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Sell a complete equipment size S. I am female, 163 tall and 58 kg. I bought the jacket 2 years ago, unfortunately I could never use it for health reasons. Original price, 200 Euro. The other things are 5 years old. Did 45 dives with it, exclusively in lakes. The price is the basis for negotiations. I would like to sell everything together but individually also works. I can give more pictures and information via WhatsApp. 01715432504

F├╝rth, Bayern

Phone: 01715432504

Complete diving equipment consisting of:

  • Dry suit Nothern Diver Cortex, XL, with shoes in size 47/48 and carrying bag, 300 EUR
  • Hood, wool gloves and neoprene gloves, 50 EUR
  • Underwear Kalweit Saros XL, thick version, 150 EUR
  • Underwear Kalweit Nova, thin version, 150 EUR
  • Jacket Mares Dragon AT, 150 EUR
  • 4 x 1 kilo and 4 x 2.5 kilos lead, 95 EUR
  • Regulator 1st and 2nd stage Sherwood Brut/Brut with octopus, finimeter and bag, 150
  • Dive computer Mares Puck, 100 EUR
  • Diving compass Suunto. 50 EUR
  • Buoy Sub Gear with cord reel, 12 EUR
  • 15 liter compressed air cylinder long version, new, unused, 200 EUR

All together in a package: 1.350 EUR

Hello, sell here a brand new and unused Subgear Devil diving mask. Mask comes with replacement mask tape and box. Also both new and unused. Was once intended as a replacement mask. I also dive this model as the main mask and am fully satisfied. Low volume and large field of view and low weight speak for themselves. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price is negotiable and includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 45 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942

Oceanic Neoprene Gloves Titanium Gr. L - Kevlar

Sell well preserved Oceanic Neoprene Gloves Titanium Gr. L Kevlar,

Due to the Kevlar inner coating, the gloves provide particular protection against the cold.

My asking price:

25,00Euro plus 8,00 vers. dispatch

Gladly to self-collectors, shipping after prior consultation.

You expressly point out that this is a private sale and I do not assume any warranty.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Have various articles about,

Mares Jacket Gr. L

Oceanic 7mm wet suit with ice vest, zippers i.O.

Kallweit Neoprentrocki Gr. L with urinal valve, zipper is top, arm and neck cuffs need to be renewed.

Seac Sub Diving Case,

Two slider pockets

Kallweit three-finger gloves

Bare three-finger gloves

Cressi thin diving gloves

Waterprof Gloves

Just everything together


Can be visited

Pick-up only

28876 Oyten

Wing Agir Brokk Habrock 38 lbs - Wing for double 7/10/12 - classic horseshoe shape - buoyancy 38 lbs / 17 kg - CE approval - a quick drain bottom left front - 1 inflator with pleated hose without quick drain - suitable for DIR configuration - only slight traces of use, little dipped (about 30 TG) - at one point I had marked my name with white pen, but is hardly visible anymore

Price: 150 EUR, shipping I take over

64297 Darmstadt

The large bottles are spray galvanized and rust no longer rust.

Bottles are filled and would have to be picked up.



OMS harness bag used. Worn as a replacement for the lamp tank on the harness. Two buckles cut off. EUR 10,- plus shipping


Monovalve 232 bar right expandable Mandy New EUR 45,- plus shipping


Used V-Weight for D12 with 2,75kg. EUR 40,- plus shipping


Mixchek Helium/Oxygen Analyzer from Teledyne Analytical Instruments - Serial No. 243412 - for diving with Trimix. The measuring device makes it possible to produce the desired gas mixture yourself or to analyze the Trimix supplied by the dive center for its actual He- and O2 gas components before the dives. The device is from 2005, but in best condition.
The instrument Serial No. 243412 comes together with its 38 pages of English-language Original Operating Instructions.
The batteries are new - according to the operating instructions sufficient for 150 operating hours.
The O2 sensor type R-33S1 needs to be replaced - available from Ryan Swaine - Sensor R-33S1 Purchase price £45 + Postage by airmail £11; Total = GBP £56; currently corresponding to approx. 61 EUR. Ryan ultimately stated a sensor availability with a delivery time of about 4 weeks. The procurement of the O2 sensor must be carried out by the buyer.
It is a private sale - is therefore without warranty and without right of return.
The original price of the Mixchek was demonstrably 2,047.40 EUR - acquired by me as a first-time buyer at BERNT GMBH Messtechnik GmbH.
Selling price - VB is 399 EUR.

21244 Buchholz in der Nordheide

Phone: 04187-600270 oder 0152-294 555 86

As good as new, unused diving feet from Camaro, gr.36, foot length 24cm,
6mm Thermo Neoprene

23EUR VB plus shipping


Used Thinsulate Socks

Size XL

I wore them with shoe size 40 and had plenty of air


shipping possible

Payment by PayPal possible

VB 19,-EUR


New and unused

22,- EUR VB

Shipping and payment by PayPal possible Private sale, no return or guarantee


DIR Zone Backplate including banding

Complete set consisting of:
- Stainless steel backplate 3mm with harness,
- stainless steel D-rings and belt stoppers,
- stainless steel belt buckle,
- crotch belt and
- Small, handy knife made of stainless steel with sawtooth
- Incl. knife sheath made of webbing for the abdominal belt

Weight: approx. 2.8 kg

Price incl. shipping: 110EUR

No flaws.
You can make me an offer.
Private sale. No guarantee or withdrawal.
Animal-free non-smoking household.

for questions: 0172 8128721


Phone: +49172812872

Once used. 5kg


Pick up in 78532 Tuttlingen M├Âhringen or plus shipping

78532 Tuttlingen M├Âhringen

No idea what to write about it. At least 20 condoms are still available. Charge is official expired, but still stick.

The whole thing is available for 5,- plus shipping costs (goods shipment?). Payment via PayPal and shipping is possible. I offer more items, so that you can save shipping costs if necessary.

Greeting from Berlin



We , 2 women offer complete well-maintained diving equipment for 2 people (size 42 )+ 2 underwater photo cases Lumix and Rollei

1 Diving Suit "Aqualung Iceland Comfort" Size 44, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 Diving Suit with Ice Vest / Shorty T-20r "Water Proof",Size 42, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 diving shoes "Water Proof", size 39, with firm outsole, 5mm

1 Diving Gloves "Scubapro", Size M

1 Diving Gloves "Mares", Size M

1 Tarier Vest "Seac Sub", Size M

1 Tarier vest " Cressi", size M

1 diving fins for diving shoes "Mares"

1 diving fins for diving shoes " Cressi"

1 submersible belt without lead

1 diving belt with weights (7 kilos)

2 lead pockets without lead

6 lead (1.5 kilos), 3 lead (1 kilo), 2 lead (2 kilos) " Seacsub, Softlead" :

1 Diving and rescue buoy (signal buoy for divers)

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Favor S"

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Geteko"

1 regulator advantage set with octopus and finimeter "Apeks ATX 50"

1 Finimeter "Sailor Scub"

1 underwater photo housing Lumix , suitable for camera Lumix-Panasonic DMW-MCFS5 incl. operating instructions

1 underwater photo housing Rollei with matching camera Rollei Bullet HD and accessories, incl. operating instructions

The purchase price of the entire equipment was approx. 3600.00 Euro.

The entire diving equipment has only about 20-25 dives on the hump. For various reasons, we don't dive anymore. We really think this is a pity and would like to pass on the complete well-maintained diving equipment to those interested.

So, get started and book diving course / diving holiday immediately. Beforehand, a few services (checking and replacing seals, changing batteries, etc.) should be made for your own safety.

Our price presentation: 1250,00 Euro, VB , individual can also be sold

On request: to Jutta and Andrea :

60486 Frankfurt

was purchased as a backup, but does not fit optimally


Private sale without warranty and warranty. To self-collectors or against taking over the shipping costs.


The rebreather offered here comes from a project where my goal was to build an m-CCR from a NITROX SCR. The system works, I was with the device a few times in the water dives up to 100min and 20m were problem-free.

The control of the O2 component is based on the KISS principle: O2 needle valve set to approx. 0.9l/min; manual addition of additional O2 via buttons; Diluent (air) via pulmonary automatic bypass AND also possible manually. The O2 -Sufe is specially adapted for the Constant-Flow needle valve - conversion part for Apek's first stage is incl. A ppO2 monitoring is also built-in - 2 separate sensors on 2 separate displays (are installed in one housing). The built-in belt corresponds to a DIR style.


The system is passed WITHOUT false, first stages and finimeters.

The O2 monitoring (sensors are not included), as well as the conversion part for an APEKS first stage at constant medium pressure are included.

PRICE: 850.-, excl. shipping (shipping within the EU is possible)

Questions about the system, if possible, please send a message.

Neunkirchen / ├ľsterreich


I'm running an unfinched DIY battery tank. The lid is turned from POM and has only one passage for the cable. The rotary switch has a small neodymium magnet with which a reed contact in the tank is actuated. The corresponding blind hole hole is available, the reed contact is not. The rotary switch snaps into place in two positions at 180┬░ (on/off). The housing is a standard pipe DIN11850 Series 2 in DN80 from beverage technology, 85mm on the outside and 81mm on the inside. The tube is 300mm long, the matching blank for the floor is enclosed.

Price 70,-EUR incl. shipping


Size 39


Phone: +352661818296

Buoy in good condition

So far only once tested, but already bought used

8EUR plus shipping


Phone: 015233861267

1. High-quality lung machine complete set !

For detailed information, simply check with Cressi or ask me.

Consisting of:

+ 1st stage: Cressi T-10 Cromo

+ 2nd stage: Cressi Galaxy R

+ Octopus : Cressi Balanced MG

+ Dive console: Cressi Leonardo (computer)

(incl. compass and finimeter)

+ Inflator hose

+ Solenoid valve for the octopus

RRP: 975EUR (I would like to have 460 EUR)

Condition: Very good - from summer 2019

(Computer 36TG, equipment under 20TG)

Everything is completely prepared and ready to dive.

2. Cressi Commander Wing Jacket

RRP: 399EUR (I would like 200EUR)

Condition: Very good - from summer 2019

(Under 20TG)

Size: L

The wing has been treated very well and is freshly prepared. It can be dived directly.

All equipment offered here is from the Cressi Atelier series. These are the high-end products from Cressi that can only be bought in the dive shop!

Since I only dive rebreather, I have to part with a heavy heart.

(If you are interested in matching diving suits, fins etc. and accessories, please report!)

Total price for both: 660EUR VB

Retail sales are also possible!


I offer a whole collection of diving equipment here.

Consisting of:

ScubaPro Glide 2000 Tarrier vest
Aqua Lung Regulator
Neoprene Gloves
Neoprene diving shoes
Belt without lead

I am happy to accept realistic price proposals.

Shipping is of course possible at an additional cost.

Since private sale no guarantee and redemption.

Price: 250 Euro VB


I offer a functional original Dr├Ąger LAR V circulating diving device, a 100% oxygen rebreather.
All parts as shown.

The device is functional, and allows completely bubble-free diving.
It is non-magnetic and completely silent according to STANAG.

For international users:
You can buy an origional German CCR, a closed circuit rebreather, used by the German Navy and the US SEALS. (as the MK 25)
In original excellent condition, amagnetic and silent.

Warning: It is NOT a recreational diving device, has NO CE approval. Diving with pure oxygen requires extra training.
The device is therefore, although fully functional, only sold "to hobbyists", or as an exhibit. Likewise, ONLY the device incl. bottle is for sale, NOT the suit, the fins, the diver etc.

Shipping is of course possible for 10EUR.

International shipping possible against prepayment


Because of hobby task for sale diving equipment.
mccr Rebi

if you have any questions please WhatsApp 0041796840271


Price 5000


Offer a Mares Force Plus. The knife was only 2 times in fresh water. The knife sheath, on the other hand, was also used as a holder for the long trousers during a holiday.

The tapes for fastening to the leg or the infaltor hose are unused

price 30EUR + shipping

Edit: The missing screw on the picture is found and the set is now complete

Offer a Mares Force Plus. The knife was only 2 times in fresh water. The knife sheath, on the other hand, was also used on holiday as a holder for the long pants.

A screw for fastening is missing, but should be easy to replace. The ligaments for the leg or calves are unused

price 25EUR + shipping

Offer the popular Fins Marex X-Stream in Size R

The fins are used, but work perfectly

price 50EUR + shipping

Offer as good as new Fourth Elements Hotfoot socks in size M/41-43

The socks were worn 1x, but don't sit optimally on my feet

price 20EUR + shipping

Offer the Trocki glove system Sitech Glove Lock QCP - suitable for the Quick Cuff System

All that is in the pictures is + free new Showa gloves of your choice in size M, L or XL. The gloves in XL have been unpacked to test the size, which are still packed in M and L.

price 50EUR + shipping

Offer used Subgear feelings in XL/45
Are used but not broken

15EUR + shipping

Offer here a used Halcyon Storage Pack incl. the 6 matching screws for the backplate.

price 40EUR + shipping

OFFER diving equipment for 2 in good condition, without snorkel set, consisting of:

1 Buoyany Jacket Gr.M (Polaris), removable lead pockets (without lead)

1 buoyanc jacket size XL (Polaris), removable lead pockets (without lead) incl. diving knife made of titanium

1 diving case (mares - limited edition|metal), holds 2 compl. Equipment, without bottle

2 cold water regulators SL 200-24, complete, but in need of revision

2 dive computers VEO 100 NX (Oceanic) with original packaging (operating instructions, keys), possibly new battery required

2 rescue buoys

2 bracket adapters

1 diving suit size 42 (Polaris), 5 mm

1 diving suit size 54 (Polaris), 5 mm

as a complete package for sale for 800, - EUR for self-collection


EUR 40


I sell an Apeks inflator hose, length 74 cm

For shipping within Germany, EUR 3 postage will be added to the purchase price, so that the total price will be EUR 43.00.

As this is a private sale, I exclude warranty, withdrawal, revocation and warranty.


EUR 15


I sell a Miflex regulator hose (medium pressure hose), length 74 cm.

For shipping within Germany, EUR 3 postage is added to the purchase price, so that the total price is then EUR 18.00.

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, return, revocation and warranty.


EUR 15


I sell a Miflex regulator hose (medium pressure hose), length 100 cm.

For shipping within Germany, EUR 3 postage is added to the purchase price, so that the total price is then EUR 18.00.

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, return, revocation and warranty.


EUR 15


I sell a Miflex inflator hose, length 56 cm

For shipping within Germany, EUR 3 postage will be added to the purchase price, so that the total price will be EUR 18.00.

As this is a private sale, I exclude warranty, withdrawal, revocation and warranty.


Offer a pair of Poseidon neoprene gloves here. They are in very good sand and have only been used a few times. 5mm thick in size XXL.

Original price is 70 euros. Color Black.

Shipping possible.

Feel free to contact Frsgen.

No guarantee, return and warranty

You can also find a matching suit in my other ads.

Price is 49 Euro

EUR 120

I sell a large Halcyon Pathfinder Reel (about 240m).
For shipping within Germany, EUR 4.50 postage will be added, i.e. EUR 124.50.
Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, return, revocation and warranty.


The best Christmas gift for your favorite buddy. This diving tool includes all the important tools in one!

59387 Ascheberg