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I offer a pair of Scubapro Seawing Nova device fins size S in black.

My size in the feet is 40/41 and they fit great.

The fins are only worn indoors in fresh water and have a few traces of use in the normal range (scratches, see photos).

Price: 75EUR plus shipping costs (or pick-up possible)


Poseidon CYKLON 5000 1u. 2

- 4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8'',

- 2 high pressure outlets UNF 7/16'',

1 blind plug is missing for a high-pressure exhaust and one for the medium-pressure exhaust

Pictures to follow

Used but in good condition

Last revision was at the end of 2016, then 1 x immersed in fresh water

For your own safety, a revision should be carried out before use.

Private sale: no warranty, no guarantee, no return

Price 170,00 Euro plus shipping 7,00 or pick-up from Braunschweig area


sell from a discount used, well-kept underwater housing for Canon EOS 40D with HUGYFOT Fisheye lens (think it's plastic)

Incl. vacuum pump and handle. As shown.


Private sale

No PayPal

Price + Shipping

Optionally, the matching Canon EOS 40D Body with EF-S 10-22mm lens (1:3.5-4.5) can be purchased. Purchase of the camera only in conjunction with underwater housing.

Special price when buying camera and housing = 700EUR + shipping


Sell used regulators from a discount

Complete set

Mares Proton / Mares Proton Metal / Finimeter with compass as shown.

The breathing regulator is very well maintained and in good condition.

169 EUR VB

Private sale

Price + Shipping

No PayPal


I have a Lavacore shirt with short arm in size L and a Lavacore hood size M to hand.

Lavacore is large. Am 1.84/90, helmet size (motorcycle) is 60/61.

Both are very little worn, i.e. as good as new and from an animal-free household.

I give both things together for 75 EUR.



I bought it with a suit, hood together and never used it.

Price VB

Best regards Marion

Phone: 01736584111

Sell my upstream backplate 6mm long. This is about 7kg heavy. Price: 160EUR

The Tecline Wing Donut 22 Special Edition is especially suitable for double-12. Mounted is a 35cm and in addition a 30cm inflator hose is included. Wing has hardly any traces of use and is dense. Price: 250EUR

Shipping is possible. The items can be purchased individually or together.

Region Stuttgart

Sell my Hartenberger miniCompact with a new battery. The fast charger LG off-shore ll from Hartenberger is included, the plug on the charger for charging the battery pack has been renewed.
Other accessories: neoprene protection for the lamp, safety pin against unintentional switching on, 2 replacement incandescent lamps.

Lamp and charger work without any problems. No hobbyist lamp (warranty seal of the lamp electronics and the charger are intact, seal of the battery pack no longer intact due to the battery replacement).
For the new battery (4500m Ah) the copy of the invoice (from 22.10.2018) will be sent with the purchase.

Price: 190EUR VB

Private sale, no guarantee

83559 Mittergars

Sell my used Dive Rite tank lamp. The lamp consists of the Slimline tank and the MR 11 lamp head, the battery was renewed on 28.10.2018 by a specialist company (original invoice will be sent with the purchase), the built-in burner has only burned for almost 10 hours.

In addition to the lamp and the charger, extensive accessories are available:
Storm Case - Transport Case
Operating instructions
2 new HID burners (price 150EUR per piece)
Goodman Handle
Replacement seals for lamp head and battery tank
Replacement glass for lamp head

Price: 650EUR VB

Private sale, no guarantee.

83559 Mittergars

Sell my new dive computer which I used for 5-6 dives.

No defects, nothing broken

But for the great watch I dive too little.

If you have any questions, just write to us.


Pscr bridge, original price approx. 180 Euro for 110 Eurp plus shipping for sale

Raum: HD/KA

200 g underwear, size XL for 50 Euro plus shipping for sale

Raum: HD/KA

Unfortunately, I have to part with my jacket. It is an Apex Jacket by Aqualung in size XL. It has lead pockets, which are of course included.

I only got it in the summer and that's why it only did 18 dives. For 399EUR I give it away. For an extra charge, it can also be shipped within Germany. Since I sell it privately, there is no warranty.


Look for a used or exchange engine for an old Gavin scooter, if who has what please offer!!

Sell Sailor Neoprene Diving Gloves with Zipper,
Size.M, semi-dry, 5mm, condition is used but as good as new...


38239 Salzgitter

A legend is offered here ÔÇô a two-hose regulator of the brand "La Spirotechnique" model: Mistral.
An extraordinary, very rare device and a great collector's item.
It is equipped with valve mouthpiece and DIN shaft.
However, the machine would have to be technically tested before reusing it.


Pick-up in the Kassel area.
Shipping can be realized on request and cost assumption.

Advertisement will be deleted immediately after sale!
Therefore, as long as the advertisement is online, the item can still be purchased!


Sell dry suit Men Seaway Arctic (neoprene) Gr.M/L, shoe size 41/42/43 good condition, only used a few times, was in the basement for the last few years because the suit was too warm for me. My data: 1.74 m at 85 kg. The suit suited me well. The cuffs were completely replaced a few years ago for 160 euros. Since then, the suit has only been in the water once for leak testing. Offer it for 150 euros. Would still have plenty of accessories such as underwear, hood, fins, etc. Since I give up diving, I still have a lot of diving articles to hand in.


Phone: +4917647795027

Hi everyone, I am looking for an underwater housing for my Canon 5D Mark ii.


Offer my Trocki because of new purchase. Suit consists of almost indestructible Cordura fabric, it is in good condition, was always tight, stable front zipper, Apeks valves, fixed neoprene boots size 42 with good profile, latex arm and neck cuffs, suspenders for wearing comfort on land, large leg pocket, Kevlar reinforced knees,
Suit was a bit too big for me at 170cm/72kg (on land), which was no longer noticeable underwater, because the suit nestles under pressure, so it is also suitable for people who are a bit taller / more stable
The suit can be combined with different underwear, so that you always stay nice and warm.
I have always loved diving him and wanted to keep him as a back-up at first, but now I decided to give him up.

If necessary, I would have a hood in L and an underwear Scubaforce Arctic

Private sale, therefore no warranty or return.

 VB: 175 EUR plus shipping costs (approx. 8-10EUR)

Kreis Recklinghausen


Are you looking for a sound education with German-speaking instructors?

We ask you for a tailor-made training according to PADI standards in Egypt at the best prices!

All training prices are inclusive of PADI eLearning or PADI ITouch and certification costs!

If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent it from us for FREE!

We take time for you and always have open ears.

Padi Freediver 200EUR

Padi Open Water Diver 250EUR

Padi Enriched Air 100EUR

Padi DEEP Diver 40m 150EUR

Padi Advance Open Water 200EUR

Emergency First Response 100EUR

Padi Rescue Diver 250EUR

Padi Divemaster 600 EUR (PRO Level +260 EUR for complete crew pack and the certification fee is payable directly to PADI) including PADI DSD Leader!

EFR Instructor 300 EUR (PER level +94 EUR PADI cost)

All courses are personal i.e. you are alone or max 2 people in a group!

If you are several and would like to do so, we can of course put several together. But they are not people you do not know in your training.

We are happy to help you with flights (about 300EUR there and back)

We can offer you rooms for 20EUR per night

If you have any further questions, please contact us

per emal under

or via whatsapp at +352661681888

We also ask you for great dive packages or All you can dive packages!

We guarantee our offers without hidden costs !!!

Greetings from Dahab: always 30 degrees warm and water temperatures around 27 degrees.

Great dive sites: Blue Hole, Canyon, Lighthouse, South, Thistelgorm Wreck

-Used, undamaged,
-Complete with inflator hose,
-Bubble material: double-shelled, cordura (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Color: Black.
-Manufacturer: A.P.Valves, Cornwall, UK

Price: 119,-EUR

84489 Burghausen

-Used, undamaged,
-Complete with inflator hose,
-Material: double-shelled, cordura (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Volume: approx. 20l,
-Color: Black.

Price: 49,-EUR

84489 Burghausen

As every year I would like to recommend the 70x50 cm glossy calendar ADVENTURE OCEAN by David Hettich!

Prices and graduation as usual: 1 for 30 EUR, 3 to 9 pieces in a package 20 EUR each, and 10 pieces for 185 EUR, each including collective shipping in D.

Here is the link to look ahead:

IMPORTANT === I need your order - especially the one for SWITZERLAND - please by 25 November (for shipping in the same month).  The shipping days in December are then the 10th-13th of December.

Please send an informal order with delivery and billing address to


Unused BOV from Poseidon. I had bought the BOV to convert another rebreather. But I never got to it. The BOV is therefore as good as new, as it has never been used.

Price 900EUR

Because of hobby I sell my New Apeks regulator (XTX 200DIN + XTX 400 Octo + 1 stage) Finimeter, Bag.0 Dives.VB 450,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby work I sell my new feet.Never worn before. Size 44.VB 50,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby work I sell my new equipment fins from Cressi Reaction.Never worn before. Size 44.VB 75,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby I sell my jacket from Aqua Lung,Axion.Size XL.

The jacket has only 8 times swimming pool and 6 times lake h inter itself. VB 290,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby task.Cressi Leonardo dive computer.O dives. So as good as new.New price was 245EUR. VB 170EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

-New and original "DIVEX" (made in Scotland),
- "warmly" recommended,
-Shoe size approx. 42.

Price: 27,-EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

-for dry suit,
-new goods,
-Size XL.

Price: 44,-EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

-Complete with inflator hose and bag, original packaged new goods,
-Material: Kevlar (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Volume: 20l,
-Color: Black.

Price: 190,-EUR.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

-Original and as good as new,
-New generation (not the old type),
-stainless steel,
-with belt holder (new)
-with MD hose,
-with Swagelok QC6 female Connector
-with Swagelok QC6 male connector / 9/16 male
-with APEKS Free Flow Control (FCD)
-with adapter 3/8 fem-9/16 fem

-Perfect for quick conversion from SCR to mCCR.

Price: 349,-EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

Aqualung Pearl (2017), Women's Jacket, Size M

I bought the jacket on 8.11.2018 (voucher redeemed), it was not yet in the water. Receipt will be sent along.

The buoyancy jacket "Pearl" is based on the western style and was specially designed for female divers.

The unique hybrid design combines the advantages of different styles: the ADV style is combined with a buoyancy body on the back and allows both comfortable swimming on the surface and a streamlined profile during the dive.
The advanced design of the buoyancy body with sleek, flat side panels and the shorter torso length ensure a comfortable fit on the hips.
Adjustable, detachable chest strap for personal comfort.
Two large, easily accessible pockets are equipped with two-way zippers with large sliders.
Mounting eyelets for knives from Aqua Lung are easily accessible on the left side.
At the front on the top left side is another instrument holder (or Octo-Pocket) that can be used in a variety of ways.
The adjustable abdominal belt and the specially shaped shoulder straps allow individual adjustment for a perfect fit.Optional accessories include Airsource, squeeze knives, reflectors and retractor kit.


- Jacket type: Hybrid jacket with integrated weight system
- Material: ResisTekTM
- Weight system: SureLockTM II
weight trim lead: 4.5 kg (size S: 3 kg, size XS: no trim bleaches)
- D-rings: 3 made of plastic
- Quick outlets: 2 flat valves

Fixed price 300 Euro


I bought the computer on 8.11.2018 (voucher redeemed), it was not yet in the water. Works (also with transmitter), has been tested,
is only sold together. Receipt will be sent along.

- Steel case and sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating
- Continuous, complete decompression algorithm ÔÇô Suunto RGBM
- Gas exchange between up to three gases
- Five modes: Air, Nitrox, Measure, Freediving and Off
- Innovative apnea timer and a timer in air and nitrox mode
- Integrated digital 3D compass with tilt compensation
- Updatable firmware
- Integrated dive planner
- Detailed graphical logs and dive data on your PC or Mac with Suunto DM5 software

Suunto Wireless Cylinder Pressure Transmitter for the Suunto Dive Computers D4i, D6i, D9tx, VYTEC DS, VYPER AIR and HelO2.
In conjunction with your dive computer, you can easily check the current cylinder pressure at any time with this transmitter
and the remaining air time.


- Compatible with Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i
- Also compatible with Suunto dive computers D9, HelO2, Vytec DS and Vyper Air
- Control bottle pressure wirelessly on your dive computer with graphical and numerical displays
- An estimate of the remaining air time is available throughout the dive.
- Track your air consumption over multiple dives with Suunto DM4 and Movescount software
- Battery life approx. 2 years (with 100 dives)

Fixed price 650 Euro


Sell for giving up diving for health reasons my

1x Thor dive light that has been in the water:

Included is a 24 AH battery tank with winter lid and the legendary Thor lamp head in full equipment.

The original price was 1850,-- euros.

The lamp was 2 x in the water and has almost no signs of use, of course is still manufacturer's warranty

on the lamp.

If you want to buy a Thor in full equipment now, this lamp is the best choice.

VB 1600,-- Euro


Hello, because of the abandonment of diving I offer here my

SF-2 rebreather in full equipment "Ready to Dive +".

Included is the following:

SF-2 ECCR tube approx. 60 h dive time incl. Shearwater Controller DiveCAN

Shearwater Petrel with Fischer connector as backup computer

Backplate long and heavy (6 mm)

Wing Black Devil

1st stage Scubaforce oxygen side

Stage 1 Scubaforce Diluent

Manual ADS metal version over the shoulder

Golem Gear BOV with Breathing Snake

Original DSV with long spare hoses Dr├Ąger

2 x pair of 3l bottle set 300 bar.

Original suitcase from Scubaforce is also included.

Pictures can be emailed via PM and serious interest.

The device has traces of use from cave diving but is technically in a

perfect condition, the oxygen sensors are about 1 year old but still have

acceptable values.

VB 7900,-- Euro


Offer Mares diving suit in size XL (52) by Mares reef3. Suit would only be worn 5 times in training (fresh water). Cleaned and as good as new.

Furthermore, an undersuit from scubapro new. Was not worn.

Both together for 149EUR.

Offenbach Bieber

Phone: 01702214198

Sell diver jacket used by Caymann. Jacket has been overhauled and tested.

Price 59 EUR. Pick-up only

Offenbach Bieber

Phone: 01702214198

I offer here a used 4 liter 200 bar breathing air bottle. The condition is impeccable. T├ťV has them until September 2020. The bottle is filled.

I always like to use 4L bottles to practice briefly in the indoor pool. They are also ideal as a small emergency stage or for children's diving.

Shipping possible, but then I would have to empty them. Pick-up in Sassenberg or Harsewinkel possible.


I offer here a new second stage Poseidon Jetstream incl. medium pressure hose. Unfortunately, I ordered one too many of them and can no longer exchange them. So this is new material that I have to resell privately.

The pulmonary automaton is therefore of course in perfect condition. So you can dive right away safely! Of course, the machine has not yet been dipped and is sold as I received it originally from Poseidon.

A very reliable machine: Completely suitable for cold water (according to EN250) - have you ever heard of an icy jet stream?! The complete lung automaton is 300-bar compatible and can be used together with a first stage.

Price: 200,- Euro


Since we have to give up our beloved hobby "diving", we sell our diving equipment for a lady, 1.65 cm tall, size S-M and for the gentleman (fins, feet, ...) as well as all the accessories.

For sale is:
1 x Camaro WOMEN'S diving suit with ice vest and hood, 2 x 7 mm, NP. 600 EUR
1 x Camaro WOMEN WETSuit, Size S, 2 mm, NP. 80
1 x Dive Jacket MARES Maritim, Size S; NP: 299 EUR

1 x Diving mask
1 x Snorkel
1 x Fins
1 x Feet

Other items, diving utensils and books to hand in: the unit price is VHB

several diving masks see pictures, NP. between 60 and 80 EUR
several snorkels, NP. 25 EUR
several FINS, Gr. L / XL, NP. per couple around 150 EUR
1 x Feet, Gr.M (39/40)
1 x Feet, Size L
1 x Destination card, NP. 13 EUR
1 x Inserts for Padi logbook, original welded, NP. 7 EUR
2 Scubapro Beach Bag snorkel bags, 30 EUR/pc,
1 x Underwater writing board for the wrist, NP 35 EUR
1 x Signal buoy 1 m, NP. 32 EUR
1 x Carabiner, NP. 12 EUR
1 x Sprial cable with carabiner, NP: 31 EUR
1 x Signal Shaker (Underwater Signal),NP. 30 EUR
1 x Inflator hose, NP. 25
1 x Mounting Kit Professional, NP. 59
1 x Diver's stamp, NP. 18 EUR
1 x Dive light joystick hE with battery. Charger and description, NP. 60 EUR/pcs.

PADI - Rescue Diver Manual , Sales: 24 EUR
PADI - Adventures in diving manuel - Take the next step, VK: 10 EUR
PADI - Go Dive. Open Water Diver Manual. Experience new adventures. Start your apprenticeship today, UK: 25 EUR

Various number of soft lead bags and lead pieces brand "seac sub". To deliver a total of 22 kg.
Original price 1 kg = 17 EUR, 2 Kg = 25 EUR
NOW: 11 EUR / kilo
All lead together for 200,00 EUR

All things are in a very neat condition.

In the case of retail sales, negotiation basis.
If you want to buy everything together: total price :-)

Only to self-collectors.
We are private sellers and only sell items from our private ownership. An exchange or a return is generally not possible! We exclude a warranty ! Brand names are used exclusively to indicate the quality of the products offered

Steinhagen, Westfalen

Hello everyone

I offer here a barely dipped dry suit of the company Poseidon. For more information, see the eBay Classifieds link:


Sell Troki Waterproof Antarctic 2000
Size Mens Medium, suit new no dives.

VB 190,- EUR


Phone: +4921635770862