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Poseidon Rebreather MKVI 2450th EUR and a Poseidon Seven 3650th-EUR for sale

Both devices have received a new service.

Sports battery, wing, bottles and the rest of the accessories are included


Offer 1L steel diving tank for 80EUR . Valve (G5/8) , year 2017, with T├ťV until 05.2020. Ideal for use as a Poni bottle with buoyancing gas for Trocki. Always stored under pressure. Shipping Printless possible, shipping pays buyer (e.B. Hermes 4,95EUR). 2 straps from BTS for mounting on backplate I give with it.


Hello dear ones,

I am looking for a vr3 fischer cable (9-pin) with p-port connection and oxygen cell

for my Dr├Ąger Dolphin SCR


Sell D18.

Has not been in the water since the last T├ťV, always stored under pressure.

O2 clean, Tankprotected

Heser V4A clamps. Nautec Bridge.


Shipping due to the weight rather impractical. Transfer to diving waters possible.

Only use once, as new

10 Euro + shipping 3 Euro

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Hardly used and like new

15 Euro + shipping 3.00 Euro

Sale under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


2 times use fins exclude in the hall.

Type Cressi Rondine Palau

20 Euro + shipping 5.99 Euro

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Used but in good condition.

15 Euro + shipping 4.99 Euro

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


18EUR incl. shipping with Deutsche Post book shipment

The original price is vei 29,90EUR

(, The customer recessions are also interesting here)

Conveys great basic knowledge!

Condition: Good (as seen)

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee.


Device fins, little used as a replacement pair.

Size XL

With three spare straps.

20 Euro + shipping 5.99 Euro

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Because of hobby work I sell an EAN D12 with 65mm V4tec clamp set.

Currently a Nitrox bridge M26 is installed.

I add a G 5/8 bridge so that it can be converted.

The bottles no longer have a T├ťV. However, they have always been stored dry and have residual pressure.

Signs of wear and tear are present.


My asking price is 330EUR

No Shipping

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

Suunto D4i like New in White or Black

have only 20-25 dives behind them and only in fresh water!

Battery still new, everything with it and still packed, data cable, instructions, CD, bracelet extension

sold is 1ner of the two keep the other which is not sold :)

Price 269 Eur

Sell here a never before used Camaro SCS Seals semi-dry suit 7 mm with ice vest in size XL / 54.

Also note my matching ad for an unused Cressi dive jacket

Price 200EUR VHB


As good as new, 5x in the water!

Price 110EUR including shipping

Pick-up 100EUR

B-4750 nidrum

Dive computer Suunto Stinger AS NEW only 20 tg in fresh water

With wristband extension and original instructions

Battery change and pressure test has just been done.

VP 270 EUR

Underwater MACRO Lens +5 H20 Tools as new no scratches!

FB 70 Eur (original price 135 Eur)

Search Buddy to dive into the surrounding lakes and Austria. Like to be on weekends or sometimes during the week. Complete equipment available including Trokki. PADI MSDT 500 + TG. Look forward to beautiful dives.


Sell Bare Underwear CT-200 Polarwear Extreme in Size L

Pleasant insulation on the smallest pack size ;-)

With outlets for the air on left upper arm, 2 large fluffy leg pockets.

Unterzieher was hardly dipped. Looks like new!

The quality goods come from an animal-free non-smoking household.


Unfortunately, after a diving trip, fins of different sizes were in the sports bag.

Therefore, offer unique pieces of Cressi Frog Plus one piece each in size XS/s and M/L.

Condition technically perfect with normal traces of use, i.e. scratches.

Price: VB per 15EUR (+ 4EUR shipping costs or pick-up in Unna)

If someone has a unique piece left in M/L I would be interested in a purchase and look forward to offers.


BCD Buoyancy Jacket ZEAGLE RANGER size S, top condition - as good as new

ZEAGLE RANGER the most copied BCD of all time!! Price 280 Eur (New 600 Eur)

Ranger by Zeagle The buoyancy jacket has a robust design, versatility and comfort. The jacket has a buoyancy of about 20 kilos/litre. The Ranger can be used for single and double bottles and has trim lead and a Ripcord lead system. Attach your equipment, such as buoy or lamp, to the 6 D rings. The jacket is made of a 1050-denier ballistic nylon.

    • 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon
    • Suitable for single and double bottles
    • 6-D rings
    • Trimmble ashes
    • Ripcord Lead System
  • 20 kilos/litre buoyancy


I sell my new dry suit extender from Subgear in size 38 made of trilaminate (was a gift)

-unworn (labels still on)

-Cuffs are a little further made to try on, otherwise much too tight

-with bag

-Information on the corresponding dimensions in the last photo

Private sale (no guarantee and return!)

Shipping (plus 10 Euro shipping costs) or self-collection (Stuttgart)

Price: 450 VB


Vielleicht sucht ja noch jemand dieses seltene Werk.

Infos zu dem Buch bei Amazon:

"For the last 30 years, this book has been considered the "bible" of diving medicine. It is extremely well known to doctors and researchers working in this field, and its editors and contributors are internationally recognized as experts on the subject. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the field. Be sure to check sales of the previous edition on this title. It is well known in the field of diving."

Neupreis: 280 EUR

VP (inkl. Versand) 190 EUR


sell my CRESSI SEMI-DRY DIVING SUIT, NEVER worn, see pictures. it is as good as new size M, if interested I like to measure. The headgear has a pinhead small hole. does not go through. for more information please also by phone.

new value approx. 700,00 Euro. My price offer is 290.00 Euro. in addition, there are shipping costs of 6.00 Euro.

gladly also pick-up..


Phone: 01724186393

I am selling an Apeks WTX d30 bubble.

It is used but in good condition and of course tight.

Is a monoblas where you do not necessarily need a single tank adapter.

Price: VB 130 ,- + Shipping


Sell ECS/Aqualung diving tank 12l/232bar/short design with monovalve
No T├╝v, but the bottle is in good condition and has been little used so far.

VB 90EUR to collector

Private sale, no guarantee, return, warranty


LED dive light fully functional for sale, price 35 Euro

Shipping possible (plus shipping costs)


Dive light for sale, price 25,- Euro

Shipping possible (plus shipping costs)


Sending for fitting possible!!!

Bare Elastek Diving Suit AS GOOD AS NEW (Women Woman Lady)

Extremely elastic, still fits great and does not constrict. Semi-dry neoprene 7mm ladies in size 10 corresponds to size 40. Unfortunately I have size 42/44 and the suit does not fit me. Nicely anatomically cut.

Cold water suitable but also for Mediterranean in spring or early summer or Egypt in winter. Very little immersed in fresh water, like new. No damage, sealing lips and zipper great.

ORIGINAL PRICE is 248 Euro suit washed and disinfected. Non-smoking and animal-free household

Plus 6,00 Euro shipping costs PayPal available

ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTE!! Due to the new legal provisions, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee and return. Since this is a private sale, I cannot assume any guarantee under new EU law. The buyer agrees to this and acknowledges this with his purchase! According to the new EU law, this addition must be under every online sale!

Have two 5 L steel bottles and one 2.6 L to deliver. They were with my Dr├Ąger Dolphin and all still have residual pressure. A 5 L still has 90 bar 40 % O2, in the 2.6 L is pure oxygen. The T├ťV has expired. The bottles can be picked up at The Sundh├Ąuser See. The price is VB


Offer a Deco buoy.

Material is plastic

Below with beak valve and lead insert, so that it does not tip over on the surface.

with bag and leash.

Never been in the water.

With postage in D without islands 17EUR


Offer here a plastic UW writing board with pencil and clip.

The writing board is luminous

Once in the water is like new

Price 25EUR incl. postage in D without islands


Offer a hood once used

Waterproof H1 5/7mm hood with integrated valve system and material-reinforced head zones which are particularly affected by the loss of equipment. This hood is made of elastic neoprene and has an I-span coating for maximum elasticity. Easy on and off is thus guaranteed

Price with postage in D without islands 50EUR


As a supplement, look for an INON Z 240 flash type IV, also used.

68165 Mannheim

Sell here a brand new (sign is still on) neoprene suit 3 mm for women Size S (unfortunately does not fit, therefore here for sale ) for 50EUR

S: Chest: 80 / 34.6; Waist: 61 / 28.3; Hip: 82 / 33.9; Sleeve Length: 58 / 24.8

sell here my Cressi Reaction fins Gr.41-42 with bungeestraps light traces of use sh. Pictures the straps alone cost 28EUR - Price: 65EUR

Look buddy, for shared relaxed dives.

I'm 57 female, have over 300 TG, have a lot of time during the week, would be great if someone could go bubbling with me.

I'm looking forward to the tg together.



Sell here

used Seawing Nova fins

70EUR plus shipping

Private sale Therefore no guarantee and return

Sell a new spool made of aluminum, black anodized with double end (stainless steel) and 30m string. There is also a buoy from Subgear 120cm, also never in the water.

VB 30EUR + Shipping

Private sale, no guarantee, return, warranty



For health reasons, I want to hand over my well-groomed equipment.

The oldest part is 2 years old. The dry diving suit is used for 4 months and only once.

I myself am 1,83 m tall and weigh 86 kg.

If you are interested, simply report it.

The complete equipment just needs to be put on and you can get rid of it.

Even the flats are still filled.

New price of equipment: About 4000 euros

My price is VB.

Finally, all Tip Top i.O. Who fits this equipment ... Has a long time rest.


I offer here a complete equipment for diving.
In the package are:
Long neoprene
Short neoprene (see photos)
Vending machine (must be revised)
Lead (approx. 3kg)
Lead belt
Jacket (large M/L)
Waterproof duffel bag
Mask and snorkel
All things are used but completely intact. For this I also give a dive computer. If you are seriously interested, I like to take even more photos. Only collection or "delivery" (room Aachen, Cologne, st Wendel)
Shipping is possible but pig expensive and must therefore be taken over.



Sell new Camaro women's suit in size 36/38 incl. new ice vest!

I am 1.68m with a weight of 58 kg. It can be tried. Would like to have 100EUR for both.


A PSCR RB80 clone is offered.

Made entirely of Delrin/POM.

Frame is powdered from Va and black. Clamps for attaching the bailout tanks are included, switch block complete except for the two QC6.

Loop consists of Cooper pants, cordura protection from Dr├Ąger and BOV Tres Presidentes ( identical Golem Shrimp )

Lots of spare parts and lungs almost new.

Shipping of the buyers, an education is needed!

VB EUR1500,-


Kallweit Dry Suit Custom Made Xenon Front Neon Green

!!!! Measure!!!!

!!!! !!! been in the water 3 times

Xenon green
Custom-made (dimensions see picture)
Wreck Edition
Sturdy shoes size 44-45
Apeks Valves
Preparation for urinal valve
Neck cuff neoprene
Tech Bag right and left

NP: 2365,- Euro

Fixed price: 1300,- Euro


Hello everyone

Short to me, my name is Sven 33 years young and is currently trying to broaden my diving horizons a little. That means I am looking for Buddys who also want to get into the technical diving and would have correspondingly interest to train with a few basics, wants hot Basic 5, fin techniques, board with correspondingly coordinated ascent, S-Drill, Valve Management And what else is part of it, possibly. Also gas changes like to simulate with air in the stage ... The goal is to become safe and to develop further:-). If you are interested, you can actively welcome me. The region of the W├╝rttemberg region of Lake Constance Karlsruhe/Bavaria would be optimal:-).

Thank you and greeting


Sell my spool.

Shipping via DHL and PayPal possible

Sell new inflator hose for jacket or trocki. New! Was with my jacket.

Shipping via DHL and PayPal possible