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Drysuit Bare HD Tech Dry, Courdura material with only 15 dips, size MLT.

Price: 680 EUR


ScubaForce Dry suit in size incl. underwear in XS and a second pair of boots in size 39.

The suit has always been groomed and is tight. For more information, just contact us.

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return


I sell a new women's diving suit from Mares Pioneer 7mm She Dives Overall, size 2 /38 S (is size 38); Price 120 Euro negotiation basis

Where every mm counts! The Pioneer is an "off-road" diving suit that has been optimized by a new fit. Equipped with a back zipper, ultra-stretch inserts, PU pressure, anti-slip strips on both wrists and a D-ring for attaching the hood when not in use.

The Pioneer is an "off-road" diving suit that has been optimized by a new fit. Equipped with a back zipper, ultra-stretch inserts, PU pressure, anti-slip strips on both wrists and a D-ring for attaching the hood when not in use. Zippers on the ankles make it easy and comfortable to put on and take off. The hood has a patented valve so that the air escapes from the hood without allowing water to enter.
The new neck closure with anti-scratch system prevents pilling when the suit is not worn.
ÔÇó Back zipper
ÔÇó PU printing
ÔÇó Anti-slip strips on both wrists for optimal attachment from the computer


Phone: 015221691854

Because of hobby task I sell my beloved Ursuit Heavy Light Cordura Gr. XL serial number 3841008546.

At that time I ordered it without a hood (at some point it is flat anyway) and always dived with separate hoods.

The feet are in size 43.

Afterwards I gave him a balanced Pee-valve from Halcyon (see photo)

The suit has about 130 TG behind it and is absolutely fine.

The original price was 1395 EUR.

I thought of 590 EUR. Or Best Offer.

The glove system is easy to assemble/disassemble and is included in the price.

This is a private sale with all the usual writing that I save myself now.

By the way, I will gradually discontinue various diving equipment. If you are interested, take a look from time to time or ask specifically.

Good air ...


Wesel Rheinland

Sell little used W4 in 5 mm of Waterproof cuffs 100% ok

has become too big for me - weight loss

280 VB


Phone: 017621631369

Very stable and warm dry suit made of 4mm crush neoprene from Seac. The suit is characterized by its very good fit and its optimal insulating ability. With the Warmdry you can look forward to dives in very cold water.

The suit was tested only 4 times in fresh water by a diving school.

The shoe size is 40/41. The suit fits perfectly at a size of 165 - 170.

Professionally slightly shortened on the legs.

100% Tight !

In addition, I give a few brand new Mares gloves size M about 2mm for free.

The suit comes with a brand new hood and carrying bag.

Great offer!smiley-cool.gif


Used but in good condition.

15 Euro + shipping 4.99 Euro

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Sell here a never before used Camaro SCS Seals semi-dry suit 7 mm with ice vest in size XL / 54.

Also note my matching ad for an unused Cressi dive jacket

Price 200EUR VHB


Sell Bare Underwear CT-200 Polarwear Extreme in Size L

Pleasant insulation on the smallest pack size ;-)

With outlets for the air on left upper arm, 2 large fluffy leg pockets.

Unterzieher was hardly dipped. Looks like new!

The quality goods come from an animal-free non-smoking household.



I sell my new dry suit extender from Subgear in size 38 made of trilaminate (was a gift)

-unworn (labels still on)

-Cuffs are a little further made to try on, otherwise much too tight

-with bag

-Information on the corresponding dimensions in the last photo

Private sale (no guarantee and return!)

Shipping (plus 10 Euro shipping costs) or self-collection (Stuttgart)

Price: 450 VB


sell my CRESSI SEMI-DRY DIVING SUIT, NEVER worn, see pictures. it is as good as new size M, if interested I like to measure. The headgear has a pinhead small hole. does not go through. for more information please also by phone.

new value approx. 700,00 Euro. My price offer is 290.00 Euro. in addition, there are shipping costs of 6.00 Euro.

gladly also pick-up..


Phone: 01724186393

Sending for fitting possible!!!

Bare Elastek Diving Suit AS GOOD AS NEW (Women Woman Lady)

Extremely elastic, still fits great and does not constrict. Semi-dry neoprene 7mm ladies in size 10 corresponds to size 40. Unfortunately I have size 42/44 and the suit does not fit me. Nicely anatomically cut.

Cold water suitable but also for Mediterranean in spring or early summer or Egypt in winter. Very little immersed in fresh water, like new. No damage, sealing lips and zipper great.

ORIGINAL PRICE is 248 Euro suit washed and disinfected. Non-smoking and animal-free household

Plus 6,00 Euro shipping costs PayPal available

ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTE!! Due to the new legal provisions, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee and return. Since this is a private sale, I cannot assume any guarantee under new EU law. The buyer agrees to this and acknowledges this with his purchase! According to the new EU law, this addition must be under every online sale!

Offer a hood once used

Waterproof H1 5/7mm hood with integrated valve system and material-reinforced head zones which are particularly affected by the loss of equipment. This hood is made of elastic neoprene and has an I-span coating for maximum elasticity. Easy on and off is thus guaranteed

Price with postage in D without islands 50EUR


Sell here a brand new (sign is still on) neoprene suit 3 mm for women Size S (unfortunately does not fit, therefore here for sale ) for 50EUR

S: Chest: 80 / 34.6; Waist: 61 / 28.3; Hip: 82 / 33.9; Sleeve Length: 58 / 24.8

Sell new Camaro women's suit in size 36/38 incl. new ice vest!

I am 1.68m with a weight of 58 kg. It can be tried. Would like to have 100EUR for both.


Kallweit Dry Suit Custom Made Xenon Front Neon Green

!!!! Measure!!!!

!!!! !!! been in the water 3 times

Xenon green
Custom-made (dimensions see picture)
Wreck Edition
Sturdy shoes size 44-45
Apeks Valves
Preparation for urinal valve
Neck cuff neoprene
Tech Bag right and left

NP: 2365,- Euro

Fixed price: 1300,- Euro


Offer here a Kallweit XENON FRONT in size XXL with underwear in XXL. Complete cuffs are new and can still be adapted!

VB 450 Euro

Shipping possible !

Phone: 064092455

Because of hobby work I sell my underwear Scubaforce ARCTIC x NINE Gr. XXL.

I myself am 189cm tall and weigh about 107 kg.

The suit keeps you very warm and offers incredible freedom of movement.

FP 139 EUR

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

Because of hobby work I sell an underwear vest Waterproof 3D mesh. Size XXL

The vest was very rarely in the water with me. Therefore, the condition is almost as good as new.


Wesel Rheinland

Sell a Halo 3D underwear in size L

Thanks to your honeycomb structure, the material is not compressed and insulates better than many other underwear.

Unfortunately, it is too small for me, or I am built too deep for it ;-)

For sale here is a Trocki, of the brand Otter "Extreme"

All cuffs are still top. As well as all valves. I dived him only last week. Since I switch to trilaminate, this Trocki is sold.

Material: Crash Neoprene 7mm

Size : XXL

Boats : 45/46

In addition, there is a glove system, size L, care utensils wax for the zipper and powder for the cuffs. I also give a matching bag for the Trocki.

VB: 450EUR

Without warranty Guarantee since private sale, private person


Sell trocky aquarius size L

top condition incl. underwear from Weezzle extreme plus

dry gloves incl. gloves with original repair set are included.

shoe size about 44


I still have to hand in an original packaged Mares XR Kevlar in size L from an exchange. A friend would also have it in XL if L does not fit!

Price: 850EUR invoice / receipt available!

The suit hasn't seen any water yet and since I'm no longer diving Trocki I don't need it anymore.

The picture shows a suit of a buddy, as I did not want to unpack it extra!


Sell Neoprentrocki size XL. I had the feet changed after the purchase in size 43/44.
All latex parts are stalkumed and the zipper is treated with wax.
The Trocki was stored cool and dry in darkness.
The suit also includes the transport bag.

If you are interested:

Asking price : 270 EUR VB


I offer an almost new dry suit from Kallweit in the new wreck edition.

The size is MTF and the socks have size 43. I am 1.73m and weigh about 90 kg. But also fits for slightly smaller or larger people.

The suit has just 3 dives behind it and was purchased as a backup suit at the end of 2017. However, it is now sold because it is not used. The suit still has warranty.

The suit has a Heeser pee valve, which has not yet been in use.

As you can see in the pictures, the suit is reinforced with Kevlar.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to write to me.

My asking price is 1.100,00 EUR. You are welcome to submit your offers to me.


Phone: 017697306780

DUI TLS 350 Max Mob + P-Valve ML fits for height +- 1.75 m

Suit is from 2007. Was dense until the end. Certainly still very good as a second suit or for someone who has a cheap trockie view.

Price: 350 Euro. Shipping possible.


I sell my Waterproof dry suit D1 Hybrid, with integrated underwear. Size ML (I am 175cm tall and quite strong), the boots have size 43/44 and are exchanged on goodwill of Waterproof and still almost new. The suit is black and has signs of use, but TipTop is fine. In addition, the D1 has a ring system with silicone cuffs, both arm and neck cuff can be exchanged in minutes. Various reserve cuffs are available. No shipping, pick up in Hamburg. VB 695EUR,


Phone: 01724022270

Offer Cressi Lontra Lady diving suit with 7mm thick

Price = 150EUR


Offer used diving suit by Cressi Lontra Men 7mm thick

Price 150EUR


Hello everyone

sell from diving school dissolution various diving suits in good condition, e.B.:

  • Camaro, trousers with ice vest, wetsuit, size 94 (VB 50.-)
  • Camaro Titanium, Size XL, 102, semi-dry, back zipper, good condition, coated inside (VB 50.-)
  • Mero, one-piece, size XL, 54, without hood, good condition, back zipper (VB 40.-)
  • Scubapro Lario (for women), semi-dry with back zipper (gas-tight), size 38, without hood (VB 70 .-)
  • Cressi (ladies), trousers with ice vest, wetsuit, size 54, patches on the right knee (VB 25.-)
  • Sepadiver, wetsuit, without hood, back zipper, size unknown, but fits up to about 180, so should probably be size L / XL (VB 50.-)

If you are interested, I will be happy to send you more pictures.

Shipping possible.

No guarantee, no warranty, as private sale.


Sell (almost) new dry suit D1X Hybrid from Waterproof size s/t.

Purchase at the beginning of November 2018, so still manufacturer's warranty.

The list price for the Trocki is 2.600,-EUR.

The suit has been immersed 2 times in fresh water.

incl. 1x hood D1 size M by waterproof (unused)

incl. 1 set of spare arm sleeves made of high-quality silicone (new)

incl. 1x replacement neck sleeve made of high-quality silicone (new)

incl. waterproof duffel bag (new)

The neck and hand cuffs can be changed yourself if necessary, so that going to the workstation is no longer necessary.

The dry suit has a new so.3D so.3D mesh underwear, which is integrated in the dry suit and can be removed by zipper if necessary (e.B. for washing).

The size s/t is for men

with height 179-187 cm and

Chest 93-99 cm

Shoe size 43-44

The exact size specifications for the size s/t can be found in the attached size chart.

Since this Trocki is already a high-tech suit, I refrain from mentioning further details and ask you to read the attached exact technical description of the manufacturer Waterproof Sweden, as everything is contained and described super exactly here.

If necessary, Si-Tech dry diving gloves would be kpl. available (kpl. Ring system with spare rings). The inner gloves have not been worn.

For the kpl. Trocki gloves (also 2x dipped) would be in my opinion 80, - EUR appropriate.


Phone: 0160 974 65 660

Because of hobby work I sell my Trocki.

It has only been submerged in fresh water about 5 times and is in top condition.

Size XL with glove system, rock boots and a thin underwear from Seacsub in XXL.

If interested, I also sell 2 first steps including drying hose from Aqualung Core. Both have only been dived 1x and are like new. Price per pc 180EUR.


7mm / Semidry

Very flexible suit! New! Further information on the website of Probe or via e-mail


DUI underwear XM450 Gr. L, as new (see pictures)

Price: 150 Euro

Can also be shipped on request.


Wetsuit by O'Neil Gr.14 - 3x worn and of course freshly washed so as good as new from the brand company O'Neil I think 3 mm

Sell Waterproof Neoprene Dry Suit D70 SC Size M incl. Underwear and Backpack Also suitable for women! Suitable for size 38-42 (I'm 175cm long myself, shoe size 41 and have ;) more times less on the hips) The Trocki was used very little! - Cuffs regularly powdered, - zippers waxed and - ALWAYS stored dry/protected from light in the backpack. Can be tried on - by appointment! (Article location in 30926 Seelze ÔÇô 500m to the city limits of Hanover) If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Original price was 900EUR Offer price 400EUR Sale from private, therefore no guarantee, warranty or return Self-collector or insured shipping (costs borne by the buyer) Payment by PayPal, bank transfer or cash payment on collection Here is the official Waterproof sales text: D70 SC - The dry suit for diving schools The D70 SC concept was developed according to many wishes of diving instructors and diving schools. Diving schools need a robust and inexpensive dry suit for rental and training, which forgives the beginner even the first mistakes when taring and requires little care. An extremely durable 3.5mm neoprene dry suit with back zipper is a very good choice for a beginner. We use our many years of experience in Antarctica and Arctic to determine the right mix of comfort, equipment and thermal insulation. Together with our underwear, the D70 SC is a very warm dry suit in the well-known Waterproof quality. Included: 1000der Cordura backpack WARMTEC - Heavy Duty underwear Due to the mesh inserts on the shoulders of the underwear, we have succeeded in ensuring the air exchange in the dry suit. Our compressible fiber filling material minimizes the space for transport and ensures a comfortable fit in the suit and on the surface. An underwear for demanding divers. Water-repellent nylon sleeve with 200g fiber filling material. ÔÇó The outer shell is wind and water repellent ÔÇó Compressible fiber technology ÔÇó Zippers on the legs prevent unwanted air accumulation ÔÇó An elastic waistband at the hip ensures a good fit ÔÇó Mesh inserts on the shoulders ensure air exchange ÔÇó Integrated hood for the time between dives ÔÇó Ventilation zippers under the armpits ÔÇó Teflon coated zippers on the four comfortable pockets ÔÇó Very good underwater properties paired with a professional appearance during surface breaks ÔÇó Outer shell made of 100 % nylon Taffeta 210 T PU silver coated ÔÇó Filling with 200g soft polyester with enlarged surface area

Essen - NRW

Sell semi-dry wetsuit of the company Waterproof in size L+ with gas-tight zipper for 450 euros. RRP is 695 euros. The suit was dived exclusively in the lake, maximum 20 dives, top condition.

The suit was purchased on 21.07.2018.

Unfortunately, it has become too big for me and I will buy it smaller. Here is the size chart from Waterproof.


Sell this SeemannSub extender Trilaminate dry suit due to time constraints. BRAND NEW zipper (changed by specialist company-Trockiklinik) All cuffs without any defects. SUIT 100% TIGHT.

Incl. hood 5mm and dry gloves incl. wool gloves. (Gloves are dipped 1x, so also as new)
Urinal valve-NEW

The suit now hangs 1 1/2 years unused in the dry cellar because I just don't have time to go diving.
That's why you can certainly find someone who can experience something with the suit.

Manufacturer- SeemannSub
Product Type- Dry Suit, Diving Suit Size XL
Remark- rotatable Si Tech inlet valve / automatic exhaust valve / sewn-on neoprene feet size 42
For whom - Men, Women
Version- Two-piece
Material Trilaminate
Closure with front zipper

To the size.
I am slim with 180cm and 75Kg.
Smaller and less should not be. There is still room up and outside :-)
Suit can be tried on with me. NON-SMOKER!!!


Sinsheim (Elsenz)

I'm looking for a Santi Emotion or Emotion plus in M. Shoes if possible 3XL.

I offer a diving suit for ladies in size XS.

I only wore the suit once after the diving exam. For health reasons, I would unfortunately like to part with the semi-dry suit, 5mm. The original price is 385 euros.

Look at the pictures - the suit is like new.

I would send it for 150 euros including shipping.

I am looking forward to your inquiry.

LG, Mermaid

Offer yourself a Santi Enduro

with Apex valves

2 leg pockets


Carrier bag

Shoe size 3XL (I have size 45/46)

I am 189cm tall

Subject: Pursuit


Washable up to 40 degrees

VB 650,-

32369 Rahden

Sell my diving equipment due to time constraints.

This also includes this underwear for a dry suit.-Which I sell in a separate advertisement.

The underwear has the size XXL.

It was too big for me with my 180cm and 75Kg. But never bothered me.
The suit is very well maintained and has always been stored dry, hanging in the living cellar. NON-SMOKER!


Sinsheim (Elsenz)

Seamaster Typhoon crushed neoprene suit for sale, size SM (I am 174cm tall and he fits me perfectly). Bought new years ago but unfortunately only used 4 times - in great condition in general, but unfortunately has a 1cm long hardening of the rubber on the neck, due to that long bearings. Make me an offer if you are interested. Must be sold as soon as possible


I sell here my SubGear neoprene in size 80 in 5mm thick. It has zippers on the arms and legs for easy entry, as well as a slanted back zipper for easier dressing. With reinforced knees and Velcro in the neck. I used in about 3 weeks, some seams are rubbed but still top in order! I had bought it in the dive shop for 350 euros and sell it here for 200 euros - the price can be negotiated :)


I'm selling an UNUSED Neoprene from Seac for ladies in size L here. It is 5mm thick and has a zipper on the arms and legs for better entry, as well as a back zipper. I had ordered the neoprene online and missed the return - it hung in a case in the closet all the time and is therefore in perfect condition. He had cost me 200 EUro at that time and would now sell him for 150 euros - but the price can be negotiated well.


Offer a pair of heating gloves from Heizteufel Berlin.

Size XL, with all cables, mounting chop for the corresponding battery
and charger.
All in top condition and only used three times.
Approx. 2 years old. Is in my closet. No pets and no smokers. So everything is okay.

Price 200EUR