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My wife and I want to start diving again after a long break from diving.

But we think it would certainly be quite good if we would do a refresher course in the club or in a diving school, or go diving with an experienced diving buddy.

We both have a kpl. Diving equipment with bottle.

Please contact us if you want to help us and live in the vicinity of Ulm and Memmingen.

89294, Oberroth, DE

Phone: +4983336494180

This is the best diving course for holiday divers.

Just do your open water dives on your next vacation, somewhere in the world or further supervised by us at one of our partners, who we know will continue excellent training accordingly.

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Menadive Safaga, Egypt

In the Red Sea, breathtaking reefs and an incredible variety await you. For many years, the Menadive has been one of our favorite diving bases whose quality we are absolutely convinced of.


Petro Divers Mallorca About 2 hours flight from Frankfurt, Mallorca is also suitable for a long weekend. With the low-cost airline from Frankfurt also interesting in terms of price for a long weekend.


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Hanover's diving school for technical diving and scuba diving according to DIR standards.

You are an ambitious recreational diver and would like to expand your knowledge and limits and dive better/safer? You are already a technical diver looking for further training or have you had a longer break from diving? Then you've come to the right place!

In my training, I teach diving with redundant and standardized equipment, conservative gas planning, drills for emergency management, problem solving underwater and team diving. I teach lesson content and equipment configuration according to D.I.R. standard for the association PATD - Professional Association of Technical Diving.

Link to the website diving school Hannodive


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Phone: 06502003416

Everyone likes to ask us­čśÄ


Get your Divemaster course for free in exchange for divemastering for us.

This program is designed as well for Non-Divers who like to go from the Beginner Scuba Diving course all the way to the professional level of Dive Master.

Are you an enthusiastic water sport fan or already a diver? Are you dreaming about staying for a while on a paradise island and go diving daily? Would you like to spend a good measure of time in a tropical environment? We are looking for divers and non-divers who would like to get a diving education up to Divemaster.

We are accepting people from beginning of September till end of February who would like to continue their diving education, become a professional and take the opportunity to gain valuable real world experience.
A Divemaster candidate will be thoroughly familiarized with customer service, dive planning, in water supervision, equipment maintenance and servicing and many more aspects of being a pro. This experience along with the fact that the intern will have worked as a Divemaster allows us to issue a job reference to successful candidates. The offered program will also ensure experience is gained with diving courses by assisting our instructors (planning, conducting and course standards). Therefore, if after the program the aim is to become a diving instructor the preparation is already done!
At the end of the program a candidate will have at least 100 - 120 dives.


Living on one of the most beautiful and famous islands in the world enjoying the culture and living style of the Thai society in a tropical environment and at the same time experience a completely new world the incredible variety of the aquatic realm of the Andaman sea. Many internship candidates have by the end of the program seen almost all famous things there are to encounter for divers from whale sharks, manta rays, various other sharks and turtles to ghost pipe fishes, seahorses and different nudibranchs not to mention the typical lion fish, scorpion fish and different kind of moray eels. Since the island is such a popular tourist destination you will be in constant contact with all kinds of people from all over the world. Diving being a very social activity just the team you learn and work with provide an unforgettable time in terms of team work, camaraderie and shared experiences. Everyone that we deal with is of course on holiday hence, happy cheerful and looking to have a great time consequently it┬┤s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from very diverse walks of life and make new friends. Our team helps create holiday memories for visitors and become part of their memories for life.

Qualifications / Skills Needed:

*minimum age 18 years
*competent swimmer*physically and mentally fit for scuba diving
*basic English communication skills required
*sufficient funds for living on Phuket the required months mentioned above

Experience Required: no
Participants Travel to Thailand: Independently
Typically Participants Work in groups of: 6 - 8
Application Process Involves: Resume
Typically The Application Process Time: 1 day
Post Services Include: Job and Internship Network

Merlin Divers Mission Statement: Turning non-divers and already qualified divers into highly experienced and professional Divemaster with the ability after wards to go to the next professional level - scuba diving instructor.

For more information - email:
ÔÇőVisit our Webpage:

Wichtige Anmerkung:

Dieser Text ist absichtlich auf Englisch verfasst. Wir verlangen von unseren Kandidaten kein perfektes Englisch, aber grunds├Ątzliche Englischkenntnisse m├╝ssen vorhanden sein. Unsere Kunden kommen aus der ganzen Welt ÔÇô und f├╝r die meisten ist Englisch die einzige gemeinsame Sprache.

Merlin Divers Co.,Ltd. 74/3 Moo 3 Rim Had Road, Kamala, Kathu, 83150 Phuket - Thailand

83150 Kamala, Phuket

Phone: +66 (0) 895918105 Visit Merlin Divers Phuket

Due to lack of time, my SF2 is for sale.

The SF2 has only 22 dives with a total running time of 12 hours.

The SF2 is sold incl. white bottles, short breathing tubes, the original breathing tubes, TecMe stand for the SF2 (can also be dismantled), hoses incl. Swagelok and bag for transport.

Price 6500EUR vb

In addition, I give a sealed canister Sofnoline 797 without indicator.

The Shearwater Nerd 1 can be purchased for an extra charge of 600EUR.


Are you looking for a sound education with German-speaking instructors?

We ask you for a tailor-made training according to PADI standards in Egypt at the best prices!

All training prices are inclusive of PADI eLearning or PADI ITouch and certification costs!

If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent it from us for FREE!

We take time for you and always have open ears.

Padi Freediver 200EUR

Padi Open Water Diver 250EUR

Padi Enriched Air 100EUR

Padi DEEP Diver 40m 150EUR

Padi Advance Open Water 200EUR

Emergency First Response 100EUR

Padi Rescue Diver 250EUR

Padi Divemaster 600 EUR (PRO Level +260 EUR for complete crew pack and the certification fee is payable directly to PADI) including PADI DSD Leader!

EFR Instructor 300 EUR (PER level +94 EUR PADI cost)

All courses are personal i.e. you are alone or max 2 people in a group!

If you are several and would like to do so, we can of course put several together. But they are not people you do not know in your training.

We are happy to help you with flights (about 300EUR there and back)

We can offer you rooms for 20EUR per night

If you have any further questions, please contact us

per emal under

or via whatsapp at +352661681888

We also ask you for great dive packages or All you can dive packages!

We guarantee our offers without hidden costs !!!

Greetings from Dahab: always 30 degrees warm and water temperatures around 27 degrees.

Great dive sites: Blue Hole, Canyon, Lighthouse, South, Thistelgorm Wreck

Das PADI Dive Center NICEDIVE4U bietet Dir alles rund ums Tachen!

Schnuppertauchen, Tauchkurse, Apnoe-Kurse, Wrack-Tauchausfahrten mit dem Boot, Verleih, Verkauf, Revision, Flaschen T├ťV und F├╝llung. Professionelle Unterwasserfotos. Individuelle und famili├Ąre Berteuung wird bei uns ganz gro├č geschrieben.

Nur bei uns individuelle Termingestaltung ohne Mehrkosten.

Wir tauchen┬áan Pl├Ątzen wie z.B. Timmendorfer Strand, Scharbeutz, Haffkrug, Sierksdorf, Niendorf (Brodtner Steilufer), Neustadt und Blankeck.

Oeverdieker Weg 9, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand

Tel. 04503 / 89 82 48
Mobil 0173 / 418 20 33
Montag-Sonntag: 9-18 Uhr

Timmendorfer Strand

Phone: 04503898248 Visit PADI Dive Center NICEDIVE4U