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For sale is a dry suit of the brand Auqalung. It is the model Alaskan in size XL. This includes an underwear of the brand Tecline, also in size XL. Both items were purchased in 2019 and little used. The Trocki is dense and has been cleaned and maintained after each dive. The cuffs are not cracked or porous It is sold because it no longer fits me. Trocki can be tried on in Hamburg Bergedorf. Further pictures are available on request.

Price 750EUR Vb

Sell my dry suit in size ML for women.

700 VB

Fitting in Hamburg-Winterhude possible.

The suit was bought about 5 years ago and made about 100 TG with it in fresh and salt water. Exchanged
became the zipper, the arm cuffs and the boots. So it is no longer the original boots, but
Softboots size approx. 42-44.
The adhesive on the label as well as on the inlet valve has discolored - whatever happens...
The suit has not been used for a long time, so I can not give a guarantee of tightness!

Due to the abandonment of the hobby, I offer all my equipment for sale (complete package or set prices possible on request).

Here: Neoprene Gloves Gr. S

Thickness: 5mm

Little dipped, super warm with simultaneous freedom of movement and no damage!



Due to the abandonment of my hobby, I offer all my equipment for sale (if you have any questions about other items, just write to me):

Here: Wetsuit XCEL for Women

Thickness: 7mm

Size 8 (My height 173cm)

Reinforcement on the knees, zippers on the back and ankles.

The suit was little used (<20 dives), is super comfortable, keeps you warm and looks really good!



Due to the abandonment of the hobby, I offer my complete equipment:

Here: scubapro neoprene vest for extra warmth

Size XS

Little dipped, top in shot - no damage.

Keeps you really warm - tested in cold water!

Shipping possible, costs are borne by the buyer

PRICE: 60EUR (Original price: 99EUR)


Hello dear ones,

We have wetsuits left over from our last film production, which we would love to give away as a whole. A few key data about the suits:

Elios superskin dark grey outside/ superelastic lining inside neoprene Yamamoto 45. The pants sit high waist. We have the suits in 1.5mm, 3mm and 5mm thickness in standard size woman I. In total we have: 13 jackets, 12 hoods and 12 trousers.

Since the suits were used for production, they have no branding. Some of them are also completely unworn. We would like to have less than half of the original price - 2,000EUR would be great!


Offer my underwear in very good used condition.
The underwear has always provided warm dives even in winter, but has now become too small for me due to strong weight loss.

The size would have to be XL.
It fit very well with my Ursuit Cordura FZ in XL/XXL!

The price is 199 VB!


Phone: +49 172 1842375

Suit in trilaminate (nylon butyl) with a leg pocket (size 110), neoprene neck cuff size L; hood XXL; suspenders inside; solid boots size 49. (Info: I am 1.97 m tall)

This suit finally offers you the opportunity to put on and take off completely independently. The large and wide-opening front pouch is arranged above the waist and thus also offers you a large slip to the arms without having to "bend". Furthermore, the zipper is mounted in a position where you cause the slightest movement when diving, so you are no longer restricted in freedom of movement by the stiff zipper.

Underwear Saros consists of layers connected with quilted seams: outer layer nylon, middle layer warmflex┬ę and inner layer of polar fleece. The different coating systems of the Warmflex┬ę material ensure variable insulation and are therefore suitable for different temperature ranges. Foot loops, elastic band in the waist area, trouser pockets, wind collar. Well suited for temperatures up to 5┬░ degrees. Plastic buckle on the belt would have to be renewed. Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 700EUR Complete


3 dives.

as good as new for 50EUR.

Shipping against postage assumption

Private sale therefore no warranty


has only 3 dives under its belt.

for 100EUR

dispatch against postage assumption

Paypal payment possible

private sale therefore no warranty


Used Santi Trocki Emotion Ladies First in 2XL with Santi glove system, silicone interchangeable cuffs on wrists and neck and neoprene socks.
The suit is absolutely tight, the preparation for a Heser P-Valve is professionally closed with a Heser plug.
The changing system on the neck is the Orust from SI-Tech.

My wife made about 200 TG with the Trocki and now needed a tailor-made suit.

Price: 650EUR

It is a private sale without warranty or guarantee!


Offer a very well preserved and rarely used wetsuit (semi-dry). Camaro Alpha 7, size 40 (is small, I usually wear size S). The suit was rarely used and always well maintained. From the storage it has individual wrinkles, which disappear when worn. The suit did me great service and keeps me very warm. Since I no longer dive, I pass it on. Have numerous other diving items on offer. Private purchase, therefore no return and guarantee.

I sell my Kallweit Saros underwear in size S, because unfortunately it no longer fits me.
The underwear is in very good condition and was only used for about 30 dives.

Suitable for very cold waters.


Private sale therefore no return and no warranty.

I sell my Scubapro dry suit in size S (ladies), as this unfortunately no longer fits me.

The dry suit is made of breathable trilaminate.

The suit is in good condition and has been used for about 40 dives in fresh water.
As can be seen in a picture, my diving suit unfortunately had a hole on the thigh. This has been patched and now keeps completely dry again.
In addition, I sent the suit to Scubapro again for leak testing, in which the hole, as well as all seams were checked again.


Private sale therefore no return and no warranty.

Wetsuit Scubapro Everflex Women 5/4mm Size ST

Model 2019. The suit has minimal wear and tear and about 20 dives behind it. Was carefully rinsed and dried after each dive. All seams and zippers are intact. In itself, it is very soft, comfortable and keeps you warm. The manufacturer's specifications for the size ST are 165-170cm and 52-64kg, which in my opinion is not quite accurate. Unfortunately, it is too big for me with 172cm, certainly depends on the stature. I'm just sending the article. This is a private sale, therefore no warranty, guarantee or return. No fitting possible, please refrain from inquiries in this regard.

Price 175EUR



we give up our hobby.

The suit is well kept. Manufacturer is unknown. Think that he is only 5 mm thick. Unfortunately, nothing is written on it.


I am looking for a Trocki or semi-dry suit on order.

In terms of size, it would be a man S or a man M (that is small)

No special demands on the brand. Of course, it should be dense.

I am very happy about your messages!

I sell here a worn Santi BZ400X underwear, fits for about 165cm, 72kg.

Price: 120.-EUR plus shipping, collection is also possible. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Used sale from private, therefore exclusion of warranty, warranty or return.


I sell here a barely worn Santi BZ400X underwear, fits for about 165cm, 72kg.

Price: 350.-EUR plus shipping, collection is also possible. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Used sale from private, therefore exclusion of warranty, warranty or return.


Sell used dry suit of the Swiss premium manufacturer SFTech.

Original price around 4.200 Euro

Has fit at 1.73m and 63kg for leg length 82cm.

Would describe the size as MTall

A few centimeters and kilos more or less is also possible ;-)


- Full kevlar

- Kevlar Socks

- Neoprene neck cuff

- OMS silicone sleeve sleeves

- Plastic zipper

- Leg pocket left and right

- Pee valve left

The Santi heating valve and the glove system according to photo are not included.

Pick-up, if necessary meeting region Attersee possible.

Shipping only insured! approx. 20EURuro


The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty. The exclusion does not apply to claims for damages arising from grossly negligent or intentional breach of obligations of the seller.

Simbach am Inn

Hello dear ones,

I am looking for a wetsuit in pink/pink or black with the above colored details in 5mm and size L. Preferably the Scubapro definition, but I would be open to anything. Unfortunately, there are currently none on the market, and hope very much that someone here has one to give :) I am looking forward to your offers! Thank you!

- Cleo.

A Sentry Tech Dry 3 x XL is sold. It is sold because of a change to SF Tech. Suit was purchased in February 2021 and has the following additional features. Antares System, Vega Suit Feedthrough, Pee Valve Si Tech Pee Valve Trigon. Suit has been dipped twice and is in almost mint condition. Neck cuff neoprene, arm silicone. The Rolock system shown in the picture will not be sold. If you have any questions, simply contact us.


Phone: +491713164126

Ice vest with hood Hotwave 5mm size XL

Very good condition

For 50,-EUR plus shipping

I offer a dry suit of the brand Kallweit Caron

Very sturdy suit.

Specification see pictures.

Has been professionally processed made-to-fit by the manufacturer. For height approx. 176 cm.

New, no dive. Unfortunately no longer usable due to health problems.

In original bag. With accessories.

Original price 2.100 EUR. Purchased 10/2020.

Inspection and fitting at any time.

Asking price: 1.150 EUR

You are also welcome to make me a realistic offer.

More photos via WhattsApp.

If you are interested, please send me an email with a telephone number - I will be happy to contact you.


Phone: 01788468748

Since I don't come to dive too often for professional reasons and now prefer hot water diving, I offer my Backup Dry Suit Otter Skin for sale.

I bought this suit used as a backup about 4 years ago and dipped it 6x.

It is a custom-made for tall slim people.

I am 194cm, weigh 95kg and the suit fit me perfectly.

The shoe size is given as 47/48 and I always had warm feet with shoe size 46 and thick socks.

The neck cuff has already been renewed, the arm cuffs would soon be due, but are still tight.

The inner visible arm cuffs are only clamped under the glove rings and could also be glued directly to the suit by an experienced diver.

The condition of the suit is, as seen in the pictures, top.

Seams, zipper as well as the suit material without damage.

My asking price is VB 550.- incl. shipping

If you have any questions or further photos, please let us know.


Almost unused because wrong size. Size is L-XL. Chest circumference 92-100cm, body length 170-178cm according to FE

Super price since only EUR 150.-

Shipping and PayPal is possible, insured shipping costs the buyer EUR 7.49.

Pick-up in F├╝ssen is possible

Private sale

Offer diving suit neoprene for warmer areas. A maximum of 10x used.
and two pairs of matching fins.
For health and age reasons, I can no longer dive.
VB 130,-- EUR

Greeting Rainer


Hello, sell a used diving suit with ice vest, maximum 10x used.

Suit and vest have a warm indoor lining so are also for diving in winter
suitable. In Hemmoor already dived at +4┬░C.

Unfortunately, for health and age reasons, I can no longer dive.

VB: 180,- EUR

Greeting Rainer


Hood, used, worn a maximum of 10 times.

EUR 20,- plus shipping


Hello everyone

offer dry suit size Large, used, maximum 10 dives, collar and arm clothes defective,
must be renewed. Unfortunately, for health and age reasons, I can no longer dive.

I am 1.85 tall and weigh 110 kg.

Price, VB 295,00 EUR + shipping.



Waterproof W2 7mm semi-dry - Women's suit size S

The suit has about 35 dives and would always be very well maintained and stored.
The zippers all run clean.
The suit is in very good condition!


If you have any questions, please contact us at any time

Is ready in 71034 B├Âblingen

I offer here my wetsuit Waterproof W80 for sale. All in all, the suit was maybe 30 dives in the water. It is in perfect condition. I can also provide more photos if desired. I am 175 cm and weigh 70 kilos. I took the size mainly because of the length of the legs. If interested, I could also offer a Waterproof ice vest.

Shipping is possible, pick-up in Bremen as well or alternatively handover in Hemmoor.

Price 275,00 EUR VHB


I sell a 6mm ice vest from Scubapro in size Men-S (equivalent to clothing size 48). Size chart see photo.

The vest was once bought as a supplement to a 5mm suit and has been hanging around unused for 2 years, as I have afforded myself a 7mm semi-dry. Overall, she has only been in the water a few times and has almost no signs of use.

Price: 30 Euro plus shipping.

Private sale excluding any warranty.


5mm neoprene semi-dry from Camaro is looking for a new diver.

Model: Titanium Mantaray
Size: 44 / XL

Small traces of use (cuff, sees picture), otherwise flawless and little dipped.

Non-smoking household, no animals.

Shipping possible


Women's Size S Original Price EUR990 -> new never dived with it ... UK EUR900

The XR3 neoprene grille has been redesigned with the new high-density neoprene, which offers strength and a high fit. Neoprene drysuit enthusiasts will find this product to be the ultimate in features. Designed to be warm where you need it and sturdy in the places with the greatest friction. It has a neoprene collar for better circulation and latex wrists to avoid annoying infiltrations. The feet are stored in a comfortable and warm boot, which also allows us to walk comfortably. A practical drainage pocket and wide, elastic suspenders make it the ideal product for you.

The main features of the XR3 neoprene grid are:
- New super flexible 4mm high density neoprene - strong but elastic
- Comfortable, wide, elastic, pre-formed and adjustable shoulder straps
- 4 mm neoprene collar
- Latex wrists
- New improved design redefined and size tested for maximum flexibility
- Large zippered pocket on the right leg
- New Kevlar/xr reinforcements for knee, shoulder and back protection
- Waterproof zipper at the back - loading and unloading valves exclusively for the Mares xr line
- Waterproof closure around the neck (Velcro) and complete insulation from the hood to prevent the ingress of water
- New smooth 4 mm waterproof hood
- New, more robust mat pocket


I sell a brand new trilaminate diving suit - bought last year in December. Unfortunately, I had to realize that the cut around the calves is too tight for me.

Size L / Boots Size 40/41 (I fit easily into the boots with thick socks and normal shoe size 40)

VB: 800,00 EUR

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Phone: +494961879949866

Hello everyone

offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots subsequently welded on by the dealer. Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (have size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, I offer gloves with click system (size S/M) which I can also sell separately.

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zippers and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been maintained between the TG. The suit was stored over time in the shady dry cellar manufacturer-compliant. It was never started without talk. The spots on the suit come from diving in the lake.

I am 1.78 tall and (was) 90 to 95 kg heavy. Due to weight loss, the suit unfortunately no longer fits me.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.

Price by arrangement.



Scubapro Evertech Dry Breathable

Size M

about 20 dives. Including dry glove system Waterproof Ultima mounted (complete system incl. gloves included)

Everything 100% tight
Suit has warranty at the dealer until October 2022.
Professional retrofitting of glove system in August 2021 for ~300EUR

Gladly realistic price proposals by e-mail to me.

Insured shipping possible.

Oberhausen / NRW

Sell here my Rofos 360, this is made of particularly light and robust RIP-Stop material. The suit comes from a repair exchange and has only been dipped about 10 times. Included is the bag, the inflator hose and the hood.


  • 3-ply trilaminate, outside RIP-STOP inside reinforced nylon
    ÔÇó Size XLS
    ÔÇó Seams with 7 threads, hot glued inside with tape
    ÔÇó Telescopic torso with crotch strap
    ÔÇó Cordura 1000 reinforcements on: shoulders, elbows, forearms, seat, knee, shin, front and back overlay
    ÔÇó Large leg pockets made of Cordura 1000 with 4 compartments on both sides
    ÔÇó Waterproof front zipper YKK Aquaseal with Cordura 1000 protection and YKK nylon zipper.
    ÔÇó Exhaust and inlet valves APEKS
    ÔÇó new silicone hand cuff, neoprene neck cuff with 3mm super stretch neoprene heat collar for more comfort and thermal protection
    ÔÇó Flex feet 2XL in 3mm neoprene with a firm sole and removable insole with reinforcements on the instep and ankle strap
    ÔÇó Pee-Valve left
    ÔÇó Adjustable wide suspenders
  • the RS 360 weighs approx. 3.0 kg

VHB 850,00 Euro


Sell here my rarely used 6.5mm diving suit, as it no longer fits me. It has a small roughening on the front and left knee. Both are not detrimental to diving.
Pick up in 04808 or shipping at extra cost.

At best, they write me a WhatsApp on 017630194057

Private sale!
The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

I sell feet from the company Aqua Lung.

  • Size 38 (cut into small pieces, rather 37)
  • approx. 25 dives
  • no signs of use


Sell my Trocki because I no longer fit into the suit with thick underwear, I am 177cm and 85kg heavy. The Trocki is in good condition and dense. Shoe size 43-44, have even shoe size 42, with two socks the feet fit quite well. Glove system is part of it, gloves Showa size L. Cuffs are fine. Last I dived with the suit a year ago, The suit is about 6-7 years old.


PayPal and shipping are possible.

Offer Waterproof W80 Man Size S. The suit was worn for a season, about 15 TG and is now too small.

Price 138,00 EUR

Frankfurt aM