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Halcyon backup lamp.Halogen.Unused.
Wasn't in the water yet.
50EUR incl. Dispatch


I offer here a used women's jacket Gr.M for sale, VB 250EUR.

It is in very good condition. It is the brand TUSA, the model Selene. One of the best women's jackets on the market.

The back is padded. On the jacket extra pockets can be inserted into the weight, called "Advanced Weight Loading System", patented by TUSA. No more annoying weight belt!
On the jacket are various pockets for storing things. Belonging to the jacket is a fin strap holder.
The jacket has been tested, air flooding and draining works perfectly.
Since it is still being produced, the weight bags can be bought - should they actually have to be dropped while diving!

Since this is a private sale, I cannot provide any guarantee or warranty. Return is also not possible. Shipping is possible via Hermes, the shipping costs are 9.99EUR.


I offer here a used men's jacket in size L for sale, VB 190EUR.

It is in very good condition. It is the brand TUSA, the model Liberator. On the jacket extra pockets can be inserted into the weight, called "Advanced Weight Loading System", patented by TUSA. No more annoying weight belt!

On the jacket are various pockets for storing things. Belonging to the jacket is a fin strap holder.
The jacket has been tested, air flooding and draining works perfectly.
Since it is still being produced, the weight bags can be bought - should they actually have to be dropped while diving!

Since this is a private sale, I cannot provide any guarantee or warranty. Return is also not possible. Shipping would be possible. The shipping costs are 9,99EUR via Hermes.


Offer mares semi-dry diving suit, 6 mm, gr 50, M, Long John and jacket with attached hood, perfect condition, see photos
Price: EUR 40,- for self-collection, shipping to Germany EUR 16,- by post

A-2500 Baden

Have here still 2 bottle feet lying around which I no longer need. Suitable for 10L bottles, they should also fit on 12lang if I have that right in my head.
As can be seen in the photos, they have more holes than normal so that the bottles dry faster and do not rust so easily. Feet are used but this does not interfere with the function.
I would have thought 12.50 VB

I sell my Aqualung Legend with ACD.
There are two first stages, both are equipped with the ACD.
This prevents the penetration of water into the first stage.

The first controller is equipped with an Aqualung Legend LX Supreme. In addition, an Apeks Freeflow Control Device and a pressure relief valve are installed.
The Freeflow Control Device enables you to separate the air supply from the second stage.
If, unexpectedly, the second stage freezes, you can interrupt the blowing with a hand movement and switch to the octopus. And in the unlikely event that the first stage is frozen, a pressure relief valve is installed so that the hose does not burst.

An Aqualung Legend Octopus is connected to the second controller, as well as a Finni.

Both controllers have an inflator hose, for jacket / wing and trocki.
If you do not need the drying hose, there is still a locking screw.

These are two independent regulators of the top class, one of which is still upgraded with an Apeks FCD.
Ultimately, you only need to connect a bottle and you can dive into the ice-cold water.

Both regulators are O2 (oxygen)9 clean.

Price: 650 Euro, plus postage if applicable.


Sell PSCR RB 80 with carbon base
-D 20 frame
-D 12 frame
-MK 17 stage
-MK 19 stage
-6x Swagelock couplings

VHB 4500,00 Complete Set

The set can also be slimmed down e.B. only 1 frame or without control .....

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
By mail:
By phone: 01735874640

Marc Grosse - Wikipedia


Bonex Scooter Reference RS wanted!


Sell 4 breathing air storage bottles (50 liters /250bar).
The bottles were loaded in a breathing aircraft of the fire brigade. All documents, papers of the last T├ťV filling point inspection are available.

Price VB


Offer here an emergency O2 ventilation system consisting of oxygen flap with T├ťV, adjustable pressure reducer and tube with breathing mask and storage bag.

Warterproof Jacket "OZOR" Size S" For sale is a Super Equipped "Warterproof Jacket OZOR Size S" The OZOR is in a SUPER condition, as my daughter has only dived a little (see photos)! Supplied complete with lead pockets (quick drop)! Price VHB 165EUR+6,95 Shipping If you have any questions then PLEASE REPORT!!

Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Sell new Tusa RS-460 regulator.
The controller is comparable to the Scubapro MK16/R390, just has a different branding.
1st stage diaphragm controlled, DIN 300 bar, 4x ND and 2x HD connection, suitable for cold water.
2nd stage can be converted to connection links.
230EUR incl. shipping (private sale)

Please (almost) complete diving equipment:
Mero Women's Diving Suit 5mm, Size 40 (used). Mero ice vest with hood size 40 (1 x worn). Seaquest Pro QD Women's Jacket Size S/M (top condition). Apex XT 50 regulator with octopus and finimeter, regulator pocket, Mares dive computer (older), Trolly case 125l. Gloves, flow hooks, Int adapter. VB 500,-, request more information and more pictures


I am looking for a ppo2 monitor for my circuit device (oxygauge, TEC me or similar).
Who can help me?

Sell my Mares Puck Air console with compass.
Almost a year old, almost 20 TG.
Works perfectly.

Original price 439 EUR.

325 VB.


Sell soft and hard lead with vinyl coating.

Soft lead nylon/polyamide fabric (nickel plated)
0,5 Kg - 4,70EUR
1,0 Kg - 6,50EUR
1,5 Kg - 9,50EUR
2,0 Kg - 12,50EUR
Hard lead (color yellow and black)
0,9Kg - 6,50EUR
2,26Kg - 12,90EUR
2,70Kg - 15,50EUR
Quick Snap Lead 0,9Kg - 10,90EUR (color yellow and black)

Shipping up to 5Kg 7,60EUR and up to 10Kg 8,30EUR

Sell 2x Apeks Stage Sets:

1. Apeks ATX 50 Set O2
Price incl. shipping: 160EUR

2. Apeks ATX 40 Set with O2 1st STufe
Price incl. shipping: 150EUR

Both together: 295EUR incl. shipping


Sell this Apeksset, consisting of:
2x 1st STufe DS4
2x. 2nd STufe XTX 50 Model 2013
and watch the entire hoses as in the pictures.
and 2x Toddy snap for the 2nd STufe (ideal also for sidemount)

Price for the blue set: 255EUR incl. shipping
Price for the black set: 275EUR incl. shipping

Both together: 515 EUR incl. shipping


Due to lack of time for the beautiful hobby I offer here a super dry suit from Waterproof.

Price: Fixed price 1200 Euro + shipping
Waterproof D7pro Cordura ISS
Size: L
Shoe size 43-44
Size chart WP (
Since the suit has a telescopic torso, and it is actually too big for me with 183cm, I think up to 190cm height are easily possible.
In the feet you still have comfortable space even with very thick socks.

He is about 1.5 years old, have dived him about 10 times in fresh water. No damage, silicone cuffs new.
The Antares glove system is mounted on the suit, auxiliary rings are also included.
Still have spare cuffs for neck and arms that I give with it. A few new replacement dry diving gloves can be purchased by arrangement (35,-).

I also have 2 underwear from Waterproof, which can be purchased separately, once Warmtec 200g Gr. L (120,-) and once unused Warmtec HD (300g) Gr. L (180,-).


Hello diving community,

now the diving cellar is further cleared out:

For sale:

Aqualung Axiom i3, Size XL, about 2 years old but no 20 TG ́s. As good as new! Price 350EUR

Halcyon Liftbag 60LBS, As good as new, Price 50EUR

Diving lead yellow coated, 8 x 1kg, 4 x 2kg
Gives total 16kg, price 100EUR (kilo price 6,25EUR)

Further pictures are welcome on request and questions will of course also be answered.

35396 Gie├čen

Sell my 5mm Aqualung suit, Gr 40, which was dived 18 times in Egypt in December 2014/2015! The suit was well rinsed after each of the dives and washed up in neoprene shampoo after the holiday! Great part, bought only last year, when I find the receipt, I enclose it.I have outgrown it...

130 Euro , Shipping to 7,50 possible


10 liter PTG With stand carrying handle monovalve ( expandable ) and bottle net from IQ
Bottle does not have a T├╝v, but can be made for an extra charge of 30 EUR.
from 70,00 EUR


What : Sale of used or new equipment (regulators, jackets, suits, fakes, masks, etc. Logbook )

Where: Castrop-Rauxel

Address by phone: 0176 23 21 65 84


Hello, I offer here a only twice used Aqualung Pro QD Jacket in size XL.
Original price was 300, -EUR.
Since I have only come to the pool twice since the purchase last spring, the jacket is as good as new.
I sell the jacket, because unfortunately it no longer fits properly.
Price would be 250,-EUR VB
Shipping is possible!
If you have any questions, just email!

Always good air.


Hello divers,

Sell a Galileo Sol with transmitter and chest strap. Battery 100%, 100 TG purchased 2013 with TMX update. Works top and I only sell because of switching to computers with O2 integration.

On request, I am happy to send you current photos.

Asking price VB 450.- incl. USB-IR transmitter and shipping as a package.




sell here my barely used long 12 liter diving bottle with Polaris T double valve.
Thanks to the T-valve, the hand wheels can be optimally reached.
The bottle has only 9 dives, T├╝v until the middle of the year (July).
200bar version with stand.


The bottle can be viewed in 46487 Wesel.



Hello everyone

I am looking for my Hugyfot Arius case (F90x),
a Nikon hot shoe plug ( SC 117 )
with cable !
(Also the Platiene)
Maybe someone knows where they still exist!

Greetings from Upper Bavaria,



Sell an oxygen booster from Maximator model ROB22
very good condition
Price 1050EUR
Information also under 0173/4923732


Sell fully functional Hartenberger dive light.
The lamp is a Mini Compact halogen with 7.2 volts and 20 watt bulbs.
The scope of the Lierfer includes:
1. Dive light
2. Charger 230/110 Volt
3. Neoprene protective cover
4. Arm loop
5. 2x protective bag original Hartenberger


Sell Oceanic Atom PDC dive computer complete with download kit.
Included in delivery:
1. Dive computer
2. Screen protector
3. Arband extension
4. Bottle pressure sensor Uwatec
5. Software
6. Operating instructions
7. Manuals
The computer was bought new in 2010 and dipped about 50 times.
Original price 799EUR, my price VHB 320EUR


I sell a diving equipment for ladies consisting of:
1 dive bag Whale Shark
3 wetsuits, including a dry suit with hood (2x long, 1 shorty) size S
1 Seaquest Lady-Jacket XS Luxury Edition with 2 pockets for lead
1 lung automaton with adapter
1 pair of shoes size 38
2 fins Mares size S (adjustable)
1 mask with snorkel

more pictures on request

all complete for 400EUR VB!


I sell a diving equipment for men consisting of:
1 diving bag Aqualung Red Line (1 wheel defective)
2 wetsuits (Shorty Cressi XL 5mm, Reactor Pro 3mm)
1 Jacket Seaquest Wave M-L
1 mask Cressi with snorkel
1 pair of shoes Aqualung size 45
2 fins Dolphin XL
1 automatic pulmonary sailor with adapter
1 lead strap with 5 pockets (Velcro)

more pictures on request.

all complete for 400 EUR VB!


Sell new Nautec valve 300 bar small conical.
50EUR incl. shipping

Sell used 5 Ltr. Dr├Ąger PTG 200 Bar.
Bottle thread is small conical.
The T├ťV is new and valid until 2025/3.
55EUR incl. shipping.

I sell a brand new Nauticam SMC 1 Supermakro converter with adapter ring, OVP and Nauticam microfaster cloth.

The SMC now costs 511 euros at UW Fotopartner and will only be available in 15 days. With me immediately. :-)

VB 450 euros.

Servus search 80 cft Alu Stage diving tank with rig


Divers wanted! Immersed is a new diving club on the Lower Rhine, no old beards, slim structure, transparency and co-determination!
Especially diving, diving, diving.
Education, Tek, Sport, Fittness, Fun!
For more information, see
We are looking for diving enthusiasts.

Kleve / Niederrhein

Almost new mono valve bts 230bar/G5/8 for sale (10 tg). Gladly pick up zip code 40xxx or 47xxx . Have retrofitted a sidemount valve on my stage. Complete with o- ring & Steiger // FP 30 EUR for shipping plus VAT. UK


Offer here a NiCd charger for a Kowalski 610 dive light.
As you can see in the photo, the charger has two banana plugs.
Other details printed on the charger:
- Input: 115V /230V at 10.5W
- Output: 10V with 540mA
Shipping by Hermes for 4,00 EUR.

St. Leon

Sell Apnea Suit One-piece Gr50 to 52 Outside Smooth skin inside Rough for easier on and undressing.
NP 200 Euro VP 150 Euro
brand new suit one-piece.
Greetings Rene from Austria. ps 2 small cracks but easy to glue.

K├Âflach/ ├ľsterreich

Sell an Apeks Stage controller set individually:
1x 1st stage DS4 oxygen with normal thread
95EUR incl. shipping
1x ATX 50 2nd stage oxygen with hose
80EUR incl. shipping
1x Finimeter with HD Miflex 15cm hose
38EUR incl. shipping

Everything is only slightly dipped and is in good condition!

Price in set incl. shipping: 185EUR


Santi Enduro Cordura, DIR, Pi-Valve, bags, suspenders, telescopic torso, I am 178cm 93KG in all directions still plenty of space, color black /red, hardly smoked, is one of my spare skirts, HD cuffs, neoprene socks, warm neck, transport bag, NP 1850EUR, the gray is care powder!!! Incl. Santi 400 underwear 1200EUR


Suunto Vyper incl. USB interface

- Compressed air, nitrox and depth gauge mode
- Continuous decompression with the
- RGBM algorithm by Suunto
- Integrated dive simulator and dive planner
- Audible alarm
- Bracelet
- Electroluminescent display
- Detailed graphical logs and dive data on PC via included data cables and Suunto DM5 software (can be downloaded from the Suunto page, not included)

Scope of delivery:
- Dive computer incl. bracelet and new screen protector
- 2x Screen Protector (New)
- Instruction manual
- Quick Reference Guide
- USB interface (cable)

Condition: Good

Price: VB 179.- Euro

Description and photo also under:


Sell my HOG32 Wingjacket (see photo) with 3mm stainless steel backplate. The wing is DIR compliant and is great in the water. It does not have 30TG. Please ask for more information by e-mail.

VB 330,-EUR


search used Off-Shore II charger for Hartenberger Mini Compact.
Thanks for the offers.


Search Diving goggles Brand Aqualung Look in the color Aqua. Thank you Agnes


I sell a recirculation device PSCR SF-1, 1:10; The device is disassembled, properly cleaned, disinfected and consists of.

ÔÇóFrame stainless steel with two 8.5 Ltr. steel cylinders incl. bridge, valves plus swagelok stainless steel high-pressure hose for flexible bridge connection
ÔÇóDevice head for tube (with ppO2 connection), plus complete replacement head (with ppO2 connection adapter), both heads incl. stainless steel caps or connections, spare flutter valves as well as POM spare parts for bellows etc.
ÔÇóLime tank made of stainless steel, filling capacity 3.5 KG
ÔÇó2014 Golem Gear BOV (Bail-Out-Valve) 2nd stage Apeks incl. quick coupling, loop hoses with weights plus spare mouthpiece
ÔÇóTube and equipment bottom with 2 two feeds
ÔÇóSmall/large bellows plus spare bellows large/small
ÔÇóSwitchblock QC6 with hoses
ÔÇóReplacement stage - 2nd stage (octopus Apeks Egress)

Price VB


Zeagle Wing Jacket for sale Size MD

Kummerbund - adjustable on the sides
an abdominal belt, a chest strap
Rip-Cord Lead Shedding System
D - Rings not made of niro but of plastic
Power inflator
Back padding
two bottle straps, USA flag on left shoulder strap
Zeagle lettering on right shoulder strap

If I blow tightly, inflator works perfectly

130 Fixed price


I'm looking for a SUEX X.Joy14 or Halcyon HDV T16 just offer everything

Thanks in advance


Offer you here my long 12 liter mono bottle with double valve. Is ideal to dive with 2 separate regulators in cold water. Water location is therefore very good.
Has been dipped very little, normal traces of use.Due to health reasons.

T├ťV NEW until 12/16

Incl. papers

Price: 200EUR (Filled at pick-up)

Shipping possible by DHL (+15EUR/bottle emptied)
Since I sell privately, no guarantee/warranty