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Suit is tight with new valves (inlet and outlet)

Cuffs are fine, but will certainly be due soon.

I had a glove system on my arms.

Price is VB. Thought of 250EUR


Phone: +4915116050621

Dive knife complete with scabbard. Has never been used before.

Price 30 Euro


Diving fins for feet CressiSub. Size M. Used but in good condition.

Price 25 Euro


Sell Seaquest diving vest. Vest is in very good condition. Size M. Made in USA. Hanger incl. Velcro fastener and front click fastener.

Price 120 Euro VHB


Sell my equipment for hobby tasks

Jacket Auqalung Gr. S 120 Euro

Apex controller XTX 100, XTX 40, 1 stage Apex 300 Euro

12 liter bottle 130 Euro without T├ťV

Neoprene Gr. 40. Hood and feet 50 Euro

Aqua Lung Fins 40 Euro

VB 640 Euro

Phone: 00436641311932


I sell Atomic regulator B2 and Atomic Z2 separate system. I used the Z2 as an octopus. Approx. 15 dives. Original price 750 Euro. Basis for negotiation 350 euros. Pick-up possible or postal delivery with insured package.


Phone: 015221691854

I sell a jacket OMS Comfort Harness, backplate, strap bladder 45 L in color black, double 7 (T├╝v has expired), device for argon bottle, argon bottle with connection and various accessories (lead bags, device for a bottle, buoys). Price 550 Euro negotiation basis!


Phone: 015221691854

The original rotary switch of the Suex scooter is poor and difficult to operate. Especially in winter, it makes problems to turn the rotary switch with the thick gloves. With my tool, this is over quite quickly. Simply plug it in (without tools) and it's very easy. Since the switch position itself is difficult to see above water, (white hole in white smiley-cool.gif material) the switching positions are very easy to recognize on my rotary switches.smiley-laughing.gif

suitable for:


Suex XJoy 7

10EUR / pcs plus shipping

Poseidon Rebreather MKVI 2450th EUR and a Poseidon Seven 3650th-EUR for sale

Both devices have received a new service.

Sports battery, wing, bottles and the rest of the accessories are included


Only use once, as new

10 Euro + shipping 3 Euro

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Sell here

used Seawing Nova fins

70EUR plus shipping

Private sale Therefore no guarantee and return

Sell a new spool made of aluminum, black anodized with double end (stainless steel) and 30m string. There is also a buoy from Subgear 120cm, also never in the water.

VB 30EUR + Shipping

Private sale, no guarantee, return, warranty



For health reasons, I want to hand over my well-groomed equipment.

The oldest part is 2 years old. The dry diving suit is used for 4 months and only once.

I myself am 1,83 m tall and weigh 86 kg.

If you are interested, simply report it.

The complete equipment just needs to be put on and you can get rid of it.

Even the flats are still filled.

New price of equipment: About 4000 euros

My price is VB.

Finally, all Tip Top i.O. Who fits this equipment ... Has a long time rest.


I offer here a complete equipment for diving.
In the package are:
Long neoprene
Short neoprene (see photos)
Vending machine (must be revised)
Lead (approx. 3kg)
Lead belt
Jacket (large M/L)
Waterproof duffel bag
Mask and snorkel
All things are used but completely intact. For this I also give a dive computer. If you are seriously interested, I like to take even more photos. Only collection or "delivery" (room Aachen, Cologne, st Wendel)
Shipping is possible but pig expensive and must therefore be taken over.



A PSCR RB80 clone is offered.

Made entirely of Delrin/POM.

Frame is powdered from Va and black. Clamps for attaching the bailout tanks are included, switch block complete except for the two QC6.

Loop consists of Cooper pants, cordura protection from Dr├Ąger and BOV Tres Presidentes ( identical Golem Shrimp )

Lots of spare parts and lungs almost new.

Shipping of the buyers, an education is needed!

VB EUR1500,-


Sell my spool.

Shipping via DHL and PayPal possible

Sell new inflator hose for jacket or trocki. New! Was with my jacket.

Shipping via DHL and PayPal possible

Sell the above dive light. Top condition. Only participated in about 20 TG. Battery lasts around 4TG.

Shipping and PayPal possible.

Sell my Seemann buoy! All tight and functional. I switched to Tec Buoy.

Shipping via DHL and PayPal possible

Hello everyone

with a heavy heart I have to sell my almost never worn diving equipment here...

I bought the equipment, then tried it 2 times in the swimming pool and then did not use it anymore in the following holiday, because 3-4 weeks before I got problems with my ears, which now make diving even impossible for me... The equipment was much more expensive when purchased than it is now offered here, so I have struggled for a long time with the sale. But either way I can't use it anymore and that's why it's here now... :-/

The equipment was used only 2 times in the swimming pool for introduction, well cleaned and then treated. The equipment is perfectly preserved, very high quality and can also be tried / looked at!

The equipment consists of:

  • Retractor by Subgear

  • Fin: Mares X-Stream (Red)

  • Dive computer: SUUNTO COBRA 3

  • Glove: Scubapro Everflex 5 mm (size L)

  • Hood: Scuba Pro Everflex SC 3/5 mm

  • Foot: Scuba Pro Delta 5mm (size m/l)

  • Diving tool: Mares

  • Regulator: SUBGEAR Bonaire LT Set incl. Oct. Aruba

  • Diving suit: Scubapro - dry suit FUSION (size L/XL) and underwear Comfort soft by Mares

  • Buoyancy jacket: Seaquest Aqualung Pro QD I3 incl. Oct. holder and knife

  • as well as detergents, instructions and bags.

I would like to sell the entire equipment at once at a fixed price of 1,750EUR.

If you have any questions, please contact us! I am also happy to take more pictures of the equipment! You are also welcome to call 0176 / 30 53 76 77.



Phone: 0176/30 53 76 77

I have to clear out the leftovers and give away used, partly new or new diving things cheaply. (Shipping to Germany or EU will be added in each case). More photos are welcome. Unfortunately could only upload 10 pictures.

1. Apnea fins Cressi Gara 3000, Grey/ Black, Size 40-41, EUR45

2. Equipment fins Mares Avanti Quattro ABS, Black, Gr. Regular, EUR40

3. Dolphin Fins, Yellow, Gr.M-L, EUR20

4. Neoprene Shorty, approx. 6mm for the tropics or swimming pool, Gr.M, AS NEW, EUR20

5. Wetsuit Dolphin, approx. 6mm, size.M/L, EUR25

6. Wetsuit Sailor, approx. 6mm, Gr.M/L, EUR30

7. Div. temples for trocki, jacket, wetsuits, each EUR5

8. Brackets for compass, bottomtimer, dive computer, each EUR5

9. Neoprene gloves Mares, 3/5mm, EUR10

10. Neoprene gloves Scubapro Everflex, Size L, NEW, EUR30

11. 3 finger neoprene gloves, GNT, very warm, patched but tight, size L, EUR5

12. Underwear Neoprene Gloves Forth Element, thin, approx. 2mm, NEW, EUR15

13. Trocki Gloves BTS, Northern Blue, Gr.M, EUR15

14. Thermosocks for Trocki, Fourth Element, Size L, Approx. 43-45, EUR15

15. Wetnotes, Dir Zone with Boltsnap, EUR15

16. Wetnotes, Techline with Boltsnap, EUR15

17. Neoprene Hood Waterproof, 7mm, short collar, EUR20

18. Neoprene Hood Waterproof, 7mm, Longer Collar, LIKE NEW, EUR35

19. Neoprene Hood No Name, 5mm, Size L, NEW, EUR5

20. Neoprene Hood Dive System, 6mm, Size L, NEW, EUR20

21. Neoprene Hood SANTI, 6mm, Size XXL, LIKE NEW, EUR35

22. Neoprene Hood SANTI, 9mm, Size XL, LIKE NEW, EUR40

23. Neoprene Hood SANTI, 9mm, Size XXL, AS NEW, EUR40

24. Octopus rubber for backup controller, yellow, NEW, EUR5

25. Bag Dive System for Trocki or Underwear, AS NEW, EUR15

26. Halcyon Storage Pack for Backplate, EUR30

27. Knife yellow with lock system, AS NEW, EUR15

28. Reef hook, AS NEW, EUR5


Phone: 01792359974

Sell personal filters and oxygen meters in the aluminium meter as shown.

Price 300,00 plus shipping or free pick-up in Kiel


Hello, here I have a new Mares Pro Diver lead belt with a length of 1300mm. The strap has 5 integrated pockets (for lead) which can be closed with Velcro. Sturdy metal closure.

Since this is a private sale, I give no guarantee or warranty on the item and a return is also excluded. All information has been provided to the best of our knowledge and belief. Shipping plus shipping costs possible.


Sell a Kubi ring system 100 rings. ATTENTION! it's just a glovering The second is missing. The suit side is complete. maybe someone needs these as a replacement. 70EUR VB


After Diving School resolution we still have a lot to sell. Compressors, Bottles, Suits, pulses, flowed, docile.,

We sell everything under EK. Please write what You need, we will make You a great Offer.


The price is VB.190EUR

Here I sell my SD Combat about 3 years old.

Unfortunately, I don't know about dives. Estimate about 100-150 as I dive dry most of the time. Give it only from because I need a suit that I can put on and make myself.

Which is difficult with a crossover. The suit has the size XXL for easier limitation I am 188 tall and 116kg. you shouldn't be heavier.

The suit can also be visited and tried on in 44534 L├╝nen.


Offer 2 dive bags.

Subgear Carrying Bag


Beuchat Off Shore Travel Bag

Together 30EUR


I sell a hood from Scubapro. It is new and unworn, but for some unknown reason it has three small cracks in the smooth skin neoprene in the neck area. See photo.

Size: M

Thickness: 5 mm

Price: 15 Euro

Plus shipping. A handover at the dive site is also possible. No guarantee, no return.


I sell an unworn hood from Scubapro.
Size: L
Thickness: 5 mm

Price: 20 Euro

Plus shipping.
No return, no guarantee.


Offer a used Mares Icon travel jacket here. Slight signs of use, but fully functional, the last time dipped with it at the end of July. Hing always blown up in the basement.

Smoke-free household.

I offer here a new, unused buoy from Tecline. It is closed, so it must be filled via the valve.

Length: 180cm

Color: orange

Price: 65EUR (original price: 76EUR).



for reasons of time I give up my hobby and sell my complete equipment. Suit has the Size 58 and the Shorty 102. I'll hang the link from EBay Classifieds in. Everything is also described again. There are also more detectors to be seen.

Price I thought 500EUR vb.



Completely no retail sale.

I don't have the time and clue for that.

Value about 7000 euros.

Ideal for club school or resseller

35423 Lich

For health reasons, sell my diving equipment, about 6 months old and all parts have only 6 TG participated.

ÔÇó Buoyancy jacket Axiom by Aqualung Gr. MD

ÔÇó 3mm wetsuit "Bali" by Aqualung Gr.52

ÔÇó Fins "Phazer" by Aqualung Gr. R

ÔÇóSuitcase from Aqualung.

There are also feet from Scubapro Gr.43, goggles and snorkels from Aqualung.

Problems with size? I am 1.80 and weigh 84 kg. Everything fit perfectly.

VB 480 Euro.

All parts are also set individually.


Phone: 015126107959

Sell my upstream backplate 6mm long. This is about 7kg heavy. Price: 160EUR

The Tecline Wing Donut 22 Special Edition is especially suitable for double-12. Mounted is a 35cm and in addition a 30cm inflator hose is included. Wing has hardly any traces of use and is dense. Price: 250EUR

Shipping is possible. The items can be purchased individually or together.

Region Stuttgart

Look for a used or exchange engine for an old Gavin scooter, if who has what please offer!!

A legend is offered here ÔÇô a two-hose regulator of the brand "La Spirotechnique" model: Mistral.
An extraordinary, very rare device and a great collector's item.
It is equipped with valve mouthpiece and DIN shaft.
However, the machine would have to be technically tested before reusing it.


Pick-up in the Kassel area.
Shipping can be realized on request and cost assumption.

Advertisement will be deleted immediately after sale!
Therefore, as long as the advertisement is online, the item can still be purchased!


-Used, undamaged,
-Complete with inflator hose,
-Bubble material: double-shelled, cordura (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Color: Black.
-Manufacturer: A.P.Valves, Cornwall, UK

Price: 119,-EUR

84489 Burghausen

-Used, undamaged,
-Complete with inflator hose,
-Material: double-shelled, cordura (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Volume: approx. 20l,
-Color: Black.

Price: 49,-EUR

84489 Burghausen

Unused BOV from Poseidon. I had bought the BOV to convert another rebreather. But I never got to it. The BOV is therefore as good as new, as it has never been used.

Price 900EUR

Because of hobby I sell my New Apeks regulator (XTX 200DIN + XTX 400 Octo + 1 stage) Finimeter, Bag.0 Dives.VB 450,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby work I sell my new feet.Never worn before. Size 44.VB 50,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby work I sell my new equipment fins from Cressi Reaction.Never worn before. Size 44.VB 75,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby I sell my jacket from Aqua Lung,Axion.Size XL.

The jacket has only 8 times swimming pool and 6 times lake h inter itself. VB 290,00EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

Because of hobby task.Cressi Leonardo dive computer.O dives. So as good as new.New price was 245EUR. VB 170EUR

56727 Mayen

Phone: 015770326901

-New and original "DIVEX" (made in Scotland),
- "warmly" recommended,
-Shoe size approx. 42.

Price: 27,-EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

-for dry suit,
-new goods,
-Size XL.

Price: 44,-EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

-Complete with inflator hose and bag, original packaged new goods,
-Material: Kevlar (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Volume: 20l,
-Color: Black.

Price: 190,-EUR.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen