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BOV (Golem Gear) with folding tubes (60 cm) suitable for cardiovascular devices for hobby task to sell. To protect the hoses, a second "layer" was pulled over in black and fastened with adhesive tape and rubber. At the top of the BOV, the "layer" would have to be reattached if desired. I left it that way for the photos, as it makes it easier to see which pleat hose is underneath. All items show signs of use, but are still fully functional.

Since it is a private purchase, a guarantee and return is not possible.

Price: 390 Euro

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Because of hobby task I sell our rebreather.

This model of Rebreather has been taken as a template for the SF2 available on the market. It is therefore the predecessor model.
Visually, it is identical. The main difference is in the mind of the rebby and the operation. This will be explained in a moment.

This device has a simple shape and looks clear and compact.

This is due to the fact that the sensors are located in the tube.
The difference to the SF2 is due to the technology and handling. The SF2 is an eccr and this model is a mccr. The sensors of our rebreather are connected to the dive computer Shearwater Perdix (which is not included in the price). The dive computer takes over all the gas control and indicates when oxygen needs to be supplied. Another dive computer can also be connected here. The oxygen is supplied manually with an oxygen inflator.
The big advantage of this self-control and self-dosing is that you do not blindly rely on an automatic device. You always have your own control over your oxygen supply.

The assembly or disassembly of the rebreather is very easy, as the entire tube can be taken apart. All parts can be easily reached without unscrewing the accessories (1st stage / wing / plate / harness / bottles).

The electronics chamber is located inside the head. It is housed in the smallest of spaces, which reduces condensation in this area to almost zero.

The connectors of the breathing set are mounted slightly angled on the head, which contributes to an optimal positioning of the set and a pleasant wearing comfort.

The counter-lung is located in the lower tube. This leads to an ideal diving position in the water as well as low water resistance.

The lime container sits between the head and the centre piece.

The tanks are easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble.

The rebreather has always been reliable and has worked flawlessly. It was well maintained. It is fully functional.

The Lieferumpfang includes:

  • Rebreather, as described above with oxygen inflator and all mounted hoses

  • DIRZONE Wing with Harness

  • Travelframe

  • 2 x 1st stage Apeks TEK3 with finimeter

  • Price: 2.000 Euro

    When picking up, there is still a cardboard box of lime.

  • In addition, the following can be purchased with extra charge:

  • Shearwater Perdix (dive computer)

  • 3-litre mono bottles

  • BOV (Golem Gear) with folding hoses

    Since this is a private purchase, there is no guarantee and a return is not possible.

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Dive light MB-SUB Jpystick HE, 7,2V,
20W HLX, currently equipped with 10Watt burner,
incl. charging device,
Price: 56,-EUR incl. shipping; 50,-EUR at pick-up!

Privar sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


SeaQuest Latitude XLT Jacket
Size ML
3 quick outlets
2 x Trimmble ashes
2 x Surelock-SL-II lead bags f. 2 x 4,5kg
incl. Apeks Westenautomat (unused since Rev.)
with hose,
Price: 188,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Feet OCEANIC Neo Classic,
Size 8-9, only used 1x,
VHB-Price: 19,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


NiTek He Trimix Computer,
up to 10 different gas mixtures,
with screen protector for VHB 211,-EUR

Private sale according to EU law, no guarantee/warranty/return.


This used Scubapro underwear in gr.M is in good condition with few traces of use. It is soft and warm on the inside and water-repellent from the outside. Below he has leg loops.
The underwear also includes a bag as shown, which is included in the price.

Sale because of hobby task.

Price: 70 Euro

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Sell my HID tank lamp in very good condition. My last dive with her was over 90 minutes and the battery still had power.

Price: 150EUR

Ribnitz Damgarten

Phone: 01742428439

Mares fins with spring pull (rebuilt) and Mares neoprene shoes size 10 (shoe size 43)

11/2016 purchased

VHB 80-.


Phone: 017634693549

Apex ATX 40 with Octopus and Finnimeter complete (additional replacement hose and mounting hooks for jacket)

7/2017 in Hurghada new for 350-. bought

approx. 60 dives and the last 2 years unused

VHB 250


Phone: 017634693549

bought on 24.09.2017 for 299,- (knife discount)

approx. 60 dives, as good as new and well maintained (not used for 2 years) fully functional

220.- VHB


Phone: 017634693549

Ikelite UW enclosure. 2013 1 x used in the Maldives. Since then stored in the original case. I also add the camera, a Nikon D3100 incl. AF-S 18-55 f3.5-5.6 VR. The camera is very well maintained, has an estimated 20,000 triggers.

Since I am switching to the Nikon Z system, everything has to be handed in.

Viking Survival Suit p 5008 (L).
Used condition, the soles of the boots must be glued and the metallic zippers of the inner suit are partially stuck.
This suit comes without 3finger gloves. Boots with steel cap and gr 46. Former Dutch customs, but fulfills its purpose, 175 euro

Used condition, the metallic zippers of the inner suit are partially stuck.
This suit comes with 3finger gloves, carabiner, pipe, boots with steel cap and gr 45. EUR 225

For more info:

Original price currently 1270 Euro per piece


Sell a viking Pro 1000. Super condition, only 1 flick, cuffs new and zipper is top. For 170 to 182, chest circumference 100 to 112, shoe size 43. with DHL parcel up to 10 kg.

Price 625 Euro


Oceanic VTX divecomputer, air integrated

The computer is new and comes from a warranty claim. Since I now have another one, I don't need it.

In terms of price, I am open to realistic proposals.

  • Operating modes standard (air & nitrox), finimeter, freediving and compass

  • Activmatrix OLED display with adjustable brightness and auto-dimming option

  • Hoseless air integration up to 4 transmitters

  • Digital compass 3-axis with misdirection compensation

  • 4 Gas mixtures

  • Nitrox capability 21-100%

  • Personal alarms and alarm confirmation

  • Dual AlgorithmÔäó

  • Automatic height adjustment

  • Ascent Speed Monitor (Depth Dependent)

  • Safety stop Adjustable, with timer

  • Depth Stop Optional

  • Logbook for 24 dives

  • PC/Mac & Mobile Interface

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface

  • Firmware updatable

  • User replaceable batteries

  • Battery life 30 diving hours (3v CR2)

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


With the sub zero light, its 60 high-power LEDs, you have one of the most compact and effective mobile LED lighting systems with you and are completely independent of a power supply when filming and taking pictures. The light can be controlled in two power levels. Due to the large light angle of horizontally 170┬░ and vertically 145┬░, the sub zero light illuminates a large area evenly and softly. The Nichia Multichip Power LED used is the most efficient 5mm power LED in the world with its fabulous luminous efficacy of 160/lm per watt. The lighting system is equipped with the GoPro quick-change system for quick installation. On the underside there is an adapter with which the lighting system can be mounted on a tripod with 1/4 inch thread.

Scope of delivery sub zero light LED lighting system:
┬Ě sub zero light LED lighting system
* sub zero light mains charger
* Storage box

Concept, design, copyright and manufacturer housing: sub zero - Stefan Wiessmeyer
Manufacturer LED lighting technology: WERNER light power,
Material Housing: Plastic

LED generation: 0.28 Watt white
Designation: 5mm Power LED 28 lm
Lens type: water clear
Lifespan: 50.000h
Voltage per LED: 3.2 - 3.5V VDC
Current per LED: 50 - 80mA
Power per LED: 0.28 WLED 160 lm/W
Power per lighting system: 12 -15WLED (36 - 45W light output)
Operating temperature: -30┬░C to 85┬░C
LED assembly: 60 pieces
LED (light output): 600.000 - 760.000mcd
Beam / light angle: horizontal 170┬░ - vertical 150┬░
Colour temperature: 5000┬░K
Luminous flux (lumens)... Level 1: 1600 lumens | Level 2: 2400 lumens
Power consumption lighting system: 1000mA (typ.)
Switch (reed switch) dimmable 2 steps: 2-fold
Power circuit PROFET Smart High side Switches: lossless and contactless
Dimensions lighting system: W 30 cm x H 15 cm x D 6 cm
Weight lighting system: approx. 760 g
Lithium manganese battery LiMn: 3 cells 3.6V (No memory effect, batteries always rechargeable)
Battery Power ( LiMn ): 10.8V / 1600mAh
Waterproof screw-on charging socket
PolySwitch fuse: Rated current up to 4A (self-resetting fuse)
Burning time: approx. 90 min. with continuous operation under full power
Waterproof: 100m

Charger LiMn (LED Charging Indicator): CPM Computer Programmable Microprocessor Plug Charger (Universal Input) 90 -264VAC / 50- 60Hz / 8.4W Mascot Version Li-Ion IP67, 3 Cells LiMn Charging Current (Fast Charger), 1.0A (0.7A)
Charger weight: 100g
Charging time: max. 2 hours (batteries always rechargeable)
Automatic shutdown of the charging process, no overcharging possible, charger changes from red to green when the battery is fully charged

General product information:
┬Ě Video or photo lighting for studio or underwater (other holding systems can also be mounted on request)
┬Ě Miniature version - small, lightweight, handy, powerful and compact
┬Ě The Nichia Multichip Power LED used is the most efficient 5mm power LED in the world with its fabulous luminous efficacy of 160/lm per watt. These power LEDs do not require a heat sink like many other "power LEDs".
┬Ě No condensation, corrosion, leakage current discharge, no heat build-up and no water ingress due to the use of a potting compound. The entire lighting system is waterproof cast.
┬Ě Lithium manganese battery (LiMn), battery packs with "High Power Lithium Manganese Cells".

Without GoPro and without housing.

Price 600EUR

Used lead bag from Tusa.

Price 15,- EUR VB plus shipping costs.


Neoprene kidney belt. Only a few dives. Length approx. 105 cm.

Price 15,- EUR VB plus shipping costs.


Buoyancy jacket by Froschmann Technik. Approx. from the 90s. Need a revision, if you want to dive with it ;-)

Price 90,- EUR VB plus shipping costs


Unfortunately, my wife will never be able to dive again, so we decided to sell her equipment.

It is a

Dry suit brand "Rolofs RS 350 Lady" in size M - suitable for 160 cm- 170 cm, 54 kg, scale size 36 -37

5 x in water - as good as new, all cuffs undamaged

Underwear brand "Kwark" size 37 - matching the Trocki as well as new

Double 12 T├ťV 6 months with lockable bridge

or double 7, T├ťV and paint new, of course also with lockable bridge

Wing brand Tecline red 22l or 17l, yes according to the choice of bottles.

Wing with baking plate 5,5kg and comfort harnes

Teck fins from APEKS in yellow.

NP were about 2800,-

Offer for everything 1800,- the price is fixed.

or, if necessary, individually.

Trocki 895,- / Underwear 230,- / D12 / D 7 350,-

Wing with Baklpatte and Harnes 520,-

Fins 70,-

How to say everything at once for 1800, - EUR fixed

Location near Kassel

Please understand that we currently only want to communicate by e-mail.

Phone: 01718903630

For sale

a barely used carbon battery tank for lamp or for the heating vest

Lid POM (Sealed to the battery against possible ingress of water on cable entry or switch)

the whole thing is completely neutrally tared

Connection E/O Cord

Battery LiIon 12V 27Ah

including charger

Price 510EUR incl. shipping in Germany


Sell my FinnSub 3000 Short due to hobby task. The following things are included:
Finn Sub 3000 Short. Bought about 4 years ago in the diving center Freiburg at Axel Fr├╝h. About 50 TG with the lamp. The last 2 years fully loaded stored in the basement.Invoice I look out at purchase and enclose it. Ass presa forward, I think so. Glass has no visible scratches

Goodman Handle (Quasi as good as new, since I only dipped the soft handle)
Soft handle with long flap, also usable with dry wearing shoes.
BoltSnap to secure the lamp.
Original Charger
Original Finnsub Dry Bag (a bit dusty due to storage in the basement)

Now to the most interesting, the battery performance:

Battery on delivery and according to the manufacturer's specifications:

3000 lumens= 1 hour

1500 lumens = 2 hours

300 lumens = 12 hours

Today charged and tested at 17 ┬░ water temperature in the water bucket:

3000 lumens = 58 minutes 50 seconds.

Therefore, I would describe the battery condition as very good. I can test the 1500 lumens level if interested, but should therefore be at least 116 minutes.

As always, since private sale no guarantee or warranty on the lamp. However, I guarantee the battery condition. If picked up on site, we can also repeat the test here with a coffee.

If the lamp says nothing to you, here is a review:├╝stung-tests/197-erfahrungsbericht-finnsub-3000-short

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

Sale due to hobby dissolution.

Waterproof ice vest 5mm with hood. Size M/T, zipper intact. About 100 dives.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs.

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

Offer 1 pair of Sub Gear feet in size 43/44.

Since I switched to Trocki shortly after the purchase, only about 30 dives.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs.

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

Sell well preserved G1 7MM 3 finger gloves size M by WP. Shipping possible against assumption of costs. About 20 dives. Condition see picture. A bit dusty from storage in the basement

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

Size: M

As new, was only worn on a 1 dive.

Purchase price was 362EUR and with invoice of course.

Condition is like new!

Keeps warm very well, was at 7 ┬░ C water temperature with it and did not freeze. Only on the hands after 1h dive.

Masterdry is the best you can ask for from a semi-drysuit!
Comfort, warmth and easy dressing are guaranteed thanks to the Neoprene Extraflex.
The interior lamination made of Themal Fiber and the titex Master Scuba zipper at the back make this suit unique.
The knee reinforcements made of Supratex Embossed, of Supratex also those on the seat and shoulders, a PAD protection along the entire spine and a three-dimensional large pocket with zipper on the leg make this suit really suitable for heavy duty use.

Outer skin: Nylon super elastic 300 & Extraflex
Inner skin: Thermal Fiber Plush
Zipper: Titex Master
Seal: Wrist and ankle: Cuffs double in Smooth Skin ultra-elastic
Hood: separately included with "Air Draining"

PLUS1: Zipper Master Seal rear and horizontal to guarantee maximum flexibility and comfort when moving.
PLUS2: Thermal Fiber Plush. Elasticity, fast drying, warmth and comfort in contact with the skin
PLUS3: PAD protection on the back



For Sale Semi-Dry Gloves by Subgear in Gr.XS

Only a few dives in fresh water, for the holiday they were always unnecessary.


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer hood from IST Sports 5 mm in size


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Snorkel fins sailor suitable up to size 9-13


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer 3 finger gloves size 9-10


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer Beuchat Semi-Dry Gloves in Size 9


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Stainless steel shaker

2EUR ( + postage or pick-up)

Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer the following fins because of hobby task. All fins in well submersible condition. Partially white a bit dusty from the storage in the basement.

Seawing Nowa Size M 50EUR plus shipping : One fin in black, one in white. Had exchanged a fin with my buddy at that time.

Seawing Nowa size L 50EUR plus shipping

Scubapro Jetfins XL 75EUR plus shipping

Fins can be shipped or visited/picked up in Oldenburg.

Private sale, no guarantee or return

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

I sell my used Dragonsub Lux 5 dive light. The NP was 376EUR. Although it is used, fortunately you can only see slight traces of use, which of course does not detract from the functionality. It still works like the first day. A super great part!!!

NP: 376EUR

Fixed price 120EUR incl. shipping

Here are the facts:

Bulbs: 1025 lumens
Battery type: 3 Ni-Mh batteries
or C-type batteries
Burning time: 150 minutes
Dimensions: 62 x 193mm
Weight: 500g (with batteries)

9x XSscuba bottle cage also for retail sale. Partly still in original packaging. Some were in use. Holders can be screwed onto the side of the ship or vehicle and can also be plugged into rows next to each other. All tip top in order. Payment with PayPal friend to friend. FB per piece 25,00EUR plus VAT Shipping costs.

Equipment Canon DSLR:

- Canon EOS 50D Body (incl. original accessories, without lenses)
- 3 batteries Ansmann
- 3 CF cards
- Screen protector (mounted)
- Adjustment disc EF grid
- Canon close-up lens 500D 77mm (wg. edge blur UW)

Equipment Ikelite:

- Housing from Ikelite incl. conversion to 4-series system for port and electronic conversion from 40D to 50D (each incl. housing inspection at Ikelite)
- Standard port for Canon EF-S 60mm (without lens, no scratches on the glass)
- Flatport (no scratches on the glass)
- Domeport 8" (no scratches on the glass)
- Extension rings for Canon EF-S 60mm, Canon EF L 100mm, Canon EF-S 10-22mm
- Zoom clips for Canon EF-S 18-55mm and Canon EF-S 10-22mm
- Aluminum bottom by Mike-Dive
- Original Ikelite grundschine incl. handles
- Bottle opener for port change
- Neoprene covers for all ports
- Dunnage cap for housing and dome port
- Replacement O-rings for case back panel and front
- Silicone

Package price 1.190EUR

All equipment is in perfect and well-kept condition. The equipment was always handled carefully. Invoices are available.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.

New camera set Sealife DC2000 with flash - Super to use camera for first-class underwater shooting.

Absolutely new - never used - cumbersome to sell.

Indoor camera plus rubberized shockproof housing, waterproof up to 60 meters. 20MP 1" image sensor, Full HD video, RAW format and 3" high resolution LCD display.

Sea Dragon 2500 lamp head, 2500 lumens, soft and even 120 degree wide angle beam,

three brightness levels.

Flex Connect, flexible arm for easy attachment of the Sea Dragon lamp head.

0.75x wide-angle lens (SL051) - compensates for the magnification effect of the water and extends the field of view by 33%. Exact edge sharpness and highest image quality. Can also be placed under water.

Lens mount DC series - is mounted under the camera body or on the flex arm to accommodate the wide-angle lens when not needed on the camera. The lens can be mounted both above and below water.

All with original packaging, dealer calculation and warranty.

Original price camera/light set 1219,-EUR / wide angle 199,- EUR/ lens mount 39,-EUR/ flex arm 59,- EUR total 1516,- EUR

I sell the whole set for 949,- EUR

If you have any questions or more detailed information, please contact us

New dive computer Mantis 1 from Scubapro for only 299,- EUR
Original price 389,00 EUR with original packaging and dealer invoice.
Dive computer and watch in one. Air and nitrox, takes into account up to 3 nitrox mixtures (21% to 100% oxygen in the multi-gas algorithm. Housing made of brushed, saltwater-resistant stainless steel, mineral glass. Up to 120 meters. Four diving modes: Deco, Gauge; Apnea and CCR. With bracelet extension.

Sell here my Panasonic GH4 in great condition with Nauticam housing and lamp ITorch 6+ with many accessories. Accessories include Go Pro 6 black with camera mount and UW housing, 3 lenses ( macro including UW port , 12-35 mm with UW wide angle port , 40-130 mm ), All charging cables and spare batteries and cases from B&W

If you have any questions, please 017612928219 What's App

Phone: 017612928219

Sell a Hartenberger Mini Compact H4

Charger, neoprene sleeve, manual, new bulb Osram HLX 20W

The lamp still has a burn time of 50min. at 125% and 125min at 50%. So it doesn't get quite full when charging anymore.

However, it shines these times constantly.

Since we only dive on holiday, a small travel lamp comes into the luggage.


Cash payment or bank transfer

Shipping possible, then comes into the negotiation.

Greeting Herwig

Private sale, no guarantee and return


Phone: 015751336066

Santi BZ 400 incl. Santi bag

Was purchased as a custom-made product, rather for slim divers, corresponds approximately to size SL

Made for a size of 176 cm and 60 kg, can be tasted in the Wiener Neustadt/Lower Austria area

125 EUR

I still have some accessories for pee valves (P-Valves, Pee-Valves) lying around which I no longer need.

- Quick Disconnect Clutch, for 7EUR

- Quick Disconnect plug, for 4EUR

- Quick Disconnect cap for the coupling, for 5EUR

- Quick Disconnect cap for the coupling plug, for 2EUR

For quick coupling and unconnecting of the urinal condom or She-P. All items are of course unused.

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.

Of course, there is also shipping. I prefer to send all things as an insured package (from 5.49EUR, depending on weight), but also uninsured on express request.



Price: 35 Euro VB


Offer back carrier from Auer / Dr├Ąger for 2x 4L, wanted to make something there, unfortunately never came to it.


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Nikon D500 camera in perfect condition for sale 600 euros

Model: Nikon D500 Resolution (Megapixels): 20.9 Mpix

Brand: Nikon Color: Black

I sell my Nikon D500, it has no or hidden defects, it is first hand

No signs of use

Touch Screen, Video Recording, Bluetooth, Body Only, Audio Recording, Dustproof, Wi-Fi

Sold with battery, charger, strap.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

Offer diving suit by Novascotia 6.5mm.

Suit is in very good condition as it has only been worn 1 time. Size is given with M/L, to my knowledge unisex.

Price 400EUR VB.

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


After the system changeover, separate me bit by bit from my no longer needed equipment.

Poseidon Cyklon 5000 1st + 2nd level with Fini

2nd step with metal mouthpiece tube

Fini of Poseidon

Good condition - was fully functional on the last use.

Before use, however, I recommend to have a revision carried out.

VB 230,-EUR

Shipping possible by arrangement and assumption of shipping costs.
Private sale, therefore no warranty, guarantee or return possible.


UW enclosure Ikelite for Canon 100D with double handle

with macro and wide angle ports

UW flash Ikelite DS51 with ball arm and TLL cable

div. Accessories and bag

VB 300,-EUR

Bag for stage bottle, fits for about 2.7L O2 bottle

VHB-Price: 37,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.