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I offer my SeaLife Photo equipment as a complete package.

In detail, this consists of:

1 x SeaLife UW Camera DC 2000 Duo Set (Camera and UW Housing)
1 x SeaDragon 3000F (SL678), LED light with single rail
1 x SeaDragonFlash (SL963), flash light with single rail
1 x SeaLife Flex Connect Duo Rail
2 x SeaLife Flex Connect Arm
1 x SeaLife 0.5x wide angle lens (SL050), lens has slight scratches, condition o.k
1 x SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack.
1 x SeaLife Connect Cold Shoe (SL991) with adapter for GoPro
3 x batteries and 1 x charger
15 x SeaLife Moisture Capsules (SL911'

Original packaging and accessories

Original price is over 2500EUR Since the wide-angle lens is scratched, but everything else in a very good used condition and fully functional I offer the complete package for 1600 EUR VB.

The camera is no longer built so one of the last of the Super Camera.

SeaLife UW Camera DC 2000 with UW Housing"

SeaLife DC2000 Camera: Features: ultra-fast autofocus; Sony 20MP CMOS image sensor; 1080p HD

Video; built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; 8 shooting modes; JPEG and RAW image formats; simple setup guide; large "piano key" keys; 10 fps burst recordings and more. Including rubberized and shockproof outer casing, which is waterproof up to 60m.

SeaDragonFlash (SL963) - Flash

Suitable for all Sealife underwater cameras and other suitable UW cameras
Waterproof to a depth of 60m
With high-quality difusor for uniform light distribution
With Auto Mode and Auto Learn Mode

With the Flex-Connect single rail, you can easily expand your underwater camera with an external lamp or flash. Mount a lamp directly on the rail or add a Flex-Connect handle or Flex Arm for more comfort and control. Can be mounted on any underwater camera with standard 1/4-20 tripod connection. Including mounting screw.

1 x Sea Life Flex Connect Duo Rail

Attach two lights to your camera set. The dual tray allows the attachment of 2
Lamps on the camera and thus many lighting options.
Has been individually extended by 4 additional V4A mounting rings. In this way, all components can be backed up.

SeaDragon 3000F (SL678) – LED Light

SeaDragon 3000F (SL678): Powerful 3000 lumens with automatic brightness control
Flash detection and night mode. The new and improved COB design delivers 3000 lumens via a
uniform beam angle of 120° without hotspot. Two red LEDs emit an 88° wide beam
, which does not scare away nocturnal sea creatures and preserves the natural night vision of your eye.
The brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically with the built-in photocell light sensor.
Auto Bright mode automatically adjusts between 300 and 3000 lumens to increase battery life
lengthen. When the light is directed at the dive computer or other close-ups, the
Light automatically dimmed, distant objects are illuminated with maximum brightness. With
Flash detection sensor turns off the light for 1 second when triggering for optimal
Image exposure control. Includes powerful 3400 mA lithium-ion battery with
protected circuit for 60 minutes of running time at full power. One-button operation for easy operation
Handling. Includes Flex Connect handle and rail for mounting any camera with standard 1/4-20
Tripod socket. Easy to expand with other accessories of the Flex-Connect system.

2 x Sea Life Flex Connect extension arm

The Flex Connect Arm extends the flash arm. The arm is flexible and allows accurate target adjustment of the light of the video light or flash. Only compatible with Sea Dragon lights and arms. Each Flex Arm offers 7 inches more length and 100° more rotation.

Mount up to two arms on each side of your camera set. Just snap it into place and you're done.

SeaLife 0.5x Wide Angle Lens (SL050)

The SeaLife 0.5x wide-angle lens magnifies the field of view by 100%...


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New camera set Sealife DC2000 with flash - Super to use camera for first-class underwater shooting.

Absolutely new - never used - cumbersome to sell.

Indoor camera plus rubberized shockproof housing, waterproof up to 60 meters. 20MP 1" image sensor, Full HD video, RAW format and 3" high resolution LCD display.

Sea Dragon 2500 lamp head, 2500 lumens, soft and even 120 degree wide angle beam,

three brightness levels.

Flex Connect, flexible arm for easy attachment of the Sea Dragon lamp head.

0.75x wide-angle lens (SL051) - compensates for the magnification effect of the water and extends the field of view by 33%. Exact edge sharpness and highest image quality. Can also be placed under water.

Lens mount DC series - is mounted under the camera body or on the flex arm to accommodate the wide-angle lens when not needed on the camera. The lens can be mounted both above and below water.

All with original packaging, dealer calculation and warranty.

Original price camera/light set 1219,-EUR / wide angle 199,- EUR/ lens mount 39,-EUR/ flex arm 59,- EUR total 1516,- EUR

I sell the whole set for 949,- EUR

If you have any questions or more detailed information, please contact us

Maybe someone has one to hand in.

Saulgrub Bayern

Sealife DC 1000 with underwater housing, charger, charging cable, 3 batteries, operating instructions, hand strap etc.
Good used condition.
Works perfectly.
Only the display is slightly brighter on the right than on the left. (see photo)
Does not affect the photos.
Asking price 100EUR plus shipping (insured)


Sell my dive lights as I no longer find the time to use them. Both lamps, flex arms, batteries and chargers are in perfect condition and 100% functional, have 4 saltwater dives, as well as 2 freshwater dives behind them. There are still 2 sealing rings and lubricants, per lamp, for the battery compartment, as well as 4 sand protection rubbers.

Here are a few key data from the manufacturer:

• Strong 1200 lumens LED light. Latest LED technology with 6x
• One-button operation for easy handling. A button for insertion and
Power off and brightness adjustment
• Three brightness levels 100%, 50% and 25%
• 85 minutes burning time at full strength and consistent
• Easily expandable with Flex-Connect™ connectors, handle and Flex
• Automatic light detection. Light turns off for 2 seconds,
when it detects an external light source
• 100° illumination angle illuminates the subject evenly without hot
• Up to 60m diving depth tested
• Stainless material for heat exchange and durability.
• Removable LI-Ion battery with charger and international
• Waterproof battery compartment
• Universal mounting screw suitable for Sealife and others
UW cameras with standard 1/4"-20 UNC tripod thread

Package includes:

• 2x Sea Dragon 1200 UW Photo-Video Light
• 2x Flex-Connect Micro connector with standard 1/4"-20 UNC
Thread and handle
• 2x Flex-Connect Flex arms
• 1x adapter for GoPro cameras
• 1x Flex-Connect double rail
• 2x Lithium Ion battery
• 2x AC power adapter, charging port and
international adapters
• Additional O-rings, O-ring lubricants and sand protection rubbers

Price: 485EUR VB

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me...


Sell my Sealife Hd1400 current model
Works perfectly with large charging pocket where the flash or video light fits in
With flash depreuser
Waterproof up to 60m
If you have any questions, email


Offer new and unused UW camera set Sealife DC1400 Sea Dragon Pro (640 Euro) and photo/video dive light Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 600 (120 Euro).


Sealife DC600 with lots of accessories for sale.

Here is the bag, the camera, 6x battery (but sometimes only with 50% capacity) + charger, the wide-angle lens SL970 and the flash SL960D.

Everything together has always been treated well by me and is in a relatively good condition (according to the age a few blemishes, which can not do anything to the function).

Price all together EUR 185,00 VB for pick-up in Munich - insured shipping on request


Hi, offer a barely used
Sealife DC 1400 HD underwater camera, about 5 dives in fresh water. Complete with original packaging. Fully functional!

price 300EUR


Hello, sell Sealife DC1400 with Digital Pro flash SL961, and fisheye wide angle lens SL975 + flash diffuser SL9618.

To the camera:

"Piano keys" controls for effortless operation. Five large buttons with large shutter and zoom switch for effortless operation of the camera, even with gloves.

6 underwater modes for sharp, colorful underwater photos in any conditions. With 4 built-in digital color correction filters.

Rubber armor, against shock damage due to hard use and harsh environments.

Tested at depth up to 60 m – Guaranteed

Manual shutter and aperture adjustment in External Flash mode.

No O-ring lubrication required – Completely unproblematic care of the O-ring – Keeping clean is enough!
Technical features

HD Video Mode – Uninterrupted high definition video recording with sound.

14-megapixel CCD for sharp, high-resolution images.

26mm Wide Angle Lens - For capturing large subjects and reef scenes at short range.

Super macro autofocus from 2.5 cm to ∞

Large 3.0-inch LCD display for comfortable image viewing

25X Zoom - Optical 5X zoom plus 5X digital.

Lithium battery, 700 mAh, for at least 2 hours/200 pictures

Compatible with SD and SDHC cards up to 32 GB

27 land theme modes – To automatically adjust the camera to the respective subject type.

Removable indoor camera

Manual adjustment of the white balance with quick button for quick and convenient adjustment of the white balance.
Super macro autofocus from 2.5 cm to ∞

To the flash:

Creates deeper, stronger colors and reduces backscatter effects

The new Auto Mode setting automatically regulates the brightness of the flash for optimal image exposure.

Can be used at depths up to 60 m

The variable energy setting allows manual fine-tuning of the flash brightness to achieve the desired effects and optimal image exposure.

5 Settings for flash cancellation

Effective underwater distance: max. 2.5 m

Approx. 100 flashes with 4 AA batteries

Flexible, rubber-coated arm for easy aiming and secure grip.

Includes flash link optical cable adapter, standard mounting button and luxury carrying bag.

Fisheye Wide Angle Lens:

Super wide-angle lens increases the field of view by 80%

Waterproof up to 60 m

16 mm effective focal length when used on the DC1400 underwater camera

Camera and accessories are in very good condition.

More pictures on request.

Price 500EUR incl. shipping

Greetings Holger


Camera Sealife dc 1400.14 megapixel CCD for sharp, high-resolution images.
26 mm wide-angle lens. This allows you to get even closer to the subject and still get everything on the picture.
Super macro autofocus from 2.5cm to ∞ HD video mode, underwater housing +Digital Pro flash+ flash diffuser
Price 550EUR VB


Camera Sealife dc 1400.14 megapixel CCD for sharp, high-resolution images.
26 mm wide-angle lens. This allows you to get even closer to the subject and still get everything on the picture.
Super macro autofocus from 2.5cm to ∞ HD video mode, underwater housing +Digital Pro flash+ flash diffuser
Price 550EUR VB


Underwater digital camera SeaLife DC1200 incl.

additional wide-angle lens

complete with spare battery, charger etc.
Has only been on holiday a few times.
If you have any questions, please call.
0157 74618070
Please no e-mails!

Price: 300EUR VB

Shipping is also possible.
Cash payment at pick-up

Manufacturer's specifications:

Sealife DC 1200, easy to use, with piano keyboard and zoom and menu scroll lever.

Piano keyboard: no more buttons – but 5 large menu keys. Extra-large shutter release button and zoom lever for safe and easy operation – even with thick gloves
Easy set-up mode allows setting in three steps on the display
Four underwater modes for sharp, color-intensive underwater photos in any body of water in the world: Sea mode with 4 UW color correction settings / Ext. Flash Mode Auto / Ext. Flash Mode Manual / Snorkel Mode
Spy Mode – any number of continuous shots at fixed intervals. This allows exceptional shots of shy animals, as the diver can move away from the object.
Expandable with up to 2 external SeaLife flashes (SL961) and the SL970 wide-angle attachment
Rubberized housing for robustness and good grip
Manual setting of the exposure time and aperture in the Ext. Flash Mode
Diving depth tested up to 60 m
12 megapixel CCD for high-resolution images and detailed magnifications
Large 3.0" LCD
25X zoom - 5X optical zoom plus 5X digital zoom
Autofocus up to 10 cm minimum distance
More than 2 hours of constant video recording time with sound (with 4GB SD card)
Lithium battery 700mAh for 2 TG (2+ h or 200+ photos)
Extremely short shutter release and switch-on time for spontaneous photos. (Approx. 0.3 sec. in Ext. Flash and landscape mode. )
SD and SDHC cards compatible (Recommended: 4 GB – tested: 16 GB)
12 Land Modes – Automatic presetting of the camera according to the type of shot
Optical image stabilization – CCD technology reduces shake

Bornheim PLZ: 53332

Underwater camera: Subgear Sealife Reefmaster Mini SL 332, new model including Weiwinkel SL974
new 279,00 - March this year purchased, 1 x used
40 meters waterproof - 9 megapixels

Offer: 150,00

you don't need a UW housing, it is light and user-friendly, good quality,
including neoprene sleeve and rubber wrist strap


Offer used underwater housing for Sealife DC800.
I bought the housing incl. camera used before the holiday and took many great pictures.
Now I want to sell the housing (I keep the camera itself - goes :) as a normal camera)
Price: VB
Please send us our best offers by email.

Since private sale: Without warranty or guarantee. No return.

74676 Niedernhall

The SeaLife Digital Pro Flash is a purpose-built external small flash that is suitable for the in-house underwater cameras and most compact models from other manufacturers. The device is easy to use and it allows sufficiently flexible lighting for cheaply illuminated souvenir photos. As a complete package with flash arm, camera rail and fiber optic cable a highlight on the market. Housing: Polycarbonate, rubber jacket Electrical work: 40 Ws Guide number on land: 20 Light angle under water: 60° Colour temperature: 5700 K Power supply: 4 batteries or rechargeable batteries, size AA Number of flashes: approx. 100. Flash sequence time: approx. 7 s (depending on the power source) Exposure modes: Automatic, manual Synchronization: optoelectronic (0 - 4 pre-flashes) Operating depth max.: 60 m VB 215,00 Euro


I offer this proven underwater flash Digital Pro Flash of the brand Sealife. The flash fits on all Sealife models and third-party brands.

I sell this original Sealife Reefmaster flash, which is only used 1 time in open water, in absolute best condition with the accessories camera rail, arm and flashlink. In terms of condition, the flash is still like new.

The Sealife cameras deliver razor-sharp and colored images in the semi-professional range with exactly this optional additional flash. I give up the flash because of the abandonment of underwater photography.
The user receives a flash as new with the appropriate flash arm, camera rail and operating instructions as well as Flash Link adapter.

New prices of the lightning was 339,00 Euro.


Guide number: 20 on land under full load
Flash strength: 8% - 100%
Flash angle: 60 degrees
Current: 4 AA batteries or NiMH batteries
Battery life: about 100 flashes
Charging time of the flash to full load: 7 seconds
Buoyancy: positive
Wattseconds: 40

Like new, VB. 230 Euro plus shipping.

(Private sale without any return or warranty).


I sell my new SeaLife DC 800 digital camera in a set complete with housing, flash, flash arm, flash adapter and accessories. With this great camera I have only been in open water once, it is really still like new. Since I give up underwater photography, I separate myself from the camera with a heavy heart, because it is too bad to leave it around. You really offer on the complete set with transport bag, as it has been offered in the trade for Euro 840.

Specific advantages:

The camera offers 14 exposure modes over water, shake protection, video recording at 25 frames per second, different flash modes, continuous shooting function, sensitivity from 64 to 1600 ISO / ASA and manual exposure compensation by +/- two apertures in 1/3 steps.

The lens with 4x optical zoom offers a wide angle of 28 mm at the shortest focal length - compared to analog small format cameras.
For underwater photography, the SeaLife DC 800 offers five additional modes, three of them for shooting without flash, in which the colors in depth are to be activated with the help of an electronic filter. You can choose between blue and green sea water or river. When using the optional SeaLife SL 961 digital flash unit, the flash exposure can also be preselected manually or automatically.

The power supply is provided by an amazingly powerful lithium-ion battery (5V, 1250 mAh). The charger with international plug adapter is connected directly to the camera.
The SeaLife Digital Pro Flash includes everything you need besides the camera for advantageously illuminated artificial light or mixed light shots.


Manufacturer: SeaLife
Type: Reefmaster DC 800
Version: Digital camera in UW housing
Flash: SL961
Operating depth: 60 meters
Resolution: 8 million pixels
Lens: 4x zoom, optical
Shortest focal length analog: 28 mm
Largest aperture: 2.7
Exposure: Automatic, 14 programs over water, 5 programs under water
Sensitivity: 64/100/200/400/800/1600 ISO/ASA
Focus: Autofocus
Power supply camera: Lithium-Ion battery incl. charger
Power supply flash: 4x AA Mignon cells 1.5 V
Recordings per charge: approx. 100
Monitor: 2.7 inch TFT – LCD
Memory: Internal 32 MB, external SD / SDHC card up to 4 GB

The whole set is still like new and comes with a transport bag.

Original price was 840 Euro - my VB. 395,00 plus shipping or collection.

This is a private sale without any return or warranty.


Sealife DC600 Unterwasser-Digitalkamera
neu: Sonderpreis 475 €
WW-Objektiv 24mm 35 €
*Speziell für Taucher!(geprüft bis 60 m Tiefe)
*6,1 Megapixel
*Robustes, gummiertes UW-Gehäuse
*3-fach optischer und 4-fach Digital-Zoom
*Spy-Mode für Langzeit Serienaufnahmen
*Großes 2,5" (5,3cm) Display
*Zwei UW-Modi mit voreingestelltem Weißabgleich


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