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Sold is a new wetsuit of the brand Cressi with a thickness of 5mm in size S for women (at 1.66m height and slim stature, the suit still has a lot of leeway). The suit was only worn once and is therefore absolutely as good as new.

Price: EUR 50,00 (plus shipping).

Shipping possible when the shipping costs are taken over (large package required).

Private sale therefore no guarantee and / or return.

* Also sell matching fins from Cressi as well as a similar suit for men with fins (see more ads)*


Offer here my SCUBAPRO EVERTEC LT Gr. 4XL for sale. Suit is as good as new, has only been dipped 3 times.

Boat size 46/47


Private sale no exchange and guarantee


Almost unused about 10 dives

Large 3 XXl is custom made 190 cm chest 120 Talie 105 shoes 46

Glove system firmly mounted

Neck cuff with quick-change system

2 leg pockets

like new

EUR 750

Private sale, no guarantee or return


Phone: 01638210222

I sell my Kallweit Helios dry suit for 399 Euro VB (original price was 1300 Euro), because I have unfortunately "grown out" of this diving suit due to my pregnancy and no longer have the opportunity to dive. With the first child I still had the hope that I would come back to diving after the birth, but unfortunately that never worked out and with a second one the time will be even shorter...
It would be a pity if this great suit continued to hang unused on the hanger. That's why I would be happy to pass it on to another diving enthusiast. The suit was in the water about 10 times, as I preferred to go into the water with my semi-dry diving suit in warmer temperatures. The dry suit was stored hanging on a hanger in a dry dark room all the time.

Due to the large front zipper you can get in very well and put it on excellently alone. The suit is made of neoprene instead of trilaminate and therefore warmer overall.
The neck cuff is also made of neoprene which is why it is warmer and does not wear out. It includes a glove ring system (see photos). The wrist cuffs need to be replaced (see photos).
The boots are size 40/41. Normally I wear shoe size 39. Boots can be easily exchanged at Kallweit.
I am 1.70 m tall and wear clothing size 38/40/M.

Fitting on site is possible.

I can take more photos on request. Just feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Shipping is possible against advance payment and assumption of shipping costs. In the case of uninsured shipping, the buyer bears the risk.

No guarantee or exchange as private sale.

Animal-free - non-smoker - household.

24229 Schwedeneck

Very well preserved 5mm semidry diving suit for women by Waterproof Model W4. Original price 398 EUR. Zippers on the neck, arms and legs. Rubber cuffs. Underlaid backzip. Plastic knee pads. No holes or other damage. About 30x dipped. Gr.40. Price includes shipping within Germany. Payment by PayPal is possible.

Private sale without guarantee or exchange

200 EUR


Phone: 017657618394


as a beginner I am looking for a used dry suit in the size XLT or XL. I myself am 1.94m tall and have shoe size 46.

Although I come from the north of Germany, I am basically interested in all offers regardless of the region.


Offer a little dipped dry suit from Scubapro.

Model Extender in size 4XL.

The suit has about 30 dives in fresh water behind it and is absolutely tight.

The condition is impeccable, see photos.

Accessories: bag, repair kit, care set for cuffs and zipper.

Unfortunately, it has become too big for me and absolutely too bad to hang in the basement.

If you have any questions, just let us know.

Price 450 EUR VB.


Hello everyone

would like to sell my shoes Gr.48 Delta because I can no longer go diving.

I have used everything twice for training Open Water Diver everything works perfectly no scratches or damage.

If you are interested, please contact us.


Offer dry suit from Santi with troken gloves and matching rafts

Suit size 52



preferably to the pick-up room Mannheim for fitting. Prices VB.

Mobby Neoprentrocki, Greetings about 38, with glued leg pockets by Halcyon, back zipper, 150 EUR, pictures from request

Weezle underwear,size approx. 38 incl. boots 100 EUR, pictures on request


Sell diving suit AQUA LUNG 4mm safaga for men. Size 52. worn only 2 times

Retail price EUR 50,-

Shipping at extra cost!

I am looking for an ice vest 5mm from Waterproof for women in size L/t. I am pleased with your offers.


As new,
super comfortable to wear,
keeps the head almost completely dry if necessary,
no cold water running into the neck.

Price: 19EUR

Self-collection free, shipping 5EUR

Unfortunately I have to sell my super, great diving suit from Mares Flexa She Dives 8.6.5 in size XL (42-44).

The suit was bought, tried on once and then unfortunately I could not go diving for private reasons *sigh*.

The Flexa She Dives is specially tailored to the female body shape and due to the different neoprene strengths you have a maximum of mobility under water and do not feel like in a knight's armor. 8.6.6 is suitable for colder waters and is warmly fed. Ideal for slightly freezing women. In important places (knee, back) the suit is additionally reinforced. The zipper sits comfortably in the front.

The diving suit can be picked up from me or sent by insured package. Private sale no warranty. At the moment you can get this model almost only in the USA for about 300 US dollars.

I would like to have 250 euros.

Used for 2 years on holiday.

Absolutely as good as new!!

unfortunately I don't fit in anymore.

EUR 350


Worn 5x.

absolutely as new.

I don't fit in anymore.

The counterparts of the glove clamps are no longer there. Unfortunately lost during the last move.

EUR 600


  • I switched to dry diving and therefore offer my SD Combat in Gr.Damen L for sale. The suit is 5 years old and has 150 dives. The zipper is gas-tight and works perfectly, it has been regularly maintained. The cuffs are not torn and hold tight. I am 163cm tall and the suit fits the length.

Asking price : 250VB EUR plus postage

The suit can be tried on, shipping is possible

Since this is a private sale, as usual, no guarantee or return.


Semi-dry suit together with ice vest with integrated hood. Brand BARE, Model Velocity, both 7mm thick. Almost new (about 8 dives). Big 8.

Price: 100EUR

Stuttgart - M├Âhringen

Phone: +4917662699030

Diving suit in a used condition, see pictures

Size 38

Price: 20EUR plus shipping

Sell Barakuda 5mm semi-dry suit with hood
Gr 94 partial dimension
Fitting possible on site

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 70,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Dry Suit BARE XCS2 Tech Dry Size MT

Technical io
2 leg pockets, with hood and pocket

No guarantee, warranty and return


Sell Bare SB System Mid Layer Full
Size MT/ML

No guarantee, warranty and return


Sell Bare SB System Mid Layer Vest

No guarantee, warranty and return
Fitting with me is possible

Shipping possible

Total price without shipping 550,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Hello everyone

I sell here a dry suit of the brand Waterproof. It hangs in the closet because I just don't have time to dive anymore.

The pictures actually show everything - neck cuff should be changed otherwise he is (in my opinion) in good shape!

The booties fit a size 38 great and are integrated, but can also be customized.

Just make me a best offer.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Hot water / tropical neoprene.

Chic design! Visible decorative seams in ros├ę.

3 mm neoprene in the torso, 2 mm in the arm and leg area.

Soft neck end made of Elaskin, sturdy knee pads.

Smooth, easily stretchy sealing sleeves on arm and leg cuffs.

Easy to put on and take off, comfortable to wear, seals well.

Little worn (7 TG), perfectly maintained and stored!

Price: 83 Euro plus shipping.

Note: All sales are subject to exclusion of any warranty.

2.5 mm double-sided lined neoprene

YKK back zipper with Aquastop flap underneath.

Leak-proof seals on the neck, arms and legs.

Pre-formed legs.

Little used (13 TG), perfectly maintained and stored.

Price: 46 Euro plus shipping costs.

Note: All sales are made under exclusion of any warranty.

Collar width can be individually adjusted.

Material: Ultrastretch neoprene. Brings great freedom of movement.

Can also be used for cold water inserts, fits perfectly over the semi-dry overalls.

Little worn (13 TG), very slight traces of use, perfectly maintained and stored.

46 Euro plus shipping.

Note: All sales are made under exclusion of any warranty.

Sell a well-preserved Bare X-Mission dry suit in 3XL here

* With Heser-Pee Valve (gereining and disinfected)

* Cuffs are fine

* The suit is _TIGHT_

* Shoe size approx. 46

Absolutely suit, has unfortunately become too big for me..

If you have any questions, shipping is possible (included in the price)

Original price ~ 1950 Euro

VHB 950,-

Since it is a private sale, no guarantee, no return.

Viking Survival Suit p 5008 (L).
Used condition, the soles of the boots must be glued and the metallic zippers of the inner suit are partially stuck.
This suit comes without 3finger gloves. Boots with steel cap and gr 46. Former Dutch customs, but fulfills its purpose, 175 euro

Used condition, the metallic zippers of the inner suit are partially stuck.
This suit comes with 3finger gloves, carabiner, pipe, boots with steel cap and gr 45. EUR 225

For more info:

Original price currently 1270 Euro per piece


Sell a viking Pro 1000. Super condition, only 1 flick, cuffs new and zipper is top. For 170 to 182, chest circumference 100 to 112, shoe size 43. with DHL parcel up to 10 kg.

Price 625 Euro


Neoprene kidney belt. Only a few dives. Length approx. 105 cm.

Price 15,- EUR VB plus shipping costs.


Size: M

As new, was only worn on a 1 dive.

Purchase price was 362EUR and with invoice of course.

Condition is like new!

Keeps warm very well, was at 7 ┬░ C water temperature with it and did not freeze. Only on the hands after 1h dive.

Masterdry is the best you can ask for from a semi-drysuit!
Comfort, warmth and easy dressing are guaranteed thanks to the Neoprene Extraflex.
The interior lamination made of Themal Fiber and the titex Master Scuba zipper at the back make this suit unique.
The knee reinforcements made of Supratex Embossed, of Supratex also those on the seat and shoulders, a PAD protection along the entire spine and a three-dimensional large pocket with zipper on the leg make this suit really suitable for heavy duty use.

Outer skin: Nylon super elastic 300 & Extraflex
Inner skin: Thermal Fiber Plush
Zipper: Titex Master
Seal: Wrist and ankle: Cuffs double in Smooth Skin ultra-elastic
Hood: separately included with "Air Draining"

PLUS1: Zipper Master Seal rear and horizontal to guarantee maximum flexibility and comfort when moving.
PLUS2: Thermal Fiber Plush. Elasticity, fast drying, warmth and comfort in contact with the skin
PLUS3: PAD protection on the back



Santi BZ 400 incl. Santi bag

Was purchased as a custom-made product, rather for slim divers, corresponds approximately to size SL

Made for a size of 176 cm and 60 kg, can be tasted in the Wiener Neustadt/Lower Austria area

125 EUR

Offer diving suit by Novascotia 6.5mm.

Suit is in very good condition as it has only been worn 1 time. Size is given with M/L, to my knowledge unisex.

Price 400EUR VB.

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


3mm tropical suit in women's size 40 from the company Spider, with short sleeves, little worn, good condition.

VHB 40 Euro, shipping 5 Euro.

Private sale without warranty claims.


Wet suit by JWL in men's size 48 (also good to wear by women with size 40 - 42), 7mm neoprene thickness, in good condition for sale. It keeps you super warm, but unfortunately it has become "too small" for me. Two-piece: Overall Long John and jacket with long sleeves and hood.

On a leg zipper the handle is broken, but the runner and the zipper are ok (can be touched by a string).

No warranty, as private sale.

VHB 30 Euro, Shipping 10 Euro


Dry suit by Scubapro for women in good, little used condition in size 42, booties in size 40 (with thick socks) or 41 with thin socks. Included is a warm underwear.

The suit is made of pressed neoprene, so it also has little thermal insulation even without underwear.

The Halsmannschette is new, but not expertly glued in.

With this I put a set of new arm cuffs including glue.

Price 390 Euro, shipping 10 Euro.

No warranty, as private sale.

Try on, self-collection desired, as with my other sales.


Sell a Bare CT200 underwear in size L/G. The material is Thinsulate in the thickness 200.

110 Euro VB.

Shipping is possible.

Xcel suit WANTED!

XCel Womens ThermoFlex 5/4 - Limited Edition "Whale Shark" - Women's Diving Suit 5/4 mm

Size 6 or 6S

Hello dear diving community,

I hope someone can help me:

I went from Switzerland to Frankfurt to the Interdive to buy a 5mm suit (boat would have been too far). This suit fit perfectly, but only had it in 2/3mm in my size. Now I have ordered it on the Internet and after 2 W waiting on demand I learned that they can only deliver from May. But would like to wear it during my holidays in March. Does anyone know an address where I have a chance to find one? Thank you very much and best regards! Karin


I used this semi-dry diving suit myself in 2012 on Ebay but never dived, because it is a bit too long for me and I now swear by Waterproof. The condition suggests that the "Element five" has few dives behind it and thus still offers the neoprene density 5mm (or 6mm in the upper body area). Cuffs on arms and legs are fine without holes or cracks, zippers on the back, arms and legs top in order, rubberized knee pads like new. Despite the generally good condition, there are a few shortcomings to report:
- the white areas on the bust show some pilling (probably by jacket strap) - on a thigh in the light blue area unfortunately yellow discoloration. Yellowed? - at one shoulder pressure point through the temple (last picture). But I think after 2-3 dives this is reflected. From the original description of the diving suit and size chart: Order size 80: Bust 90-93, Waist 74-77, Hips 99-101, Weight 68-74, Height 170-178 in cm

FP 70 euros.


I sell my wetsuit because it has become too big for me.

With the suit I have completed about 10 dives. He has served me well.

It is a lady suit with 5mm in size M/3.


59077 Hamm

Sold is a Waterproof W2 7mm neoprene + 5mm ice vest in size S/t

No damage. Was with it 3x in fresh water. Condition is like new.

VB 170 Euro + shipping costs


Offer my Cressi Lontra in size S/2.
It has about 40 TG and has unfortunately become too small for me.
Condition is good. No cuts or broken seams.

I offer overalls with back zipper and ice vest made of 5-7mm laminated, very soft neoprene.

The jumpsuit has double manchettes on the arms and legs.

Fitting is possible.

Price 100Euro VP + Shipping


Scubapro Everdry 4.0 PRO Men's Wetprene Dry Suit in XXL/56



- Dry diving shoes size XXL

- The neoprene shampoo, Mcnett wet- and drysuit shampoo

- Zip Tech care pen for zippers 2 x 4.8g

- Bag

- Hood

Link Amazon:

The suit was purchased in 2018. With the dry suit was dipped only four times in fresh water. This suit is sold because it is too big for me. Invoice available.

Ebay Classifieds link:

I offer here a Trocki to the Scubapro Evertec in size S.

Have dived him only 8 times but no more time. Too bad to hang in the closet.

There is also the dry diving glove system from Scubaforce.

And also 1 pair of Scubapro rock boots in size M (I wore them at shoe size 41)

Asking price is 450VB

Make me offers..

Or 01774235538 via Whats App


Polar Bears Dry Suit with Horizontal Front Entry size.. M.. (1.75 m, 80 kg) (attached shoes 42 ÔÇô 44 )

with Halcyon Streamline P-Valve

New cuffs (not yet cut back),

Rolock lined gloves with baionette closure

2 * Foot lead (approx. 1 Kg.)

2 underwear size M and ice - hood is available free of charge

VB 350 EUR

Size L (1,90m, 85 kg). Turbo Soles XL. Black. Dived 7 times. Keeps absolutely tight. Cuffs in tact and undamaged. Always nicely powdered. Zipper in top condition, always greased. With bag. Original price 2.350 EUR. Asking price: 1.450 EUR.

2 underwear, hood and gloves and bag

suitable for approx. 160-165 cm, approx. 55-60kg, shoe size 38-40

VB: 350,- Euro plus shipping

No guarantee can be given and a return after purchase is not possible


Phone: 01711258383

Camaro Titanium Alpha Processing Thermo with ice vest and hood, size 50, condition: NEW, with original label. Received the suit as a birthday present and never used it, hung in the closet.



Sell my barely worn ladies wetsuit of the brand Scubapro as well as the matching ice vest.

Was only worn 3x (fresh water)

- Size M

- Material EVERFLEX

- thick 7/5mm

Original price: 450EUR

The suit is in top condition.

Suit without ice vest: 230EUR

Ice vest: 90EUR

Suit + ice vest: 310EUR

If you are interested, please send us a message.