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Due to circumstances, to hand in!!
As good as new dive computer incl. transmitter and cable for data exchange between PC and dive computer

OFFER: Suunto Vytec DS incl. transmitter and various accessories for Euro 450,-- fixed price
Original price was Euro 990,--

Battery in the computer and transmitter as well as O-rings are new.

If you are interested, email to:

Product information about the Vytec DS:

The Suunto VYTEC DS is equipped with the RGBM Deep Stop Algor├ştmus. On the ascent at the end of the dive, the diver can choose between "deep stops" and the traditional safety stops. The duration of the deep stops is displayed as a countdown in seconds and can be set to 1 or 2 minutes. The Suunto VYTEC DS offers the technically oriented diver the possibility to switch between gas mixtures. By switching to a gas with a higher oxygen content, the diver can shorten his decompression time. In Nitrox mode, the diver can preset up to three gas mixtures between 21% and 99% oxygen. Within the PO2 values, the respective activated gas mixtures can be changed easily and reliably during the dive. During the dive, the diver receives his cylinder pressure data with calculated remaining air time, based on the current gas consumption. The pressure transmitter can be used in any of the three operating modes: compressed air, nitrox and depth gauge! The battery can be changed by the user!! Delivery information incl. transmitter, screen protector and German operating instructions and data cable

Good evening,
I am looking for a Galileo Luna or Sol. Gladly used or new


I am looking for a Heinrichs and Weikamp OSTC I am looking forward to your offers.
Thank you very much.



I offer an Aladin PRO here. The device itself is as good as new, but the battery is empty. Also included is a protective cover. The cover also protects the computer from loss, as it is attached to the wrist.

If you are interested, just send me an e-mail with your asking price.



Suunto HelO2, without transmitter
Date of purchase 04/2012
59 dives, 26 operating hours

New screen protector, virtually no signs of use
With USB data cable.

Private sale without warranty.

Price: 400,00 Euro incl. shipping within Germany



Uwatec Air Z with transmitter
if necessary. Battery replacement

150 euro


Sell my OSTC for switching to O2 monitoring.

Multigas (Trimix) 5 gases
5 pre-configurable gases plus one gas which can also be configured UW. 3 SetPoints and 5 bailout gases can be configured for CCR operation

Available calculation models:
ZH-L16 OC: B├╝hlmann ZH-L16 for open systems
ZH-L16 CC: B├╝hlmann ZH-L16 for closed systems (CCR and SCR)
ZH-L16 GF OC: B├╝hlmann ZH-L16 for open systems with GF supplement (Deep Stops)
ZH-L16 GF CC: B├╝hlmann ZH-L16 for closed systems (CCR and SCR) with GF supplement (Deep Stops)
In gauge and apnea mode there is no decompression calculation
Apnea adjusts the sampling rate CF20 for the duration of the dive: to 1 second

5 gases can be adjusted.
Air, Nitrox up to 100%, Trimix

OLED Display (6.1 cm)
180┬░ viewing angle
320 x 240 pixels
Protected by a scratch-resistant borosilicate glass pane

Two piezo buttons for easy operation
130 meters depth
PC+ABS enclosure
Weight: 160g
Dimensions: 70 mm x 65 mm x 29 mm

Charging via the integrated USB interface
Li-ion battery 3.7V / 1300mAh (replaceable)
40h at maximum display brightness

600EUR incl. shipping


Search Aladin Air Z with transmitter please offer everything but only with functioning batteries!
Also by phone 0173/2193753




Offer a used console with Suunto Favor dive computer with the Suunto compass SK7. The SK7 is also used but has few signs of use, can be removed from the console and e.b. carried in a DIR bungee holder.
The Favor is functional, but I have not dived with it and do not know if it is tight. Therefore, I sell it as in need of repair.
Asking price for the console with both devices:
VB 99EUR plus 6.90EUR Shipping

Private sale - no guarantee - no return


I am looking for a simple (not necessarily nitrox compatible or air-integrated) computer with a large display for a reasonable price.

Greetings, Holger


Can anyone help me???
Where can I get operating instructions from:
Dive computer: Suunto EON here??

Thank you


Still looking for a workshop for battery replacement UWATEC Monitor3air.
This is my last hope.This is a real emergency call.
It would be a pity if I had to maneuver this computer out.
Sure, a new computer is bought quickly, but I'm attached to this one.

Thank you for your help


Apeks Diver Watch Original Packed 200m New she won 3 weeks ago from a dive shop in Germany
95 Euro can be picked up in 48155 Muenster or shipping
Tel 017684105484

1 x Jacket SeaQuest QD Jacket Size L As good as new condition 6 dives in the indoor pool 150 euro

1xSuits : by Bare

Bare 7 mm suit with ice vest 10 dives Gr╦ćfle ML/MG The suit is in top condition 150 euro

1xSale Sealux Case MD100 with Camcorder Pan.3CCD-Min DV

Sell Sealux Case MD100 with Camcorder Pan.3CCD-Min DV + Planprot WW-LW 4307 W ,Sealux Super WW Attachment,Dome Port,Humidity Detector Sun Visor,Stabilization Wing,Special Conversion Autofocus,Sealux
Case Lighting 2x Sealux Videobright 50 2x Charger 2x Neoprene Protection Accessories new sealing rings every time 2 ,,,18 As good as new lamps + care products + batteries Camcorder 3 CCD with 2 batteries Charger and accessories Had bought the case used itself and 10 x used it is Technically in top condition with traces of use
900 euro

48155 Muenster

Mares dive computer Nemo Wide incl. screen protector, manual and CD

The battery status is 100%. It has about 264 TG and corresponding traces of use. The display has a few light/fine scratches despite using the screen protector.

The Nemo Wide offers perfect readability in up to 40% larger display than other dive computers. In particular, divers with a
Visual defects will love this computer. The high-contrast display has a size of 55 x 35 mm and a viewing angle of 170┬░.

- The lighting is activated by pressing a button for 4 seconds and allows reading even in the dark.

- All functions are controlled via four control buttons.

- The Nemo Wide can be used in Air, Nitrox and Bottom Timer modes. (Nitrox mode: 3 preset gases)

- The battery can be replaced by the user himself.

- The RGBM Mares-Wienke algorithm used significantly reduces the risk of microbubble formation, among other things through so-called "deep stops".

Price: 200 Euro

Original Mares Drak USB interface in box with CD and instructions.

This allows the dive computer to be read out on the PC. After the data transfer to the PC, the dive data can be viewed,
and supplemented to a complete logbook. A dive simulation is also possible.

- Can be used with Mares Puck, Nemo Wide, Nemo Air.

Price: 40 Euro


Look for a "beginner dive computer" like the Suunto Zoop or Vyper.

If you have something to offer, you would like to contact me. Would be delighted!




we offer a Suunto Mosquito dive computer. The color is black and white.

Price: 120 Euro VHB, plus shipping.



I am looking for one or two "Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC 2N". Maybe someone has one to hand in!?



Hello everyone

I bought the Cressi Leonardo right before my holiday. Unfortunately, I can't cope with the one-button operation. Is too cumbersome for me.

Since I want to buy the Zoop, I ask here if there is someone who wants to exchange his Zoop for the Leonardo purely by chance.

I bought the Leonardo in September 2012. Original invoice is available. The dive computer has 20 dives.


Sell my Heinrichs Weikamp DR5 calculator for technical diving.
Great part, has only a small scratch, sell it because I move away for professional reasons and can not do any more corresponding dives for the foreseeable future.

Scope of delivery: DR5 dive computer, data/charging cable incl. charging plug, original transport bag.
Manual was not included, but since I printed it out I put it to it.


Pick-up at Munich or DHL shipping possible


I sell because of the abandonment of the scuba diving:

* Suunto Vytec
* Bottle pressure transmitter for Vytec
* Data exchange cable for Vytec

Computer & transmitter batteries are freshly changed 2 months ago and since then unpunged.
Everything in perfect condition and pairing of the devices runs perfectly. Only the display screen has the usual scratches.

FP 295,-


Immersion Taucheruhr ISA 818 ohne jegliche Gebrauchsspuren in Originalverpackung:
- Durchmesser 43 mm (mit Krone)
- Armbandl├Ąnge 18cm (k├╝rzbar); Armband mit
- drehbare L├╝nette
- Bedienungsanleitung in italienisch,
franz├Âsisch, englisch
- tragbar f├╝r M├Ąnner und Frauen
- 2 zus├Ątzlicher Armb├Ąnder in orange und beige
aus Kunststoff
- Inschriften auf der R├╝ckseite: DIAL DEP,
Preisvorstellung 100 EURO


Verkaufe einen Suunto Tauchcomputer Vyper 2.
F├╝r CHF 729.00 oder EUR 441.

Hier kannst Du ihn direkt bezahlen: