Classified ads Dive Gear

-Original and as good as new,
-New generation (not the old type),
-stainless steel,
-with belt holder (new)
-with MD hose,
-with Swagelok QC6 female Connector
-with Swagelok QC6 male connector / 9/16 male
-with APEKS Free Flow Control (FCD)
-with adapter 3/8 fem-9/16 fem

-Perfect for quick conversion from SCR to mCCR.

Price: 349,-EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

Sell for giving up diving for health reasons my

1x Thor dive light that has been in the water:

Included is a 24 AH battery tank with winter lid and the legendary Thor lamp head in full equipment.

The original price was 1850,-- euros.

The lamp was 2 x in the water and has almost no signs of use, of course is still manufacturer's warranty

on the lamp.

If you want to buy a Thor in full equipment now, this lamp is the best choice.

VB 1600,-- Euro


Hello, because of the abandonment of diving I offer here my

SF-2 rebreather in full equipment "Ready to Dive +".

Included is the following:

SF-2 ECCR tube approx. 60 h dive time incl. Shearwater Controller DiveCAN

Shearwater Petrel with Fischer connector as backup computer

Backplate long and heavy (6 mm)

Wing Black Devil

1st stage Scubaforce oxygen side

Stage 1 Scubaforce Diluent

Manual ADS metal version over the shoulder

Golem Gear BOV with Breathing Snake

Original DSV with long spare hoses Dr├Ąger

2 x pair of 3l bottle set 300 bar.

Original suitcase from Scubaforce is also included.

Pictures can be emailed via PM and serious interest.

The device has traces of use from cave diving but is technically in a

perfect condition, the oxygen sensors are about 1 year old but still have

acceptable values.

VB 7900,-- Euro


Offer Mares diving suit in size XL (52) by Mares reef3. Suit would only be worn 5 times in training (fresh water). Cleaned and as good as new.

Furthermore, an undersuit from scubapro new. Was not worn.

Both together for 149EUR.

Offenbach Bieber

Phone: 01702214198

Sell diver jacket used by Caymann. Jacket has been overhauled and tested.

Price 59 EUR. Pick-up only

Offenbach Bieber

Phone: 01702214198

Since we have to give up our beloved hobby "diving", we sell our diving equipment for a lady, 1.65 cm tall, size S-M and for the gentleman (fins, feet, ...) as well as all the accessories.

For sale is:
1 x Camaro WOMEN'S diving suit with ice vest and hood, 2 x 7 mm, NP. 600 EUR
1 x Camaro WOMEN WETSuit, Size S, 2 mm, NP. 80
1 x Dive Jacket MARES Maritim, Size S; NP: 299 EUR

1 x Diving mask
1 x Snorkel
1 x Fins
1 x Feet

Other items, diving utensils and books to hand in: the unit price is VHB

several diving masks see pictures, NP. between 60 and 80 EUR
several snorkels, NP. 25 EUR
several FINS, Gr. L / XL, NP. per couple around 150 EUR
1 x Feet, Gr.M (39/40)
1 x Feet, Size L
1 x Destination card, NP. 13 EUR
1 x Inserts for Padi logbook, original welded, NP. 7 EUR
2 Scubapro Beach Bag snorkel bags, 30 EUR/pc,
1 x Underwater writing board for the wrist, NP 35 EUR
1 x Signal buoy 1 m, NP. 32 EUR
1 x Carabiner, NP. 12 EUR
1 x Sprial cable with carabiner, NP: 31 EUR
1 x Signal Shaker (Underwater Signal),NP. 30 EUR
1 x Inflator hose, NP. 25
1 x Mounting Kit Professional, NP. 59
1 x Diver's stamp, NP. 18 EUR
1 x Dive light joystick hE with battery. Charger and description, NP. 60 EUR/pcs.

PADI - Rescue Diver Manual , Sales: 24 EUR
PADI - Adventures in diving manuel - Take the next step, VK: 10 EUR
PADI - Go Dive. Open Water Diver Manual. Experience new adventures. Start your apprenticeship today, UK: 25 EUR

Various number of soft lead bags and lead pieces brand "seac sub". To deliver a total of 22 kg.
Original price 1 kg = 17 EUR, 2 Kg = 25 EUR
NOW: 11 EUR / kilo
All lead together for 200,00 EUR

All things are in a very neat condition.

In the case of retail sales, negotiation basis.
If you want to buy everything together: total price :-)

Only to self-collectors.
We are private sellers and only sell items from our private ownership. An exchange or a return is generally not possible! We exclude a warranty ! Brand names are used exclusively to indicate the quality of the products offered

Steinhagen, Westfalen

I sell here an underwear of the brand Northern Diver Flectalon 100 in size L, the underwear is aluminum laminated and ideal for dives in cold water. It is used, comes from a non-smoking household without pets and is in good condition.
Price: 100,- EUR incl. shipping within Germany by DHL.
It is a private sale, therefore no guarantee and warranty and no return.


Mares X Stream Device Fin ***New*** XL

Wrong buy!

Original price 170 EUR

To be handed in for 75EUR incl. shipping only Germany

85084 Reichertshofen

Waterproof B2 Boots 6,5mm*** New***

Size ML

Wrong buy!

Original price 49EUR

To be handed in for 30EUR

85084 Reichertshofen

(Almost) Complete diver equipment.

About 3 years old and was only used for 2 trips.

The things were only kept in the house (non-smoking) and are all functional I.O.

There are slight traces of use visible on fins and feet.

Item list:

-Diving fins of Scubapro Squid Fin FF (size 42-43) and Aeris (size L-XL)

-Feet iQ size 43

-diving lead with pockets

-IQ Wetsuit 7mm Size 52/L

-Pulmonary automaton from Oceanic gt3

-First stage Mk25 Evo

-Buoyancy Vest Sailor Black Jack

Shipping possible at extra cost.

Also swap for an iPhone.

If you are interested, just write.

Ask for realistic price requests.

Shipping possible for an extra charge

Mobile: 01625224669


Elios Apnea Suit Women

(current user is 168 cm tall and weighs 60 kg)

7mm material thickness, black, inside smooth neoprene (dress with soapy), concealed on the outside, strapless trousers, attached hoods / exclusively suspended on / over thick foam holders, well maintained, no damage, kinks or similar.

NP approx. 250 EUR / for 80EUR to self-collector (fitting gladly on site), insured parcel shipping possible


DUI Rock Boots Size 7
2x test dipped - absolutely as good as new condition

35 EUR incl. insured parcel shipping within D / self-collection with fitting can be arranged


Suex Zeuxo 20

YOC 2015/16

The Suex Zeuxo 20 was in the water about 7 times

The Zeuxo series is only produced on request.

Zeuxo 20 is equipped with a short tube. This makes your turning circle very small, which is a great advantage in tight spaces. The thick tube displaces a lot of water and acts like a tractor.The Zeuxo 20 can be used very well as a main scooter but also as a backup scooter. As a battery, the Zeuxo 20 has a lead gel battery. A reliable and solid underwater scooter.

Where : Water weights, battery/charger and leash/boltsnap In addition, the Zeuxo 20 has a PropLock propeller system, a Suex N Handle and an Add Handle

I am happy to answer questions via WhatsApp 0172/6600455

3200 VB

  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á backmounted counterlungs (BMCLs
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á AD
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Tempstic
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á BOV (bailout valve)
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Trimix Software
  • ┬Ě22KG win
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á XL harness (Fits me with 182cm and 85Kg
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á ALIBOX / Travelframe from Aluminu
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Data cathe
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Delrin lid for the lime container (to store lime between the TG
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 2 O2 and 2 Diluent 3 liter bottle
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á New replacement AP16 O2 Senso
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 3 working/good AP16 O2 sensors installed (all also within the best before life)


  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á frontmounted counterlungs (FMCLs) and harness with lead pocket
  • (Have quick-release fasteners installed for easier cleaning
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Original housing (small crack in the floor, but it does not bother further and has been there for at least 8 years
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Auto Air
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 2l 300 bar buoyancing gas cylinder incl. quick connector and Scubapro MK16 or MK25 first stage.

If desired, I can convert to original housing, Auto Air and FMCLs.

Do not sell individual parts of the rebreather, but it would be OK without Auto Air, FMCLs or BMCLs and without ALIBOX or original housing.

VB 3600EUR including shipping. Pick-up possible in 35428 Langg├Âns

The Trocki was bought in 2014 as a custom-made product, because the off-the-shelf suits did not fit me. At that time I weighed at 1.68m about 85-95 kg (for orientation because of the size)
Since 2015, after only 10 TG, it unfortunately only hangs in my closet.

I would give my fins to it.

Price is 850 EUR VB

Fitting possible in Neufahrn near Freising


Underwater Camera for ISO Film

Engine Marine II-EX 35mm

the slightly different camera in today's world !!!!!!

used, original packaging no longer available

Film threading and transport, motor-driven film rewinding
The built-in 35mm F/3.5 lens features a bayonet mount that allows additional macro and wide-angle lenses to be mounted and removed underwater. With the engine Marine II-EX you do not have to show up to replace lenses built-in flash
The Motor Marine II-EX is made of shock-resistant, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate for durability and minimal maintenance.

Has not been used for a long time but always very well maintained. I would still like to have 50 EUR for it. Pick up in Tangerm├╝nde or shipping for an extra charge


Sell Waterproof B5 Marine Boots, size 43-44(28) new, never worn, because size does not fit. Price 40 Euro . Am close to Vienna at home, shipping

by cash on delivery or self-collection possible.  Phone :+43 6641243103

Phone: 00436641243103

Subgear Apnea 2 Women 4/5mm, X-Foam Two-Piece Size 42

Only one weekend worn in the pool

Good condition

Pick-up from Hamburg

Price 90 Euro


HammerFin freediving fin/apnea fins

Size 39/40

Flex version

Only one weekend worn in the pool

Like new

Pick-up in Hamburg

Price 30 Euro


The housing comes from an output and has never been in the water before (except for the bathtub). The Nikon has about 27000 triggers. Both items are in mint condition. With the Nikon, two new batteries have been added. Connoisseurs know how costly they are.

The set is intended for professionals and developed accordingly.

Please make me price suggestions that are realistic. Under 600 euros I simply overread that. The case has already cost 2300 euros.

I look forward to your answers.


I offer here my Nimar UW case for a Canaon 600d. The camera is not the best part of this display. It can be purchased separately with the appropriate lens. I bought the case last year, had it once on vacation and 2x here in fresh water for diving. But the whole thing is too hard for me. The housing has a leak detector, still replacement O-rings, had no water ingress and is fully functional. The housing still includes a flash arm, but WITHOUT flash or Lmape.
I am happy to send you photos by e-mail, just ask. The port on the housing is for a 17-85mm lens.
Original price at Nimar was 1490EUR, but I bought it as a fair price itself for 1200EUR.
no guarantee - no return, as private sale
The case can be viewed before buying



I sell a DUI TLS350 MaxMob in black with Halcyon Peevalve and Turbo Soles in size XLT.

The suit has new arm cuffs in HD, the neck man's cuff is defective, but I put a new Aton Silicon cuff with it. Otherwise in the Trocki in immaculate condition and was always tight.

I also sell a Santi BZ400 in XXL also top condition not flat dipped.

Yellowdiving Perch heating shirt in XXL incl the flat feedthrough for the current (replaces the inlet valve). This shirt replaces the first layer (LAnge underwear) and you have a heater without an extra LAyer that lyes and restricts mobility. The shirt can be kept to 50% power and 100% power via the battery tank (switch off and on again).

Pensioner's table completely made of stainless steel 200EUR

Trocki 550EUR, BZ400 200EUR, heating shirt with implementation 240EUR.

Package price is also not an issue

Pictures on request



As good as new diving equipment
Due to diving ban, I sell absolutely high-quality and new (purchased in 2017), partly unused diving equipment. Preferably possible together but also individually.
1. Regulator set Scubapro 25 Evo A700 with Octopus Scubapro R195(NP 840,-EUR); 6 x used.
2. Console Mares Mission 2c. (NP 149,-EUR); 6 x used.
3. Buoyancy vest Aqualung Axiom. (NP 430,-EUR); 4 times used.
4. Aqualung diver's knife, attached to the vest. (NP 40,-EUR); unused.
5. Mares dive computer quad white. (NP 399,-EUR); 4 times used.
6. Neoprene Suit Seac Sub Komoda 5mm, Men, XL. (NP 299,-EUR); 4 times used.
7. Neoprene Gloves Seac Sub Anatomic 2.5mm. (NP 19,-EUR); 4 times used.
8. Neoprene hood Seac Sub Tekno, 5mm. (NP 40,-EUR); 4 times used.
9. Mares F├╝├člinge Gr. 8 and Mares Flossen avantiquattro. (NP 120,-EUR); 16 x ben.
10. Compas Aqualung with Retracter. (NP 113,-EUR); unused.
All documents are available.
Price VB !!!!!!!
The equipment can be viewed in Sch├Ânefeld and picked up for cash.


Wenoka Big Squeeze Titanium Diving Knife Titanium, used in very good condition, shipping as a shipment for 2, - or insured with Hermes for 3,80

Price plus shipping 55,-


Hello everyone
I sell a Coltri compressor MCH-6-portable see nameplate. The compressor runs well so far but has oil in the air and definitely needs maintenance. The compressor is from 2010 and ran for a maximum of 120 hours. You are welcome to take a look at it.

Only on self-stealers.

Price 350 Euro

Since private sale no guarantee or return.


Sell a top diving equipment.

Partly as good as new and new pieces of equipment.

Included are a

ÔÇó ScubaPro regulator (with instructions)
ÔÇó Cressi diving mask with cleaner
ÔÇó Mares Snorkel
ÔÇó Mares diving fins Gr 42
ÔÇó Mares F├╝├člinge Gr 42
ÔÇó Mares Puk Pro dive computer NEW never dived with was a gift.
ÔÇó Mares Buoyancy Jacket MRS Plus Hybrid AT
ÔÇóDiver buoy

The diving fins and feet are like new ( 2 dives )

Regulator about 15 dives

Buoyancy jacket about 15 dives

Feel free to make me offers. The new prices are below!

Mares Diving Fins (89,95EUR)
Mares F├╝├člinge. (44,95EUR)
Cressi diving mask. (34,90EUR)
Mares Snorkel (22,95EUR)
Mares Puk Pro Dive Computer (149,95EUR)
ScubaPro Regulator(489EUR)
Mares Buoyancy Jacket MRS Plus (399EUR)
Diver Buoy (29,95EUR)


Sell a VCR in an underwater housing
with UW LED lamp,which can be switched in three focal stages. Burning time 45 min. to one hour reddish filter

Retail price: 600 E

71711 Murr, Buchenweg 17

DUI glove system gr.M blue.
(Old ZipSeals system)
Only used a few times.


The general rules apply in relation to a private sale.
No warranty, guarantee or return of the item.


A very high-quality DUI 30/30 Maximum Mobility Explorer series in the size: LS.

The suit is reference class. Anyone who knows this suit knows what I'm talking aboutJ

Year of manufacture is 2007.

The suit is used, but has always been treated with care.

I was able to dive the suit well at a size of 173 and 81 kg. The Gr: LS is intended for people with more upper body and little legJ

Due to the telescopic torso, however, it is somewhat variable.
Therefore, please take the size data from the attached DUI table:

I recommend trying on the suit before purchasing.


- Zip seals on arms and legs (have the
Cuffs (latex) changed themselves and
newly glued, they are tight)

So there is currently no need for action.

- Thermal protection collar

- Two Halcyon leg pockets

- Cordura ® reinforcements

- Apeks intake and exhaust valves and
in addition, as a special feature, still
a Kallweit valve on the right
Very comfortable when diving, just raise your arm and the pressure is balanced.

- Heser pee valve

- Fixed Boots Gr.43

- Reflective stripes on arms and
Three years ago he got a new zipper.

The original price of this suit was 2900EUR

Selling price is 650EUR VB

More pictures if you are interested on request.

The general regulations regarding a private sale apply. There is no guarantee, warranty or return of the item after purchase.


Underwear dry diving various:

Seeman Subtech 100 little dipped Gr.M.

Good underwear for the transition period under a trilaminate Trocki.

I don't need it anymore.


Weezle Extreme+ Gr.M

Little dipped underwear (very, very warm). Unfortunately, he has a small damage to the right shoulder which would be easy to repair with an adhesive patch.


The regulations for a private sale apply. No warranty, guarantee or return of the item.


Diving tank 12 L short with Polaris double valve rotatable and T├╝v until 03/2020.
EUR 180,00 + shipping if desired.


To all divers - I sell my fins of the brand Aqualung Phazer ADJ in the colors neon yellow, white and black. I had the fins only for my diving license - they are like new.

As good as new fins Aqualung Phazer ADJ
The fins have the following characteristics:
Wave Rib Technology
New, elastic fin band
Construction of 3 materials
Hydro Power
New outflow system

More information can be found on the homepage of Aqualung.

They are in size S,



New unused Scubapro Finimeter with hose and protection.
No cheap plasticfini, made of metal, mineral glass
Price 40EUR incl. shipping with Hermes as a package


Sell Apeks Sidemount Set, as new, only 15 TGs made with it. Bought 3 years ago but not used for 2 years. In addition, some accessories, which you can always use. Original price 1200,- and nunVB 850,-


I am looking for a 2 pin SubSea plug with at least 55cm cable for a 2nd heating tank, used but not consumed.


68782 Br├╝hl

Sell new Aqualung Dive Trolley Explorer 1000 for 99EUR
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 73 x 51 x 33 cm
Volume: 123.5 liters

Hello sell 2x against bid, individually or as a package. Everything is in top condition. Bottles are for collection, no shipping.

- Double 7, Dir Style and Nitrox clean, T├╝v to
- Heeser Backplate
- OMS Donat

Looking forward to numerous inquiries
Good air
Anke - Wikipedia

Freiburg im Breisgau


I sell a DUI TLS350 MaxMob in black with Halcyon Peevalve and Turbo Soles in size XLT.

The suit has new arm cuffs in HD, the neck man's cuff is defective, but I put a new Aton Silicon cuff with it. Otherwise in the Trocki in immaculate condition and was always tight.

I also sell a Santi BZ400 in XXL also top condition not flat dipped.

Yellowdiving Perch heating shirt in XXL incl the flat feedthrough for the current (replaces the inlet valve). This shirt replaces the first layer (LAnge underwear) and you have a heater without an extra LAyer that lyes and restricts mobility. The shirt can be kept to 50% power and 100% power via the battery tank (switch off and on again).

Trocki 650EUR, BZ400 220EUR, heating shirt with implementation 280EUR.

Pictures on request




Hello everyone

I sell a Hollis Prism2 in very good condition with various accessories.
what's in it?
- Hollis Prism2 complete with 2x 3l steel bottles (black, O2 with nitrox thread).

- Hollis Prism BOV
- Stainless steel stand
- small counter-lungs
- all medium pressure hoses exchanged for flex hoses
- new high-pressure hoses
- various spare parts (O-rings etc.)
- Custom-made HUD holder for the "normal" mouthpiece (not BOV)
- 4x originally packaged O2 sensors

Price 5399EUR VHB


Return used dry suit in size M with defective zipper (to the first 10 cm).
The neck cuff and the cuff on the left hand were replaced about 3-4 months ago. All three cuffs are tight, as are the rest of the suit.


Sell my double 7
Can be filled with 300 bar
The bottles no longer have a T├ťV.
The bottles weigh half empty 28.5 KG and have M25 valves
Only to self-collectors.

VB: 300,-


My son is growing faster than expected, so we part with his Kallweit XENON Front Size S after about 30 TG
Neck cuff:Neoprene
Valve:left upper arm (standard mounting)
Leg pocket:Tech Bag left

incl. RoLock ring system & Saros underwear.

Price VB

Sell my Cressi S 114 buoyancy vest, size M
with integrated lead pockets. At the back, the jacket has 2 trim pockets.

The jacket is in great condition, only a few traces of use and works perfectly.

Price: 165,-


Has anyone upgraded their Divesoft Flow Limiter to the Professional version and has the variable standard nozzle left? If yes, please contact me :-)

Liveaboard Galapagos 2018 to be delivered in September!

Unfortunately, I cannot participate in the liveaboard due to private circumstances.
That's why I'm looking for someone to overwrite the trip.

The safari starts on 10.09 and ends on 17.09.
In total there are 8 days / 7 nights liveaboard on the MV GALAPAGOS MASTER from/to San Crist├│bal
Accommodation in a basic double cabin lower deck

Diving is done in front of Darwin and Wolf.

take a look at the website of the agency where I booked the trip:

The price of the trip is 4355,00EUR

85419 Mauern