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Offer D 7 300 bar T├ťv expired, bottle is still in use

VB 350 EUR


Phone: 015233691345


I sell this NEW hood

Waterproof H30 in size ML.

The New Model.

This 2mm hood is perfect for warm waters.

The hood is new and has not yet been in the water.

Quieter it is a bit too small for me.

As a guide, here are my measurements:

Forehead circumference: 57cm

Neck circumference: 44cm

20 EUR excl. Dispatch

Little used lamp, bought in 2015 for 390EUR, since then only about 20-30 dives.

Infinitely adjustable, warm light thanks to the special cold/warm LED head.

Fully functional, of course. But since I am almost only traveling with photo and video lamp, it is no longer used.

Landkreis N├╝rnberg

Hello everyone

Have here a rarely used diving equipment in very good condition. Unfortunately now for sale, since the time for this hobby is missing.

She was about 40 times only in Lake Constance in the water and every year at the service (regulator and bottle according to t├╝v stamp)

Available in the set are:

2x MR22T

2x Mares Abyss

1x 3 console and one pressure indicator

1x cobalt Atomic dive computer

1x Jacket by Hog

1x dry suit (I am 1.89m tall)

1x 7mm semi-dry suit ( the same applies here )

1 pair of fins

1 bottle 15L

And lots of accessories (knives, buoys, small parts, hoses, lead, hoses)

sell all items individually

please inquire about prices­čśő

Price complete: VB:1650EUR

Contact also under the number 01716587358

All without guarantee and warranty.

Purchased as seen


Offer neoprene suits!

For sale are two neoprene suits if interested simply report

As good as new children's jacket by SubGear - Rebel.

Previously only used for a diving course. Additionally with abdominal belt extension (not in the picture)

Price 100 Euro. Items can also be shipped.

Private sale no guarantee or return


I sell five used Dr├Ąger diving masks incl. 2 lung machines each Dr├Ąger Shark (without maintenance) and a preparation for the OTS underwater communication.
An Apeks TX100 regulator can also be used for the mask.
The mask has a DIN 250 certification.

Sales price: 500,- for one mask, 2 LA and OTS, private sale without guarantee and return

Below is advertising text from Dr├Ąger:
The Panorama Nora Dive diving mask has an excellent sealing fit. This is ensured by the mask body together with the 5-point band.
To allow the diver to easily blow out invading water, the Panorama Nova Dive has an additional exhaust valve. If the main breathing system is not inserted into the mask, the diver can breathe ambient air at the water surface so as not to consume the breathing air from the bottle supply.
Because the new, flat viewing window is close to the face, it offers a particularly wide field of view. This also reduces the inner volume of the mask and the buoyancy. Two nosebands are integrated into the disc for pressure compensation.

Sell my dry dip underwear from Scubapro, material Thinsulate, color black with lime on the front, well preserved and freshly washed. It has 2 pockets. Size MEDIUM, should be 52-54. I dipped it with a size of 190 cm and 80 kg, it also fits a little more into it. sm1.gif

Shipping as DHL parcel possible. Or pick up in the Speyer area.

Price 35EUR VHB



D12 used without T├ťV incl. 120 bar 21/35

Bottle always under pressure

No Shipping

EUR 390.00

Sale without guarantee and guarantee

Salzburg Stadt

I offer D7, used.
Slight rust marks on the outside
Dr├Ąger Valves
The bottles are under pressure.

T├ťV expired.

Unfortunately, shipping is not possible.

Price: EUR 95

Location: Hamburg-Eimsb├╝ttel

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.


For sale is a Seac Icaro Tech Wing Jacket. The bladder is absolutely dense. The inflator was revised last year. Quick outlets work.

I can't say anything exact about age, as I bought the jacket used myself. However, it is the first model that was launched on the market in 2007.

Retail Price: 120EUR

The jacket was dived by me until recently and is only sold because of switching to another system (backplate + donut wing), as it becomes more "technical" with me.

The following changes have been made by me:

- Replacement of the inflator hose with a shorter

- Original harness has been exchanged for a DIR harness with crotch strap

- Bungee to limit the bladder has been removed

Lead pockets and inner bleaches are included, whereby the inner bleaches are damaged which is not a problem.

The Wing is ideal for diving with D12/D8,5/D7 and has the typical Wing Jacket good water position. The bubble has a buoyancy of 25Kg and can easily lift a D12 with one to two stages.

If there are still questions, just ask :).

It is a private sale, I do not assume any warranty. Shipping is possible if costs are covered.

Halle (Saale)

Phone: 01716990761

Hello friends of diving, a Mares Icon HD with all accessories (not pairable with transmitter) is sold here in good condition. Normal traces of use are simply unavoidable when diving.

The dive computer has served me faithfully for years, is especially great for deep dives in the lake / sea, at night or for people who need a computer with easy-to-read numbers.

It is also a real eye-catcher at every dive center, due to the large and clear color display.

The TC itself is totally user-friendly and self-explanatory. For existing questions, operating instructions, any plug-in attachments for worldwide charging, software, dive planner and storage box are enclosed.

Detailed descriptions can be found directly at Mares, or online at all dive shops.

Battery life for liveaboard 2 days, for normal TG from land or day tour about 3 to 4 days.

The only drawbacks are a tiny scratch on the display, in my opinion only visible on black screen on closer inspection, not during operation, as well as the zipper of the storage box. This can only be closed from one side and is somewhat difficult to move through the air at the sea. Presumably, this would work smoothly again after a wash or a little care.

Insured shipping will be taken over by me, but will only be shipped after receipt of payment. Payment only by prepayment or cash payment upon collection. The TC can be visited.

As always, private sale, no guarantee & no return applies.

Price: 350 Euro !!!

I wish the buyer a lot of fun with this excellent dive computer. It is only sold because I have opted for a bracelet computer in watch format, which can also be worn in everyday life.


Waterproof D10 Pro

Age: approx. 5 years

Size: M+

Dives: 8

Storage: Dry and dark hanging on the waterproof clothing hanger.

Condition: As good as new

The suit has a silicone neck sleeve

VB: 450 EUR


I sell two Luxfer 80 cuft bottles with 14.3 kg and right left valves suitable for sidemount. Bottles are oxyclean and have only been dipped in fresh water. Always stored with residual pressure. No current T├ťV. I always filled myself.

To be submitted against bid. If possible, no shipping. Personal handover in Messinghausen, Christine, Schwalefeld or Nuttlar. Possibly also Hemmoor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Suche Inon S2000 Blitz

Undertewasserblitz like new because it was only used 2 times in fresh water.

Price 280EUR


The Descent Mk1 dive computer features Garmin Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate measurement 2 to visually measure the pulse. (The device must have skin contact and cannot be worn over a wet or dry suit.) The dive computer measures the load and automatically uploads the heart rate data to your Garmin Connect? online account so that it can be viewed and analyzed after the dive.

Versatile PREMIUM GPS dive computer in watch design with bright, 1.2-inch color display and TOPO maps
Integrated sensors, including 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, as well as GPS and GLONASS to mark the dive's entry and dive points
Supports single-throttle, multi-throttle, gauge mode and apnea dives, including Nitrox and Trimix; Planning dives directly on the device
Dive calendar to store and review the data of up to 10,000 dives as well as sharing the data online via Garmin Connect? and the corresponding mobile app
Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate monitoring 2 with multisport activity profiles, performance values and smart notifications
Battery life: Battery life: Up to 19 days in watch mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS mode
Not to mention Garmin's unique support in the unlikely event of a failure within the warranty period. You will receive a new device immediately!

- As good as new 5 months old
- No scratches or damage
- in OVP
- With invoice


Scope of delivery:

- Descent MK1 silver with sapphire crystal and black silicone strap
- Extra long QuickFit? bracelet
- USB charging/sync cable
- Documentation/Instructions

PayPal is also possible, but preferably pick-up / cash payment

I sell because of a new purchase my about 80 dives old Olympus TG-4 with PT-056 original Olympus case (2016).

Total set price: 480,- Euro

Great for macro (see my Nudi picture, shot with the camera) and a top all-rounder or beginner/second camera ­čĺ¬ Ideal as a backpacker, as it is also great to use as a "normal" travel camera.

Additionally in the set:

FCON-T01 Fish-Eye Converter (Attention, only overwater or up.max 12 meters usable (will be mounted on camera, not on housing).

Olympus Macro Flash Diffuser FD-01(Attention, only overwater or up.max 12 meters usable (will be mounted on camera, not on housing).

JJC Filter Adapter Adapter Ring for Lenses

1x Extra battery

All chargers

The condition is great, I took very good care of it.

Sledge (without clamps, arms and lamp,) can be sent free of charge, does not have to. Condition is needed, as I bought the used one myself.

Insured shipping included in the price, if possible only sell in the complete set.

Purchase price 2016: approx. 1000 Euro

(Figures 1,4,5 are dealer pictures for ambisification)


Phone: 01799863508

search jacket for belly size

since I got bissl belly and my jacket now has the lead more sideways I tilt very easily to since

therefore I am looking for a bigger one that the weights come forward more

I am looking for an underwater housing for the Olympus Tg5


Sell my only 2 times worn Helo underwear. Unfortunately has to give up diving. It is super comfortable and keeps nice and warm. He comes from a non-smoking and animal-free household. Original price was 399 EUR, 200 EUR VB


Phone: +491741309602

Swimsuit by Seac Sub made of highly flexible material. Also suitable for swimming in the open sea and apnea.

Material: Super elastic smooth skin

Cut: Anatomical, designed for maximum comfort and performance, especially to support arm movements in the armpit area

Seams: Flat seam

No seams in the armpit area

Rear zipper with protective flap

Unused because too small.

This is a private sale. No warranty or return.

Breckerfeld, Zurstra├če

Phone: 01749830074

Sell here my Scubapro Everdry 4 dry suit. Super condition only used in fresh water. Size XXL. On an arm cuff, the inner lining is slightly torn from the on and off - > suit is still tight! If you have any questions, simply contact us. Sale without guarantee, return and warranty

Price 440EUR VB

Scubapro ExoDry 4.0 - Women's Neoprene Dry Suit. Condition: New.

Hello dear buyers, For personal reasons, I dropped out of my diving training and could never use the Trocki. The manufacturer's price is 809 EUR, but on the Internet you can find the Exodry for about 639EUR. I sell the suit for 500EUR (VB). The size is XL, but the suit is slightly smaller (more like L). If you are interested, please feel free to write to me! -Aylin

F├╝sslinge size 44 (Aqua Lung ) ca30 EUR

Jacket size M (Aqualung ProQD) ca300EUR

Fins (Aqua Lung) Small ca 35EUR

Breathing control set (AquaLung) ca290EUR

Trocki (Aqualung fusion Bullet Aircore) Size S/M

- 2 times dipped

all spare parts included

about 999EUR


Various diving accessories for sale at a reasonable price. The list on Ebay classifieds lists all items that are for sale. On request, I will be happy to send photos of the individual articles. Come also gladly come by. Everything has to get out.

I offer wg. hobby task a diving jacket Seaquest Pro XLT Gr. XL. integr. Lead bags. Only immersed in fresh water about 20TG, very good condition. Good equipment (stainless steel D-rings etc.). incl. original titanium jacket knife as new. My price 139,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, fins, various neoprene etc.


I offer wg. hobby task a dive jacket Seaquest Pro QD i3 Gr. L. integr. Lead bags.i3 inflator unit - intuitive operation. Leverage upwards: Ascend. Leverage down: Descend. Good equipment (stainless steel D-rings etc.). very good condition. incl. original titanium jacket knife as new. My price 139,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, fins, various neoprene etc.


I offer wg. hobby task a regulator Apeks Flight incl. Flight octopus and regulator bag. Used, very good condition, a diving holiday max. 30TG. My price 249,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, ABC, div. neoprene etc.


Due to lack of time, my SF2 is for sale.

The SF2 has only 22 dives with a total running time of 12 hours.

The SF2 is sold incl. white bottles, short breathing tubes, the original breathing tubes, TecMe stand for the SF2 (can also be dismantled), hoses incl. Swagelok and bag for transport.

Price 6500EUR vb

In addition, I give a sealed canister Sofnoline 797 without indicator.

The Shearwater Nerd 1 can be purchased for an extra charge of 600EUR.

Set consists of the following components:

- Donut bubble mono bottle 10Kg

- 3 mm backplate aluminium

- Standard Harness

- Bottle strap

- Bottle adapter

- Deluxe upholstery

Set has about 35 dives.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Price 409,00EUR VB

Shipping is possible

Private sale. No exchange or return. No guarantee.


Offered here is a controller set from Mares consisting of:

- 1st level Mares 52X

- 2nd stage Mares Carbon

- Octopus Mares Carbon

- Finimeter Mares

- Inflator

- Regulator bag Mares

Fully functional!

Audit report revision is enclosed. It is too bad that the controller is no longer used, so it is sold. After the revision he was again for 5 TG in the water, since then he lies dry in the cellar.

Price 449,00 EUR VB

No guarantee, warranty and return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sell here a great camera set for the entry into underwater photography. The set was a faithful companion to me underwater. It includes the following: Canon G1X with protective case, Ikelite Uw housing 6146.01, Ikelite DS 161 video lamp with flash and arm, camera manual

Fully functional and tight.

Price 869,00 EUR VB

Shipping is possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Never used factory new Kirby Morgan diving helmet.

Send from Munich, price is negotiable. If you have any questions, please also write to me at my mobile number

+49 170 7403717

Price: 3500EUR


Phone: +491707403717

Indestructible solid rubber fin for large diving boots (approx. size 45/46).

100 Euro incl. shipping


The classic in the Nitrox version.

Battery 62%.

100 Euro incl. shipping


Very comfortable suspender lead belt from DUI (old model) with quick shed.

Large capacity; I used 12 kg of soft lead with Trocki in the strap.

For the belt I would like to have 65 euros.

When picking up, I add the 12 kg soft lead (4 x 2kg, 4 x 1kg) for 35 euros.


Cold water regulator set with two separate 1st stages and finimeter:

1) Mares MR 22 Abyss

2) Mares MR 12

A revision should be carried out before use !!

VHB 170 Euro incl. shipping


Suunto SK 7 mounted on retractor, very compact in handling.

45 Euro incl. shipping


Sturdy suit for strong guys (fits for about 190cm / 100 kg).

neoprene neck cuff, arm cuffs latex; both in very good condition.

Neoprene boots size 47/48 (no FlexSoles or similar, real boots), also good condition. Fit in Turtle Fins XXL.

The second exhaust valve on the left forearm was removed and the hole was properly closed.

VHB 450 Euro.


Older ADV jacket from Seemann, good condition, for strong guys (I am 190 cm / 100kg).

The signal flash is also available.

60 Euro incl. shipping


I sell a Bare CD4 Pro Dry Neoprene Dry Suit in size LT (Large+Tall). The Trocki has about 80 TG and in my opinion is dense and fully functional. I dipped the suit with 183 and 80 kg, but it was always a bit too big for me in terms of length. If you are taller than 183, it is ideal.

Other features:
- Neoprene cuff on the neck
- Latex sleeve cuff (There was a Kubi glove system mounted, but is hardly recognizable by the cuffs).
- a large pocket on the left side
- Metal zipper on the back
- Cover cap for inlet valve is missing
- Shoes size XL (equivalent to 43-44)

VB 400 EUR



I am looking for a

Buoy of halycon closed with beak valve

Thank you very much

I sell my dive light from Tovatec.

Brightness: 3600 lumens

Beam angle: 12 to 100┬░

Adjustable to 100%, 50%, 10% and strobe

Burning time 1.2h 100%, 3h 50%, 16h 10%, 2h strobe

Sold is everything that can be seen in the picture: lamp, battery charger / cable, two 26650 batteries, replacement alkaline battery holder, lanyard and bag

The lamp has made 10 TG and shows only slight signs of use.


Maybe someone has one to hand in.

Saulgrub Bayern

Offer here my 2x dipped Hollis F1 - "BAT FIN's" in size 2XL.

Sell because I have them twice.

I have shoe sizes 44

1,93kg per fin

90EUR plus shipping costs

On behalf of us we sell the following compressor:

Manufacturer: L&W Compressors

Type: LW 225 F

Year of construction: 2014

Operating hours: < 300h

Flow rate: 225l/min

pMax: 330 bar

Drive power: 5.5 kW

The compressor was serviced by us after every weekend.

It served as a "back-up" compressor on a paintball field

Equipped with Stop automatic

Condensate Drain Automatic

PRICE: 2800EUR incl. VAT

Invoice is available

We are happy to take over the service afterwards.

Sold here is a little dipped 7mm semi-dry wetsuit.

The suit was bought in April 19 and has not dived 20 times. The condition is like new.

I am 180 and weigh 95 kilos and he fits great.

The best way to find out about the details is on Google.

Bare 7mm Reactive

Original price 500EUR

I would like to have 400EUR plus shipping if necessary.


Phone: 01622337521


Offer my used Camaro Alpha 7 semi-dry suit because unfortunately I don't fit in anymore.

The suit has about 30 dives behind it is visually in perfect condition.

Due to the very flexible neoprene, it can be dressed super and does not pinch anywhere.

Price VHB - Shipping possible

Private sale


Phone: 017622291151

Sell an unworn diving suit

Manufacturer: Cressi
Insert: Semi-dry suit
Cut: Overall
Thickness: 7 mm
Material: Neoprene
Neck cuff: Smooth skin
Zipper: Back
Knee reinforcement: yes

Special: Accessory bag (on the thigh), holder for hood

Original price: approx. EUR 319,-

--> Sale price: EUR 210,-!! <--