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Sell several diving suits in good but used condition.

Prices on request and negotiable


Size 1.64, was 85kg and had shoe size. 38-39

Suit in good condition with dry gloves and heavy duty zipper


Am 1.78 tall, Shoe size.41 and have 85kg weight.

The suit is tight,

good condition,

Heavy Dutty zipper and

Dry gloves are available with click system

also there.

Vb. 400EUR


Hello, I enjoy diving in warm waters much more, so I sell my complete dry suit set consisting of:

  • Dry suit "d9" by "Waterproof" -> light and breathable; Size S Ladies
  • Underwear "thermal fusion" by "Aqua Lung" -> size S/M
  • Aqua Lung Socks for Dry Suit -> Size 6/8
  • Kallweit Glove System -> this is already integrated, but can also be agreed or exchanged for another glove system. I have not yet agreed on the cold protection made of neoprene on the Trocki on the forearms, but this can also be separated if necessary.
  • Neoprene shoes / boots "waterproof" "b5 marine boot" -> size 27 = converted shoe size 42
  • suitable inflator hose for the dry suit
  • Talc for the care of the dry suit
  • Hangers for the dry suit very stable
  • Bag for transporting the suit
  • Sliding paste zipper -> as needed for easier sliding of the zipper.

I purchased the suit in 2018 and used it in only 5 dives during that time. Therefore, it is in very good condition. The suit was stored dry, protected from the sun and hanging. The cuffs were maintained with talc, slight traces of talc can be seen on the suit in the pictures, but goes away very well on the first dive. Due to the zipper at the front across the body, the suit can be put on and made very easily without outside help. I am 168 tall and have shoe size 39. With these measurements, the suit suited me very well, I still had sufficient freedom of movement. The suit has dived very well during the dives and is easy to transport due to the light weight. I sell the suit only with a heavy heart. If necessary, I can also send the original invoice with purchase.

I only sell the set completely for 1150 EUR VB.


I sell a Waterproof SD3 semi-dry diving suit, ladies, size XS, 7mm. The suit was submerged in fresh water about 5 times and stored only dark. I sell because of the abandonment of the hobby.

Shipping is possible against the assumption of costs

Since private sale no redemption,no guarantee and no exchange.
The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty.

Had bought me a Santi Elite with the Flexsoles in XXL. Unfortunately, these were too big in the end, so that the shoes were replaced after 5x wear in the Trockiklinik. The size is 45-46
50EUR + shipping

Sell little used SCUBAFORCE X9 underwear in gr.M, with associated underwear gloves Gr.M

Suit Details:
* 3M German quality
* Two ways zipper
* Bi-elastic
* Washable
* Inlet for suit heating/pink valve
* Hand and foot loops

Private sale, therefore no guarantee, redemption or warranty

EUR180.- plus shipping costs, self-collection or personal handover in Vienna or at Lake Neufeldersee possible!

For further questions I would like to answer any questions!


Phone: +436641667228


unfortunately I am no longer allowed to dive for health reasons, so I decided with a heavy heart to sell my diving equipment.

The following articles:

Beuchat Elaskin X6.4 shorty Lady Diving Suit
Size 4/L, 3mm
Price on the Internet 70-80 EUR

Beuchat Elaskin X6.4 long Lady Diving Suit
Size 4/L, 3mm
Price on the Internet - RRP 125 EUR

Both diving suits are as good as new or little to no use. The short diving suit was not worn by me yet and the long diving suit twice.
For women, both diving suits are optimal as they have more space for the bust.

Please make a best offer. The items can be purchased individually or in one.

Pick-up or shipping (plus shipping costs) possible.

For sale is my Santi BZ400 in size XL + Santi socks in size 2XL.

The undercover was worn, please do not expect a new undercover.

The zippers work well, for urinal valve a buttonhole was inserted around the corner at the cutter.

I recently replaced suspenders myself.

Can be picked up and tried in 35510 Butzbach, but shipping is also possible.

Presi for both 80,- EUR


For sale here is a very rarely worn 5mm wetsuit, consisting of 2 parts. A "dungarees" and a jacket. They are both virtually in new condition. Were only used 2 or 3 times and were otherwise well packed, warm and dry in the basement. Size XXL. Very easy to put on. The usual problems with moving on and off are not present here. The 2 divider is Kevler reinforced and is also used by combat swimmers. Original price is 500 euros. Would give it away for 400 Euro VB

No guarantee, warranty and return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Invoice is available

I sell a semi-dry suit of the company Beluga in size M/50 with 7mm neoprene. The suit is a bit older, but not bad for getting started. The suit has a front zipper and a hood. The cuffs are still good and not torn.
The matching ice vest is also available.

I am 178 tall and weigh 70 kg. A little smaller would be better, I always have trouble getting dressed as it tightens a bit.


I sell my Scubapro Definition 5mm women's suit. I bought it in October 2019. The suit was only worn on a total of 4 dives. Unfortunately, it is too big for me. The condition is like new. The suit can be tried on on site.

Size: LT

Price: 130EUR VB + Shipping

Pick-up or shipping is possible.

Private sale, therefore no guarantee, exchange, return or warranty.



separate me with a heavy heart from my Apeks Fusion KVR1 Trocki, size S/M, NEW, he was never in the water. Move and won't dive anymore.

The Trocki has SLT Silicon Cuffs System, 2Twin zip pockets, Air Core inner layer, Rapid Zip to Air core Zipper System, is super comfortable, stretchy and robust. Original price is 2000euro.

Price: now 1150VHB (plus shipping)

According to the Apeks table, S/M fits for: 165-175cm, 55-77kg, chest circumference: 89-105cm, hips 69-91cm.

Have also boots, never worn, size 8, for 30euro and the Whites MK3 underwear, also never worn, size S., 100euro, would like to sell everything together.

Attention: Private sale, the sale takes place under exclusion of any warranty.


3-finger gloves from Waterproof must be handed in in very good condition. 7Mm thick, with smooth skin double cuff. As a result, hardly any water ingress when the cuff is placed correctly. Super warm, but a bit friemelig when dressed. Size L, a size chart is available from the manufacturer (

Hardly worn

FP 40EUR incl. postage


Private sale, because of hobby task neoprene dry suit by Waterproof, model D70 of size Men's XL (me: 186m sporty built about 90 kg).
The suit is in good condition, zipper works perfectly and there are no holes either. With about 20 TG in local freshwater lakees quite virgin.
Unfortunately, the cuffs now dissolve (due to age, about 6 years), are brittle and cracked! With the arm cuffs (standard approx. 2x40 EUR) decent dry gloves would be recommended (approx. 2x70EUR), in Lake Constance it was quite cool at the fingertips at the third TG. The neck cuff must also be made. Costs approx. 60 EUR
Shoes size 29.0...the stickers are even on it, is probably an indication for a few TG :-)
In addition, there is the matching neoprene head hood and a practical transport bag, so that the wet piece can be transported dry in the car.
Assessment and fitting on site possible with appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Pick-up preferred, shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is 999 EUR

It is sold for 549 EUR VB

Private sale, to hand over to diving hands because of hobby task. 7 mm semi-dry suit, super comfortable and almost a Trocki! Size Men ML/t (me: 1,86m, sporty built, about 90 kg and NO suit pinkler!).
The suit has reinforcements in the important places, in the knee area even proper pads and useful pockets for e.g. a replacement glasses are also taken into account. Hood incl.
According to the logbook about 30 TG, 20 of them in salt water. Always well cleaned, rinsed and maintained.
Zipper and cuffs work perfectly.
Viewing and fitting possible by appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Pick-up preferred, shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is still 750-800 EUR

It is sold for 499 EUR VB

Sell new unused Cressie sub semi-dry diving suit 7mm for women size M3! The suit comes with hood and extra feet, which are also new! for 650 Chf for sale (original price was 750chf)


Phone: 0793664857

Sell a trilaminate dry suit from Kallweit, size L (about 1.80m - 1.85m), with new, changeable neck and arm cuffs, brand new modern plastic zipper (I've been tired of the old metal versions), large leg pockets and decent boots in size 34-44 according to Kallweit table, heat collar, rotating inlet valve INT, automatic exhaust valve, year of construction 2010, few dives and good condition. Suit is tight, only a seal on the leg, was probably once a bushing mounted. The clamps on the arm cuffs are only used for reinforcement, you can also omit. Suit is unfortunately a size too big for me (I 1.78m, slim). I think someone with 1.85m should fit well. Fitting on site welcome. 550,- VHB



Wheezle Extreme + ; Size: Small, Long EUR 80,-

Trouser pockets no longer usable due to Pee-Valve hose.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my obligations as a seller remains unaffected.


Phone: 01713370994

I sell here my "beloved" Trocki from DUI, CF200, made of crash neoprene,

from which I unfortunately grew out "somewhat"...

It was dry and dense until the last dive - these DUI suits are a

Purchase for life, at least as long as you keep your figure...

The inflator hose is missing in the pictures - but there is definitely one,

just like the hood. The suit has a so-called telescopic torso,

this keeps you extremely mobile (even under water).

The size designation is U.S. = "LR", but I with 180cm and 90kg fit in very well.

At height up to 185cm the suit should fit, wg. Telescopic torso.

I would recommend a fitting, otherwise you will be annoyed afterwards...

My asking price is EUR 500,- (VB), original price today is $ 3.200

Suit can be visited in Stockach on Lake Constance

Stockach / Baden

Sell my never worn new diving suit. Women's size S.
Unfortunately, I never got around to wearing it.
It has a thickness of 7mm. And is perfect for the sea.

for sale are various underwear and footwear for dry suits.


Beaver Thinsulate LL

Seac XL (The label says 3XL, but it is smaller)

Kallweit XXL


M&M Diving Technologies XL/XXL


Sailor L/XL

Polar Bear L

Kallweit XXL (one lacks the zipper)

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


Wetsuit Semann
Black-Grey, Size 102, 5mm

Wetsuit Semann
Black, Size 52, 5mm
On the insides of the knee joints, the color is slightly faded.

7mm hood size L

7mm Gloves Waterproof Size M

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


I sell a 7mm ULTRA Neoprene hood from DUI. The hood has never been in the water.

Price 30EUR plus shipping.


I sell a 6mm neopreon hood from Santi, size L. The hood has never been in the water.

Price 30EUR plus shipping.


Beuchat 5mm Neoprene Gloves Size M

Offer Beuchat 5mm Neoprene Gloves Size M for sale. The gloves were worn, but are technically and visually completely O.K.

My asking price:

25,00Euro plus shipping

Gladly to self-collectors, shipping after prior consultation.

You expressly point out that this is a private sale and I do not assume any warranty.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Corona secured pick-up possible

Price is VB and also negotiable. If several items from my ads are accepted, there is a discount

- Sell 7mm wetsuit
- Reactor Pro Neo Tec
- 7mm semi-dry suit Arctic
- attached hood
- with extremely abrasion-resistant Kevlar knee pads
- Used almost like new / condition see pictures
- Double cuffs
- Size: approx. XL
- Price: VB

This is a private sale. The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty. These are used goods, see photos for the condition.



I have to hand in a diving suit. As a non-diver, I have no idea what a gem I found in the dissolution of the apartment.

Please enlighten me and make me an offer - I am relatively flexible when it comes to the price - but it should be honest and appropriate. Ask me if I still have to take photos or measure something.

Thank you

I offer a semi-dry suit from Aquata in size 38 as well as a hood from Cressi in S.

Have completed 3 dives with it. In addition, as can be seen in the pictures, an octopus impression was created by a dive in the Seychelles, thus a cool signature. :-)

Both are in very good condition.

90 Euro VB.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Dry dip underwear L Northern Diver Flectalon / Metalux 100 g

To hand in the underwear for dry suit of Northern Diver Flectalon 100. Suit thickness 100g/m┬▓.

Size: L

Price: 65,- EUR

Flectalon is a lightweight, highly insulating material specifically designed to reflect thermal radiation.

Flectalon retains its insulating properties in the compressed state and can also be easily washed often with the machine.

special features of the underwear:

  • Northern Diver Underwear
  • Flectalon 100g
  • Ultra-light, highly insulating Trocki underwear
  • Extremely breathable
  • reflects the body heat back to the diver
  • Warms optimally, even if damp or compressed
  • Same insulation even after repeated washing
  • Air ducts on the shoulders and neck
  • 2-way zipper

Shipping against postage refund possible.

This is a sale of private and thus explicitly excluded from any: right of exchange, return and warranty.

If you do not agree with this, do not bid/buy.

Brand names and protected trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The mention of brand names and protected trademarks has only a descriptive character. Named trademarks are in no partnership or cooperation with this advertisement.


To hand in the underwear for dry suit of Northern Diver Metalux 200. Suit thickness 200g/m┬▓.

Size: L

Price: 65,- EUR

Metalux is one of the lightest and most powerful insulation materials on the market. It is designed to reflect body heat and reduce air movement ÔÇô even when the suit is wet or compressed. These thermal properties remain even after multiple use or repeated washing.

Product highlights:


-Metalux 200g

-Lined with fleece (partly red, partly black)

-Two pockets on the hips

-Elastic footsteer

-Two-way zipper

Prices do not include shipping costs.

Pick up in 33604 Bielefeld or shipping against postage refund possible.

This is a sale of private and thus explicitly excluded from any: right of exchange, return and warranty.

If you do not agree with this, do not bid/buy.

Brand names and protected trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The mention of brand names and protected trademarks has only a descriptive character. Named trademarks are in no partnership or cooperation with this advertisement.


Crash neoprene trocki in top condition with only a small optical flaw on the glued knee pad. This had a crack and was glued. Otherwise almost like new.

The cuffs are non-porous and elastic. The zipper is tip-top.

VB 190 EUR


Hello Divers,

Sell women's wet suit. 7mm. Brand Triboard with attached head hood and front ZIP. Colour black/grey/turquoise

I would be happy to send you pictures. The upload does not work here.

Sell very little (under 10 TG) worn Bare Trilaminate Tech Dry Suit (size XL-XXL Unisex)

with Rolock 3 dry diving glove system and original bare storage backpack

including underwear BARE-SB MID black/blue 2-piece with feet.

The Bare Trilaminat Tech Dry is equipped with front zipper. This ensures easy entry and independent opening and closing. The telescopic torso ensures the right freedom of movement and the suspenders for the correct fit. A flexible double belt reinforcement at the seams creates high durability.

Boot size 42/43 (sole 30 cm long)

Length to step: 98 cm, (height 176 cm)

Crotch strap for a good fit

Since this is a private sale, I do not take over any guarantee and return

FB 680,00 EURO

Pick-up or shipping possible

Ebersbach an der Fils

I offer eight survival suits by Helly Hansen here.

universal size

condition used

Price for a survival suit 360EUR negotiation basis

a shipment is possible with assumption of costs!

Schleswig- Holstein

Offer beautiful diving equipment for ladies of Mares consisting of:

o Mares Diving Suit Flexa 8.6.5 Overall semi-dry, Size 2 (38). A particularly beautiful model! Additional padding in the back area with front zipper, additional knee protection made of Supratex, super soft sealing cuff on arm and leg. The neoprene was worn only a little, condition is as good as new!

Price: 250 EUR

o Mares Buoyancy Jacket VectorChrome XS. The jacket is in good used condition.

Price: 100 EUR

o Mares hood, Flexa Hood unisex. Hood with efficient venting system that facilitates pressure equalization.

Condition is as good as new!

Price: 25 EUR

o Mares Diving Gloves Flexa Triglove 5+3

Condition is as good as new!

Price: 10 EUR

Would love to sell everything together. The total price would then be 350 EUR.

Fitting possible. Gladly pick-up.

Sell my Waterproof SD Combat Women's Size M

This diving suit has about 25 dives behind it and is therefore as good as new. The neck cuff has a small crack, but it can be repaired. Original price 720,- EUR

Asking price :350,-EUR VB for pick-up in Krefeld or Bochum



the ad can be viewed in more detail on Ebay Classifieds.

The set consists of suit, underwear, hood and bag.

Price 475EUR


Diving suit xl by exel... Fits with 75kg and 1.60m size

Reinforced knees and elbows

Suit without hood

Sell my complete equipment with selena jacket by Tusa mask and fins


Neoprene wetsuit 7mm, 2 pieces, Beluga

60 Euro plus shipping

Size: 48/50

Lower part with thermal coating

Good condition

Payment: by bank transfer (no PayPal) or cash on delivery.

Shipping: DHL 7,49 Euro (with liability) or if cash on delivery 14,03 Euro

Private offer, the warranty is excluded. No return.

For sale Diving and water spot suit Shorty 3mm NEW for boys or men Ideal also for the next beach holiday.

Optionally in red or blue in S. size please refer to the table.


Shorty alone 17 EUR VB(per Shorty)

together 20 Euro for more acceptances simply write 2xRed and 1xBlue (Only available in size S)

MULTIFUNKTIOBSB├ťGEL 15 Euro for more acceptances from 5stk VB

PayPal possible.

Shipping possible for an appropriate surcharge.

PS. Packaging could be damaged but the contents are flawless.

Sell diving suit MARES antarctica 5mm for women. Size 5 corresponds to 38/40. Inner lining terry cloth very comfortable to wear and easy to slip in. Worn as good as new only 2 times.

Price EUR50,-

Shipping at extra cost!

Diving suit women Scubapro Everflex 5mm Gr M - used

(Purchase 2011) - good condition - approx. 80 dives

(Sale due to cessation of diving)

95 EUR

Pick-up in Schw├╝lper/Braunschweig


DHL shipping plus 7,00 EUR

Other diving equipment for sale: Buoyancy vest Ocean Pro FX-ML and regulator Subgear SG 1000 incl. Octopus/Finimeter

Sell here a little used and top maintained ladies dry suit ( about 40 Tg ) Waterproof D70 SC in size L, with Northern Diver Dry glove system and original Waterproof hood, and transport bag, the suit has no abrasions or glued places, it is still in original condition, the only one, the arm cuffs have been shortened a bit, but are still present and it is tight.

Boot size is 26, equivalent to 38/39

The suit should cost 150EUR VB incl. shipping!!! This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return!!!

The ideal introduction to a new dimension of diving: The Waterproof D70 SC is a robust 3.5mm neoprene dry suit.

This neoprene trocki combines all elementary functions, requires little care and sometimes forgives a mistake in buoyancing. This uncomplicated robustness makes it a very popular model among diving schools. The suit has a back zipper and, together with the matching underwear, is a very warm dry suit.

ÔÇó 3.5 mm Hi-Dense neoprene with DuraTex coating

ÔÇó Warm-neck system with preformed Velcro fasteners

ÔÇó PU-reinforced, preformed knee pads

ÔÇó Latex neck and arm cuffs

ÔÇó PU reinforcement in the buttocks area

ÔÇó Neoprene soft boots

Included in delivery:

ÔÇó H1 5/7mm hood with double H.A.V.S valve

ÔÇó ND ventilation hose

ÔÇó 1000 Cordura backpack

Nothern Diver Dry Diving Glove System:

ÔÇó Easy-to-use closure that can be easily opened/closed with one hand!

ÔÇó No latex-destroying O-rings!

ÔÇó Acid-resistant heavy-duty gloves made of PVC (roughened) blue

ÔÇó Glove easy to change

NRW Essen

Phone: 01716561887

The gloves have only been used 3 times and are in great condition.

Thanks to the white delimited fingers, it is very easy to see the buddy in the corner of your eye.

Price: 19EUR

Free pick-up, postal delivery 3EUR, DHL shipping with tracking 5EUR
Since private sale no return or warranty.

Sold is a new wetsuit of the brand Cressi with a thickness of 5mm in size S for women (at 1.66m height and slim stature, the suit still has a lot of leeway). The suit was only worn once and is therefore absolutely as good as new.

Price: EUR 50,00 (plus shipping).

Shipping possible when the shipping costs are taken over (large package required).

Private sale therefore no guarantee and / or return.

* Also sell matching fins from Cressi as well as a similar suit for men with fins (see more ads)*