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offer santi enduro cordura, schw/rot, Pi-valve, taschen, rockboots, ist zweittrocki, ich bin 178cm 93kg, in der l├Ąnge durch den teleskoptorso noch mehr... or less possible;-) thus hardly used, np 1700EUR, make a reasonable offer, when the Trocki is sold, I offer a heavy D12, apexs controller, halcyon wing/plate, 10W HID tank lamp, small argon bottle etc.


I sell the OVP diving knife from MARES that is visible in the picture. Price incl. postage 24,00 EUR

PayPal or prepayment


I'm selling the Apeks stage slider shown in the picture.

The set consists of 1st stage DS4, 2nd stage ATX100, 15 cm HD hose, mineral glass finimeter 52mm and 100 cm ND made of rubber.

Price incl. DHL insured package 199 EUR


Search cheap 2.10 rubber hose.


Beautiful... Black... Strong

The Kowalski was very rarely used as a replacement lamp, so it is like new, and is therefore sold.
The 1250 is very powerful thanks to the Xenophot burner and the spot reflector. If less light is needed, it can be dimmed infinitely.
Kowalski lamps are extremely robust and are tested up to 200m. In addition, the lamps can be charged from the outside, so that they do not have to be opened.

- good (only a few normal traces of use since always with neoprene protection)

- fully functional
- fully tested
- brand new burner (original Osram Xenophot HLX 50W)
- brand new battery (3000mAh with receipt and warranty!)

- Neoprene protection
- Charger
- Instruction manual

- Pick-up
- PayPal
- Bank transfer
- insured shipping (the buyer bears the shipping costs)

You can hardly get a better used 1250 speed.

160 EUR


Sell here a new Scubapro Dir Set

Set1 consists of:

1 Stage MK25 with the 5 port Din 200/300 bar
rotatable head
2,10 Longhose/Halcyon with the 2 Stage G260 and small
Inflator hose

2Set consists of:
1 Stage MK25 backup hose 56 cm with the 2 stage G260
and Bungeeloop
Mineral pressure gauge Dir Zone with 60cm high pressure hose
and no carabiner

was with the Super Set about 10 times dive
Original price is 835,-

My asking price would be
VB 520,-incl shipping


Sell my CAMARO diving suit
"South Sea"

He has completed about 10 TG and is in very good condition. The size is L/ 52nd times.

It is made of 3 mm highly compressed neoprene.

Unfortunately, he has a small tear (no tear) on the neck cuff, picture.

All prints as new. Knee pads even without shards and larger scratches.

Original price was 169,- EUR FESTPR: 50,- EUR



I am looking for used second stage of the Aqualung Legend, or spare parts.

With friendly fin stroke



I have given up my hobby and therefore sell my very little-used Hartenberger diving lamp with positioning device. This is not from Hartenberger, but works great.
The housing is tight. The lamp lights up for 50 minutes on a full charge. Replacement bulb is still there.

Price: 110 EUR


Sell Bauer Compressor Mariner 190L/min
Running time approx. 3700 hours Year of construction 1998
Securus system (moisture monitoring of the filter cartridge)
To equipment 4 storage bottles 300 bar á 50 L
on request, 4 additional storage tanks of 50L 200 bar each.
Kmpressor has been maintained for the last 2 years and has also received the PURE certifications in recent years at the site.

Price: 3200 EUR without freight

Photos are in the works and will soon be online, otherwise they can be sent in advance via PN.


Offer gloves from NorthonDiver.
Dryglove System.
Unused, only taken out of the packaging once!
110,- EUR


2x Sealux Videobright 50 ,,2x Charger Quick 2500 2x Neoprene Protection ... Accessories new sealing rings 4x SET ,,,18 As good as new lamps between 20 and 50 Watt (60 degrees light angle) The batteries are in good condition
300 euro incl. Shipping D

48155 Muenster

Once tried, everything with OVP + original invoice, original price 3800 Euro for 1500 Euro
Camera and accessories:
Housing set Sea&Sea
Various O-rings + replacement
Underwater Wide Angle Lens 16mm
Two YS-D1 underwater flashes
Two synchronous cables for the flashes


Scubapro Diver's Knife
Price incl. postage DHL insured
15 EUR
PayPal or prepayment


Sell OVP diving knives from MARES
Price incl. DHL postage 24 EUR


Sell the 10 L steel mono bottle with T├ťV seen in the picture see picture

Price incl. DHL insured shipping 75 EUR

as with all products PayPal or bank transfer possible


Sell a DUI TLS 350 in men's size M Turboboots in size L
The suit fits up to 182 cm 85 kg
The suit is no longer the latest, but in very good condition. New Maseter T-Zip (plastic zipper) has only recently been installed. The suit is tight served me as a pure backup.

Price incl. insured postage with DHL
420 EUR


I sell a 12 L short steel bottle 200 bar with double valve and stand
T├ťV is new until:
Price 130 EUR incl. DHL parcel


I sell the DUI TLS 360 MaxMob in men's size M with Turbboots Gr. L (42-44)
Equipment: DUI Zip Seals on arm & neck (included in delivery),
Halcyon ballanciertes Pinkelventil, BtS heating bushing incl. fishing plug.
It could possibly be that the zipper is no longer 100% waterproof, so sell as a defect, to hobbyists for 220 EUR incl. DHL postage.

With a little diligence you have a good Trocki or a good spare parts warehouse.

No warranty or right of exchange, purchased as seen.. maybe something that has it as a spare parts warehouse or fun tinkering.

Photos follow or request by PN, then I am happy to send them.


Hugyfot housing for Nikon F4 with many accessories, as well as F4 for sale. if interested, more details.
all in objection-free state


I am looking for regulators from Hollis.
Stage 1,
Stage 2,
Octopus and
Pressure gauge.

Just offer everything.


86343 K├Ânigsbrunn

Women's diving equipment size 38/40 - very good condition:

Diving suit BARE
Buoyancy Vest Seaquest Pro QD
Equipment fins Mares
Diving masks Mares and XVision

Would like to sell the diving equipment in total.

Price: VHB 500 EUR


37181 Hardegsen

Sell a used, but freshly revised, Halcyon Pro 14 battery tank, incl. charger and batteries.

With its 14.4 Ah, it is not only suitable for lamp heads, but also for heating vests.

The canister is turned from the solids and has an acrylic lid.
Recently, the ORing, the kink protection and the E/O Cord were renewed.
The tank is therefore absolutely tight and as good as new.
The only "drawback" it has are traces of use in the form of scratches. Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided.

The two batteries have full capacity, I add a corresponding charger.

Price: 350 Euro + shipping if necessary
Location: Cologne / S├╝rth



I am looking for an e/o cord for my lamp head. So it can also be a shorter piece.
Simply offer everything ;)



I offer here a well-preserved dry suit from Poseidon. The suit is fully functional and was still in use last season (2013). The arm cuffs will soon have to be re-glued. Otherwise, the suit has no damage and is in excellent condition.

Clothing size: ML

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. A dispatch of the suit is possible by arrangement.

Price: 400 EUR


Buoyancy jacket / buoyancy vest in size XL by WATERPROOF Model "Ozor" in very good condition (1- to 2+) and everything works perfectly.

Size XL

Material: 1000 Cordura

- 2 large pockets at the front
- 2 trim pockets on the back
- 2 integrated lead drop pockets
- 2 trim pockets on the back
- 3 quick drain valves
- ADV indeflator system
- 7 metal rings
- Guides for ND and HD hoses
- Padded hardpack
- Padded in the neck, shoulder and armpit area
- Color black

Price: 150 EUR


Sell my used (regularly maintained) cold water regulator set from Oceanic as shown

1st stage Oceanic Fdx10

The balanced diaphragm regulator is made of forged brass and the rubber surface cover protects against shocks and scratches. Due to the closed system, the FDX 10 is the ideal machine for cold water and waters with high sediment volumes. With 4 low and 2 high-pressure outlets, there are no compromises in hose routing. ÔÇó Material Seawater-resistant brass control diaphragm Balances yes Max working pressure 300 bar ÔÇó Cold water suitable Yes ÔÇó High pressure ports 2 ÔÇó Medium pressure ports 4 ÔÇó Nitrox compatible Yes, standard up to 40 % ÔÇó Icing protection Yes ÔÇó Weight 780 ÔÇó Medium pressure 9.5-10

1st stage Oceanic Cdx-5

Due to the closed system, the CDX5 is the perfect choice for any environment, as it offers natural protection against cold water or high sediment levels. The durable rubber cap protects the 1st stage from external damage, so that the CDX5 looks like new even after many years of problem-free diving. The CDX5 is the natural choice for dives in challenging situations, even if you're diving in waters closer to ice than water! CDX5 The compactness of the balanced, membrane-controlled CDX5 stage shows a rare combination of simplicity and performance. Under pressure, the air in the medium pressure chamber has about 9.5 bar, and thus overcomes the pressure of the adjustment spring and the ambient pressure. This medium pressure pushes the flexible diaphragm outwards against the adjustment spring and the water pressure. The transmission piston and the high-pressure seat follow, pushed forward by the high-pressure spring. This creates contact between the soft material of the high-pressure seat and the edges of the conical sealing seat. The air flow in the medium pressure chamber is stopped. When inhaled, the medium pressure drops, with the opposite effect. The force of the adjustment spring and the ambient pressure push the seat away from the sealing cone, whereby high-pressure air flows back into the medium pressure chamber. ÔÇó Material Seawater-resistant brass ÔÇó Control diaphragm ÔÇó Balanced yes ÔÇó Max working pressure 300 bar ÔÇó Cold water suitable yes ÔÇó High pressure ports 2 ÔÇó Medium pressure ports 4 ÔÇó Nitrox compatible Standard up to 40% ÔÇó Icing protection yes ÔÇó Weight 810 gr. ÔÇó Medium pressure 9.5-10 bar

2nd stage Oceanic Gt3 + octopus

Patented DYNAMIC ADJUSTMENT guarantees the best possible inhalation resistance during the entire dive. ÔÇó Balanced Yes Material Polycabonate/Aluminum Adjustable Breathing Resistance Yes Inhalation Resistance 0.0-2.5 Joule / Liter Work of breathing 0.98 Joule / Liter Nitrox Standard up to 40% Air Shower Yes Dive/Predive Setting No ÔÇó Hose Connection from Right ÔÇó Swivel Joint No ÔÇó Colors Black ÔÇó Weight 157 g

Price: VB 280 EUR


sell here my Back Up Buttom Timer 330 from Uwatec
With bungee mount attachment
little used
works perfectly top condition

price incl. shipping 60,-


Mares Isoterm: 299,-EUR VB

Semi-dry suit with double cuffs.
Size 5 (L)
Gas-tighter Tizip
The suit is so tight that the upper body of some TG ́s remained dry.

If you have any questions, please contact PN.

Location Hamburg, shipping possible


Retractor: 10,-EUR sold
Stainless steel carabiner: 2.-EUR Sold
Halcyon Storage Pack: 50,-EUR
Santi hood (S): 20,-EUR
Springstrapes: 20,-EUR Sold

If you have any questions, please contact PN.

Location Hamburg, shipping possible.


Sell as good as new feet GR.M/L blue
FB: 30,-EUR

Hettenshausen /Pfaffenhofen

I sell my diving equipment, because unfortunately I can not get my problems with the pressure compensation under control and had to cancel the dives again and again. Thus, the things have participated in a maximum of 12 dives. The suit and the shorty is from the company "Aquata - Ceramics". I estimate the size on M. I myself wear 38/40 in tops and 40/42 in trousers and have a female figure. The suit shows hardly any signs of use. The care instructions inside are almost completely readable.
The hood is from Waterproof ÔÇô Hydra with 5/7mm neoprene with air outlet valves, i.e. double-layered, smooth skin neoprene panels from the forehead to the base of the neck.
There are once gloves from Seemann Sub. They are 7mm thick and have a double cuff. They are already a bit worn out and pill on the fingers. They were too fat for me. that's why there are gloves from Aqualung in 5mm thickness. These look like new.
The shoes are in size 38. I have a rather wide foot and fit in without any problems. They are from the company "Dive and Surf".
Price 150EUR plus shipping ÔÇô the original price was about 320EUR
I would be happy to send more photos. I also sell my ABC equipment and my husband's.

This is a private purchase. Therefore, I do not assume any guarantee and do not take back the items.


Sell Women's Jacket Oceanic Hera. Size SM
The jacket was purchased in 2012, so only 15 dives were made.

Price 170 Euro


Sell regulator Oceanic Delta 4/ FDX 10 with Alpha 8 Octopus, Finimeter Tusa.

The regulator was purchased in 2012 and is in mint condition. ( 15 dives )

EUR 180


I sell the 10 L steel bottle 200 bar with monovalve and stand seen in the picture
Currently with T├ťV see photos
Price incl. postage insured package with DHL
80 EUR


Sell here my Back Up Buttom Timer 330 from Uwatec
With bungee mount attachment
little used
works perfectly

price incl. shipping 60,-


DUI TLS 350 Explorer Series

With two large Halcyon leg pockets, step reinforcement, heating bushing, pee valve, zip seals on neck and hands incl. cuffs and dry gloves, hood gr.M, inflator hose, suit pocket

The suit was just at the service and is 100% tight!

Price by appointment!


Double 8,5l
used in very good condition
230 bar operating pressure
wide V4a clamps
T├╝v until 12/2014
Price 350EUR
Shipping 25EUR extra
Sale without guarantee or return as private sale
Info 0173/4923732


Double 8,5l
used in very good condition
230 bar operating pressure
wide V4a clamps
T├╝v until 12/2014
Price 350EUR
Shipping 25EUR extra
Sale without guarantee or return as private sale
Info 0173/4923732


Sell used Scubapro Twin Speed Splitfins in size M-L.
Price incl. postage 50 EUR or handover in Darmstadt or Frankfurt.


Sealife DC600 with lots of accessories for sale.

Here is the bag, the camera, 6x battery (but sometimes only with 50% capacity) + charger, the wide-angle lens SL970 and the flash SL960D.

Everything together has always been treated well by me and is in a relatively good condition (according to the age a few blemishes, which can not do anything to the function).

Price all together EUR 185,00 VB for pick-up in Munich - insured shipping on request


Sell Dr├Ąger 2 Schlaug vending machine.
Price 130,-EUR. VB.

Because I am dissolving my collection.
Several more are being sold.

Since it is a private sale, no warranty and return.

M├╝nchen / Rosenheim

The rental costs are EUR 10, - per day or EUR 50, - for seven days for the computer incl. HD hose with quick coupling, charger and USB adapter for downloading the dive data to the computer.
The minimum rental period is 3 days.
Shipping incl. protective cover and HD hose with quick coupling, total weight approx. 1.0kg.
Overnight shipping by UPS is possible with timely booking before 14:00.
Shipping location is 20357 Hamburg.


Sell this unused OTS full face mask with surface breathing valve. The mask was taken out of the packaging only for the photos. Zero dives! Compatible with the 1st levels of Aperks z.b. Ds4 and DST.
price incl. shipping: 415EUR

without guarantee and return! from private!


Offer a new Waterproof Taurus for ladies. Gr.M/t (equivalent to 38/40).

250 Euro VHB
Friend Mail provider from 26


Winter is coming!

Offer a neoprene trocki for the lady in size L (boots 40-42).
Top groomed (arm cuffs are as good as new and last year I had a very warm neoprene cuff inserted on the neck).

Fitting desired.

Shipping possible.

VHB 450 Thaler


Offer Tusa folding snorkel. The snorkel is made of silicone and can be folded as desired. It then fits in any jacket/suit pocket.

12 Euro incl. shipping as Maxibrief.



I offer an older worn cap from IQ.

5EUR for self-collection in Oberhausen or Dortmund.



I offer a lead strap and a decorative buoy with string and bag (see photos) for sale.

Individually 5 EUR each, together 8EUR.

Pick up in Oberhausen or Dortmund.