already have a glove on.

Non-smoking household

39 EUR

Offer Waterproof W80 Man Size S. The suit was worn for a season, about 15 TG and is now too small.

Price 138,00 EUR

Frankfurt aM

Moin dear diving friends!

For sale is a Trocki ÔÇô Waterproof D9X ÔÇô size M.

The suit was purchased in the summer of 2019 and so far used for about 30 TG ÔÇô boat size 42 (fits me well with 42-43 and thick socks).

Basically, the D9X is a very good suit, which is also much more robust compared to the predecessor D9 (weight about 3 kg). Unfortunately, the suit just doesn't fit me properly, which is no fun in the long run. For me, in particular, the legs are a bit too short and too wide ÔÇô not a good combination. Also the latex neck cuff was already a bit far at the time of purchase, which is why I had the Sitech Orust ring system installed at the dealer after only a few TG. The Trocki therefore has the ring system on the neck, which allows a quick cuff change. Deviating from the picture, no glove system is installed on the arms ÔÇô instead, new latex cuffs have been installed there by a specialist workshop.

To classify: I am 185 cm tall, weigh about 70 kg and have rather long/thin legs (inner leg length 85 cm, calf circumference about 35 cm).

The suit is in very good condition, only the silver decorative application on the shoulder is slightly pushed off the jacket ÔÇô but this is a purely optical defect, which does not affect the function in any way (see also photo).

Since I now have a new suit that fits better, the suit is currently no longer dipped and currently only serves as a backup ÔÇô but in the long run actually too bad to dust.

Insured shipping or collection in Potsdam, gladly also with fitting.

Since I am a private seller, I exclude a return, warranty or guarantee.

Price: 700 VB

Best regards, Benjamin


Offer my hood from Waterproof here. The hood has only been used a few times in fresh water and is therefore sold. Waterproof builds drain valves into its hoods, which is very convenient if some air gets lost in the hood due to the blowing out of the mask.

The neoprene is 7mm thick on the head and 5mm thick on the neck area.

The hood is in size M and fits me like a glove (size chart see here:

The seams are all still perfect. The hood is really a quality product!

In terms of price, I imagine 18 euros (VB).

Shipping is possible for an extra charge depending on the desired shipping method. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us :-)

Private sale, thus no returns, no money back and no liabilities


I sell here the Waterproof SD Combat Ladies in gr.M my partner, as this is a bit too small for her. The suit has only a few dives behind it and hardly any signs of use, only the shoulder pads are a bit worn by wearing the jacket. The zipper has just been waxed.

Price 285 Euro VB

Scope of delivery:
Waterproof SD Combat Ladies M
Zipper care wax

The SD Combat is an absolutely high-quality suit, developed according to military specifications and used by police and armed forces. Accordingly, the suit is very robust and durable.

In addition, it should be emphasized that the suit is provided with a gas-tight zipper and a neck cuff, so with the right fit you actually stay dry. All cuffs can be individually adapted by the neoprene cutter as with the Trocki if they do not fit perfectly.

For further features, we refer to the manufacturer's website:

We are happy about any request or request :-)

Sale as a private individual under exclusion of any guarantee and return.


Offer Diving Suit Waterproof Lady Size M. The suit was worn for a season, about 15 TG, and is now too small.

Price 138,00 EUR

Frankfurt aM

Offer Diving Suit Waterproof W50 Man Size S.

The suit was worn for a season, about 15 TG, and is now too small.

Price 128,00EUR

Frankfurt aM

Waterproof W50 ladies size M for sale.

The suit was worn 1 season about 15 TG and is now too small.

Price: 128,00 EUR

Frankfurt aM

Because of the hobby we sell our complete diving equipment.
Take a look at the other ads.
Advertising price for complete purchase Unit prices below.
Gladly pick-up Shipping possible costs but then extra.
Used but in very good condition.
Non-smoking and animal-free household

ÔÇó 1 x Diving suit Waterproof T-ZOR 7mm semi-dry size C54/L 50,-
ÔÇó 1 x Shorty Cressi XL/5 15,-
ÔÇó 1 x Diving suit Tropi Aqualung bali 3mm size 56 22,-
ÔÇó 1 x Waterproof Ice Vest Ladies ML 30,-
ÔÇó 1 x Shorty Cressi Size S/2 2,5mm 15,-
ÔÇó 1 x diving suit Everflex semi-dry Scubapro 7,5mm 70,-

No warranty and return since privately sold.

42489 W├╝lfrath

Phone: 0173/3867025

I offer here a 5mm Waterproof Fullsuite suit in size 3XL.

Original price: 299 EUR

MY offer 150 EUR on VHB

Payment: Prepayment, last name, bank transfer / recovery

Can also be picked up on site.


Because of the hobby we sell our complete diving equipment.
Take a look at the other ads.
Ad price for complete acceptance
Unit prices below.
Gladly pick-up Shipping possible costs but then extra.
Used but in very good condition.
Non-smoking and animal-free household
ÔÇó 2 x hood Waterproof 5/7 with HAVS system, one size S, one gr.M each 27,- together 50,-
Original price for 1 hood is between 60,- - 80, - Euro

No warranty and return since privately sold.

42489 W├╝lfrath

Phone: 0173/3867025

Sell an almost new Waterproof W2 5mm. The suit has an arm and leg cuffs, which are laminated as with the zipper and thus allow almost no water to pass through when used correctly! The size chart Unfortunately I am a bit too long for the suit and so it hung longer in the basement until I bought the size XL / t. 200,- shipping is included in the price.

Hello everyone
I sell my dry suit here. It is the Waterproof EX2 in size ML (I myself am 1.83 tall and weigh 75kg, it fit me well, even with thick undercoat), which has been slightly adapted.
The old small bags were removed and new larger bags were expertly glued on. As a result, now also fits eg. a spool+buoy in a bag. Likewise, an Heser P-Valve was installed. This has, of course, been disinfected. The step zipper, which was no longer needed after the installation of the valve, was also expertly glued, as it partially opened.
The suit was last pulled off by Atlantis Berlin and two small extinguishers were patched. The invoice and the report can be shown. Likewise, I add the other replacement cuffs, since I no longer have any use for it. The suit has seen about 150 dives and was only submerged in fresh water.

For questions or more pictures I am happy to be available, just send a PN.

In terms of price, I had imagined 600EUR.
The price is negotiable, PayPal and shipping are possible. Likewise, a fitting by appointment.

65396 Walluf

New: 1569EUR

Used: 800EUR

Large M



- A reinforced ultra-light 4-layer breathable outer shell.
- Cordura Nylon Quad Laminate - Stronger laminated material.
- Small and easy to fold
- Weight 3,2kg
- Plastic front zipper
- XLite Flexboots - Lightweight and comfortable boots
- Light Pockets mounted on both sides
- Detachable arm warmers - easy preparation for Ultima dry glove system
- Integrated suspenders
- Quick Dry
- Reinforced knees
- Telescopic torso
- Latex cuffs


I offer here a barely used (5 TG in fresh water) Waterproof Taurus 7mm semi-dry for sale.

Size M (175-180, 75-80kg). Entry via large, waterproof zip seal in the shoulder area.

Zip wears, cuffs and suit without damage. Incl. gloves 5mm also size M.

The suit was stored on a special carrier hanging dry.

VHB 250 EUR incl. shipping within Germany.

Private sale without warranty and return. Fitting can be carried out in the Cologne area.


I sell here a used Waterproof ice vest TZor 5mm in size M (175-181cm, 75-82kg).

Approx. 25 TG. with slight signs of wear.

VHB 35,00 EUR incl. shipping to Germany.

Private sale without warranty and right of return. Fitting in the Cologne area possible.


I sell here a used Waterproof W1 5mm in size M (175-181cm, 75-82kg).

Approx. 150 TG. The suit has traces of wear.

Zippers, cuffs and suit without damage

VHB 55,00 EUR incl. shipping to Germany.

Private sale without warranty and right of return. Fitting in the Cologne area possible.


Hello your loved ones,

I sell my Waterproof dry suit, which is the D9 Breathable in size S. The new price was 799 Euros, the suit has only about 30-40 dives and is in good condition except for a few smaller traces of use (reflectors - seen in the pictures). I bought the suit in December 2019. The cuffs were replaced because the ones in it were unfortunately not fit. I have very small wrists so I suspect that the arm cuffs might need to be replaced to fit.

You are welcome to come by for the fitting otherwise I will also gladly send the suit!

For more pictures and questions I like to write.

Happy Bubbles!

VB 599 Euro


Phone: +4915238418685

Waterproof Antarctic 2000 Dry Suit, 8mm Neoprene
Size L (approx. 1.75-1.78m height, no changes in measurements), Boots size 27 (EU 43)
Arm cuffs with glued PU rings, the silicone cuffs can be changed by yourself. They have been completely renewed, since not been in the water.
Back zipper is also new (max. 30 dives since the change)
Incl. headhood gr.M and transport bag
The suit has a maximum of 300 dives.


Private sale without warranty and warranty. To self-collectors or against taking over the shipping costs.


Hello, I enjoy diving in warm waters much more, so I sell my complete dry suit set consisting of:

  • Dry suit "d9" by "Waterproof" -> light and breathable; Size S Ladies
  • Underwear "thermal fusion" by "Aqua Lung" -> size S/M
  • Aqua Lung Socks for Dry Suit -> Size 6/8
  • Kallweit Glove System -> this is already integrated, but can also be agreed or exchanged for another glove system. I have not yet agreed on the cold protection made of neoprene on the Trocki on the forearms, but this can also be separated if necessary.
  • Neoprene shoes / boots "waterproof" "b5 marine boot" -> size 27 = converted shoe size 42
  • suitable inflator hose for the dry suit
  • Talc for the care of the dry suit
  • Hangers for the dry suit very stable
  • Bag for transporting the suit
  • Sliding paste zipper -> as needed for easier sliding of the zipper.

I purchased the suit in 2018 and used it in only 5 dives during that time. Therefore, it is in very good condition. The suit was stored dry, protected from the sun and hanging. The cuffs were maintained with talc, slight traces of talc can be seen on the suit in the pictures, but goes away very well on the first dive. Due to the zipper at the front across the body, the suit can be put on and made very easily without outside help. I am 168 tall and have shoe size 39. With these measurements, the suit suited me very well, I still had sufficient freedom of movement. The suit has dived very well during the dives and is easy to transport due to the light weight. I sell the suit only with a heavy heart. If necessary, I can also send the original invoice with purchase.

I only sell the set completely for 1150 EUR VB.


I sell a Waterproof SD3 semi-dry diving suit, ladies, size XS, 7mm. The suit was submerged in fresh water about 5 times and stored only dark. I sell because of the abandonment of the hobby.

Shipping is possible against the assumption of costs

Since private sale no redemption,no guarantee and no exchange.
The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty.

3-finger gloves from Waterproof must be handed in in very good condition. 7Mm thick, with smooth skin double cuff. As a result, hardly any water ingress when the cuff is placed correctly. Super warm, but a bit friemelig when dressed. Size L, a size chart is available from the manufacturer (

Hardly worn

FP 40EUR incl. postage


The TOP DIVE specialist dealer group wants to show even in Corona times that the diving trade is active and able to work together with the diving suppliers. We received an advent calendar with profits worth almost 5,000,- EUR together and were supported by all top dive retailers nationwide as well as the suppliers Scubapro, Garmin, Tusa, Waterproof, Aqualung, SSI and SeaLife.

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28199 Bremen

Phone: 0421/51924 Visit Tauchertreff Dekostop Bremen GmbH

Private sale, because of hobby task. Super warm underwear with 300g filling for the cold seasons in a dry suit.
A thin cap, for quick wind protection after the dive, is removable.
Suit was worn very little, because really very warm. At Lake Constance in spring it was quite pleasant.
Practical pockets for small grams like car keys, nobody steals them here ;-)
Assessment and fitting possible by appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is about 250 EUR

It is sold for 129 EUR VB

Private sale, because of hobby task neoprene dry suit by Waterproof, model D70 of size Men's XL (me: 186m sporty built about 90 kg).
The suit is in good condition, zipper works perfectly and there are no holes either. With about 20 TG in local freshwater lakees quite virgin.
Unfortunately, the cuffs now dissolve (due to age, about 6 years), are brittle and cracked! With the arm cuffs (standard approx. 2x40 EUR) decent dry gloves would be recommended (approx. 2x70EUR), in Lake Constance it was quite cool at the fingertips at the third TG. The neck cuff must also be made. Costs approx. 60 EUR
Shoes size 29.0...the stickers are even on it, is probably an indication for a few TG :-)
In addition, there is the matching neoprene head hood and a practical transport bag, so that the wet piece can be transported dry in the car.
Assessment and fitting on site possible with appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Pick-up preferred, shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is 999 EUR

It is sold for 549 EUR VB

Private sale, to hand over to diving hands because of hobby task. 7 mm semi-dry suit, super comfortable and almost a Trocki! Size Men ML/t (me: 1,86m, sporty built, about 90 kg and NO suit pinkler!).
The suit has reinforcements in the important places, in the knee area even proper pads and useful pockets for e.g. a replacement glasses are also taken into account. Hood incl.
According to the logbook about 30 TG, 20 of them in salt water. Always well cleaned, rinsed and maintained.
Zipper and cuffs work perfectly.
Viewing and fitting possible by appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Pick-up preferred, shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is still 750-800 EUR

It is sold for 499 EUR VB

Wetsuit Semann
Black-Grey, Size 102, 5mm

Wetsuit Semann
Black, Size 52, 5mm
On the insides of the knee joints, the color is slightly faded.

7mm hood size L

7mm Gloves Waterproof Size M

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


Sell my Waterproof SD Combat Women's Size M

This diving suit has about 25 dives behind it and is therefore as good as new. The neck cuff has a small crack, but it can be repaired. Original price 720,- EUR

Asking price :350,-EUR VB for pick-up in Krefeld or Bochum



the ad can be viewed in more detail on Ebay Classifieds.

The set consists of suit, underwear, hood and bag.

Price 475EUR


Because of the cession of diving for health reasons, I sell my diving equipment and that of my wife.

The parts are offered individually and are in used condition. Shipping is of course possible for a fee, but preference would be given if necessary.

If you are interested, just ask, you will also be happy to send more pictures, if desired

Foot lead Bright weight 25 EUR Half-trocki Bare Elastek 7 mm 160 EUR Half-dryi Camaro 30 EUR Half-rocki Exel 130 EUR Gloves Camaro 20 EUR Jacket Waterproof Ozor 85 EUR (only with 1 lead pocket) Hood 20 EUR Hood DUI 20 EUR Mares Plana 20 EUR

A sale is made without warranty or return, as sold privately.


Phone: 015120154608

Sell here a little used and top maintained ladies dry suit ( about 40 Tg ) Waterproof D70 SC in size L, with Northern Diver Dry glove system and original Waterproof hood, and transport bag, the suit has no abrasions or glued places, it is still in original condition, the only one, the arm cuffs have been shortened a bit, but are still present and it is tight.

Boot size is 26, equivalent to 38/39

The suit should cost 150EUR VB incl. shipping!!! This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return!!!

The ideal introduction to a new dimension of diving: The Waterproof D70 SC is a robust 3.5mm neoprene dry suit.

This neoprene trocki combines all elementary functions, requires little care and sometimes forgives a mistake in buoyancing. This uncomplicated robustness makes it a very popular model among diving schools. The suit has a back zipper and, together with the matching underwear, is a very warm dry suit.

ÔÇó 3.5 mm Hi-Dense neoprene with DuraTex coating

ÔÇó Warm-neck system with preformed Velcro fasteners

ÔÇó PU-reinforced, preformed knee pads

ÔÇó Latex neck and arm cuffs

ÔÇó PU reinforcement in the buttocks area

ÔÇó Neoprene soft boots

Included in delivery:

ÔÇó H1 5/7mm hood with double H.A.V.S valve

ÔÇó ND ventilation hose

ÔÇó 1000 Cordura backpack

Nothern Diver Dry Diving Glove System:

ÔÇó Easy-to-use closure that can be easily opened/closed with one hand!

ÔÇó No latex-destroying O-rings!

ÔÇó Acid-resistant heavy-duty gloves made of PVC (roughened) blue

ÔÇó Glove easy to change

NRW Essen

Phone: 01716561887

Very well preserved 5mm semidry diving suit for women by Waterproof Model W4. Original price 398 EUR. Zippers on the neck, arms and legs. Rubber cuffs. Underlaid backzip. Plastic knee pads. No holes or other damage. About 30x dipped. Gr.40. Price includes shipping within Germany. Payment by PayPal is possible.

Private sale without guarantee or exchange

200 EUR


Phone: 017657618394