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Very old collection of diving magazines completely or possibly also individually against bid.

Offer examples:

Magazine for scuba diving
z.B. Issue 01/75 to 12/79

International journal for diving and underwater research
z.B. Issue 01/80 to 12/84

Revue of the underwater world
z.B. Issue 01/70 to 12/74


Offer various dive books
- Manual Modern Diving 15EUR
- Manual Practice of Diving 10EUR
- Manual Technical Diving 15EUR
- Technical Diving TDI 10EUR
- Coral Reef Guide Red Sea 10EUR
- Dive guide Schouwen-Duiverland 7EUR
- 12 months among great white sharks 10EUR
- Dive guide diving in Gozo 5EUR
- Freediving 5EUR
- On the trail of sunken treasures 10EUR
- Sharks of the Seven Seas 5EUR
- Diving medicine in theory and practice 7EUR
- Nullteit sex and deep intoxication 10EUR
- CAVE cave diving with sidemount 10EUR
- Let's dive 10EUR
- Manual Nitrox 2 star VDST 10EUR
- Nudibranchs of the world's oceans 15EUR
- What lives in the sea on Europe's coasts 10EUR
- Reef Guide Southeast Asia 10EUR
- Fish Guide Mediterranean and Atlantic 10EUR
- In the wake of the depth 10EUR
- Tecnical Diving Diving at the limit

Depending on the book or books, shipping varies between 3.90 euros and 6.90 euros
Shipping only within Germany


Find the Reef Guide for Southeast Asia by Helmut debelius


As seen in the picture with DVD (multilingual) and pocket mask (of course unused!). Just make me a fair and realistic offer.
Is anyone interested in the current training materials for the PADI Rescue Diver? As seen in the picture with DVD (multilingual) and pocket mask (of course unused!). Just make me a fair and realistic offer.


I offer a "used Ehm".

>The new Ehm - Diving even safer<

Since the work was safely on my bookshelf for the most part, I would like to describe it as as new. If you don't know this book, you can find out everything important on the web.
It is available for EUR 19.95 incl. shipping.


I offer three dive books in the package as I have given up the hobby. The books are as good as new and hardly used.
The titles are:
1. Practice of diving from Kromp/Roggenbach/Bredenbusch
2. Orientation diving, night diving, drift diving, Warack diving by Werner Schreyer
3. Hobby and recreational diving by Éric Dutrieux and Patrick Michel
Together 25,00 EUR VB (I pay the shipping).

Essen, NRW

New originally packaged PADI Rescue Manuel
tel 06645301654

5440 golling

├ťber 160 Tauchzeichen f├╝r die Unterwasserkommunikation f├╝r Taucher und die, die es werden wollen! Die handliche Brosch├╝re ist unterteilt in drei Kategorien:

Allgemeine Tauchzeichen
- Anweisungen und Hinweise
- Probleme
- Notsignale
- Fragen
- Zahlen und Einheiten
- Nachttauchgang

Tauchzeichen f├╝r Lebewesen
- Haie und Rochen
- Reptilien und S├Ąugetiere
- Fische
- Niedere Tiere
- S├╝├čwasserfische

& Witzige Tauchzeichen

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Einziges deutschsprachiges Nachschlagewerk! Passt in viele Logb├╝cher, praktisch also auch f├╝r den Urlaub!
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