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Sell my barely worn ladies wetsuit of the brand Scubapro as well as the matching ice vest.

Was only worn 3x (fresh water)

- Size M

- Material EVERFLEX

- thick 7/5mm

Original price: 450EUR

The suit is in top condition.

Suit without ice vest: 230EUR

Ice vest: 90EUR

Suit + ice vest: 310EUR

If you are interested, please send us a message.

Dry suit Mares XR Kevlar Latex Seals, NEW ORIGINAL PACKAGING Size XL

Price: 1100,00EUR

The suit is brand new and in original packaging. The latex cuffs are not cut.

The size is XL

a detailed description of the suit can be found here

The suit can be picked up or free shipping in Germany

  • W1
  • 7mm
  • For Men
  • 3 years old
  • Stored dark in the cupboard
  • Size M
  • Few dives
  • VP 199,- for self-collector in Hamburg/cash payment
  • Shipping extra/ PayPal Friends


Phone: 015775065866

  • Hello have here 2 new Mares XR1 NTS in L And XL
  • Np was 1800EUR
  • has never been in the water
  • now for 999EUR
  • New breathable, ultra-light, resistant NTS trilaminate
  • New improved, even more robust KEV/XR - reinforcements around the shoulders, knees, shins and buttocks
  • New high-density, black XR tapes (over-gluing of the seams)
  • New more durable sewing and bonding processes (suits and bags)
  • Conical latex neck and arm cuffs (allow the application of dry gloves)
  • Mares exclusive intake and exhaust valves
  • Maximum flexibility through improved cutting and new design
  • 2 diagonal YKK front zippers made of plastic: 1 heavy-duty plastic zipper, 1 new YKK Aquaseal dry zipper
  • Adjustable waist drawstring and crotch strap
  • Adjustable, wide, comfortable and elastic suspenders
  • Attached feet made of 4mm neoprene with firm sole
  • Reinforced edge on the feet, adjustable Velcro for perfect grip
  • 2 pockets with 4 compartments, water drain and highly stable zipper, inside with several elastic bands
  • Rasps on the edge of the pocket flap for a better grip
  • Dry neck cuff, hood covers the entire neck area, so that no water can penetrate
  • New 4mm Dry Smooth Hood
  • New reinforced transport bag, which can also be used as a mat for changing clothes
  • For extremely demanding tech divers, long cave, deep or wreck dives
  • Extremely stable, durable and versatile. Great freedom of movement for frog kick and valve exercises

To be dispensed: inlet valve for Trocki,

due to conversion, so far top in function,

VB 30,- EUR plus shipping via DHL or pick-up

Private sale: no return or guarantee!


A very well preserved dry suit with matching skirt boots (large 45-46) and dry gloves. 4mm neoprene and pee travel closure included. The suit is only to be handed in for health reasons. Hood ML and bag from DUI are also available. Original price EUR2499

ÔÇó Diagonal front zipper Ensures fantastic freedom of movement

ÔÇó Patented telescopic torso Guarantees perfect fit, makes it easier to put on and take off and protects the dry tip

ÔÇó Suspenders and crotch strap for perfect fit ÔÇó Warm neck collar for even better insulation properties (optimal with Warm Neck hood)

ÔÇó Protective zipper

ÔÇó Rock Boots: provide a secure grip even on the most difficult surfaces and also protect the suit

ÔÇó CRUSH Neoprene Knee Pads

ÔÇó Rotatable, balanced inlet and automatic exhaust valve

ÔÇó Heavy Duty Latex Cuffs

Image serves only for example and it would be best if it were also the variant

I am looking for the scubapro profile 7mm size 36-38 because I have not found an advertisement in Google and the really top rating I wanted to get the price is first 2nd rank

less than 20 TG - 3mm suit by Aqualung, back zipper

was only allowed to do a few TG on Palau and is now looking forward to the wide world :-)

(Unfortunately, 'master' no longer dives.)

Hello :)

Here I offer a Waterproof D70 SC, (dry suit) in size XL

I myself am 1.93m tall and have a shoe size of 46/47 :)

I was diving with him once in the M├Âhnesee, and when it comes up a maximum of 7-8 times in the swimming pool.

It is stored in our heating cellar, or hangs there.

It was freshly greased.

In addition, there is a care / powder set.

And since Christmas is just around the corner, there is another surprise :)

I am glad if someone could use him because he is much too bad.

If you have any further questions, you may call or write at any time :)

Shipping would be possible :)

( See picture more features. )

58239 Schwerte

Phone: 015732291396

1 x DUI TLS Size XL incl. Rockboots, DUI Zip Seal, Inlet Valve with Heating Vest Feedthrough - EUR800

1 x Santi Heatingwest - EUR300

1 x fourth element Arctic - EUR140

1 x Seamansub Fleece Underwear - EUR50

1 x ScubaMaster Diveroller 125l - EUR30

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

Wetsuit SCUBAPRO everflex 5/4mm Women XS

Barely worn; no damage; high wearing comfort

zippers on wrists and ankles;

Tatex knee and shoulder pads, as well as a protective coating on the elbows, provide excellent protection against wear;

On the inside of the suit, single-blind stitch seams ensure a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Material composition: 90% neoprene, 10% nylon

Size 34 for women with height 1,56- 1,60..

I have dived little and for health reasons now not at all and part with the suit. For diving he was very warm and comfortable.


I offer here a sailor neoprene dry suit. It is absolutely dense. Arm and neck cuffs are in perfect condition and uncircumcised. Unfortunately I did not find any size specifications in the suit but I am 1.72 tall and weigh about 80KG. I bought the suit from a slimmer man about 1.80 tall and I think the neoprene is very flexible and offers some freedom in that respect. However, I strongly recommend trying on the suit. A fitting is possible in Hamburg, Hemmoor, L├╝beck or possibly Kiel.

Price: 250 Euro

Phone: 015117909794

Offer Trocki Otter skin

I was in fresh water 4 times with it.

before it was not used 50 times

New cuffs were attached.

price according to internet and diving school 800-1000EUR new

negotiation basis I say times 300-400EUR

makes suggestions

Phone: 01703486930

Sell Aqualung Balance Comfort 7 mm Balance Comfort for women, size 38, NEW, 2013, Unfortunately never worn, account available,

- Modular system consisting of a jumpsuit in 7mm AquaFlex neoprene, an overcoated hoty made of 5.5mm AquaFlex neoprene
- Made entirely of Ultra Strech Neoprene
- G-Lock back zipper for minimal water ingress
- The zipper is underlaid as if by a cuff and this minimizes the water ingress again considerably
- The arm and leg cuffs consist of a 2.5mm thick layer of smooth skin neoprene, above which is the 3.5mm thick neoprene layer with zipper for easy on and off
- New V Velcro collar for more comfort and internal smooth skin neoprene for best sealing properties
- Collar with comfortable front zipper
- The knee pads are not only robust, but also flexible for comfortable wearing
- Overalls, vest and hood are available individually

- Style: Overall
- Thickness: 7mm
- Neoprene: AquaFlex 4-waySuperStretch
- Position of the zipper: back zipper
- Zipper: YKK #10
- Arm cuffs: Yes
- Leg cuffs: Yes
- Knee Pads: Supratex
- Seams: Glued & Blind Stitch
- Back pad: No

Brandenburg / Berlin

Phone: 01622020859


I offer a dry suit as new:

Waterproof D1 Hybrid for women, size ML with attached dry gloves, gr.M/L (Ultima System by Waterproof).

It is an exhibit.

NP: 2139EUR Suit + 129EUR Ultima Glove System = 2268EUR

My price for everything : 2000EUR + shipping costs.


The suit is well preserved, 2 small punctures on the back see photo 3, my size 187cm at 105 kg, suit has a side pocket, diagonal front zipper.



Phone: 01715157480

Dry suit Hollis DX-300 with Kubi gloves /// Retail price EUR 900.- Hollis DX-300 with underwear and Kubi gloves

The suit is used, is tight and is sold with Kubi glove system, boots, urinal valve and underwear. The original price is approx. CHF 2800.- / EUR2500.-

The arm exhaust valve was replaced in 2018.

The suit is designed for people with a size of 170cm to 185cm and shoe size 41-43

Of course, the suit may be tried on before buying. The location of the suit is near Bern CH

Origianl text by Hollis:

The DX300 is the latest addition to the Hollis exposure line. Designed by technical divers, for technical divers and developed over three years in a variety of demanding conditions. It is maneuverable and comfortable, while ensuring long service life.

The suit is constructed with double diamond fabric trilaminate material, which has a mass of 500gm/sqm to provide strength and absolute seam initegrity. Freedom of movement is optimized, with the panels cut onto the material preload to provide 25% extra stretching than traditional trilam and a flat and flexible YKK zipper.

Includes SiTech silicone neck and wrist seals for comfort and quick replacement. The suit is also equipped with two large thigh pockets (both with Velcro and 2" dring), 3M reflective safety strips for visibility, double thick knee pads 5mm neoprene socks and internal suspenders.

Double Diamond Weave Trilaminate has a total mass of 500gm / sqm, lightweight and robust

Our patented BIAS cut combined with a telescopic torso increases freedom of movement, but allows for a closer fit of air migration

The wide flat seam construction minimizes the risk of leaks in high-risk areas

Equipped with the new innovative YKK, flat and flexible zipper

Equipped with SiTech Neck Tite system with silicone seal

Equipped with SiTech Quick Change Solution Oval wrist system with silicone seals as standard (with replacement seals)

Two large Velcro bags with an internal D-ring

Double Thick Knee Pads

5mm neoprene socks

Adjustable suspenders included

With boots

I sell here my Solafx from Aqualung Gr 10 ( corresponds to clothing size 40). The suit was only 2x in the water and was stored hanging (temple with bridge, hanging over hips and not !!! on the shoulders with donkey smiley-wink.gif ears).

The material is nice and stretchy despite the thickness and with the front zipper you can get in and out well without help. The zipper is tip top ok and well g├Ąngig. The additional chest inner tab seals very well and the already attached hood prevents additional water ingress. The cuffs inside the arms and legs are not as long as usual, which makes it easier to put on and still keeps super tight.

In the water, the suit is cuddly warm and really more than just a semi-dry suit! Since I switched to a Trocki, I give up the suit.

Original price was 300 Euro, VB 170 Euro plus shipping or self-collection.

This is a private sale without warranty/guarantee or return.


Offer wg. hobby task as good as new semi-dry diving suit from Scubapro (Onesuit 6) incl. ice vest with hood.
The suit is about 3 years old and has only been used once in fresh water.
6 mm neoprene, size 54, NP approx. 300EUR
Fitting on collection is of course possible and desirable.

For the suit I would like to have 120, - EUR (VB, but please remain fair)

Private sale without guarantee / guarantee.
No redemption or subsequent price negotiations.
Payment in cash upon collection, by PayPal or prepayment.
Shipping is at the expense of the buyer (costs and risk)


Phone: 02331932828

I offer here a Die Apeks Tech Shorts in size S (Unisex). I was exactly 1x with it in the water. The shorts can be worn over a dry or wet suit. With their large pockets, they bring additional storage options. In warm water temperatures or other water sports activities, they can also be worn alone. Ideal for dives in warm waters with wetsuit to create additional storage space for boards, coils or lamps. The protective rubber application on the back reduces abrasion and provides grip.

Technical details:

- 1.5 mm neoprene
- Easily adjustable belt with 2 Velcro fasteners, adjustable straps and quick release fastener
- Spacious, foldable textile fabric leg pockets to prevent deformation
- Eyelets for fast water drainage
- D-ring for attaching accessories
- Rubber applications on the back reduce abrasion and provide grip, useful on a jet ski or inflatable boat
- Taped seams at the back and on the inner leg prevent damage to the thread

The original price was 99, - Euro. I would like to have 50, - Euro for it.



I sell this NEW hood

Waterproof H30 in size ML.

The New Model.

This 2mm hood is perfect for warm waters.

The hood is new and has not yet been in the water.

Quieter it is a bit too small for me.

As a guide, here are my measurements:

Forehead circumference: 57cm

Neck circumference: 44cm

20 EUR excl. Dispatch

Offer neoprene suits!

For sale are two neoprene suits if interested simply report

Sell my dry dip underwear from Scubapro, material Thinsulate, color black with lime on the front, well preserved and freshly washed. It has 2 pockets. Size MEDIUM, should be 52-54. I dipped it with a size of 190 cm and 80 kg, it also fits a little more into it. sm1.gif

Shipping as DHL parcel possible. Or pick up in the Speyer area.

Price 35EUR VHB


Waterproof D10 Pro

Age: approx. 5 years

Size: M+

Dives: 8

Storage: Dry and dark hanging on the waterproof clothing hanger.

Condition: As good as new

The suit has a silicone neck sleeve

VB: 450 EUR

Sell my only 2 times worn Helo underwear. Unfortunately has to give up diving. It is super comfortable and keeps nice and warm. He comes from a non-smoking and animal-free household. Original price was 399 EUR, 200 EUR VB


Phone: +491741309602

Swimsuit by Seac Sub made of highly flexible material. Also suitable for swimming in the open sea and apnea.

Material: Super elastic smooth skin

Cut: Anatomical, designed for maximum comfort and performance, especially to support arm movements in the armpit area

Seams: Flat seam

No seams in the armpit area

Rear zipper with protective flap

Unused because too small.

This is a private sale. No warranty or return.

Breckerfeld, Zurstra├če

Phone: 01749830074

Sell here my Scubapro Everdry 4 dry suit. Super condition only used in fresh water. Size XXL. On an arm cuff, the inner lining is slightly torn from the on and off - > suit is still tight! If you have any questions, simply contact us. Sale without guarantee, return and warranty

Price 440EUR VB

Scubapro ExoDry 4.0 - Women's Neoprene Dry Suit. Condition: New.

Hello dear buyers, For personal reasons, I dropped out of my diving training and could never use the Trocki. The manufacturer's price is 809 EUR, but on the Internet you can find the Exodry for about 639EUR. I sell the suit for 500EUR (VB). The size is XL, but the suit is slightly smaller (more like L). If you are interested, please feel free to write to me! -Aylin

Sturdy suit for strong guys (fits for about 190cm / 100 kg).

neoprene neck cuff, arm cuffs latex; both in very good condition.

Neoprene boots size 47/48 (no FlexSoles or similar, real boots), also good condition. Fit in Turtle Fins XXL.

The second exhaust valve on the left forearm was removed and the hole was properly closed.

VHB 450 Euro.


I sell a Bare CD4 Pro Dry Neoprene Dry Suit in size LT (Large+Tall). The Trocki has about 80 TG and in my opinion is dense and fully functional. I dipped the suit with 183 and 80 kg, but it was always a bit too big for me in terms of length. If you are taller than 183, it is ideal.

Other features:
- Neoprene cuff on the neck
- Latex sleeve cuff (There was a Kubi glove system mounted, but is hardly recognizable by the cuffs).
- a large pocket on the left side
- Metal zipper on the back
- Cover cap for inlet valve is missing
- Shoes size XL (equivalent to 43-44)

VB 400 EUR


Sold here is a little dipped 7mm semi-dry wetsuit.

The suit was bought in April 19 and has not dived 20 times. The condition is like new.

I am 180 and weigh 95 kilos and he fits great.

The best way to find out about the details is on Google.

Bare 7mm Reactive

Original price 500EUR

I would like to have 400EUR plus shipping if necessary.


Phone: 01622337521


Offer my used Camaro Alpha 7 semi-dry suit because unfortunately I don't fit in anymore.

The suit has about 30 dives behind it is visually in perfect condition.

Due to the very flexible neoprene, it can be dressed super and does not pinch anywhere.

Price VHB - Shipping possible

Private sale


Phone: 017622291151

Sell an unworn diving suit

Manufacturer: Cressi
Insert: Semi-dry suit
Cut: Overall
Thickness: 7 mm
Material: Neoprene
Neck cuff: Smooth skin
Zipper: Back
Knee reinforcement: yes

Special: Accessory bag (on the thigh), holder for hood

Original price: approx. EUR 319,-

--> Sale price: EUR 210,-!! <--


neoprene underwear Gr.S 1,5mm. Condition: Used. Shipping with DHL parcel up to 2 kg for 3,99EUR also possible.

Price: 15EUR

07629 Hermsdorf

Phone: 015750179445

neoprene shorty men Gr. S (Tilos) 2mm. Condition: Used. Shipping with DHL parcel up to 2 kg for 3.99 also possible.

Price: 15EUR

07629 Hermsdorf

Phone: 015750179445

men's wetsuit 3mm Gr. S (Osprey). Condition: Used. Shipping with DHL parcel up to 2 kg for 4,99EUR also possible.

Price: 40EUR

07629 Hermsdorf

Phone: 015750179445

Rarely used ice vest from Waterproof Libra in size L+ for sale.

Price: 39EUR including shipping in Germany


I sell my 3mm diving suit from Waterproof.

For women in size M. Model "CAPRI" (261223)

Semi-dry, zipper at the back, cuffs laminated

Color: Black, white, red (80% rubber, 20% nylon, washable at 30┬░ degrees.

Almost as good as new. It was only worn 1-2 times by me on our honeymoon on Maurititus.

After that, he hung unused in the closet.


Gladly pick-up. Shipping as a package for 9,49EUR possible.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Oberbergischer Kreis, Lindlar


Separate me from this dry dip underwear from Bare. Little used.

Original price currently 229 EUR.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs


I sell my dry suit from Beuchat incl. underwear and fins

everything was worn only 3 times. Suit and underwear are in size M the fins are in size Regular and from Mares

06526 Sangerhausen

150 EUR VB

As good as NEW, has only 15 dives (fresh water) behind him!

Barakuda Women 7mm FRONT ZIP
Wetsuit/semi-dry 7 mm with fixed hood
Size 40 Women (worn by 165cm and 58kg)
diagonal front zipper

Shipping possible !
Also note my other sales !!!


Phone: 017640498511

Sell my only about 10 dives used

Scubapro Neoprene Dry Suit Exodry

Size 56

I bought it about 3 years ago when I did my brevet. But unfortunately I did not like it. It is in very good condition.

It is really great to wear, lightweight, comfortable and yet sturdy.

  • On the side there is a pocket with zipper and a holder for the hood.

Retail price 600 EUR

Shipping is possible by assumption of costs by the buyer. Otherwise it can be visited and tried on.

To the size orientation

I am about 188 cm and weigh 90 kg

It suited me perfectly. I didn't have an undershirt, I always wore sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt.

For questions or further pictures just write to us.


Scubapro Everflex Overall Neoprene Diving Suit 7/5 Size LR 250.-

Model for men, LR size

The suit has already undergon some dives, but has no defects except for smaller color detachments and is perfectly submersible. the zippers are of high quality and work without defects.

The suit is extremely comfortable because stretchy and flexible. This makes it super easy to put on and take off. In addition, it gives a lot of warmth through the diamond span fabrics and heliospan torso inserts.

Original price about 400 francs


Sell Santi Emotion Trocki

Size is LL

Flexsoles are size XXL.

Neck cuff is in size M

Arm cuffs are bottle in size M

YKK plastic zipper

The suit is in very good condition and can of course be tried on and if necessary sample dipped


Hello dear divers,

I sell my Bare x mission Trocki. Purchased this year (01/2019). You get the Trocki, grease pen for the zipper, talcum powder and the matching storage bag from Bare. The neck cuff is made of neoprene and therefore holds particularly tight. Hand cuffs are made of silicone. Neck and hands can be both widened and tightened, according to fit for all types.

Trocki dressed on height 171cm with 100mm underwear and sports suit enough freedom of movement.

Shoe size is 39/40, suit size 40/42.

No traces of noise, keeps tight and flawless.

Original price at cash from 1700EUR.

Sale price 1000EUR

If you have any further questions or pictures, simply write to us.

I bought this trocki about 3 years ago, it has 7 dives behind it, so it is practically still new. Since he is so rarely used, I decided with a heavy heart to part with him.

I set the price (incl. underwear) to 1600,-

Write to me if you are interested


Offer different diving suits / wetsuits incl. ice vest. Ideal for divers, kitesurfers, surfers and swimmers.

Suits are from Barakuda and in 7mm. Different sizes available.

Suits with ice vest each 60,-

2x Size 50

2x Size 56

Only ice vest per 20,-

1x Size 52

3x Size 54

The suits were used exclusively in fresh water and specially cleaned after each dive. The suits are used but are all in perfect very good condition from my point of view.

Zippers all run very well.

Collection and shipping possible by arrangement with assumption of costs.

Cash payment, bank transfer and PayPal plus fees are possible.

Since this is a private sale without guarantee and under exclusion of any warranty and without right of return.

All information has been provided to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Statements about the condition of the articles reflect only my subjective opinion.