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Dive-X Sierra Scooter Tube, unfortunately has a slight defect from a transport.
Was only 1x in the water where I did a short test and everything was tight, but can not guarantee this.
Would have to be reworked by a metal expert.

Can send a detail photo on request.

EURO 150,00 incl. insured shipping.

Sell an unused regulator set XTX50 / Model 2014 !!!
We had a diving project as a reserve.

EURO 295 incl. shipping


Unfortunately I have to sell my BZ400X Men size M. I got the underwear at the end of March this year and unfortunately had to realize that it is a bit too small for me, so that my freedom of movement is slightly restricted unhappy

I didn't dive him all summer and so he has maybe four days of diving under his belt. From my point of view, it can therefore be described as almost as good as new.

FP 225 Euro incl. insured shipping by DHL Paket; it is a private sale



I sell a Weezle EXTREME+ in size: S
little dipped and absolute TOP condition.

Price 95 EUR incl. DHL shipping


Halcyon 10 HID Proteus lamp head with E/O Cord focusable head.
for only 185 EUR incl. shipping DHL Paket

Burner still works, on request I like to send corresponding photos.


I sell the DIR regulator set from Scubapro that is visible in the picture.

The set consists of:
2x MK17 and 2x C300 steps as well as DIR compliant ND hoses, boltsnaps and finimeter with mineral glass.

The set is very few dipped and very well maintained, but I recommend a revision.

Price: 455 EUR incl. DHL paket (insured shipping)


I sell the regulator DIR Set by Scubapro that is seen in the picture.

2x MK25 with G250 V incl. Finimeter etc.

Price: 475 EUR incl. shipping (DHL Paket)
The controls are in a very good position, but I would recommend a revision.

If you only need the 2nd & 1st steps without hoses etc. Can you send me a price by PN.

Furthermore, I offer here a DIR set with 2x MK 17 and C300 steps.


Offer Dive Rite "Rec Wing" 45lbs Bubble
99EUR plus shipping


Hello everyone

for private reasons I have to hand over my diving accessories.

The following is for sale:

- Suunto Vyper Air Black(With USB) / Residual Warranty

- Everflex 7/5 Overall, Man, B-Zip, L

- Cressi Ice Vest 5 mm High Strech, V (size 54)

- Flexa DS Boot 5, size 43

- Everflex 5 Gloves,s_seat, M, Black

Everything was once worn in the lake. Prices are VB. But a fair price would be nice :) Original invoice is available.

May be too cold to buy, but under the Christmas tree Perfect.




Sell my used semi-dry suit Focea Comfort Lady 7mm by Beuchat
Size EUR 4 / US L (see photo)
Price: 50 EUR


I have a circulatory device, type PSCR, AH1 (GDS) 1:1 identical to RB80/RB2000/RB100 for sale. The device is disassembled, properly cleaned and disinfected with Dr├Ąger EW 80.

- RB main unit (tube)
- with 2 two feeds
- Connection for PPO2 monitoring
- Counter-lung ratio 1:10

- Loop hoses (cooper-hoses) with weights
- BOV (Bail-Out-Valve) bailout mouthpiece with 2nd stage of Halcyon
- D12 + Frame incl. bridge valves and bridge
- switchblock QC6
- Delrin caps, spare breathing hoses, spare flutter valves, stainless steel nuts, etc. included.

A PSCR is the ideal device for cave divers who want to significantly reduce gas consumption or simply want to breathe warm, moist gas. A silent new world.

The sale takes place only after comprehensive briefing. Further information after the purchase, tips and course possibilities are available.

4500 VHB

Phone 0163-6301821/



Sell 5 Alu bottles 10l 230bar T├ťV due
Top condition, only stored under pressure

Incl. Valve

piece 120 EUR

73457 Essingen

Sell 2x 10 liter tanks.
1x with monovalve 135EUR incl. shipping
1x with double valve 145EUR incl. shipping

The bottles come with a current T├ťV, so the bottles can only be shipped from 14.11.14.
Both bottles together incl. shipping: 260EUR


I sell the Halcyon tank lamp seen in the picture.
The lamp needs a new battery, for its time it was operated with a lead gel battery.

10 W HID (gas discharge) with thumbloop.

Shipping by DHL already insured in the price of
195 EUR included.

More photos on request.


Sell a used Dr├Ąger DK 24 - 300 compressor with 200 and 300 bar technology
The compressor was used as a backup device and has about 2700 hours on the clock. Device runs flawlessly and was in 2013 for the last time in maintenance.
Location of the time in the Sauerland can also be brought to Bielefeld.
If you have any further questions, just call
0160 / 8570155
VHB 3500.00


A compact semi-professional UW photo equipment in top condition is offered here. Unfortunately, I currently lack the time to exhaust the equipment and it is really too bad to leave this unused in the closet. If you have any questions, you can reach me under "". In the following I have listed the components of the equipment together with the current reference value. The total package has a new price of about 3100, - EUR More on the listed website!

Greeting Alex


Xdeep Stealh 2.0 for Sidemount.


K├Ânigreich Belgien

I would use my used Ikelite 5510.24 modular portbody (for 90EUR) and a standard flatport (for 100 EUR)
The port is used has some tiny scratches, but they do not affect the quality of the image.


Gr 40-42, 4 times dipped cutting-edge, barely available Scubapro fins in pink.... I am a bit too short with almost Gr 43...

Shipping to 7,50 possible

PRICE 94,99 Euro

Aladin Sport PLUS (was my back-up computer)


Dive time
maximum depth
Decompression display with depth indication
Flight Warning
Battery Warning
Mountain Lake Mode
Dive Planning
Logbook of recent dives
Zero time display
Warning Ascent Speed
Surface calculation for desaturation and multiple dives.

The computer is delivered as shown in the OVP and with original printed detailed manual and worked perfectly until the end. The whole thing because of the empty battery for 70, - EUR


Small UW pressure gauge with metal housing in a soft rubber capsule. Fluorescent scale, diameter 40 mm Display from 0 - 400 bar Max operating pressure 300 bar with HD hose 78 cm Kink protection

Original price 72,-EUR never been in the water, here for 50,-EUR


Neoprene dry suit used by Camaro.

Manufacturer: Camaro
Material Thermo Neoprene
Size 50
Shoe size 41 / 42
Dimensions in cm: length approx. 151; Scope approx. 85; Leg length approx. 79

Retail price 250EUR VHB

Can be picked up after consultation in Hemsbach, Schriesheim or Bruchsal or shipped against the corresponding postage. From pet-free non-smoking household.

The listed trademarks and brand names are the property of the respective manufacturer, the mention serves only the product description.

69198 Schriesheim

Sell 2x 10 liter tanks.
1x with monovalve 150EUR incl. shipping
1x with double valve 160EUR incl. shipping

The bottles come with a current T├ťV, so the bottles can only be shipped from 14.11.14.
Both bottles together incl. shipping: 290EUR


FOR SALE - unused small klram
1 flat compass with retractor
1 ball compass with retractor
1 retractor
The parts are used but in a good, functional condition
Price: against bid - 0173 3568458


FOR SALE - Poseidon Jetstream ... Xtream Parts:
2 new medium pressure hoses.
1 new adapter (connection 2nd stage, incl. ├ť. pressure valve
Price: against bid - 0173 3568458


Sell my Tec fins from Divesystem here
Color white
Are in top condition

Price incl. shipping 80,-


For sale

Mares regulator set, suitable for cold water:
1st stage MR22 + 2nd stage Abyss + Proton Octopus + Suunto Finimeter (up to 350 bar) + inflator hose: 220 Euro VHB

Mares regulator, suitable for cold water:
1st stage V32 + 2nd stage Proton Ice for 120 Euro VHB

To hand in individually (see above) or all together for 300 euros.

Last revision was in April 2014 (proof will be enclosed)!
Traces of use are present, but the controllers are technically in very good condition. They were always very well maintained and washed up after each dive. No icing even at 4┬░C water temperature!

Detailed pictures on request!

Shipping is possible: 6,99 Euro insured by DHL.


For sale:
As good as new battery tank lamp 3x Super LED, including Goodmanhandel, cable (with 90 Degree plug ... particularly suitable for sidemount), belt loop, handle, and charger.
The lamp has 3 Super LEDs in the head with 1200 lumens each, the power corresponds to a total of about 160 watts.
Burning time with battery about 90min, with batteries (for this a battery slot is required) about 3-4 hours.
The system is similar to Tillytec or Greenforce ... the cable can be removed if necessary and the head screwed directly to the battery tank.
Original price was 450 EUR now for 340 EUR (VHB).
The lamp was only 3x (!!!) in the water and is therefore in a top (!!!) Condition, without any defects.
This is a private sale, so no guarantee.
If you are interested: or 0173 3568458


Offer brand new Trilaminate Trocki !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I only had the glove system mounted from the previous suit, if you don't want that you just have to have this rebuilt again, which is not necessary)

Price VB 999,00 EUR


Sell here a new Trockie underwear Kallweit "NOVA"

Size XL 299EUR

The new Nova proves once again that it is the measure of all things in the underwear sector and once again sets new standards. The reason for this is the interplay of the best materials and excellent workmanship. The Nova consists of 3 layers, each layer is manufactured individually and only at the end connected to each other by individual fixed points, so that unnecessary cold bridges are avoided by seams.



I sell my new Trocki Seac WarmDry Lady in size L. The suit is made of 4mm high density crushed neoprene and only 1 year old. I only had it on 7 shallow dives in fresh water and accordingly the suit has no visible signs of use. The cuffs have not been modified or cut off, so it's all like delivery. The valves as well as the zipper work perfectly. I waxed the zipper regularly and the suit was professionally stored on the feet hanging on a Trocki temple.
The original Seac hood in size L is also sold with the suit as well as the supplied inflator hose. All in perfect condition. The suit has attached stabilized neoprene socks (size 39/40), which can be worn with or without RockBoots, according to Seac. I have always dipped the suit with the Seac RockBoots in size M and also sell them. The suit is only sold because I switched to a trilaminate system this year.

More about the suit can be found here:

For orientation: I am 1.70 m tall, weigh 65 kilos and the suit fit perfectly. I usually wear shoe size 39-40 and the socks/feet sat perfectly even with thicker socks. The hood in L fits me very well with a head circumference of 56-57 cm.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Price: 450,00 Euro on VB


I sell a completely new (one TG) Scubapro Evertec dry suit incl. 400g underwear in size L.Color black.
For more information just write an email.

Best regards,


I sell my unused "Fourth Element Proteus 7mm" diving suit.
It is a women's suit in size 38 (UK 10)
According to the manufacturer, this is issued for a height of 165 to 173 cm and a bust circumference of 81 to 86 cm.

The original labels are still attached to the suit.

Price: 280,-EUR VB

For further information please contact me.


Search Wing Jacket for mono bottles with about 17-20 liters buoyancy, something like Polaris XT 40, Halycon Eclipse MC, Hollis...

Preferably a complete jacket or set incl. lead pockets, but would also take individual parts.


Search Polaris XT 40 Wing including all accessories for mono bottles or even just the individual parts.
Who has what please report


Give this about 1.5 years old and about 40 - 50 times used Mares Wing from because I switch to double device.
The jacket is in perfect condition, no defects, no coarse and less coarse signs of use, rather the opposite, since I have treated it well and have always rinsed and cleaned it is in really good - very good condition.
Everything works as it should, inflator, quick drains, all clips and fasteners without wear.
Due to the high buoyancy of about 20 liters, the jacket is also ideal as a cold water jacket, and also for the holiday, as it weighs very little with a weight of about 2.5 kg, but it is still well spread.
The removable lead pockets are included, each of them holds a maximum of 6 kg, so there are also enough reserves for dry diving.
Suitable for people between 185 - about 200cm, even with "belly" there are enough reserves, size XL

If you want detailed pictures or know more, just send an email.
Versadn is insured by DHL for 6,90EUR possible


Mares Jacket used
Size XL VB 75,00 Euro

31311 Uetze

Battery tank with E/O Cord for sale!

Built-in material:
Body made of twisted POM, E/O Cord, Nielsen Latches, V4A tension straps and screws, Agro screw connection, waterproof switch from DEV Pein, silicone cable and gold-plated plugs.

95mm outer diameter
75mm inner diameter
210mm height inside (measured with some air to the switch)

Very well made and built with good material.
Can accommodate batteries up to 10Ah, while a 4.5Ah battery made of selected cells, always well maintained and well stored.

More photos by mail, just write to us!

Price 180EUR VB

Greetings Olli


Offer Double 7 of BTS 230 bar, DIR-Style
-Valves with shut-off bridge
-Wide stainless steel clamps, narrow distance
- until 07/2015 T├╝V (first commissioning January 2013)
-approx. 20 dives, bottles absolutely as new! Used only in fresh water.
-with Garnatie (invoice from the seller)
-Original price 500,-EUR (fair price)
Bottles have been unused for 10 months. To be dispensed for health reasons.

VB 410,-EUR

Only to self-collectors!


I offer a complete starting equipment with fins, boots, gloves, snorkel and diving goggles. The fins are from Tusa, size S. The boots are from Polaris, size 40. The gloves are from Mares, size XS. The snorkel is a TusaImprex II. The diving goggles are a seac sub extreme.
I have only worn the equipment 4 times.


Top condition and due to large focusable reflector a lot of light.
The head has E/O cord as well as a softgoodman handle, a transport protection from Halcyon and a replacement light source is also included!

Price 95EUR VHB

Reasonable self-made battery tank I would also have (incl. 4.5Ah battery - enough for the 10W head) can accommodate up to 10Ah batteries from the place.

If you are interested, simply report the complete lamp!





Stage 1 Mares MR22
Stage 2 Mares Abyss
Octopus Aqualung Calypso
Finimeter Seacsub
Inflator hose

*Lady Diving Suit:

Scubapro Profile 3 ( 3mm )

* Dive computer:

Suunto Zoop
30 tg.

* Buoy:


* Dive bag:



K├Ânigreich Belgien

I sell a Weezle Extreme plus in size S

Underwear in absolute TOP condition little dipped.

Price 85 EUR incl. insured shipping by DHL

Photos on request


Search heating vest by Santi 200g used, but fully functional.
Alternatively, heating vest from BTS.
Please offer with asking price by e-mail.


Look for a used Suex scooter.
Xjoy 14
Zeuxo 20




would like to switch to SLR for UW photography and am therefore looking for my Canon 600d a UW housing, gladly also used. Also with flash or lamp.
Please offer everything with asking price.
Thank you very much


I offer the semi-dry diving suit "Thermoflex Quick Dry" from XCEL. The suit is new, unworn and in its original packaging!

The size is LS (men's size). According to the manufacturer, this is optimized for a height of 170-175 cm and a weight of 75-82 kg (in my experience, the suit also fits very well outside these areas). Neoprene thickness is 7mm on the trunk, 6mm on thighs and arms, and 5mm on lower legs and arms. As a result, the suit is very comfortable and does not constrict.
The suit has cuffs on the arms and legs and an underlaid zipper.
The Quick-Dry inner coating should dry faster than conventional laminations.

Further information about this diving suit can be found e.B. on the manufacturer's website ( I am also happy to answer questions about the model.

Note: The original packaging of the suit for sale is unopened. Since you can not see too much on the photos of the suit "in foil", I can send photos of an identical (but used) suit on request.

free shipping within Germany

As usual: Sale from private, so unfortunately I can not offer any guarantee, warranty or return.



L&W Compressor ES 280 SILENT
- YOC 5/2005
- 7.5KW
- 280L/min.
- 2 filling hoses 220Bar
- 1.7L filter cartridge
:: ONLY - 199,00 hrs. Operating hours (LIKE NEW) !!
- Electronic filter monitoring
- Optically and technically good condition
- Automatic end shutdown
- Automatic dewatering
- T├ťV approved
- Ready for operation
- All papers and keys available

EUR 7,950.-

68775 Ketsch

Offer here a Gavin scooter purchased from the end of 2009, newer model.

HDPE( POM) rear, bought with Magnum tube, in addition a shorttube tube + matching battery included, quick change to short tube possible.
The scooter was mostly used by me in cave diving in France... various traces of use... but not totally scratched and wixed. See pictures. Of course, the noise is always the most affected. Rigged to height 182cm. - various accessories... Mascot charger (the good), a suitcase with various accessories (shaft seal, spare wings, weights, and..., scooter car made of V4A tube (has a defective tire... the hose needs to be replaced. Battery condition (I was this year only twice with in the water around 2 hours since the battery was not yet on end... with the short tube I don't know exactly... should realistically still have 50 min... With a new battery, the runtime is about 3 hours for Magnum and 65 minutes for Short. A visit is requested, the scooter must be picked up. Make offers... No problem... but please don't be outrageous... the part cost around 4500 euros at the end of 2009.... without additional tube and accessories. Images can be sent if you are seriously interested. VB 1900


look for a used UW housing for my Canon 600D, if possible also with flash or photo lamp.
I am a beginner in photography, please offer everything, with asking price.
Thank you!