Dive Suit

Offer Dive Suit Taucheranzüge Shorty Waterproof ,Scubapro, Cressi, Tauchanzug

Because of the hobby we sell our complete diving equipment.
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Advertising price for complete purchase Unit prices below.
Gladly pick-up Shipping possible costs but then extra.
Used but in very good condition.
Non-smoking and animal-free household

• 1 x Diving suit Waterproof T-ZOR 7mm semi-dry size C54/L 50,-
• 1 x Shorty Cressi XL/5 15,-
• 1 x Diving suit Tropi Aqualung bali 3mm size 56 22,-
• 1 x Waterproof Ice Vest Ladies ML 30,-
• 1 x Shorty Cressi Size S/2 2,5mm 15,-
• 1 x diving suit Everflex semi-dry Scubapro 7,5mm 70,-

No warranty and return since privately sold.

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