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Hello sell here my Bonex Ecos scooter which only 20h. has been driven in fresh water.
It has only a small scratch on the front of the cap otherwise it is flawless and fully functional.
- In addition, I give the navigation unit (without
GoPro holder)
- Replacement sealing set
- Charger
- Teflon grease for the seals
- Saltwater lead
- Position
- Instruction manual

Dimensions: d=223/300mm L=600mm
Weight: 15 kg
Operating depth: 120 m
Driving time full throttle: 90 min
Journey time Crusing: up to 150 min
Range: 6 Km
Thrust: 220 N
Speed: 60 m/min
Battery Count: 1

Price: 3200EUR VB

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

M├╝lheim an der Ruhr

sell my complete diving equipment
the things are all in impeccable condition
Cressi Semi-dry 7mm (35 S├╝ssw. TG)
Cressi Ice Vest 7mm
Beuchat 2 pieces wet 5mm ( 3 Salzw. TG)
Mares Jacket with integrated lead pockets, airtream system and bottle tensioner via compressed air
Soft lead 10kg
12l compressed air bottle with 2 slopes, new 1 TG fresh water
Fins with top closure system, M/L
Feet gr42
Gloves 3 and 5mm
Safety buoy
Regulator 1-2 stage Aqualung as new 3 salt water TG, 3 fresh water TG
HD hose to jacket and dive computer
Top Dive Computers by Suunto
Air-integrated with HD coupling to not always
to have to leave the controller during transport or write a logbook, etc.
if I forgot something just ask.

Pictures on request as there are several
Also retail, but nothing is given away as some believe


For sale:
-side mount rebreather mccr(similar to SF2)
-Alu tube
-adjustable cmf(zr. Time 0.8 l/min)
-manual feed-in O2... Dil
-currently 2 sensors (up to 4 possible)
-the size is like 80 cuf
-the price is a matter of negotiation (makes me a suggestion)
if you have any further questions please send us an e-mail

This is a private sale, i.e. without any liability or claims.

Gator wraps noticeably reduce the buoyancy on the calves during dry diving. Useful for dry suits that are too wide and when scootering.

Have only been used twice.

Cordura 1100, 10cm elastic band, Velcro fastener

Size XL
Lower leg circumference: 31cm-38cm (top end in unstretched state)

Price: 40 EUR VB

Payment by PayPal possible.
Shipping costs: 5 Euro (DHL package)

Private sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee.

20097 Hamburg

Buoyancy Jacket CRESSI
in size M
approx. 15-20 dives

There are no defects!

Asking price: 250EUR VB


Model: Space-Frog-Tre
Size: S/M

Price prediction: 40EUR VB


CRESSI knives
incl. bracket

Asking price: 30EUR VB


The DUI Powerstretch Pro 300S is stretchable in all directions and therefore hardly noticeable in the Trocki. Due to its low material thickness, it can also be easily dived in dry suits with little space. The pleasantly soft PolartecVlies made the Powerstretch 300 a very warm underwear.
A whole 2 times I was with the part in the water. No signs of use or similar to be seen.

Price 200,00 EUR


Santi Thinsulat BZ 400 in size L

The Men's BZ 400 underwear has been specially developed for dives in less than 7 degrees cold water as well as for deep and decompression dives.
Very little used because it was always only there as a backup.
Absolutely no holes or other damage. Only slight wear and tear can be detected. The underwear has never been washed and has thus retained its full insulation properties.
Price 110,00 EUR


For health reasons, I am gradually selling my equipment!

The Alu Stages are without T├ťV because I have always filled them myself for Nitrox / Trimix or only O2

Here I offer:
1x Stage 80cft. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 150,-EUR
1x Stage 10ltr. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 140,-EUR
Bottles can be purchased individually or together!

If you are interested, please contact us.


Hello I am looking for a garden orchid supplier can someone recommend me what?


Sell battery tank with connection for tank lamp and heating vest.
DM outside 130mm, height 350mm
Incl. battery CP1290 12V 18AH,
1pcs lid with a connection on/off switch and EO cord,
1pcs. lid with 2 connections on/off switch and 2 x EO cord,
Incl. Extra: 1 pcs. cable EO Cord, 1 pcs. dry suit inlet valve extension,
1 pcs. heating cable for self-construction of a heating vest.
Incl. charger
Got me the tank gebr. and bought the battery new about 2 years ago, but only had 2x in use.
All in good condition and tight.
Battery has always been carefully beed. ÔÇô and unload.

Private sale, no guarantee

Price 250Euro


Hello Diver,

offer from diver's watch collection (unfortunately I have to dissolve) 4 diver's watches - all new and unworn
1. Blancpain, Fifthy Fathoms, Concept 2000- for 6,500 EUR;
2. M├╝hle Glash├╝tte,Nautic Timer,- for 1.049 EUR
3.Oris, for 549,-EUR and
4.Mido, Ocean Star with glass bottom for 359,- EUR
Papers and original packaging available.
Please only serious requests.
For pick-up and cash payment _Preisnachlass!
see also "my collection"- "Kalaydo" and "dhd" advertisements


Offered are

1 Ocean Reef GSM - G Divers - communication unit (hear/speak)

1 Ocean Reef M-101A ÔÇô G Divers receiver module (listening)

1 pair of dampers ( reduces reflections that occur in swimming pools
e.g. b may occur )

The communication unit is about 2 years old and is very well maintained, it has been used only 4 times and only in fresh water.
No water ingress or oxidized contacts.
The system is first-hand.

VP 550.00


backplate, 6mm/5kg, agir-brokk, without harness.
EUR 70 incl. shipping.

Sell dry suit "Heavy Light" of the brand Ursuit with booties in size S.

750EUR: Negotiation basis including all accessories.

The suit was purchased in June 2014. Since then, he has been on 45 dives in fresh water and has always kept 100% dry without ever being repaired.

Particularly practical on this high-quality version:
Neck cuff quick-change system "Quick Neck" from SiTech: this allows a torn neck cuff to be replaced within 5 minutes instead of the whole suit having to be sent in for costly repair.
Glove and arm cuffs quick-change system "Antares" from SiTech: this system makes it possible to attach an arm cuff to the suit by means of a change system and also to "clip" a dry diving glove shortly before diving.

- 1 pair of dry diving gloves
- 2 pairs of spare hand cuffs
- 2 spare neck cuffs
- Neoprene hood in S
- Suit pocket
- additional left dry diving glove
- Talc powder for easier dressing of cuffs
- 2 zipper care products: liquid and in pen form
- 1 original sealed repair adhesive "Aquasure", 7g


Sell 2 diving masks technisub "look" by Aqualung, once in version "transparent-blue", once in version "black-black; with protective cover for transport.

Original price 35EUR each, for sale around 12EUR per mask.


Sell for 220EUR a wing set from DIR-ZONE with "Special Features" consisting of:

Wing "Stream 25" (25l volume) from Cordura

Special Feature: Snorkel attachment to the wing, so that the snorkel can be carried on dives without being in the way during the dive, but can be removed on the surface by the diver himself during the swim

Stainless steel backplate complete with rigging, crotch strap, knife and 4 D-rings

Special feature: a shoulder strap is equipped with a high-strength stainless steel click buckle. This makes it much easier to put on and take off despite the fixed belt length.

Single-tank adapter to dive wing and backplate also with single bottle.


Dear Ladies,
my Trocki is great, unfortunately "upstairs" a bit too big.
So so from the chest down in the abdomen / buttocks area ;)
He was in the water a maximum of 10 times. Hemmoor and Elbsee.

Dimensions according to the manufacturer:
Chest 113 cm
Hip circumference 113 cm
Waist circumference 115 cm
Shoe size 41

I am 175 cm tall, which also fit very well.
I recommend trouser size more than 38, on top so from 42.
It's best to try it on ;-)

Features according to the manufacturer's website:
+Trilaminate dry suit with front zip
+Telescopic torso
+solid braces system
+YKK (Dynat / BDM) Dry zip
+Movement Zones
+Latex cuffs
+large heat collar
+Cordura Protection System (protects shoulder, chest and arm area)
+2 XBP below Pockets with 2 loops each and Velcro fastener
+Apeks valves (inlet 340 degree rotatable, high profile outlet valve)
+Dry boot boots with fin strap stoppers
+YKK protective zipper

Without gloves or hood.
Original price was EUR 1.395,- > the VB is EUR 888.-
Underwhelmer if required for EUR 80, - plus.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Gladly more pictures by mail.
Fitting and visit in D├╝sseldorf-S├╝d


40225 D├╝sseldorf

Diving machine with octopus and finimeter:

Brand Mares, well preserved and fully functional, little used

Before it is used again, however, a revision must still be made. I haven't used the machine for a long time

Dive bag:

large, practical dive bag with many compartments and wheels


DUI TLS 350 Extreme
black, Gr. LS, incl. Halycon PeeValve,
Heating feedthrough SubSea/WetCon,
High Profile Dump Valve, TurboSoles Size 42-43, tight, cuffs must be new!
950 EUR incl. Shipping VB


Suunto Vyper
with DIR Mounting and BungeeCords
Battery NEW
140 EUR incl. shipping VB


UWATEC Digital BottomTimer
60 EUR incl. shipping VB


S.L.Dive Cold Cuffs, Size XL,
up to 70m water depth
20 EUR incl. shipping VB


DUI hood, 5mm, size L, used
25 EUR incl. shipping VB


2 x Scubapro Everflex 5mm, Gr.M,
little used
25,00 EUR per pair incl. shipping VB


Halcyon Explorer Wing (Horseshoe) 55lbs
275 EUR incl. Shipping VB


Signal Marker RED, L= 1,20m,
SeemanSub, incl. Inflator connector, DumpValve
70 EUR incl. shipping VB


Apeks T20 2nd stage
with 1m LP hose
Revi necessary
75EUR incl. Shipping VB


Argon controller from DIR-Zone
with MD hose, pressure relief valve
60EUR incl. Shipping VB


Halcyon Scout BackUp LED
3 Watt burner
for 3 x C batteries
with small boltsnap
120 EUR incl. Shipping VB


HID Lamp Head 18W
von Halcyon.
legendary WelchAllyn Burner.
1A Beam with beautiful Corona.
GoodManHandle with ThumbLoop and small carabiner.
E/O Cord!
400EUR incl. Shipping VB


Heating vest 72,7W
Fleece in size L with EKPP Schwaz cable
perfect heat distribution
100 EUR incl. shipping VB


Search Poppy Seed Mini; or Komptec compressor
may be in need of repair,without drive (motor); up to 250 EUR


2 pieces Regulator CRESSI
approx. 15-20 dives

Asking price for both: 270EUR


Buoyancy Jacket CRESSI
Model: J 107
in size M
approx. 15-20 dives

There are no defects!

Asking price: 250EUR VB


Diving suit CRESSI
in size M
(for men)

There are no defects.

Asking price: 190EUR


I sell a NEW (valuable) diving suit of the company MARES: Flexa 8.6.5 (2017!) MEN and a matching NEW ice vest from MARES: Flexa Core Vest

FIXED PRICE without shipping: 259.- (original price: 369.-);

Size for both products: 5 (MEN)

I have purchased both myself in the package and sell them ONLY in the TOTAL PACKAGE (date of purchase was 03.07.2017).

I actually only did 2 dives (fresh water) with the diving suit. The ice vest is UNUSED AND NEW!

Of course, there is also the original purchase invoice for various warranty claims.


Sale from sudden health. Establish.

Ternitz, ├ľsterreich

Older 5 l TG, small conical valve, with stand (rubber).
T├ťV has been expired for some time, but always stored under pressure.

for pick-up 15 Euro
incl. shipping (DHL) printless 25 Euro



I offer here a 50w Yellow Diving HID lamp for sale. The lamp head is equipped with an E/O cord and can be connected to any 12V battery tank. Where:

- a normal reflector with Goodman handle
- a video reflector (approx. 110┬░) with Goodman handle
- a replacement test tube

The lamp was purchased in mid-2015, but has only been used by about 30 TG since then. Nevertheless, of course, slight traces of use / scratches are present.

The lamp head has just been overhauled by the manufacturer.

VB 300.- EUR

Private sale. No return, no guarantee!

Sell my Pearl i3 Women's Jacket by Aqualung/Sea Quest in size M.

It has been little dipped (<15 TG), has no defects and is fully functional.

Sale wg transition from ADV to Wing.

VB 250 EUR + Shipping


I would like to submit my DIVEMASTER collection here against bid.
It is an almost complete collection and includes:

No 34 (02/2001) - No 38 (02/2002)
No. 41 (1/2003) - No. 92 (April/May/June 2017)
I am looking forward to honest and serious offers.


Camaro Diving Suit Women 80 Long, 7 mm, semi-dry, anthracite
Camaro vest with hood to match the suit
Cressi-Jacket S114 Size M
Feet Size 39
Diving gloves size S
Incl. immersion bar - plastic blue

All in very good condition! Components can also be sold individually. Ideal as beginner equipment for women with a height of 1.74 - 1.79 m.
Self-collection in the Schleswig-Holstein/Pinneberg area - near the A23 - VB: 250 Euro


HALCYON Pathfinder REEL, line length approx. 400 ft/122 m, with boltsnape, ideal for tecdiving or cave diving. NP 209 EUR, due to abandonment of TEC diving, 85 EUR, collection in Bremen or shipping (plus shipping costs).


1st stage of the brand Scubapro in used condition.I bought used myself. Should be checked by a specialist before use. Asking price 60EUR plus shipping (Hermes.


JVC camcorder GRDV1(2x) with underwater housing, docking station, various accessories, several batteries (?), tw new, chargers, battery pack expansion and infinite number of associated cables, etc.
Everything worked fine until the end.

Asking price 80EUR plus shipping.


Sell my Jacket Aqualung ProHD because of switch to Wing and D12
The jacket is like new and was in the water 3x.

Can be tested at the Attersee.

Size ML


I am looking for a rebreather mouthpiece (exhalation left, inhalation right).

Sell my NEW Lavacor underwear for Trocki for 80EUR

NP: 140EUR


Sell Jacket Pearl with Inflator Size M for 220EUR

Removable lead pockets

Retractor with stop

Octopus Holder Magnet Professional

NP: 340EUR

hardly used, maximum 10x