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sell my DR5 open for Nitrox, Trimix and CCR with fishing plug.
With the DR5 the buttons were replaced 3 months ago ( 250euro)
and the battery has also been renewed.

If you are interested, just report with a price proposal :-)


Offer a brand new, unused Hollis TX1 Trimix dive computer with transmitter.

I received the computer from Hollis as an exchange model for my DH05 and only took a quick look. Of course has full warranty.

The computer comes with transmitter, USB cable, depth compensated bracelet, alternative bungee mount and hard shell case. All OVP.

Price: 720 Euro VB


Hello dear divers.

As a collector of old diver's watches, I am always interested in their "treasures".
Preferably much older than year of construction 1990 and with
a diving depth above 500m.
Also unknown brands like Nautilus, Scubapro, Seemann's Sub, Squale, Aquastar, Rodania, or others.
Defective watches or parts are also interesting for me.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


Offer Oceanic OC1 dive computer in blue with transmitter!
The OC1 and transmitter got new batteries and O-rings in April. Condition is like new, about 15 TG. There is also a watch glass protection and USB cable for reading out all data. All in OVP.
Sale due to switch to Trimix calculator.
NP approx. 750 Euro!
VB 480 Euro



sell my DR5.
With the DR5 the buttons were replaced 3 months ago ( 250euro)
and the battery has also been renewed.

If you are interested, just report with a price proposal :-)


Sell my Aladin Pro computer
The computer warns if the speed of ascent is disregarded, if the speed of ascent is exceeded.
Depth of decomprobation and diving at Jo-Jo.
With flashing and a shrill loud.
The displey has no damage and no scratches, the displey protection and the operating instructions I add.
The battery must be changed, a manual for this can be seen on youtube.


I sell my air-integrated dive computer here, because of switching to an OSTC. Very good condition! Has always accompanied me absolutely reliably.
Is an absolute underdog, not very common but very extensive in terms of features. Pairing with the transmitter is hassle-free and fast.

- can calculate 3 different gases, supports Nitrox up to 100%
- Temperature display
- Gauge mode
- Freediving mode
- can manage 3 channels
- Interface for reading on the PC
- Battery can be changed by yourself
- Bracelet extension for Trocki included
- otherwise all important clock functions (date, stopwatch, countdown, alarm clock)

Just got a fresh battery. And an additional spare battery is included.
He is from 03.2011 has only 49 dives exclusively in fresh water.

Transmitter and interface are of course included. Can be read well via Divinglog.


If you have any questions, feel free to write to us!




The XEO is a fully functional mixed gas immersion computer for air, nitrox and trimix in an open system or with constant PPO2 for use with CCR devices.
The PC interface allows you to update the computer's software at a later time.

The Xeo offers a color OLED display with large digits for best readability and an ergonomically shaped, compact housing with a display tilted towards the user. The design and colors of the display can be adapted by the user according to individual needs. The simple menu navigation is supported by the unique tapp operation of Liquivision and is possible both with the bare hand and with thick gloves. The XEO is equipped with the ceramic pressure sensors known from other Liquivision computers for their reliability.
The Xeo comes as a standard with a depth-compensating bracelet, but also offers the possibility of the popular attachment with bungee cords.

Technical data and equipment:
- Air / Nitrox / Trimix capable with up to 10 days
- Bottom Timer Mode
- Proven B├╝hlmann-GF (ZHL16C) calculation model
- Built-in dive planner and dive simulator
- Visual alarm
- Logbook function
- Conversion between metric and imperial
- User replaceable batteries
- Downloadable (with optional PC interface)
- Color OLED display
- Readable up to a viewing angle of 170 degrees
- Scratch-resistant mineral glass pane
trimix, computer, ccr

Included in the kit: computer, PC interface, 6 batteries


Sell a suunto Vyper 2 with about 36 dives and about 25h underwater.

The Vyper 2 has an integrated compass, which is still functional.

Unfortunately, as can be seen in the pictures, the protective screen already has a few scratches, which almost do not catch the eye under water.

The original bracelet was cut off or shortened, holes drilled and thus a DIY DIR mount was made.

I would sell the Vyper 2 due to its low use for 140, - EUR [VHB].

Of course, the original operating instructions are also included.

For questions, further information or pictures ÔÇô just email.

St. Leon

Sell a Suunto D9 dive computer including transmitter for wireless transmission of the air display. In addition, there is also a tool worth 25 euros to change the battery itself. The computer is the top model of Suunto and also makes itself chic as a watch on the wrist. So also wonderful to wear in your free time or in the office. The D9 has always accompanied me faithfully in recent years and has only a few, normal traces of speech.

Original price at that time at Suunto: 1399 Euros.

VB: 480 Euro.

Facts and Figures

- Nitrox, compressed air and depth gauge operating mode
- Digital precision compass integrated
- Hoseless air integration
- Unlimited clock functions
- Definable measuring units
Deep Stop RGBM Model (Suunto)

Sell my Mares Puck Air console with compass.
Almost a year old, almost 20 TG.
Works perfectly.

Original price 439 EUR.

325 VB.


Hello divers,

Sell a Galileo Sol with transmitter and chest strap. Battery 100%, 100 TG purchased 2013 with TMX update. Works top and I only sell because of switching to computers with O2 integration.

On request, I am happy to send you current photos.

Asking price VB 450.- incl. USB-IR transmitter and shipping as a package.




Sell Oceanic Atom PDC dive computer complete with download kit.
Included in delivery:
1. Dive computer
2. Screen protector
3. Arband extension
4. Bottle pressure sensor Uwatec
5. Software
6. Operating instructions
7. Manuals
The computer was bought new in 2010 and dipped about 50 times.
Original price 799EUR, my price VHB 320EUR


Suunto Vyper incl. USB interface

- Compressed air, nitrox and depth gauge mode
- Continuous decompression with the
- RGBM algorithm by Suunto
- Integrated dive simulator and dive planner
- Audible alarm
- Bracelet
- Electroluminescent display
- Detailed graphical logs and dive data on PC via included data cables and Suunto DM5 software (can be downloaded from the Suunto page, not included)

Scope of delivery:
- Dive computer incl. bracelet and new screen protector
- 2x Screen Protector (New)
- Instruction manual
- Quick Reference Guide
- USB interface (cable)

Condition: Good

Price: VB 179.- Euro

Description and photo also under:


Sell my Suunto Zoop of the eig. as a backup computer should be used, now I have to part with everything,

- 1 dive (19min; 5m depth)
- no scratches or damage
- Original packaging

- NP 229EUR

Sale for 150EUR VHB incl. shipping


Sell a Citizen Aqualand with a 2-year warranty (warranty certificate is attached). The watch stores up to 4 dives. A Trocki extension is attached.

Price 200,--EUR + 5,90EUR shipping costs.


VR 3 computer, all activations, ideal as a back-up for 3rd sensor e.g. with the Poseidon MKVI/SE7EN.
Price 395EUR
incl. sensor house and Fischer cable from Tecme for Poseidon Reb 500EUR


Sell Tek computer from Dive System ́Orca ́, used, new battery required, simple operation, incl. box

Price 380EUR


Sell dive computer HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC 2N, used, ready to dive, ideal for open tek diving, ingenious OLED display, bungee mount.

Fixed price 400EUR


The D9 has e.B. a digital compass, switching of the gas mixtures or a hoseless air integration. The pressure contacts give you access to a wide range of choices. The display is optimized depending on the selected dive mode. This dive computer is a compact, sophisticated and multifunctional dive instrument that will allow you to enjoy many years of trouble-free and relaxing dives.

Since I have given up diving, I sell this excellent dive computer. (4 years old, approx. 40 TG)

I have always found it very pleasant to dive with this computer. Especially the tubeless air integration I have always perceived very positively.

This small device contains everything that makes a good computer.

Suunto D9 with transmitter, sync. Cable and CD


I'm selling my Oceanic VT3 here for 190EUR as I'm switching to a different system.

The dive computer was used very little and has only 37 dives with a total time of 35 hours behind it. He was never deeper than 28.3m (Everything according to the log, see pictures)

Whether air or 100% nitrox, the VT3 can count on anything.
Freely adjustable decoration time, maximum depth or ascent alarm.
With the backlight, even night dives are no problem.

The battery can be changed yourself, which saves considerable maintenance costs.
The inserted battery is still in very good condition (see picture)

If you have any further questions, just write or call, viewing possible by appointment.

Included in delivery are:
1x Oceanic VT3 Dive Computer
1x Oceanic VT3 screen protector
1x plastic transport box suitable for VT3
1x Quick Guide laminated map
1x Manual VT3

Payment by PayPal, bank transfer or of course pick up and examine yourself.
Shipping 4,80EUR

Other options (Not included)

With an air transmitter which is screwed to the first stage (Oceanic Wireless Transmitter) the bottle pressure of a total of 3 bottles which can also be from the Buddy, can be displayed on the display. (not included)

With a data cable you can analyze the whole dive in 30 steps afterwards on the PC exactly. (Not included)


Dive computer incl. transmitter

I sell my dive computer because I bought a smaller one

Oceanic VT3 incl. transmitter
fully functional - slight traces of use
Battery change in Oct. 2014 - since the 4 dives



I sell the women's diver's watch from Apeks, which is seen in the picture.

The watch works perfectly and is unworn.

Price 60 incl. shipping (as insured Pake by DHL)
Private sale without guarantee or return.


by DeepSeaSupply.

Used. Without bungees.

A corner is torn out, but in the hole next to it the bungee has still held perfectly.

5 Euro incl. shipping.

Was accidentally set twice, so the other advertisement is done. This one is still valid !


Sell my dive computer Uwatec "Smart-Tec" for advanced and beginners.
Incl. transmitter, operating instructions and case.
The computer has been dipped, so it still looks good but no longer new, but is otherwise fully functional.
However, I believe it will need a battery change soon. Descriptions of the TC please read for net...

VB 250,00 EUR incl. transmitter and shipping Germany


Offer dive computer AERIS MANTA.

Strap computer in watch form, can also be worn outside the water as a normal watch.

Inc. Screen protector and bracelet extension.

Retail price 100EUR

Private sale no guarantee or return

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Search Urgent


Since an eager diving friend found my transmitter irresistible, I urgently need another one. Please who else has what to offer !!!

Would be reluctant to buy a new one.

So please maybe there is still something in the diving box


Dive Computer Mares Nemo Wide (New Model -2013)
Dive computer is about half a year old. Warranty until 03/2016.
My previous dive computer was a Suunto. Had tried the Nemo, suunto is more sympathetic to me. Have only done 4 dives in the pool with this dive computer.
Price: 200EUR

51503 R├Âsrath

Original Citizen bracelet extension, e.B. suitable for Aqualand analogue.

10 Euro incl. shipping as a letter.


I am looking for a used Delta P VR3 incl. TMX & NX activation. Color display would be nice, but not mandatory.

Offers to me please incl. detailed description of the condition and realistic (!) Asking price.

P.S.: Without TMX activation deduct 100 Euro from the asking price and please also offer.

Thank you very much.



sell an Oceanic Data Trans dive computer + transmitter

As seen in the pictures.

The battery of the computer as well as the transmitter can be changed by the user himself.

Asking price 220EUR



Offer Suunto Dive Computer Cobra 2
incl high-pressure hose with quick coupling, protective bag,
Software (WIN) and smart interface for reading.
Battery about 3 months in use
technically flawless with normal traces of use
Price VS
Pictures / on request


Offer a new unmerged OSTC 3 here. With USB cable, case and of course the bill. The dive computer is 4 days old ! For me to read but too small.

Of course with full guarantee !

Price 699.-EUR VB


This practical, digital depth gauge with modern microprocessor technology, first launched on the market in 2007, is the perfect development from the classic digital depth gauge that UWATEC presented in 1989. Due to its operating depth of up to 330 meters and its features, the DIGITAL 330 is ideal for technical divers. The Digital 330 combines several instruments in a compact information center and is therefore also an ideal companion for beginners and advanced divers.
Technical information

- Precision depth gauge and thermometer: shows the current and maximum depth, dive time and temperature (water and air)
- Maximum operating depth: up to 330 meters
- Resolution depth display:
- 0.1 m (up to 99.9 m), 1m (from 100 m)
- Automatic activation
- Display of the ascent speed in %: Warning in case of increased ascent speeds (7-20 m/minute) for safe diving
- Display of surface time up to 999 hours 59 minutes
- Logbook memory for the last 19 dives
- Automatic height adjustment
- Available as a wristband instrument and 2/1 console


UK: 99 Euro + Shipping

Men's diver's watch, NEW only needs a new battery.
Price 45 EUR incl. DHL postage (insured)


Offer Oceanic OC1 with transmitter and USB cable

Because of hobby task, sell a new unused Ocenaic OC1 with transmitter and USB cable to read all relevant data. The dive computer has an orange display as said 0 dives and has never been in the water.

VB 750EUR incl. shipping within Germany

For further technical questions and explanations, please visit the homepage of the manufacturer



I sell a new Luminox COLORMARK CHRONOGRAPH 3080 SERIES with warranty. Original price: 399,00EUR, my price 249,00EUR


Sell my VR3 dive computer
Activation C4 (full activation) for rebreather, nitrox analysis and PC-Link (incl codes!)
"Powerful computer that covers all needs for tech and circulatory divers."
Design: Arm
Air integration: possible
Display: Dot Matrix
Lighting: yes
Nitrox: up to 100%
Multigas: yes
Interface: PC interface
Maximum depth [m]: 330
- Logbook for 60 hours
- Activation automatically or manually
- Depth display is done in 0.1m steps
- Warnings are visual
- calculates up to 10 gases
- Gases switchable
- can be used for trimix, heliox and rebreather diving
- Game for decoration time
used, new battery.
Price: EUR450
Private sale, no guarantee, warranty or
Taking back.


niegel nagel new Suunto D6i with elastomer bracelet including used bottle pressure sensor

The D6i is brand new and has not been in the water once and has not yet been worn on land. It is for sale, as I now do other dives - as a sports diving computer from my point of view definitely the best of its kind and despite the compact dimensions very easy to read and also operated with thick gloves. Visually quite appealing, so that you can wear it as a wristwatch in everyday life very well.
Of course, there is also a wristband extension (great for Trocki dives) and an original Suunto data cable for connecting to the PC via USB, so you can then also view the dive data clearly on the PC.

There is also a used cylinder pressure sensor (comes from another model, works perfectly with nem D6i). The combination with the D6i is simply ideal - no more annoying requests for finimeters: one look and all necessary data are in view.

Price: Negotiation - make me a fair offer [don't take it from me, but if I feel vilified I won't bother to answer]

Hi I am looking for the interface for my sailor Sub XP5 dive computer to read it.

Good air Micha !


Hey guys
search for a diver's watch in this way
Nautilus professional 500m.

Please offer everything!

M.f.G. Gerhard Billen

46483 Wesel

Offer Watches Dive Computer
Aeris Manta / Identical Oceanic GEO
including extension bracelet, screen protector and data cable.

Since private sale no guarantee or return
Price for everything VB 150EUR incl. shipping

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Hello friends of diving,

I offer a dive computer of the brand Suunto for sale. It is a Suunto Cobra + quick coupling + compass SK 7.

The equipment is in top condition.

VB: 300 EUR

The shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

Since this is a private sale, the warranty is excluded, as well as there is no warranty claim and a right of return.

Have fun


Sell a Uwatec Smart Com
The TC was in Dec.13 at the manufacturer at the service
(battery replacement) Invoice for 97,-EUR is available.
Since then only 1 dive.
Included is: HD hose with quick coupling and
My asking price would be 180.-EUR

Bad-T├Âlz / Deutschland

Sell my Memomouse!

Price 50EUR plus shipping



Sell a Uwatec Aladin AirL complete with quick coupling and HD hose. The computer is built into a console with a compass!
Battery still has 87%.

Should cost a total of 150EUR VB, if shipping then it comes to it!! 1

Greeting Peter


Sell Uwatec Oxy II for the analysis of the O2 content of Dr├Ąger Dolphin or Dr├Ąger Ray Rebreathers, incl. spacer and operating instructions.

Since the Oxy has not been used since 2011 and both battery and O2 sensor would have to be replaced, I sell it as defective. However, it was dived a few times until then and worked perfectly.

Since this is a private sale, the return as well as any form of warranty and guarantee is excluded. The shipping costs (approx. 6.99 EUR) are borne by the buyer. On request, the OXY can also be picked up on site in Cologne.

Price: 320 EUR VB Original price was about 600 EUR.


Sell my Heinrichs Weikamp DR5 calculator for technical diving.
Great part, has only a small scratch, sell it because I move away for professional reasons and can not do any more corresponding dives for the foreseeable future.
On one picture I have removed the closure to the Fischer plug, which is of course there and also on the other picture with the charging cable to see.

Scope of delivery: DR5 dive computer, data/charging cable incl. charging plug, original transport bag.


Pick-up or DHL shipping possible



I am looking for a dive computer in the type HW OSTC, Shearwater or similar.

Please a PM with offer.


Hello dear diving friends,

I am looking for a used Vytec from Suunto or comparable computer with multigas function (diving with 2 gases)
The computer should be in good technical condition and the battery should not be empty.
Ask for offers from your side.

Thank you