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Mares Flexa 3mm Size 5L

New-light soiling due to storage, otherwise completely intact.

80EUR plus shipping

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

80999 M├╝nchen

Phone: +49 89 818 946 47 Visit DCP - DiveCenterParadise

SubGear Type Element Wetsuit 3mm

Size 40

Slightly torn on the right leg

35 euro plus shipping

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

80999 M├╝nchen

Phone: +49 89 818 946 47 Visit DCP - DiveCenterParadise

The diving suit is a custom-made (men's model), height: about 188 cm to 198cm. Back length (neck to crotch, without collar): 75 cm, for body weight: approx. 70 to 76 kg. Zipper on back with practical leash to close yourself.
The suit was kept protected from light throughout and hanging at a moderate temperature.

Hardly worn.

Price: 99,- EUR
Exact model no longer on the market, equivalent model is offered by Barakuda for 598, - EUR (22.06.2021).

You can try on the wetsuit by appointment.
Price plus shipping costs for shipping (2,1 Kg)


Sell 1x a towed Dui underwear for dry suit. Very comfortable to wear and super warm in Size S. I am 156 tall and have 36/38 dress size. If you have any questions or if you would like more photos, please let us know.


Phone: 06502003416

New and unworn.

EUR 20,- plus shipping


If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

The suit is in mint condition. Size XXL

Information from the manufacturer:
The Komoda 7 diving suit from Seac is the optimal choice for all divers who feel at home in local waters. The Hyperflex neoprene sucks for optimal freedom of movement during diving.
Due to the double cuffs on the arms and legs, the suit is well sealed and warms particularly well.
The Komoda Overall has its area of application in the Red Sea or in the Mediterranean.
Overall made of 7 mm Hyperflex Neoprene - up to 300% stretchable, thus perfect adaptation to the body possible
Anatomical cut allows optimal fit
Shoulder protectors - protects the diving suit/overall with
Overalls with back zipper
Knee and elbow protection
Double man shadows on arm and leg cuffs

scope of delivery
Overalls without hood made of 7 mm neoprene


If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

As good as new. Size 54

Information from the manufacturer:
The robust dry suit Definition HD from Scubapro is made of high-quality trilaminate. This material combines very high resistance, a low dead weight and very easy handling for the diver. Put on and take off is very easy on this model due to the very long front zipper. This runs diagonally from the left shoulder to the right hip. The optimal fit is achieved by the telescope system. As a result, the suit is optimally adapted to the body. The easy-to-reach pocket on the right side of the Scubapro Definition Dry HD is equipped with A D-ring and Velcro fastener. For best tightness, latex neck and arm cuffs are used. These can be adjusted in diameter according to the needs of the diver.

high-quality and extremely robust trilaminate HD material
Low weight and fast drying
newly designed separate hood that can be individually adapted to the shape of the face. The opening system allows easy on and off, water infiltration on the neck is effectively prevented
lockable warm neck prevents cold bridges at the neck area and protects the cuff
variable adjustable upper body length due to telescopic torso
Suspenders and crotch strap for perfect fit
Flex Seal seam seals and double material thickness on particularly stressed abrasion zones
Heavy duty latex cuffs on neck and leg cuffs - for optimal fit and good tightness
extra long, sloping frontzip for easy dressing with second cover to protect the underlying dryzip
Two large cargo pockets with Velcro on the legs for easy access
D-rings in the pockets for fixing equipment
Balanced, rotatable SI TECH inlet valve and automatic exhaust valve for best operating comfort
Reflection strips for twilight and night dives
Attached feet with firm outsole
Schuhg├Âssen: S (48) Gr. 42, M (50) Gr. 43-44, L(52) Gr. 45, XL(54) Gr. 45, XXL(56) Gr. 46-47, 3XL(58) Gr. 48, 4XL(60) Gr. 48


Offer this new, unused wetsuit by Tribord, Gr.S. total length 132cm.

27EUR VB plus shipping.


New: 1569EUR

Used: 800EUR

Large M



- A reinforced ultra-light 4-layer breathable outer shell.
- Cordura Nylon Quad Laminate - Stronger laminated material.
- Small and easy to fold
- Weight 3,2kg
- Plastic front zipper
- XLite Flexboots - Lightweight and comfortable boots
- Light Pockets mounted on both sides
- Detachable arm warmers - easy preparation for Ultima dry glove system
- Integrated suspenders
- Quick Dry
- Reinforced knees
- Telescopic torso
- Latex cuffs


Sell a No Gravity Baltic dry suit here, as I was given a new one for the ehrenfeste. This suit is 100% tight, and was still submerged in the last week. I am 1.88 m tall and weigh about 95 kg, with this information he has fit me perfectly, whether with a summer or winter undercoat. It is equipped with neoprene socks in size 45/ 46. The glove system is part of the sale. Since my gloves have broken, only the corresponding rings are added. For an extra charge I am willing to get new gloves. The glove system is from Check Up. Shipping against assumption of the costs possible as well as payment via PayPal friends.

Phone: 01607818458

I offer here a barely used (5 TG in fresh water) Waterproof Taurus 7mm semi-dry for sale.

Size M (175-180, 75-80kg). Entry via large, waterproof zip seal in the shoulder area.

Zip wears, cuffs and suit without damage. Incl. gloves 5mm also size M.

The suit was stored on a special carrier hanging dry.

VHB 250 EUR incl. shipping within Germany.

Private sale without warranty and return. Fitting can be carried out in the Cologne area.


I sell here a used Waterproof ice vest TZor 5mm in size M (175-181cm, 75-82kg).

Approx. 25 TG. with slight signs of wear.

VHB 35,00 EUR incl. shipping to Germany.

Private sale without warranty and right of return. Fitting in the Cologne area possible.


I sell here a used Waterproof W1 5mm in size M (175-181cm, 75-82kg).

Approx. 150 TG. The suit has traces of wear.

Zippers, cuffs and suit without damage

VHB 55,00 EUR incl. shipping to Germany.

Private sale without warranty and right of return. Fitting in the Cologne area possible.


Offer dry submersible X9 from Scubaforce in size S, asking price 85 EUR.

Private sale under exclusion of any warranty.


We sell a virtually unworn :

Bare Underwear Super Hi-Loft Polarwear Extreme Women - Black Size M

Ultra soft and warm, this underwear provides for the torso two layers hi-loft thinsulate for extremely cold water diving. If it gets cold quickly, then this is the right dry suit underwear for you. Textile marking: 65% polyester and 35% nylon. with transport bag.

Price: 240 Euro ( NP 480 Euro)

Shipping by insured shipping to all of Europe (by DHL Germany)

Schweiz / Basel

for sale little used:

Poseidon Venus 6.5mm Neoprene Diving Drysuit
for women (size M)- (no seawater)

My partner has grown out of it! Mass 165cm and 72 kg

A dry-diving suit that sits like a semi-dry suit! Made of 6.5mm neoprene (without underwear only submersible with functional wash)

- 6.5mm HD Neoprene
- black/grey
- Armatex nylon and Kevlar on the outside
- anatomically preformed arms and legs
- horizontal back zipper
- Softboots (Size 38.39)
- rotatable inlet valve
- automatic outlet valve

Price: Euro 250.-- (NP 1500.-- Euro)

Can also be tested on site.

Shipping, insured to all of Europe (with DHL Germany)

Schweiz / Basel

Women's suit of the company XCEL Hydroflex Thermobamboo 7/6/5 mm size 10T (body size 175 - 183 cm, weight 64 - 70 kg) for sale due to circumstances. The suit is black and blue, the material is super pleasant.

The suit was used for 3 dives. The price is 130.00 EUR


Sell here my Mares diving suit in size 5. It has hardly been worn.

Price: 250EURVB

Bad Frankenhausen

Offers here a few underwear boots / socks by Weezle in size XL and then fits in the shoe size of 43 - 46 . The manufacturer says:

To ensure that the feet are warmed properly and to the undercoat, we recommend the Weezle Long Boots.
They are made of the same material as the Weezle underwear.
The special feature of the Weezle Long Boots is its long shaft with approx. 45cm , through which the usual cold bridge between the undercover and the conventional socks/feet is effectively avoided.
With the knee-length Weezle boots, cold feet are a thing of the past.
Colour: black

As shown, the socks are delivered for 25,-EUR. Payment via PayPal and shipping is possible. I offer more items, so that you can save shipping costs if necessary.

Greeting from Berlin



Hello your loved ones,

I sell my Waterproof dry suit, which is the D9 Breathable in size S. The new price was 799 Euros, the suit has only about 30-40 dives and is in good condition except for a few smaller traces of use (reflectors - seen in the pictures). I bought the suit in December 2019. The cuffs were replaced because the ones in it were unfortunately not fit. I have very small wrists so I suspect that the arm cuffs might need to be replaced to fit.

You are welcome to come by for the fitting otherwise I will also gladly send the suit!

For more pictures and questions I like to write.

Happy Bubbles!

VB 599 Euro


Phone: +4915238418685

Waterproof Antarctic 2000 Dry Suit, 8mm Neoprene
Size L (approx. 1.75-1.78m height, no changes in measurements), Boots size 27 (EU 43)
Arm cuffs with glued PU rings, the silicone cuffs can be changed by yourself. They have been completely renewed, since not been in the water.
Back zipper is also new (max. 30 dives since the change)
Incl. headhood gr.M and transport bag
The suit has a maximum of 300 dives.


Private sale without warranty and warranty. To self-collectors or against taking over the shipping costs.


Search Poseidon Unisuit Xl or XXL, shoe size 45/46


Sell a used Santi heating vest in XL with Tamiya plug.

100,-EUR incl. shipping.


Hello :) I offer here a dry suit neoprene for ladies in size S brand Poseidon Venus. Shoe size 38.

With beluga undercover also size S.

Thermo-feet 36/37.

Headhood & Inflator.

+ Hang erg for hanging is also stored so clean and neatly.

In perfect condition only max 20├Ś in fresh water! used.

Everything completely intact and functional!

No damage, holes. Nothing is porous!

Shipping costs borne by recipients

You can talk about the price. :)

If you have any questions or interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Offer my loyal backup suit for sale it is dense has few dives on it and comes with fully equipped Heser Pee Valve, heating entry and turbosoles. Size XL



- Robust dry diving shoes for combination with EVERTEC and EVERDRY4 and all other dry suits without fixed boots

- Resistant heavy duty material with anti-slip sole

- Lace closure for secure hold and optimal fit

Hardly worn, because of the purchase of a new dry suit.

Few traces of use


Phone: 015233861267

I sell a diving suit of the brand Cressi.

The suit has never been used.

Long sleeves and legs.

Pick up in 1230 Vienna

Price 180EUR Basis for negotiation

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to


Phone: 06607728767

I sell 2 Cressi Diver Lady wetsuits with hood, both 7 mm. My sister and I bought the suits in the spring of 2018 and only needed them a few times (4-6 dives). We haven't been diving since August 2018, and they haven't been used since. So they are sold! Both undamaged, and actually as good as new. Can also be sold separately.

Both have zippers on the legs, but not on the sleeves.

In the pictures you can only see one suit (except of course on the one where we wear the suits), but it is the same model and the same use.

Price: 100EUR VB per piece, 180 EUR for both together.

Shipping possible. Fitting too, please because of Corona only if you are seriously interested ;-)

We were very happy with the suits but just don't have time to dive anymore. No return, no guarantee, private sale. Non-smoking household.

Sale of unused underwear by Santi and SAS(Rofos) only hang around and have never been used. Therefore, actually "new"

Santi BZ 200 Gr.M -> 180EUR VB

SAS (Rofos)BZ 200 Gr.M. -> 180EUR VB

SAS (Rofos)BZ 500 Gr.M. ->. 220EUR VB

Private sale


Phone: 051121919105 Visit hannodive

Sell this Scubapro K2 Extreme undercover because of hobby assignment

2 years

Size: XL

Perfect for Trilaminate

About 20 Tg

Np 220EUR

Fp 130EUR

Location Hamburg


Phone: 01622337521

I sell my Dry Suit from the brand DiveMaster Small-Medium, shoe size 39, complete with hood, gloves, sewn-on reflectors and bag.
I bought the suit in used, but for lack of time I never dived myself.
Likes to sell to self-collectors. Shipping only against advance payment and acceptance of shipping costs.

Location: 45721 Haltern am See

45721 Haltern am See


Sell several diving suits.

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Prices by arrangement and negotiable




Sell several diving suits.

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Prices by arrangement and negotiable




Sell several diving suits.

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Prices by arrangement and negotiable