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Bracket for Original Eezycut Harrness Version ... But it should also fit with replicas ... One-handed conditions when scootering ... Always at hand ...

Eezycuter is not part of the delivery. Supplied is a holder with the required fastening material ...

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Phone: 01725330952

Mascuflex, Hollister - self-adhesive urinal

Self-adhesive urinal condom e.g. for divers/extreme athletes
who can't afford to take a pee break.
New development made of skin-friendly silicone, also for allergy sufferers,
holds securely even when sweating or in the wet... Latex free.
Tip for divers:
Identical to "Wideband" from Rochester Medical USA - only cheaper
with extended adhesive surface. The perfect complement to the P-Valve.

Mascuflex 30 pcs/pkg, with the following sizes:
Medium: ├ś 29 mm
Medium: ├ś 32 mm

all individually hygienically packed, orig. Box à Euro 74,00
I also have the urine leg bags Max. 2 L capacity, without valve, incl. 90 cm tube à Euro 3.00

For diving buddies from Switzerland:

Sell various items for diving. The products can also be purchased individually.

Total price CHF 1'200.-

- 1 dry suit D6 Lite ISS Man (size ML) --> original price CHF 1'699.-
- 1 Arctic Underwear Fourth Element Men (size L) --> Original price CHF 320.-
- 2 steel cylinders Aqualung 15 L (2 outlets TAG valve) --> Original price approx. CHF 600.-
- 1 Roller Bag (bag), Red Line 1200 C (155 l) --> Original price CHF 169.-
- 1 semi-dry suit, 7mm, subgear definition IR7 men
- Div. "Weight Stones"
- 1 HangAir drying bracket

The products were used for about 10 dives in Lake Zurich (Switzerland)! I had them viewed at a dive shop a few months ago and were found to be very good.

About the size: I am about 179cm tall and normal figure.

As written in the introduction, the products can also be purchased individually. Makes a fair(!) Price. The products can be viewed in Pf├Ąffikon ZH (Switzerland). The handover could take place in Pf├Ąffikon ZH (Switzerland) or Zurich Oerlikon (Switzerland).

  • Scubapro Tropical diving jumpsuit Pyroflex made of 1.5 mm neoprene and fleece, size: 54: 75 EUR
  • Mares Classic NG Boot 5 mm size 43 (10), never worn: 20 EUR
  • MARES Trihood 5mm, size L: 15 EUR
  • CAMARO Titanium hood 0.5 mm: 15 EUR
  • CAMARO Titanium Socks 2.5 mm: 10 EUR
  • MERO socks high, size M, ca. 2 mm: 10 EUR
  • SCUBATEC Tropical Gloves Diving gloves 2mm size 9/L: 8 EUR
  • Diving mask Mares X-VISION (unused) - Liquidskin - two-lens mask black, storage box: 25 EUR
  • Diving mask Oceanic Accent single lens mask (unused) - extremely large field of vision, neoprene strap, box: 18 EUR
  • Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Elite, backpack (~ 110l, approx. 39x39x74 cm, approx. 0.5 kg weight), folds into a small bag with handle, adjustable shoulder straps, hardly used: 25 EUR
  • Arteesol DryBag 30l: 15 EUR
  • Scubapro diving knife: 15 EUR
  • 8 carabiners/hooks: 20 EUR
  • 2 reef hooks: 25 EUR
  • 2 DIN/INT adapters: 25 EUR

Some articles have been marked to avoid confusion.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty/liability for material defects.

Prices are pick-up prices ÔÇô for shipping within Germany, the shipping costs per package are 5.49 (up to 2kg) or 6.99 EUR (up to 5kg) and 9.49 EUR (5-10kg).


More details at the following link:

The sales list with the complete diving equipment and over 140 photos in good resolution are available at the following link:

The complete diving equipment is distributed on two diving travel bags with wheels plus two regulator bags and can be picked up in 82024 Taufkirchen (district of Munich).

Price: 2,500.00 EUR on VHB plus 698.00 EUR on VHB for the dive computer wristwatches: SUUNTO Singer 20 ATM (95000509) and OCEANIC OCi (150 meters)

Contact by e-mail to :-)

A smoke-free and allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott and a wonderful good day I wish :-)

I offer a Dive Alert Plus V2 double signaling device for ONLY 59 EUR including shipping or 55 EUR for pick-up or personal meetings. 1x VERY LOUD whistle on the surface and 1x horn underwater in one. With standard inflator connection.

Or EXCHANGE for the Dive Alert model or an Aquatec Scuba Alert Duo for Atomic SS1, TUSA Duo Air and Scubapro Air :-) With the TAUCH it is IMPORTANT that the inflator connection for the vest machine / Safe Second MUST be suitable for Atomic SS1, TUSA Duo Air or Scubapro Air!!!

With this signal transmitter from Scubapro you can also attract the attention of your diving buddies underwater. On the surface of the water, you can emit extremely loud signals over long distances.

The Divealert Plus is supplied with air from the diving tank by connecting it between the jacket inflator and the inflator hose. It is compatible with all common inflator hoses.

You can switch between underwater or surface signal.

This signal generator gives you extra security that you won't want to do without!

I offer original Atomic Universal Spring-Straps stainless steel heel straps with plastic-coated stainless steel springs for most fin brands except Atomic!

My Atomic Universal Spring Straps are absolutely NEW, CLEAN, WELL-groomed and IMMEDIATELY ready for use as it should be, as they do NOT fit on my Atomic fins :-D

ONLY 39 EUR incl. shipping as a consignment of goods or large or maxi letter :-) Original price is 65 EUR...

Another "rethinking" of a simple thing is the unique, rust-resistant stainless steel springs, which have been developed with a variable inclination geometry. Divers experience a more comfortable fit and easy one-handed removal, but the springs are resistant to deformation even when overstretched.

The handle tabs allow the fins to be put on and taken off effortlessly.

Plastic-coated stainless steel springs Quick-release buckles

No more torn fin straps or buckles!

No more replacement straps needed!

No more cancelled or aborted dives!

The Universal Spring Straps share the same features found on Atomic Aquatics Spring Straps, but are crafted to fit almost any other heel fin from other manufacturers.

All regulators, regulators, dive computers and diving equipment can be mounted and tried out on a filled 12 liter tank:-D

EVERYTHING can be visited and tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I am also HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-)

DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPLY throughout Europe!

I have various other things I want to sell.

Thank you :-D Thank you for your interest / contact :-)

I wish you always good air and tip-top dives :-)

85221 Dachau


The compact Reference is equipped with a unique emergency travel switch as standard. The emergency travel switch is part of a separate circuit that maintains driving operation in the event of an electronic failure. Cave divers in particular appreciate this safety feature. The mileage of up to 300 minutes is only achieved with considerably more dead weight in other makes. The Reference weighs just 19 kg (including trim and battery). Thus, towing has an end even on demanding dives. You too can use an efficient Bonexdrive with state-of-the-art accumulator technology


  • 19 kg weight incl. battery and trim
  • Runtime in crusing up to 300 min
  • LiMn Batteries
  • Emergency lanes
  • Encapsulated motor
  • Neutral tared at any depth
  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • Quick Shift
  • One-handed operation
  • Carbon Tube

Carbon Shroud

Schleswig-Holstein - Husby

Phone: 015126911220

-Sell scooters from Suex, subtle signs of wear, completely intact device

-Color see picture ;-)

- With T-handle, trigger, cold water handle, tow-behind cord with V4A boltsnap

-2 speeds-purely mechan. Switch

-Status LED ring state of charge of the batteries

-with 2 ! Battery ́s to hand in and incl. chargers

-1 x orig. Pb battery life of about 80-120 min each. by speed level

-1 x lithium battery, with which runtimes of 130-200 min are possible

-Range: approx. 6 km, with D18 in sidemount configuration, speed: up to 60m/min

(depends on diving skills and equipment configuration)

-Battery change system has been preserved, simply replace the battery, directly on site - possible without tools

-Saltwater ballast to screw in is also included

-VHB: 1800 EUR - depending on handover possibility and arrangements

-if you have any questions, please call

Phone: 0176/73874550



RON with carbon base
Kirch BOV
Cooper Hoses
7 x QC 6 couplings
Hoses (5 x MD for Stage + 2x for Switch Block)
Connection adapter with cable for PPO2 monitor (PPO2 monitor is not included)
Double 12 with frame and barrier bridge (bottles do not have a current T├ťV).
Double 12 is still filled with TMX 18/45.

Various spare parts (exhalation membrane BOV, filters for lime tanks, O-rings, screws, pre-bent stainless steel pipe for bridge, spare hoses for connecting switch block to PSCR, etc.)

The device worked perfectly on the last dive, but has now been in the garage for a long time. The buyer assures that an overhaul will be carried out before use and that the rebreather will only be used with appropriate training.

Only pick-up possible (M├╝lheim a.d.R.).

It is a private sale with no guarantee, warranty or possibility of return. The sale is made to the exclusion of any liability for material defects.

for sale for a total of 2.100 EUR

A separate sale of the PSCR without frame/bottles/accessories would be possible (PSCR+BOV+switch block 1,200 EUR). However, I will not sell frames/bottles/accessories separately until the PSCR is sold.


I sell a few Waterproof 6.5 mm F├╝ssling Gr.L in very good condition.

Asking price 40EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

My fins are to be handed over by seac

I would also have diving shoes on offer if needed

30EUR vhb


Mint REEL, 150ft.

Price: 29,-EUR

Private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


The fins are like new, were only used as part of the AOWD course and have undergone 8 TG.

25 EUR


TUSA Hyflex Switch fins - Color Black (BK) - Size S (shoe size 38-40) - Original price EUR 180

Sell my used TUSA Hyflex Switch fins with usual signs of use - bought in 2018 - fully functional.

Price 90 EUR - Pick-up possible near Kirchheim/Teck. In the case of shipping, the buyer bears the shipping costs. Only after full payment will the goods be shipped.

Private sale - Therefore, the sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty. No returns, no returns, no warranty or anything like that

official description of the device fins:

  • Innovative fins with interchangeable fin blade
  • Standard with high-quality TUSA bungee straps
  • 10% more propulsion thanks to angled fin blade
  • Less water resistance thanks to Vortex Generator

The fin blades of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch fins are made of the innovative polyurethane material Purimax, which has a greatly increased responsiveness compared to conventional plastics and rubber, and thus improves the efficiency of the TUSA fins considerably. The material of the TUSA fin HyFlex Switch device fins is also light and robust.

Even better propulsion is provided by the new Vortex Generator on the back of the fin blades of the TUSA HyFlex Switch device fins, which consists of 6 grooves that minimize water resistance and provide increased thrust.

Another 10% more propulsion is also provided by the angled fin blade of the device fins TUSA HyFlex Switch, an angle of 20┬░ between the foot section and the fin blade, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the fin stroke when diving.

The foot section of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch is made of a high-quality material mixture, a multi-compound foot section that guarantees perfect power transmission from the foot to the fin blade when diving. The good fit of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins ensures that they are comfortable to wear while diving.

The TUSA HyFlex Switch are equipped with the universal fin straps from TUSA, the popular TUSA bungee straps, for quick and convenient putting on and taking off the fins.

The special feature of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins is the removable fin blade, which can be separated from the foot section in a few simple steps if you want to change the color, or for easier transport, to store the fins in slightly shorter pockets.

Stuttgart /Umland

Phone: 01791094160

* Tecline Jetstream yellow M/L

* quick to put on and take off in any situation

* Awesome condition

* Price: 89,- Euro - to self-collector or by shipping (plus shipping fees)

* Private sale


Phone: 0176-78427841

* Heser Backplate stainless steel 3.3 kg standard

* including harness + trim weight pockets and belt buckle

* Top condition

* PayPal possible - self-collection (Sigmaringen district) or shipping possible

* All complete 248,- Euro / with shipping + shipping fees

* Private sale


Phone: 0176-78427841

* Halcyon Eclipse 40 Standard

* Outer and inner shell made of sturdy denier nylon

* Sturdy zipper


* ingenious for perfect buoyancy control

* PayPal possible

* Shipping or self-collection (Sigmaringen district, southern Germany)

* Very good condition

* 388,- Euro plus shipping costs

* Private sale


Phone: 0176-78427841

Neoprene boots, brand Polaris. Size 41, minor damage to the outer skin of the right shoe, see photo. Otherwise good condition.


Gloves: 10,-EUR

Plus shipping.

Or try it on and pick it up at Gie├čen

Private sale; no warranty, return or guarantee.


Offer very well preserved buoyancy compensator, approx. 60 TG. Brand Aqualung. Size M

View and try on near 35390 Giessen.

Price: 45,- EUR without shipping.

This is a private sale. Therefore, no warranty, redemption or guarantee.


good condition, has hardly been used
can be threaded onto the waist belt or harness

for sale for 18EUR


Hollis Explorer Rebreather ÔÇô ESCR

  1. Rebreather complete
  • Backplate with harness and wing
  • Rebreather complete with hoses, counter lungs, BOV, headset, 1st stage etc.
  • CO2 Sensor
  • 5l bottle incl. T├ťV until 05/2025
  • Transport crate
  1. Rebreather
  • Rebreather complete with hoses, counter lungs, BOV etc
  • Non-working headset
  • 5l bottle incl. T├ťV until 05/2025
  • Transport crate

In addition, we give everything that goes with it, operating instructions, revision kit, a tempstick extra

Ask for serious offers, because I don't want to give it away, have my asking price.

Since used by private individuals without warranty

Phone: 01713791734

Diving suit size XL. Jacket and regulator. Belt and lead fins and large diving bag Price 250,00 EUR


I'm selling my Turtle Fins due to changeover.

I wore the fins with OTB Rockboots 44/45.

They have the normal signs of use and are fully functional and not damaged or the like.

Price VB: 80 EUR + shipping ( this is borne by the buyer )


Ideally, I would like to sell everything together. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for a dive shop to get a really good deal on used gear (slightly used, I might add) to be used as rentals, etc. However, I will also sell or trade individual items as well. My main motivation is to get rid of this stuff, so no reasonable offer will be refused. Everything was used only a few times and is in excellent condition.

Among the items for sale are:

Men's BARE XCD2 Pro Dry Suit (fits a male 187cm tall, shoe size 46) with Diving Concepts Snap-On Dryglove Kit (worn 5 times) - EUR500

Men's 5mm Aquata Semi-Dry Suit (Size 102) - EUR175

Men's 3mm Mares Latitude Wetsuit (fits a male 187cm tall) - EUR100

Women's 3mm Hooded Camaro Wetsuit size 38 (only used twice) - EUR150

Women's SeaQuest Diva BCD size XS (only used twice) - EUR150

Men's SEAC SUB BCD size L - EUR150

Atomic T1 Regulator (only used a few times) - EUR600

Atomic SS1 Safe Second / Inflator (only used a few times) - EUR150

Sherwood Maximus Regulator - EUR150

Scuba Pro Regulator - EUR100

Boots, Gloves, Fins, Misc.

The entire package is yours for only EUR2.000 VB

If you are interested, I can send you a link to a video of some of the items that I have for sale.

Sell unused diving mask, snorkel & neoprene gloves, model see on the internet with picture, bought in Nov, 2022.

Original price at that time together 148,00 Euro

VB: 100 Euro

76547 Sinzheim/Baden

Phone: 07221 3571595

Even more pictures with the almost complete equipment on Ebay classifieds.

Complete equipment.
Selling because I am no longer allowed for health reasons and my son has no interest in diving.
There are still a few bags and small parts.
Not in the pictures.
Technically flawless. Been in fresh water only 1 time in the last 5 years. Technology was tested at Action Sport in H├Âchberg.
Size L,
Feel free to look at it on site if you have the opportunity. Otherwise, I answer all reasonable questions and send individual detail pictures.
Some pictures look a bit dusty. But it is not a product.
Shipping and collection possible.

500 Euro is a top offer

Sell a fully functional Poseidon MK VI .

As can be seen from the pictures, this recirculation device (ECCR) has a refillable lime cartridge an original Poseidon BOV and, as a further special feature, a frame as a stand. The remaining running time in the paddle readable today the 05.02.2023 is still 96 weeks. A completely new set of O rings has been exchanged. Both 3 liter original Poseidon bottles (aluminum) were freshly tested and are of course under pressure. The bottles are clicked with Metalsub bottle cage on the main unit. In addition, there is a newly powdered lime tank and new plug connections for the O┬▓ sensors as a replacement. The device is powered up upon transfer to functionality as proof. Not included in this sale are backplate and bladder or jacket. The device can either be picked up or handed over to Hemmoor. Fixed price 2.800,00 EUR Device is sold for health reasons.

Only collection, no shipping, cash payment on pick-up or handover. Private sale no guarantee, no return.

I sell all my diving equipment as described below. If you are interested, I will be happy to send you more detailed pictures of the individual products or give some information.

If necessary, individual pieces of equipment are only sold. !!! (Except for dry suit = set sale)

The price is negotiable.
Inadequate price counteroffers will not be considered.
Sale by pickup preferred!
Shipping is possible by DHL.
Since this is a private sale, the sale takes place under exclusion of any warranty according to BGB.

All further sales steps are then handled via private chat.

The stated retail price in the advertisement is a total price and is aimed at the entire diving set!

Scubapro Evertec size XL incl. inflator hose, rock boots size 44,
Hood and glove system TS1 from Dilo
(Latex cuffs at Trocki must be renewed!!) 325EUR

Waterproof Undercoat HD300 Gr. XL 150EUR

Atomic Splitfin black size XL.

Atomic B2 regulator incl. 1st stage 360EUR

Atomic Z2X regulator incl. 1st stage 260EUR

Atomic Cobalt dive computer incl. accessories 365EUR

Scubapro T-Black Jacket size L incl. lead bags and inflator hose 240EUR

Hartenberger maxi compact LCD incl. LED reflector
And red light filter with accessories 335EUR

Polaris Footies Gr. 43/44 25EUR

Total soft lead 14 kg 120EUR


Price: 110EUR

Condition: New

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

New Trocki underwear for women in size 42 by Kallweit.

Kallweit Saros SFT.

New & just tried.



Equipment used

1 dry suit DUI TLS 350, size M, red, booties size M, separate hood

Latex neck and arm cuffs need to be renewed

Suit in good condition, little used

DUI Thinsulate Undersuit Size M

1 wetsuit BoraBora size M, blue

1 pair of fins Force Fin Pro large

1 10 li compressed air cylinder steel, without T├ťV, simple valve with 3 outlets

1 Deco computer Suunto SME

1 regulator Scubapro Mark-V/ R190 with pressure gauge

1 regulator Poseidon Cyklon 300 with pressure gauge

1 First stage for Poseidon Cylon 300 with BCD

A revision is required for the regulators

1 BCD Scubapro Masterjacket M red with vest machine

1 carrying cradle for compressed air cylinder

Various small parts, fins with open foot, lead belt

Total price for equipment listed above: 1000,- EUR

It is a private sale without guarantee or possibility of return.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.

If you are interested, please Emai with asking price

A diving week in Arenzano used

Shipping is possible


If you are interested, please send an email with asking price

Shipping is possible


For sale are little used fins for snorkeling. The fins were worn only in the hall. Size 44-45.

Price: 10EUR

Private sale. I exclude any liability for material defects.

The liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and / or intentional violations of my obligations as seller remains unrestricted.


Due to the abandonment of diving for health reasons complete high quality and maintained diving equipment from (CMAS***) to sell, all revised, tested and fully functional.

  • Regulator Scubapro Mk20 (DIN) with G500, converted to 300 bar and upgraded, no longer dived since last revision, in OVP, with BA
  • Regulator Scubapro Mk20 (DIN) with R380, converted to 300 bar and upgraded, no longer dived since last revision, in OVP, with BA
  • Computer Uwatec Smart Tec, new battery (99%), new bracelet, in bag, with 1 piece air integrated transmitter (new battery), in original box with compass and complete documentation
  • Second transmitter (new battery) for Uwatec Smart Tec
  • Uwatec pressure gauge 300 bar, with high-pressure hose
  • Uwatec console with pressure gauge 300 bar and compass, with high-pressure hose

In addition:

  • Fins Atomic Aquatic SplitFins, size L, yellow/black
  • Fins Mares Plana Pro, black, Size 8-9, closed footboard
  • Tropical suit, wet, Camaro 3 mm, blue/black, size 52
  • Suit semi-dry, Polaris Titanium, 6 mm, two-piece (jacket with attached hood & Long John), size 48/50, red/black
  • Neoprene dry suit Polar Bears Polar 300, 6 mm with attached hood, front zipper, black with orange front insert, size approx. 178 cm, integrated boots shoe size 43, clothing size approx. 50, MD hose for Apeks valve, storage bag
  • Dry diving gloves blue, checkup system, ring size 90 mm size L, in original box
  • Stabilizing Jacket Scubapro Classic with Air II inflator/reserve regulator, no longer dived since last revision
  • Diving knife Tabata, vintage
  • Signal Buoy Surface Marker with Setting Line WDS 5.5 Webbing Deployment System
  • Mask Tusa Liberator, yellow, in storage box
  • Mask Tusa Liberator plus, black, in storage box, NEW
  • Mask Mares Santiago, black/yellow, in storage box, additional 1 set of optical glasses (both sides -4.0)
  • Shoulder strap system DUI Weight&Trim Classic, NEW
  • Lead belt, 5 pockets
  • Footies Camaro Titanium Alloy, black, size 43-44
  • Boots Polaris with zipper, black, size 43
  • Underwear Polar Bears, 3M Thinsulate 400, black, size M/L, in bag
  • Diving watch Casio Module No. 994 SNK-100 (new batteries, 2 pieces)
  • Diver's watch Citizen Aqualand Promaster, black dial, JP1010-00L/C500, new battery
  • Goggles with silicone straps and interchangeable nose bridges
  • Xerotherm underwear by Fourth Element, set (shirt, pants, socks) size L, in bags

also various small and spare parts

Snorkel "loopel" by seareq
Standard snorkel Simex
Bungee neckband silicone, yellow, new
Various medium pressure hoses, approx. 70 to 75 cm
Buddylines, hand spliced, with stainless steel carabiners, short (1m) and long (3m)
Special hangers for jacket and/or suits
Scubapro Universal Tool, P/N 45 043 102
Exhaust gun DG-10 with Scubapro Air II connection
Wristband extensions, short and long
various hand straps
various mask and fin bands
various mouthpieces
Dryzone, Drysuit & Waders Dryer
Wetsuit Shampoo
Various hose holders
Various regulator parts Scubapro, e.g. DIN/Int Conversion Kits
various carabiners, shackles, rings, all stainless steel
Various adhesives and lubricants
Adapter Scubapro Air II / Standard adapter connector
Adapter 3/8" to 7/16" (HD/MD)
Writing board with carabiner
Pressure vessel, white, screwable, for small stuff
various hard, soft, belt, foot lead

More photos on request.

I have a hard time with prices, because I have not followed the used market for health reasons for a long time. Replacement value of the entire package today approx. 7-8 TEURO. My asking price is EUR 2250,- for the complete package

Private sale ÔÇô no guarantee, warranty or liability. Personal contact / pick-up / visit possible and desired.

Kwark navy underwear in size 36/38 (body size 158, 54 kg)

thermally equivalent to traditional 400g Thinsulate

only dived a few times, therefore very good condition

Price: 180EUR VB


Sell here my dive case for an Iphone. 7/8 and SE it was purchased for a diving holiday in Egypt, but now I changed my phone so this is no longer needed.

It is absolutely waterproof to 40m depth.
all camera functions can be used and adjusted underwater.

It is all top in order original packed with another replacement gasket!



I sell a pair of Seac Snug Dry gloves 5mm in size L, new, unworn.

The gloves are smaller, rather size M, so unfortunately they do not fit me.

Top processed wet diving glove. Seams additionally sealed on the outside. Robust concealment of the palm.

Inside the wrist smooth skin neoprene for better sealing on a cuff.

Price: 30 EUR incl. shipping


Sell here 2 little used lead belts from Pro Sub for 10EUR each without weights.


Sell 2 diving knives, which were hardly used for 20EUR each, because of abandonment of the hobby

Since the new EU DIRECTIVE provides for a one-year warranty also for private sales - as far as the seller does not exclude it - I declare that I do not assume any warranty for this privately sold item within the meaning of the EU Directive. By purchasing, you expressly agree to waive the guarantee/warranty. There is no right of revocation and return (┬ž312dAbs.4Nr.5BGB).


-Dry suit Aqualung Giant 350 SE Gr . XL , Dry Suit Aqualung Giant 350 SE Size S -M ,Dry Suit Underwear Scubapro Artic Plus Gr.S Diving Suit Camaro S/38 Wetsuit Cressi Atlantis Anatomic Shape M/3 , Supmarex Diving Suit length 148cm , width 34cm , Diving suit Buchat Kid euro 5 us XL , Aqualung bottle 15l 200ph 300 Baar 08 /2000 , Aqualung bottle 12l 200ph 300 Baar 10/99 , 2x regulator duo Apeks tx100 , 2x regulator tx100 , 2 x regulator duo beuchat , 1 regulator beuchat , fins 2pairs Scubapro Jet Fin XL a few unworn. 2 pairs XL Scubapro , Mares , 1 pair Mares x-Small , 5 diving goggles ,4pair of hangers, mpsub extreme 14.4 lamp , shoes bare 43-44 , shoes Seaboots Mares Xs Umatec watch , 2 x compass Suunto and many lead weights

Retail price 2200.-

Negotiable ,


Phone: 0765281908

Complete very well preserved rope equipment (incl. Trolly) for sale against collection due to illness:

- Scubapro regulator with pocket

- Diving shoes (size 43)

- Gloves (size M) -

- Cressi hood

- Tarier Jacket Cressi S111 (Gr. M) with knife

- Oceanic diving bag (50-80 ltr.)

- Diving suit Shorty Cressi 4mm (size M)

- Diving suit Cressi semi-dry 7mm (size M)

- Diving suit Oceanic 4mm (size 50/M)

- Fins Cressi (Gr. 43)

- Trolly Aqua Lung (sufficient for all listed items)

- Signal lamp (for jacket)

- Diving watch Suunto

- Dive bag 80-100 ltr.

Other: buoy, lead belt, ear pursuer, fin holder, septadiver

Price VB (original price approx. 4.000.-)

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, warranty, return and revocation.
Shipping possible against payment of the shipping fee or against collection


Sell a new Waterproof hood in size ML. I only wore them once.

75,00 EUR VB

Shipping with a surcharge of the shipping costs or collection in Berlin are possible.

I exclude any liability for material defects.
The liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and / or intentional violations of my obligations as seller remains unrestricted.


Argon Complete System

- with 1 litre bottle
- with valve DIN G5/8
- with pressure reducer incl. integrated pressure relief valve (OPV)
- with argon taps for backplate
- Inflator hose

Price 150,00 Euro


Size Small

The Mares fins Super are stable and hold many many dives, the spare fin band is good when you need it, but it is rather unlikely. One fin was replaced because the original one was lost .... And so you are always very easy to recognize.

Used good condition Price 20 EUR

Shipping possible 6,90 EUR DHL

Exclusion of warranty

Best regards,


I sell my SF 2 prototype MCCR here.

This is a prototype. It was one of the few predecessors of the current SF2 with a special head which was not glued but sealed with additional O-rings.

The rebreather is in good condition, ready to dive, absolutely tight and fully functional. The sensors have been replaced in the last 2 months. In addition, 3 more oxygen sensors in their original packaging are added. The rebreather is sold with a Shearwater Predator and is therefore ready to dive.

All hoses have been replaced by MiFlex hoses. As well as all O-rings and small parts replaced.

The rebreather has a CMF (Constant Mass Flow) from TecMe on the oxygen side which is fixed to a flow of 0.5 L per minute. In addition, a Manuel Gas Add from TecMe was installed on the Dilluent side for security reasons.

The BOV is from Golem Gear Shrimp which not only closes the rebreather.

The first two stages are APEKS Tek 3 oxygen-pure.

On the backplate are mounted 2 bungee ropes and a buttplate for carrying the stage bottles. As a result, the stage bottles come further back and you have more armroom

Nautec valves are installed on the 3 liter compressed air cylinders and still have T├ťV until 01/23.

Accessories such as O-rings and batteries for the dive computer are part of the offer.

Price: 2400 EUR VB

Pick up only!

It is a private sale without guarantee, warranty or possibility of return.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.

450EUR shipping possible

Features of the HYDROS PRO
- Resistant: Gel harness made of patented injection-molded Monprene® is highly resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion. Velcro and zippers are completely dispensed with
- Immediately dry: Hardly stores water, light and dry after diving - ideal for travel
- Modular design / "BC-4-Life": add weights, straps and bags and much more as needed
- Easy to repair: virtually any component, including buckles, can be replaced without sewing
- Ergonomic 3D design: adapts to the diver's body shape for maximum comfort; Body grip gel prevents the jacket from shifting or slipping up
- Torso-Flex-Zone: Automatic adjustment to the back length of the diver for excellent comfort and freedom of movement
- Two-component backplate: Provides maximum stability and comfort
- The strap system for a mono bottle allows easy installation
- Articulated shoulder straps: This allows the straps to adapt to the body shape and thus ensure a precise fit
- Lightweight: Modern material ensures low weight
- Neutral buoyancy: The HYDROS PRO has virtually no lift
- Cross-flow channel: Reduces air pockets for improved maneuverability and easier drainage from any body position
- 2-stage inflating: A three-piece bungee strap system controls air distribution to ensure a compact shape underwater and high lifting capacity on the surface
- Weight system: Simple, safe and reliable quick-release buckles provide a fixed position for easy, one-handed operation
- Multi-mount matrix: Multiple attachment points and D-rings, for secure attachment of accessories
- Intelligent package design: shoulder and chest straps can be folded into the air bubble, making for a very compact package for easy transport and storage


look for the valve mentioned in the subject, as I need it for the second of my bottles for a 'flexible' mono / double device.

At best, an SLM, but since an SLM is already available, an SL/R or SL/L is also possible for the second bottle.

Bottle thread 'Standard' M25 (no small conical (KK-) thread M18).

I absolutely need the 300-bar version (300 bar bottle ÔÇô otherwise there will be trouble at the latest at the T├ťV).
Please only offer Nautec and not AIRCON, because with Aircon the handwheel controls the output opposite, with Nautec the next to it....

As long as the ad is online, there is still interest...