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Hello diving friends,
I am selling my dry suit equipment because I haven't needed it for a long time and I don't plan to do so in the foreseeable future.
The dry suit equipment was only worn on about a dozen dives in fresh water, after which it was well rinsed, stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

In this ad, my Waterproof B5 Marine Boots are offered. The swap shoes are in size 27 and I always wore them over my drysuit with neoprene socks under the drysuit. So they fit me well and I usually wear shoe size 42. The sole of the shoes still has a good profile, see the pictures.

There are other ads on my profile for other equipment. If you are interested in several items, you can talk about a package price.

Pick-up with inspection of the material is preferred. Shipping is possible against assumption of costs by the buyer.
The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty. Warranty or return are excluded.

Price: 70EUR


Used diving equipment consisting of:

Cressi 5mm Semi-Dry Wetsuit, Size 52

Cressi Shorty Size 52

Cressi Jacket Aqua Pro Size M

Socks Aqua Lung size 40 and 42

Cressi ImplementFins Pro Light Size M-L

Wenoka Tackle Fins Size S 38-40

Diving goggles 2x Aqualung with snorkel

Diving bag

see pictures.

Pick-up would be pleasant, can also be shipped for a fee

Total price: 250,-EUR

No warranty, no returns

85540 Haar

Diving suit size 25 (M short), fins size 37, Maresdive computer (battery to change yourself), Jacket Aqualung Pro (size M) with weight pockets, regulator Scubapro with compass (hardly used, NP 420,00 EUR), booties size 38, masks, snorkels, various accessories/spare parts etc., with diving bag. Price 400.00 EUR basis for negotiation.

Only against pick-up in Munich, Tel. 0171/9879361


Pressure reducers technical gases

Price: 33,-VHB


I sell different diving fins:

- Cressi Sub Master Frog Size: X-L , clear signs of use (photo) for 30EUR
- TUSA Liberator X-TEN Size: S, clear signs of use (photo) for 20EUR
- TUSA Tri-Ex size: XL, used for 69EUR

Prices are without shipping costs.
For pick-up or with shipping by DHL.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Complete diving equipment consisting of:
Regulator Sherwood Blizzard Bodysystem
BCD Octopus SailorSub
Diving backpack SailorSub
Diving gloves Size L 5mm
Device fins Dacor Size XLDrysuit
Compressed air cylinder
Drysuit and weight belt sailor sub size M/L including undersuit size L
Transport bag SailorSub
For 950EUR VB

also to be handed in individually


Offer here a Hollis Prism2 rebreather in good condition and with about 100 hours. The oxygen sensors would have to be replaced.

Price: 5000 Euro FP.


Phone: 01637369286

2 x Diving Knife Jacket Knife Titanium new in original packaging (but can also be handed in individually)

Jacket knife made of titanium with pointed blade, a sawtooth blade on the top and smooth grinding underside as well as leash clipper blades integrated for cutting lines

Incl. knife sheath made of black nylon fabric, e.g. for attachment to belt

VB 59,00 (We have 2 of these knives, but the price is per knife).

According to current EU law, I have to point out: This is a private sale, which means that no return or exchange can be granted and I exclude any liability for material defects.


GOX 100

Oxygen/Nitrox Analyzer

Sensor needs to be replaced

act. NP: 149,-EUR

Price: 88,--EUR VHB


I have to give up diving for health reasons.
OMS Tribe, heavy solid rubber fin in Regular/XL
Ideal for thick neoprene or drysuit
Top fin, mint condition, 5 dives

PayPal: 100,-EUR incl. shipping in DE and fees

27616 Beverstedt

Phone: +4947482472

I am selling my original storage pack from Hollis including the necessary stainless steel screws. The condition is very good.

The pad is made of robust and durable nylon with sewn-on edge tape. I've always worn it on a Hollis backplate, but it should also fit on other backplates.

Price: 50,00 Euro
PayPal and shipping (DHL) are possible.

This is a private sale without warranty and return.

49661 Cloppenburg (Niedersachsen)

I am selling my Polaris Storage Pack including the necessary stainless steel screws. The condition is very good.

Price: 30,00 Euro
PayPal and shipping (DHL) are possible.

This is a private sale without warranty and return.

49661 Cloppenburg (Niedersachsen)

I sell my Quallofil Thermo inner gloves in size M, because I simply wore them too little. Since I have cut out the labels, I rate the condition as good.

Price: 30,00 Euro
Shipping and PayPal are possible.

This is a private sale without warranty and return.

49661 Cloppenburg (Niedersachsen)

Mint REEL, 150ft. never used

Price: 25,-EUR VHB

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


For sale is a JJ CCR

ÔÇó Extremely robust aluminium housing to which up to 4 diving tanks (2 -4 litres) can be attached with standard cylinder straps.
ÔÇó Self-fillable lime tank (axial).
ÔÇó Heavy-duty stand in black
ÔÇó Integrated handle in black
ÔÇó Back lunges.
ÔÇó Redundant power supply: One battery for the controller, one battery for the HUD and two parallel batteries for the solenoid. None of the batteries are in the circuit.
ÔÇó Integrated ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve).
ÔÇó DSV (Dive Surface Valve).
ÔÇó Valves for manual oxygen and dilute supply with the possibility of injecting external gases.
ÔÇó Independent HUD (Head Up Display) with real-time display from the PPO2 for all three oxygen sensors.
ÔÇó Reliable Shearwater Petrel 2 controller

Scope of delivery base as described in the offer -> 5500 EUR
- JJ CCR "Ready to Dive"
- 2x 3l steel cylinder 200Bar with Naticam valves
- 2x lead rods 5kg
- 3x NEW O2 sensors

Optional: BOV +450 EUR
Optional: Shearwater NERD + 1400 EUR

Pick-up only near Regensburg in ZIP 93138


Scubapro Jetfins XXL Fins

Used and perfectly OK.

I have normal shoe size 42/43 and 43/44 on my drysuit.

Shipping as insured DHL parcel for 6.99EUR.

Price: 115,-EUR

Frankfurt am Main

OMS Fins Slipstream XL

Used and perfectly OK.

I have normal shoe size 42/43 and 43/44 on my drysuit.

I'm cleaning up my basement.

Shipping as insured DHL parcel for 6.99EUR.

Price: 80,-EUR

Frankfurt am Main

Sell all my diving equipment. Bottles 12l and 15l but without T├ťV. drysuit from Seemann new, never in the water. otherwise everything is used but works. I am 176cm tall, 77kg shoe size 42. Phone 01751175762


Phone: 01751175762

Dear customers, friends and business partners! As of 31.12.2024, dive-machinery will cease business operations. For over a decade, we have been able to provide the technical diving scene not only with the best possible equipment, but also with expert advice. With the campaign of the official discount, we have succeeded in helping the comrades of the emergency services a bit. The long-term sponsorship of diving clubs, websites, and blogs, as well as print articles for magazines of non-profit organizations was also a concern for us, which we were happy to fulfill. From now on: The stock is sold off at discounted prices The government discount will be discontinued Visits to the shop are only possible to a limited extent New orders are still possible until 31.12.2024 and are excluded from sales The drysuits and undersuits from the test center are sold at greatly reduced prices. Link: We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust and loyalty you have placed in us. It has always been fun for us to be there for you. Dealer inquiries are always welcome. Your dive-machinery team


Sell complete diving equipment

- 10 ltr. Bottle with 2 outlets

- 15 ltr. Bottle

- Semi-dry suit



- Diving knife



- Jacket

- Weight belt



-Writing tablet

- Boie

The price is a matter of negotiation... please for a fair offer, thank you.

Regularly used spool of ScubaForce

- Rope length up to approx. 60m

- Condition used, fully functional

- VB: 89EUR

- Pick-up/ sightseeing possible/ preferred

- Shipping with DHL insured possible

- Payment: cash or PayPal

- Private sale: no warranty, no return

Note: Boltsnap is not part of the offer.

S├╝dost-Bayern, DE

Phone: +491747527581

Black Tusa Implement Fin

Size approx. 39-41

Length 60 cm, rather hard fin, straps adjustable, clasps are fine

approx. 50 dives, mostly in German waters

Signs of use, but fully functional


Shipping within Germany

DHL Parcel 6,99 EUR

no warranty and return

For sale is a new, unused sidemount mouthpiece for rebreathers. The diameter of the hose connections is 42mm.

Price: VB 420EUR

Shipping insured 6,50EUR by DHL.


Comfortable socks without zipper. Size L, my shoe size is 43-44. Good used condition, no damage. The booties were cleaned and disinfected in EW80-des solution.

Price: 19,- EUR Shipping: 4,95 EUR

I sell several items. If you buy more than one item at the same time, I am happy to reduce the shipping costs by shipping them together, as far as possible.

I sell the diving equipment because I have to give up diving for health reasons.

Private sale and therefore no warranty or return. However, I assure you that the pictures are up-to-date and unretouched.


Little used rebreather from JJ-CCR in top condition. Sold without O2 sensors, otherwise the device is in submersible condition. Incl. replacement seals. If desired, a stage and a OMS wing can be added, which is more suitable for sea diving. Sold because of hobby abandonment.

EUR 4900.-

Viewing and pick-up in Switzerland, 3182 Ueberstorf

Phone +41 79 300 03 17

Completely as good as new ( was never used due to private living conditions! )

Wetsuit 5 mm and Jacket Size: S ( 34/36 )

Diving fins suitable for size 38

Regulator ( see picture )

Shipping possible

EUR 650,-

PHONE +43 (0)680 1168340

Heavy-duty fins, ideal for drysuit, used 3 times like new

Shipping possible

would like to have 99 euros for it


Phone: 00436802218600

New, unworn drysuit from ROFOS.

ROFOS RS360 M Long Man

Neck Cuff Neoprene

Plastic zipper

Valves Si-Tech

Hood Neoprene 7mm

Seams Black

Overlay Top Grey

Si-Tech Quick Cuff Arm Cuff System

Neoprene Boots Size L

Regular price in this configuration 1689,-

Retail price: 1300,- plus shipping costs

Price incl. hood, carrying bag, inflator hose.



TUSA Hyflex Switch Device Fins - Color Black (BK) - Size S (Shoe Size 38-40) - Original price EUR 180

Selling my used TUSA Hyflex Switch device fins with usual signs of use - bought in 2018 - fully functional.

Price 100 EUR - Pick-up possible near Kirchheim/Teck

Private sale - Therefore, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty. No returns, no returns, no warranty or anything like that

Official description of the device fins:

  • Innovative fins with interchangeable blade
  • Standard with high-quality TUSA bungee straps
  • 10% more propulsion thanks to angled fin blade
  • Less water resistance thanks to Vortex Generator

The fin blades of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch device fins are made of the innovative polyurethane material Purimax, which has a greatly increased responsiveness compared to conventional plastics and rubber, and thus improves the efficiency of the TUSA fins considerably. The material of the TUSA Flosse HyFlex Switch device fins is also light and robust.

The new Vortex Generator on the back of the blades of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins, which consists of 6 grooves that minimize water resistance and provide increased thrust, also provides even better propulsion.

Another 10% more propulsion is also provided by the angled blade of the device fins TUSA HyFlex Switch, an angle of 20┬░ between the foot section and the fin blade, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the fin stroke when diving.

The foot part of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch is made of a high-quality material blend, a multi compound foot section that guarantees perfect power transfer from the foot to the blade when diving. The good fit of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins also ensures pleasant wearing comfort when diving.

The TUSA HyFlex Switch are equipped with the universal fin straps from TUSA, the popular TUSA bungee straps, for quick and comfortable putting on and taking off the fins.

The special feature of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins is the removable fin blade, which can be separated from the foot section in a few simple steps if you want to change it color, or for easier transport to store the fins in slightly shorter pockets.

Stuttgart /Umland

Phone: 01791094160

Sell a pair Mares Power Plana in size L.

The fins are in good condition.

If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Price: 50 VHB

Bad Kreuznach

Phone: 01607576030

The Multitraveller can be dismantled into individual modules (bags) and when put together forms a compact piece of luggage with plenty of storage space. It is structured from an organizer to a cabinet case

The Main-bag is built like a cabinet case, which makes it extremely easy to access. It can be operated comfortably while standing. Inside, it has fastening straps, easy-packing functionality, elastic loops and a small parts bag.

The all-round padded add-on bag serves to increase volume and offers additional storage space. It can be zipped between the main bag and the boarding bag.

On top of the main bag is the boarding bag. It is padded all around and is suitable for transporting breathing air machines, dive computers or digicams. In addition, it has an organizer for travel documents and a mobile phone pocket. The bag is detachable and easy to take on board with a shoulder strap or carrying handle.

The boarding bag and add-on bag can be combined and combined to form one large hand luggage.

The two side fin pockets can be separated from the main pocket. Zipped together, these also form an ABC pocket. Equipped with a padded shoulder strap, the snorkeling bag is ideal for snorkeling trips. In the intermediate compartment, towel and book can still be conveniently stowed.


1. Customizable aluminum rails
2. Breathable hollow chamber functional foam
3. Comfortable anatomically shaped shoulder straps
4. Aircontact models:
Movable VariFlex hip fins

Up to 15% less sweating thanks to the Aircontact system
Deuter Aircontact System


- Telescopic trolley pole
- PE protection plate
- Interchangeable castors
- Cover for Deuter Aircontact system
- Stowage for the cover
- Hyperlon protective strips
- Edge protection (rubber)
- Drain holes on the fin pockets


Volume: 140 litres
Check-in weight: 5.6kg
Hand luggage / combi bag: 0.7kg

Main bag with detachable fin pockets
approx.: 80cm (height) x 45cm (length) x 55cm (width)
in the widest places.

The two top pockets are removable and are usually taken on board.
Add on Bag approx.: 18cm x 30cm x 30cm
Boarding bag approx.: 14cm x 30cm x 30cm

The design of the Multitraveller is discreet and sporty. The Multitraveller is versatile, comfortable and reliable. It is produced in small quantities.

Asking price: 180EUR incl. shipping

Hello dear divers :-)

I offer very neat and hardly submerged split fins of the brand Oceanic Vortex V12. Incl. Spring Straps with stainless steel spring.

Size: S Color: black


High-performance fin for scuba divers from OCEANIC's Splitfin line.

The Splitfin technology enables faster forward propulsion even at high resistance with less effort, as the pressure on the legs and hips is reduced. Low-fatigue swimming in currents and a relaxed glide when diving in calm water makes the V12 the first choice for all scuba divers. Made of highly elastic Flexprene.

Pet and smoke-free household.

Private sale - no return, no guarantee

Pick-up is preferred.

I am also happy to ship at an additional cost around the shipping costs.

Payment is made in cash on site or by PayPal friends/acquaintances.

50 EUR

Original price was 175 EUR



Offer a Yellowdiving heated shirt size S.

Price 150EUR

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

For health reasons, I unfortunately have to say goodbye to my hobby, diving, mainly in our Upper Bavarian lakes. That's why I'm parting with my diving equipment.
It includes, but is not limited to, the following:
- Dive computer Scubapro G2 with 161 logged dives, with two transmitters for tubeless air integration
- Two 15-liter diving tanks (T├ťV required) with DIN
Dual connectors (sold)
- Stanley Toolbox (Not the "Fatmax", but a number
- 1 Apeks XTX 200 first and second stage with 210 cm hose
according to VDST guidelines complete with wireless transmitter from
Scubapro for air integration of the dive computer G2 (sold)
- 1 Apeks XTX 200 first and second stage with the remaining
Connection hoses (analogue pressure gauge, BCD connection,
Connection to the drysuit)
- 1 "holiday"Apeks XTX 200 first and second stage with a
Octopus, also from the company Apeks (sold)
- 1 Apeks neckband (sold)
- 1 Drysuit Waterproof D9 Breathable (Men XL)
- 1 undersuit Weezle Compact
- 1 Reactor Magma-400 undersuit in 3XL
- 1 pair of Weezle Extreme Thermal Boots in XL
- 1 pair of Kallweit Dryglove dry diving gloves with 1 pair
fleece inner gloves and 1 pair of neoprene
Inner gloves, in separate box
- 1 pair Mares Flexa DS boots, 5 mm
- 1 jacket Mares hybrid Pro Tec with 2 weight pockets and a
Diving knife Mares Force. Diving compass and gauge are
each fixed to the jacket with a retractor
- 1 diving torch Mares EOS 12 RZ
- 1 additional backup dive light
- 1 diving mask Tusa Freedom HD
- 1 bag with a wide variety of cables, connectors for connection
and charging of all kinds of devices and various color filters
- 1 Qualcom Quick Charge 3.0 power bank
- 12 kg hard lead, plastic-coated in 2 kg pieces
- 2 kg hard lead, plastic-coated, in 1 kg pieces
- 2 kg soft lead in 1 kg bags
- 1 self-made diving tripod for the GoPro Hero 8 black
- Various care utensils for the dry suit
- Literature for various diving training courses (CMAS, navigation,
Deep Diving, Stress & Rescue, Dry Dive, Night Diving)
- and a little treat: 2 coins for the filling machine at the
Ferstein or Sameranger Lake :-)

etc. etc. etc

All in all, a very extensive equipment that I unfortunately can no longer use.
The equipment is to be sold as completely as possible.
VB 2,000 EUR

Shipping for complete set not possible. Viewing or pick-up of the offered items possible at any time south of Munich after prior consultation.
In the case of individual sales, you would have to talk separately again.
If you have any questions or additional desired pictures, please send me a message.

Due to the new EU law, I would also like to point out the following facts: Please note that you should ask questions about my items before placing your bid. The items are sold "as is" by private individuals. This means: by submitting a bid, you expressly agree to completely waive all warranty claims!

600 euro

Hi-Tech Water Scooter
Power drive for underwater divers
Easy to carry and use
Compact and lightweight design
3 speed settings to suit your needs
Diversify usage and make the overall experience safer
Ergonomically designed: makes dives more comfortable when in use
Suitable hand luggage
Take it with you to any dive resort around the world
Battery compliant with Air Transport Directive
Easy-to-use controls:
Long press to start
Short press, switch speed settings
A trigger for operations
Intuitive design: Start using LEFEET S1 Pro right away
Handle mount with GoPro-style camera mount (camera not included)

Send a direct message for an inquiry
WhatsApp: +33 7 58 56 21 59

3000 EURO

The TUSA SAV-7 EVO3 reduces fatigue, reduces air consumption, and allows a diver to go further and faster in a variety of conditions while extending their time underwater.

Hands-free riding saddle for a better diving experience
Faster speed and longer range*
Fast and smoothly responsive variable speed control
Powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery*
LED. Battery life indicator

Speed: 0 - 2.8 miles per hour / 4.5 km
Depth Rating: 230 feet
Weak. (L x W): 28.4" x 13.4" / 720mm x 340mm
Surface weight with battery: 20.5 kg
Weight underwater with battery: 0.3 kg
Open Water Range: 5.9 miles / 9400 m
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Speed adjuster: Speed control with variable pitch propeller (3-stage)
Safety Device: Sensor Current Shutdown Device, Water Leak Sensor and Water-Cooled Motor Insert

Send a direct message for an inquiry
WhatsApp: +33 7 58 56 21 59

500 euro

Dual motor
The world's FIRST DUAL-MOTOR underwater scooter. The innovative design offers the perfect combination of propulsion and stability. Private family time in the pool! Now the kids can also have a great time with some fancy swimming styles. A great way to have fun while exercising when you stay at home.

Revolutionary performance
Safe and stable
Mobile phone and action camera mount
Portable and practical

Send a direct message for an inquiry
WhatsApp: +33 7 58 56 21 59

Completely perfect condition (used for a few dives)

Wetsuit Bodyglove 5 mm, size: L, easy put on with zip on the arms and legs => Price: 140 + shipping

BCD Cressi Aquapro s, weight integrated, size: M => Price: 280 + shipping

price is slightly negotiable


Due to hobby task, I sell a complete regulator set of Maresthat is suitable for cold water diving. The price for the whole set is 390EUR.

The set was last revised in 2021 and has not been dived since. Test reports are available and will be provided. Regulator bag included. Sale only as a complete package.

The set consists of:

  • 1st stage Mares MR22T
  • 1st Stage Mares MR22 / DFC / Abyss 2000
  • 2nd Stage Mares Octopus MV
  • 2. Level Mares Abyss
  • Pressure gauge/depth gauge
  • 2x Inflator Hose

The set has always served well. It has not caused any problems even in ice diving and has always worked.

Shipping possible if the costs are covered. Cash payment or PayPal desired.

The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty.

Hello dear congregation,

carriers/pull-outs for fire brigade breathing cylinders are sold here. These were installed in an MB T1 by the Schmitz company. Maybe this is useful for one or the other. It introduces me to 50 euros.
Can also be shipped far from Germany, about 170 Euro forwarding shipping.

VG Max


Diverite Reel 40m #4

Ideal for setting a deco buoy and lift bag.

Shipping as insured DHL parcel 2kg for 5.49.

Payment preferably via PayPal.

Price: 33,-EUR

Frankfurt am Main

Diverite Reel 120m

Ideal for setting a deco buoy and lift bag.

Shipping as insured DHL parcel 2kg for 5,49EUR

Payment preferably via PayPal.

Price: 68,-EUR

Frankfurt am Main

Diverite Reel 100m

Ideal for setting the deco buoy and lift bag.

Shipping as insured DHL parcel 2kg for 5,49EUR.

Payment preferably via PayPal.

Price: 77,-EUR

Frankfurt am Main

Diverite Reel 80m #1

Ideal for setting the deco buoy and lift bag.

Shipping as insured DHL parcel 2kg for 5, 49 EUR.

Payment preferably via PayPal.

Price: 68,-EUR

Frankfurt am Main