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Poseidon Cyclon with long pants.Good condition, function perfect.
Scope of delivery 1st stage, 2nd stage with longhose cyclon, inflato hose.
Price 150EUR plus Hermes shipping

However, I would always recommend a revision/functional check in the specialist shop for safety.


I sell my diving suits for health reasons:

Further pictures are available on request.

Waterproof Sweden semi-dry
5mm Women's Diving Suit
Size M/L
50 dives
Price 50 Euro plus 7 Euro shipping

Waterproof Sweden semi-dry
5mm women's ice vest with hood
Size L
as new (5 dives)
Price 60 Euro plus 7 Euro shipping


I offer here for sale:
2 Delphin 7mm wetsuits 3 times worn VB each 50 Euro
1 Scubapro Nano Tech suit 7mm with kidney belt worn 5 times VB 140 Euro

All suits are in top condition.
I am happy to send pictures by e-mail.
Pick up in Strullendorf ( Bamberg district )
or shipping costs.
Shipping costs are borne by the buyer.
I only offer shipping to insured persons!


I sell a DUI TLS 350 MaxMob in men's size M Turboboots Gr. L (reassembled about 6 months ago)
Suit is from 2006
Bts heating system with fishing plug, Halcyon P-valve, new Cf Crotchpad, DUI ZipSeals on arms and neck.

Zipper may leak a bit. Therefore, I ask the suit incl. DHl postage for 380 EUR.

More pictures on request.


I sell the diver's knife seen in the picture. OVP and unmerged.
Price incl. insured shipping by DHL
39.00 EUR


I sell a well preserved original stainless steel Halcyon backplate (2,2kg)

Dimensions 40x26cm, hole spacing 28cm

The backplate has normal traces of use that do not affect the function in any way.

Price: EUR 150,- incl. shipping in Germany


Sell a 15L bottle with Scubapro double valve.
T├ťV is currently being freshly made.



sell OMS-Wing incl. D10 and a lot of accessories! on request also with regulator!
Price: against suggestion as well as VB
I am happy to send pictures.


Apeks Regulator Set No. 4
Currently with sidemount / stage configuration
New Neckstrap at 2nd level (not as bungee as in the photos)
New mouthpiece
ATX 40 as 2nd stage
the small but highly fine white Poseidon Fini
Fluorescent Seeman Sub (Subgear) Fini


Private sale without warranty


I would use my used Ikelite standard 6" domeport (for 100 EUR), and my Ikelite 5510.24 modular portbody (for 90EUR) and a standard flatport (for 100 EUR)
The ports are used have some tiny scratches, but they do not affect the quality of the image.


Apeks Regulator Set No. 3
Currently with sidemount / stage configuration
Long pants
Miflex Inflator Hose
New mouthpiece
TX 50 as 2nd stage
Fluorescent Dr├Ąger 300 bar Fini


Private sale without warranty


Apeks Regulator Set No. 2
Currently with sidemount / stage configuration
New Neckstrap at 2nd stage
New mouthpiece
Apeks Swifel
TX 50 as 2nd stage
Fluorescent Seeman Sub (Subgear) Fini


Private sale without warranty


Apeks Regulator Set
Sidemount configured
Everything with Miflex hoses
Stage 1 is a DS4
2nd stage an ATX 50
Fini with Miflex
Mouthpiece new

Private sale without warranty.


Original Citizen bracelet extension, e.B. suitable for Aqualand analogue.

10 Euro incl. shipping as a letter.


I separate from my Mares Proton Metal MR 12 with finimeter and inflator hose.
VB 139EUR incl. Shipping


I disconnect from my cold water regulator Mares Delfi + MR12 dfc.
VB 85EUR incl. shipping.


Sell a legend LX 2nd stage regulator. During a revision, the adjustment screw was retrofitted for the breathing resistance.

Approx. 150 Tg as octopusuttomat - revision is recommended.

Delivery includes yellow/long medium pressure hose.

My price: 75EUR including shipping within Germany

Sell a 1st stage Apeks TX100 Nitrox with M26x2 connection shaft. This was used at about 100TG as the main controller.

Included in delivery are an Apeks medium pressure hose, an adapter 1/2" to 3/8", 2 blind plugs HP, 3 blind plugs MD (1*1/2", 2*3/8").

Revision before use is recommended.

My asking price: 85EUR including shipping within D.

Sell a diver's lamp here
Lamp Beaver Platinum with charger 80EUR
+ Shipping costs (+7EUR)


Hello, I sell my diving equipment for health reasons:
- Shorty by Triboard, 2mm, size 42 ..... 5 Euro


Sell an almost brand new hybrid buoyancy jacket Gr. S/M (rather M) from Scubapro Seahawk.
It was only dived with it 3 times.
Price 250,00 EUR incl. shipping
The description of the jacket can be read everywhere. In many reviews, it performs excellently.


For sale:
Scubapro TwinJet fins incl. Springstraps
Size: XLarge
Colour: Grey

Torben Gr├Ânboldt


I for sale here is an Apeks XTX 40 2nd stage (Ocotpus) incl. hose for sale.
The mouthpiece will of course be replaced by a new unused Apk Mouthpiece.


Torben Gr├Ânboldt


Dry suit Subgear Eco Dry in XL
Unfortunately I have to sell my in 4 freshwater TG young Trocki for health reasons.
Cuffs and hood are uncircumcised.
In addition, there is the original stuff bag.
Only the rock boots are needed.
380EUR including shipping in D.


Subtronic Midi Nikon dttl with 5 pole plug/socket.
Lightning fires a good 150 full flashes (100%) and the charging cycle is well below one second.After that, it takes a little longer. Batteries so impeccable. The power levels can be selected manually, for the macro range the precise TTL control is super helpful. The flash has an LED pilot lamp, whose light is sufficient for night dives. (10W LED) The flash comes with charger, connection cable air traffic control and blind plugs for the sockets and plugs.
Asking price 500EUR plus insured shipping with hermes (5,90)


JVC Full HD camcorder in Ikelite underwater housing with rail and handle.
All functions operable, technically and optically in perfect condition.Very handy but also not so small that you can no longer operate them or keep them quiet.
She has a zoom and can also take photos.
It is stored from SD cards.
The camera comes with the accessories shown.It is charged via the mini-USB socket.
The camera has a MiniHDMI connector, so that the movies can be played directly on the TV.
Asking price 150EUR plus insured shipping with Hermes (5,90)


Sell a Seac X5-M lung automaton here. It is diaphragm controlled, two high-pressure outlets and four medium-pressure outlets.

A Miflex hose is installed directly from the factory as a hose.

The controller (1st & 2nd stage) is in mint condition.

Item location: Xanten
Price: 100,00 Euro
Shipping costs: Shipping by post/DHL already possible from 7,00 Euro.

The sale is made as a private sale.

I, m, ***, are looking for diving partners for regular dives, e.B. 1x weekly in the Oldenburg area (Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays are possible with me).
If you are interested, simply contact us.


And another one for the little divers.
Ideal for the little ones, small price and great fun while looking at it.
Sailor depth gauge with tow pointer
Analog depth gauge with display up to 80 m.
Trailing pointers and decoration stages 3 ÔÇô 12 m contrasted in colour
VB.: 20 EUR plus shipping


Ideal for the little ones, small price and great fun while looking at it.
Scubapro depth gauge with drag pointer
Analog depth gauge with display up to 80 m.
Trailing hands and decoration stages 3 ÔÇô 12 m contrasted in colour
VB.: 20EUR plus shipping


MB SUB extreme 14.4

Lamp is used and therefore with signs of use, but fully functional.
Burns at 130% 63 minutes
Charger has been optimized for ship use, i.e. the length of the cable has been greatly reduced. But is also fully functional

Accu NiMH 14.4V/4Ah; Burner: 12V 35W socket GY 6.35; Spot reflector with 13┬░ beam angle; Switches: rotary switch, reed contacts, 4 positions
Electronics: charging electronics, deep discharge protection, processor-controlled lamp electronics;
Charger: Fast charger integrated, external only voltage converter
Diving depth: 200 meters
Dimensions: L 215 mm, diameter 79 mm
Weight: 1550 g
Downforce: 500 g
VB: 100EUR plus shipping


offer my OMS Wing (94LBS) incl. a lot of accessories and D 10 (T├ťV until 03.2015) for sale!

Comfort Harness, stainless steel backplate, V lead (6KG), lead pockets (Dive Rite) back pads, shoulder pads, various spare parts, if desired with regulator
NP: Total over 1500 Euro
As good as new still residual warranty! As well as lifetime warranty on various OMS spare parts
Price: VP 999.-Euro without controller, with controller VP. 1150.- Euro
more pictures on request!


Dear water lovers,
I sell a new Nauticam NA-DP4 case including accessories as listed on the website of
The Nauticam NA-DP4 housing provides access to all controls of the SmallHD DP4 LCD monitor. The housing offers space for the SmallHD monitor with Canon LP-E6, Nikon EN-EL15 or Sony NP-F970 batteries.
I bought the case 21.01.2013 (NP 1170 Euro net). It is like new, was never in use due to lack of time and never in the water.
It is compatible with a large number of cameras (see the website at
The SmallHD DP4 monitor can also be bought from me on request.


Underwater housing for Canon Powershot G11 / G12
Case is in mint condition, it has never been in the water
CANON WP-DC34 Underwater Enclosures
For a long time, photography under water was only possible with expensive special cameras and bulky protective equipment. Today it is different. With this underwater housing for Canon digital camera, the photo fun continues even below the water surface.
Item: Canon waterprof case WP-DC34, 4042B001
Category: Water Resistant Housing
Manufacturer: Canon
Part No.: 4042B001
EAN: 4960999654652
Art.Nr: E-4042B001
My price 150EUR

51503 R├Âsrath

I am looking for a used Delta P VR3 incl. TMX & NX activation. Color display would be nice, but not mandatory.

Offers to me please incl. detailed description of the condition and realistic (!) Asking price.

P.S.: Without TMX activation deduct 100 Euro from the asking price and please also offer.

Thank you very much.


Sell here mean Dui TLS 350 extreme
Maximimum Moblity Amenities
Halcyon P-Valve
Condition as new top 100%
The Dui hood and the Dui bag is of course also included
Inspection and fitting always possible

Price VB 1099,-incl. shipping


Hello diving friends!

I am looking for a Seaquest Pro QD XLT in size L.
About the price you will certainly agree...



sell an Oceanic Data Trans dive computer + transmitter

As seen in the pictures.

The battery of the computer as well as the transmitter can be changed by the user himself.

Asking price 220EUR



Search Dr├Ąger Shark 2nd level.
Also complete with 1st level
Can also be with connection adapter for Panorama Nova Dive, would even be optimal :-))

Please offer everything, even if the ad may seem old, if I have found what I am looking for, this request will be deleted, so my search is not yet successful! :-(

Thank you in advance!


I sell a used dry suit of the company Suunto, Alaska one.
The suit is made of trilaminate.
The cuffs have recently been renewed. Since then, the suit has not been dived, i.e. the cuffs still have to be cut.
The dry suit is fine.
VB: 300 Euro
If you have any questions, email.

65795 Hattersheim


Sell here a Kallweit - Unterzieher (for women)
Model Nova
Size XL

for 100EUR incl. shipping costs
I also have dry suit on sale



Sell here a Kallweit - dry suit (for women)
Model Helios
Size MTM
- approx. 172-175cm, 85kg, scale size 40 -

for 800EUR incl. shipping costs
I also have underwear in sales


Sell a few Halcyon solid rubber fins (size 9-13,42-46)in good condition, nothing porous
spring staps can be retrofitted.
Price: 50,-EUR

Sell my semi-dry suit "Cressi Model Atlantis or Alaska"
**Semi-dry suit**
**Size XXXL**
**thick 7mm**

this can be yours for 100EUR!!!

Thore from Paderborn


Sell Underwater Scooter MultiTec Chief:

Dimensions: length 1040/1440mm, .├Ş 280mm, weight approx. 45/57kg,
Buoyancy approx. 0.5-2kg (depending on the accumulators used)
Electronics: freely programmable servo controller (inrush current limitation, power control, deep discharge protection) load-independent capacity display, operating hours counter
Energy vers.: maintenance-free lead gel battery, 24V 50Ah removable battery system
Material: seawater resistant aluminium, powder coated
Construction: Assembly in assemblies; Replaceable components: drive, electronics, shaft feedthrough, etc.
Charging technology: Processor-controlled 3-stage charging with autom. Switching to charge maintenance, LED display
Charging time: 10 ÔÇô 14 hours depending on battery size, 6 ÔÇô 8 hours Optional
Power: 3 switchable speed steps (gear indicator), each individually programmable from 0 to 33kg thrust (real !)
Travel time: approx. 95 min. at 20kg thrust, approx. 10km range, with double battery double driving time
Color: Black
Operating depth: Up to 200m depth

The scooter comes with single and double battery, small and large housing and charger.
1900,- VHB (shipping possible on own organization)

Offer Suunto Dive Computer Cobra 2
incl high-pressure hose with quick coupling, protective bag,
Software (WIN) and smart interface for reading.
Battery about 3 months in use
technically flawless with normal traces of use
Price VS
Pictures / on request


Offer here a trolley from Beuchat in the color black, dimensions: 75x47x39
Extendable trolley handle, large spacious inner compartment, 2 large compartments at the front, side fin compartments
in very good condition only used 2 times
50 Euro on collection, shipping against postage possible

Greeting Sigrid


I sell a Weezle extreme plus underwear in size S
Price incl. shipping (DHL insured) 90 EUR
Original price 199 EUR


Offer hybrid jacket Subgear Vapor Gr. L in top condition. I bought it last year. Unfortunately, it has become too big for me.
The VAPOR combines the freedom of movement and streamlined shape of a wing jacket with a unique, molded front air bubble design. As a result, it offers increased buoyancy as well as an upright position on the water surface when the jacket is inflated.
Hybrid bubble, combines the advantages of a wing and ADV jacket
Pockets and shoulder straps made of 1000 DEN Cordura material for high load capacity and protection against fading
SLR lead bag system for up to 9 kg lead
Counterble ash for improved position in the water, per bag 2.5 kg
Padded back carrier with carrying handle, bottle strap and spinal support
Practical zippered pockets
6 stainless steel D-rings

VB 275EUR + Shipping


Offer a new unmerged OSTC 3 here. With USB cable, case and of course the bill. The dive computer is 4 days old ! For me to read but too small.

Of course with full guarantee !

Price 699.-EUR VB