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Bare X-Mission Evolution Tech Dry

  • Size S/S
  • Incl. Tech Boots size 39
  • Incl. transport bag
  • Incl. care set
  • Incl. manufacturer documents and warranty
  • Nylon Trilaminate Material
  • Bottleneck + latex arm cuffs
  • two expandable Tech/DATA bags with elastic bands

Price VB: 1.700EUR


The equipment was only used for 30 dives and is as good as new.

Suit/ Neoprene - Bare Arctic (7mm) - (36/38) -> 119,00 EUR

Freiburg im Breisgau

Offer a Bare Elastik 7mm ice vest for sale. The vest is in good to very good condition.

The Elastek Vest 7mm can be combined very well with both the Elastek Full 7mm and the Elastek Full 5mm.

The vest is anatomically shaped and made of the same stretchy material as the overalls. The entire Elastek Vest incl. hood is made of 7mm Elastek neoprene. The hood has a 5mm facial end, which lies comfortably on the skin.

The Elastek is glued and has an additional safety seam.

Material: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon


  • 7mm Elastek Neoprene
  • extremely elastic material
  • attached 7mm hood with 5mm face cuff
  • attached shoulder seals
  • coloured heavy-duty zipper with stainless steel slider running diagonally
  • anatomically shaped
  • glued with safety seams

Matching there is also the Bare Overall Elastek 7mm in another display.

My asking price:

100,00Euro plus 8,00 vers. dispatch

Gladly to self-collectors, shipping after prior consultation.

You expressly point out that this is a private sale and I do not assume any warranty.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Have various articles about,

Mares Jacket Gr. L

Oceanic 7mm wet suit with ice vest, zippers i.O.

Kallweit Neoprentrocki Gr. L with urinal valve, zipper is top, arm and neck cuffs need to be renewed.

Seac Sub Diving Case,

Two slider pockets

Kallweit three-finger gloves

Bare three-finger gloves

Cressi thin diving gloves

Waterprof Gloves

Just everything together


Can be visited

Pick-up only

28876 Oyten

We sell a virtually unworn :

Bare Underwear Super Hi-Loft Polarwear Extreme Women - Black Size M

Ultra soft and warm, this underwear provides for the torso two layers hi-loft thinsulate for extremely cold water diving. If it gets cold quickly, then this is the right dry suit underwear for you. Textile marking: 65% polyester and 35% nylon. with transport bag.

Price: 240 Euro ( NP 480 Euro)

Shipping by insured shipping to all of Europe (by DHL Germany)

Schweiz / Basel

EUR 30

I sell a bare diving mask with bare neoprene mask band. Width of the mask approx. 16 cm.

For shipping within Germany, I take over the postage costs.

As this is a private sale, I exclude warranty, withdrawal, revocation and warranty.


Sell very little (under 10 TG) worn Bare Trilaminate Tech Dry Suit (size XL-XXL Unisex)

with Rolock 3 dry diving glove system and original bare storage backpack

including underwear BARE-SB MID black/blue 2-piece with feet.

The Bare Trilaminat Tech Dry is equipped with front zipper. This ensures easy entry and independent opening and closing. The telescopic torso ensures the right freedom of movement and the suspenders for the correct fit. A flexible double belt reinforcement at the seams creates high durability.

Boot size 42/43 (sole 30 cm long)

Length to step: 98 cm, (height 176 cm)

Crotch strap for a good fit

Since this is a private sale, I do not take over any guarantee and return

FB 680,00 EURO

Pick-up or shipping possible

Ebersbach an der Fils

Because of the cession of diving for health reasons, I sell my diving equipment and that of my wife.

The parts are offered individually and are in used condition. Shipping is of course possible for a fee, but preference would be given if necessary.

If you are interested, just ask, you will also be happy to send more pictures, if desired

Foot lead Bright weight 25 EUR Half-trocki Bare Elastek 7 mm 160 EUR Half-dryi Camaro 30 EUR Half-rocki Exel 130 EUR Gloves Camaro 20 EUR Jacket Waterproof Ozor 85 EUR (only with 1 lead pocket) Hood 20 EUR Hood DUI 20 EUR Mares Plana 20 EUR

A sale is made without warranty or return, as sold privately.


Phone: 015120154608

Semi-dry suit together with ice vest with integrated hood. Brand BARE, Model Velocity, both 7mm thick. Almost new (about 8 dives). Big 8.

Price: 100EUR

Stuttgart - M├Âhringen

Phone: +4917662699030

Sell Dry Suit BARE XCS2 Tech Dry Size MT

Technical io
2 leg pockets, with hood and pocket

No guarantee, warranty and return


Sell Bare SB System Mid Layer Full
Size MT/ML

No guarantee, warranty and return


Sell Bare SB System Mid Layer Vest

No guarantee, warranty and return
Fitting with me is possible

Shipping possible

Total price without shipping 550,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell a well-preserved Bare X-Mission dry suit in 3XL here

* With Heser-Pee Valve (gereining and disinfected)

* Cuffs are fine

* The suit is _TIGHT_

* Shoe size approx. 46

Absolutely suit, has unfortunately become too big for me..

If you have any questions, shipping is possible (included in the price)

Original price ~ 1950 Euro

VHB 950,-

Since it is a private sale, no guarantee, no return.

Sell a Bare CT200 underwear in size L/G. The material is Thinsulate in the thickness 200.

110 Euro VB.

Shipping is possible.

I ÔÖé´ŞĆ sell my jacket plus the compass because of too many hobbies.

The jacket is 2 years old

Original price was 490EUR

I did 40 dives with the jacket.

Size M

jacket+ compass 180EUR

The compass has been used 3 times

If you want you can have soft lead (6-8kg)

In my opinion, the price is very fair.

I hope it comes into good hands

Phone: 01703486930

I sell a Bare CD4 Pro Dry Neoprene Dry Suit in size LT (Large+Tall). The Trocki has about 80 TG and in my opinion is dense and fully functional. I dipped the suit with 183 and 80 kg, but it was always a bit too big for me in terms of length. If you are taller than 183, it is ideal.

Other features:
- Neoprene cuff on the neck
- Latex sleeve cuff (There was a Kubi glove system mounted, but is hardly recognizable by the cuffs).
- a large pocket on the left side
- Metal zipper on the back
- Cover cap for inlet valve is missing
- Shoes size XL (equivalent to 43-44)

VB 400 EUR


Sold here is a little dipped 7mm semi-dry wetsuit.

The suit was bought in April 19 and has not dived 20 times. The condition is like new.

I am 180 and weigh 95 kilos and he fits great.

The best way to find out about the details is on Google.

Bare 7mm Reactive

Original price 500EUR

I would like to have 400EUR plus shipping if necessary.


Phone: 01622337521


Separate me from this dry dip underwear from Bare. Little used.

Original price currently 229 EUR.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs


Hello dear divers,

I sell my Bare x mission Trocki. Purchased this year (01/2019). You get the Trocki, grease pen for the zipper, talcum powder and the matching storage bag from Bare. The neck cuff is made of neoprene and therefore holds particularly tight. Hand cuffs are made of silicone. Neck and hands can be both widened and tightened, according to fit for all types.

Trocki dressed on height 171cm with 100mm underwear and sports suit enough freedom of movement.

Shoe size is 39/40, suit size 40/42.

No traces of noise, keeps tight and flawless.

Original price at cash from 1700EUR.

Sale price 1000EUR

If you have any further questions or pictures, simply write to us.

Drysuit Bare HD Tech Dry, Courdura material with only 15 dips, size MLT.

Price: 680 EUR

Sell Bare Underwear CT-200 Polarwear Extreme in Size L

Pleasant insulation on the smallest pack size ;-)

With outlets for the air on left upper arm, 2 large fluffy leg pockets.

Unterzieher was hardly dipped. Looks like new!

The quality goods come from an animal-free non-smoking household.


Sending for fitting possible!!!

Bare Elastek Diving Suit AS GOOD AS NEW (Women Woman Lady)

Extremely elastic, still fits great and does not constrict. Semi-dry neoprene 7mm ladies in size 10 corresponds to size 40. Unfortunately I have size 42/44 and the suit does not fit me. Nicely anatomically cut.

Cold water suitable but also for Mediterranean in spring or early summer or Egypt in winter. Very little immersed in fresh water, like new. No damage, sealing lips and zipper great.

ORIGINAL PRICE is 248 Euro suit washed and disinfected. Non-smoking and animal-free household

Plus 6,00 Euro shipping costs PayPal available

ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTE!! Due to the new legal provisions, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee and return. Since this is a private sale, I cannot assume any guarantee under new EU law. The buyer agrees to this and acknowledges this with his purchase! According to the new EU law, this addition must be under every online sale!

Sell my used 7mm wet Habtrocken with extra vest. Size M/M
Unfortunately I 'grown out'...

Did about 60 dives with it.

Size ca 170-175

Can also be tried on and picked up in Berlin Spandau

But I don't take it back when it is shipped!!



With a heavy heart, we part with my wife's diving equipment, as it simply does not get into water acutely.

- Ocenanic Ladies Trilaminate Trocki Gr. 44 with glove system Northern Diver.
Arms shortened a few cm. With hood. Original price currently 649 EUR plus 140 EUR for the glove system.

Neck cuff needs to be renewed (I could still do it by arrangement). Size chart attached

VB 400 EUR

in addition, I have to submit:

- Seac fleece underwear very thin in M

- Bare underwear Polarwear 100g L


Sell flawless Trocki BARE XCD2 Tech Dry Gr. 3 XL incl. 100 underwear, little dipped.

The suit has leg pocket, suspender system, neck cuff neoprene, arm cuffs smooth neoprene, hood, MD hose.

Shoe size 2 XL.

Price: 500,-- Euro, plus shipping costs if applicable

Pictures on request by e-mail!


The CD4 Pro Dry made of crush neoprene fulfills the wishes of many divers.

The CD4 is manufactured according to the new revolutionary NST technique (No Stitch Technology).

The 4mm crush neoprene with diamond nylon fabric guarantees the highest quality.

Very high insulation value due to the compressed neoprene.

Seam without stitch seams (NST technology)

The suit parts are glued and hot-taped on both sides according to the NST process.


Neck cuff made of highly elastic smooth neoprene (optional latex) is an ideal thermal protection. The Bottle arm cuffs are made of highly elastic latex, extremely durable and ideal for tough use.


Crush-Neoprene 4mm manufactured. This guarantees warm feet even in the greatest cold. Even with extreme entrances, a confident appearance is no problem. Size 43


4mm Crush Neoprene

Back zip with inner protection strip

inside Metalite (heat reflective)

Outer Diamond Tuff Nylon

Thigh pocket left

Neck cuff neoprene

HD bottle arm cuff made of latex

4mm Neoprene Crush Boots

Knee pads

Brusteinlass valve 360┬░ rotatable

Exhaust valve, left upper arm

1-2 worn, VHS 700

Shipping possible


I sell my Bare Elastek diving suit which no longer fits me. He is 4 years old and has about 80 dives behind him.

The jumpsuit has normal signs of use, the ice vest is without any signs of use and looks like from the store.

Bare Elastek
Size Men ML

When it fit perfectly, I was at 83kg and 181cm

Price: 110EUR

53919 Weilerswist

Bare Velocity 3mm wetsuit in XL new with invoice.
Price ink shipping: 70EUR


New Bare velocity 3mm suit in size XL

incl. shipping:70EUR


BARE Elastek Full 7mm wetsuit, size 14, blue (Own height 1.68 m)

incl. MERO ice vest

incl. 1 pair of neoprene-5 finger gloves MERO size M

incl. 1 pair of AquaLung booties size6 or
1 pair of MERO feet size 39/40

VB Total price 190,- EUR

see also displays under "ABC", "Regulator", "Other",


Diving Suit Semi-Dry Junior

Bare diving suit without hood for children made of 7mm thick neoprene on the body and 6mm on the arms, legs and collar

-Comfortable 6mm Gideskin collar
-Heavy Duty Backzip
Flip seals on arms and legs prevent water exchange
-Formtek Knee Amplifier
-Anatomically shaped
Leg zippers
2-fold glued with SECURE-Lock process

Little worn by our daughter (the last time a year ago in the state youth camp), unfortunately too small size 140-147
on the arm he has a slight peeling.
Purchased at Tauchsporrt Seekuh in Mainz

for EUR 79,00
we also have a hood and feet

If you are interested, please contact us


Sell my Waterproof Dry Suit D9 Breathable Lady XL
(used, about 6-7 dives)

Size XL (for orientation: my dress size is 46)

Gloves with click system are on, but can be removed if necessary - original cuff still on

On request, I am happy to give the matching underwear (BARE T100 Polarwear in size 2XLS) and / or boots (Waterproof size 27 - should correspond to about 40-42) with from

600,- EUR

This is a privately owned process, therefore without return or guarantee. But the suit can be picked up and tried (live in the Rhine-Main area)


Herren Trocki by Bare - only 20 TG

Gr L, according to the manufacturer suitable for 180 - 185 m, but I was able to carry it with 1.77 m without any problems

Shoe size XL - 43/44

-ATR, the automatic length adjustment ensures the perfect fit
-Reinforcements at the seam crosses
-Neoprene neck cuff
-Kevlar knee pads
-Front ZIP is protected by the protective ZIP
-Braces attachment
-4mm crush neoprene boots
-1 leg pocket
-double front - zipper
-robust trilaminate

Additionally included in the purchase price are:
Dry gloves from Dive Systems Check Up in XL
Wet adapter for wet gloves

very good condition, as only 20 TG

I sell many more diving items such as Double 8 Bottles, Tech Fins, Zeagle Jacket, Regulators, Feet, Trocki Underwear etc. If you are interested, just ask or look at my other sales posts.


Shipping possible for 7 EUR
Pick-up possible in the district of Nienburg - exact location on request

Payment in cash, bank transfer, PayPal against assumption of Paypal fees by the buyer

The Trocki is unfortunately in poor condition. The basic substance is ok, but needs some repair work.
Neck and arm cuffs must be replaced in any case. Leg pocket is torn off and must also be replaced if necessary.
I bought a suit used myself over a year ago and unfortunately the seller was not so honest as to describe the condition like this. Suit does not fit properly in terms of size, so it was not worth it for me to invest.
Inlet valve was repaired for a test dive. The suit wasn't, but the cuffs are hardened and definitely need to get out.
VHB EUR 350,00


I offer the mentioned Trocki for sale.
Latex neck and arm cuffs are installed on the suit. Neck cuff is in top condition, stretchy and uncircumcised.
Arm cuffs were exchanged a year ago. Since then, only one dive has been done with it. The thick latex cuffs were installed. I'm not sure if the cuffs are now a bit cured or if this is just due to the cool storage and gives itself back. To be on the safe side, I assume that they would have to be exchanged.
The suit is otherwise in great condition and above all tight.
VB EUR 300.00


I offer the mentioned Trocki for sale. Unfortunately, the suit no longer fits. On the suit a latex neck cuff has been installed which is in a very good condition. It was not circumcised. The material is still very supple and stretchy.
A glove system from Marion diving suits is installed on the arms. The gloves are placed on the rings with a slight rotational movement. Goes very well to cope alone.
The suit including the gloves is tight. Last dive was about half a year ago.
Of course, there are both gloves, on the picture only one can be seen as an example.
If you have any questions, please let us know.
VB EUR 250.00


BARE Elastek Full 7mm wetsuit, size 14, blue (Own height 1.68 m)

incl. MERO ice vest

incl. 1 pair of neoprene-5 finger gloves MERO size M
1 pair of neoprene-3 finger gloves size S or XS

incl. 1 pair of AquaLung booties size6

VB Total price 190,- EUR

see also ads under "ABC" and "Miscellaneous"


Bare diving suit 7.5mm semi-dry size XL, zipper on the back, about 20 TG's in Egypt.
VB 100,-EUR

Feet Blue Eye Gr. 43
VB 30,-EUR
Gloves Blue Eye Gr. L

Together for 120,-EUR

As a private person, I give no guarantee and no return

D-36124 Eichenzell

I offer here a new, UNPMERGED Bare Expedition Tech Dry in XL. Shoes have the size 2XL/US11. On the left leg is a new (i.e. unused :)) Heser Peevalve installed.
I myself am 190cm tall and weigh 95Kg. In the suit I also have good range of motion with thick underwear (DUI XM450G can be purchased for an extra charge). The suit was purchased as a replacement when my 2nd identical Trocki was in repair and I originally wanted to dive in the period, but then nothing became :P Since I have adapted my other Trocki so nicely to my needs in the meantime and the 2nd suit is reluctant to undergo the modifications, I prefer to sell it :)
Price 1150,- Euro

Best regards,


Dry Suit Bare Finndry T Twinshell Size ML

Inside 2mm Crush Neoprene
On the outside a robust trilaminate cover protection suit
Lower Leg Anti-Inflation System (integrated Gator Wraps)
Back zipper with protective tab
1 armbag left
1 thigh pocket left
Brusteinlass valve 360┬░ rotatable
Exhaust valve, left upper arm, adjustable
Attached hood

It is made of crush neoprene and has a protective suit made of robust trilaminate.

The back zipper is in top condition, it is tight and is covered with a protective tab.
Inlet and outlet is also tight, as well as the material itself.

The brustein outlet valve can be rotated 360┬░. The hand cuffs are new. The Bare has an anti-leg-inflation system with zipper. This prevents air from flowing into the feet too quickly. There are sturdy boots attached in gr.42 with thick sole. The suit is size ML. and it fit me perfectly it is also some room for manoeuvre upwards (I am 170 and have 65 kg.).

Due to the attached hood, this suit is particularly warm.

Attention: The cuffs on the arms must be replaced, as they are cracked, or torn on the right side. Ordering a repair costs incl. material approx. 80EUR

Since private sale no garanie or return. In the case of desired shipping, the shipping route and the costs would have to be agreed.

Vhb.: 190EUR


Phone: 081214385966

Sell a little dipped BARE HD Tech Dry dry suit INCLUDING brand new checkup glove system, hood, inflator hose and transport bag. It is really in top condition, and has a leg pocket with integrated D-ring. Original price together over 1600EUR.

The suit is just 3 years old, and has only about 10TG in fresh water.

Women's size M, should fit at a size of 169-174 and a weight of 64-75Kg.

Zipper and cuffs are in perfect condition. Just get in and dive in.

I imagined 750EUR, just make me an offer.



I offer here my very rarely dipped dry suit for women of Bare. Enclosed the facts:

- CD4 Pro Dry Female by Bare
- Size M
- Check up glove system included
- Transport bag
- various accessories (e.g. talc, Dry Suit Manual)

The suit is in almost mint condition. Only on the right Manchette there are traces of smoke, which, however, do not impair the tightness.

On request, further pictures can be sent. The Trocki can be visited and tried on hamburg.

Price VHB: 600 Euro


Trilaminate dry suit of the manufacturer BARE, model "Trilam Tech Dry", in the following equipment:
Men's size "M" with latex cuffs on neck and arms. Chest diagonal zipper (plastic TiZip), HD Crush boots (size: UK 7 or EU 40/41 or 26 cm), leg pocket left.
Because of the detailed model description please inform on the website of the manufacturer:
The suit is about 2 years old and has been worn on about 100 dives. The usual small traces of use are of course present. The zipper is tight, the latex sleeves are non-porous, inlet and outlet valves are fully functional. The suit has no leaks.
VB: 500 Euro

Currently mounted is the dry hand shoe system of the Northern Diver "Dryglove", size "S" which is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be sold on request for an extra charge of 50 euros.

35510 Butzbach

I sell my replacement Trocki from BARE.

It is a BARE HD Tech Dry in size XL.
Shoe size 43/44

The Trocki hung around unused for the last 1.5 years. Therefore, it would be appropriate to change the cuffs. The suit has two leg pockets and a Heser P-Valve. The RV was replaced 6 months before decommissioning.

The suit can be dived in Schleswig - Holstein for a test.

If you replace the cuffs you have a TOP suit.

The price is VHB!


Sell two-piece diving suit Bare Arctic 7mm. Bottom (Longjohn) Large 10T and Top (Shorty) Large 12th Wetsuit. Very well preserved, only used 10 times. Original price 369 euro. You are welcome to come by to watch (please send message)! Pick up only. Price: 120 euro


Bare wetsuit women
New with store label
5/4 velocity fullsuit women's cold water wetsuit
Gr. L, 42/44, 14

Price VB, please send offer



Sell complete equipment because of hobby task
1 Bare Dry Suit mt 3 Underwear : CT 200 Polarwear, Extreme,Seemann Tecno, Weezle Exteme .2 Boot sizes 42-43 and 44-45.
And hood Bare 7mm, and dry gloves ÔÇô NORTHERN DIVER
1 Mero diving suit 7mm: with 2 hoods, 2 pairs of finger gloves, 2 pairs of GNT mittens
2 bottles: 12 and 15 Ltr., Finimeter
1 regulator Scubaro A 700, 1 regulator R 190
2 times 1st stage Scubabro MK 17
3 times device fin: Cressi, turtle Fin Tec, Polaris
1 diving vest Cressi S111 with 16,5 Kg lead
Dive computer Uwatec Smart Z with transmitter, dive light Treble Light 3 levels,
Compass Suunto MK 7
Rescue buoy, zipper, diving mask snorkel, dry bar, bottle carrier handle,
Storage bags, bottle net, 2 OMS lead bags
For 1.100, - Euro without guarantee there used. I am 1,82m and baby cot 82 Kg.Shoe size 44
Please only to self-collectors in Flensburg !