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I offer here a freshly revised / tested

Charger off-shore I/12 100V-250V automatic. Fast charger 10-12 cell NC/NMH batteries from Hartenberger.

The lamp we had was unfortunately no longer worth repairing, economic total loss.

Here is the data from Hartenberger:

Charger off-shore I/12

LG off-shore I/12

Standard on the flash unit 125 TTL digital, Set Wrack maxi, Set Video maxi, maxi compact and mega compact (Optional for all luminaires).

These chargers with wide voltage input, designed according to the latest findings of electronics, automatically process mains voltages between 100V and 250V! (no mechanical switching).
A patented adapter-plug system allows it to be used on all common mains sockets in the world.
An electronic protection circuit detects overloads due to strong fluctuations in the mains voltage and high ambient temperatures.

The continuous evaluation of the optimal charging characteristic curve is carried out by a microprocessor during the breaks of the charging pulses. Constant monitoring ensures a gentle charge of the battery. After the full charge is switched to a pulsating trickle charging current.
All functional states of the charger are indicated by a light-emitting diode.

The LG off-shore I/12 is designed for all battery bays with 10 and 12 cells (nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride) manufactured by us.
The charging current is about 1 ampere.

The weight of the charger is only about 200 grams.

Original price is 75 EUR + shipping

add an adapter for the lamps with old DIN plug !

Shipping / DHL possible; PayPal or bank transfer possible.

feel free to call if you have any questions (or just here questions)

Documentation of the review I am happy to add on request

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

Payment for shipping by PayPal or bank transfer possible, I ship insured with DHL

I do not allow myself to answer "absurd" price expectations.


Dive light MB-SUB Jpystick HE, 7,2V,
20W HLX, currently equipped with 10Watt burner,
incl. charging device,
Price: 56,-EUR incl. shipping; 50,-EUR at pick-up!

Privar sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Sell my HID tank lamp in very good condition. My last dive with her was over 90 minutes and the battery still had power.

Price: 150EUR

Ribnitz Damgarten

Phone: 01742428439

For sale

a barely used carbon battery tank for lamp or for the heating vest

Lid POM (Sealed to the battery against possible ingress of water on cable entry or switch)

the whole thing is completely neutrally tared

Connection E/O Cord

Battery LiIon 12V 27Ah

including charger

Price 510EUR incl. shipping in Germany


Sell my FinnSub 3000 Short due to hobby task. The following things are included:
Finn Sub 3000 Short. Bought about 4 years ago in the diving center Freiburg at Axel Fr├╝h. About 50 TG with the lamp. The last 2 years fully loaded stored in the basement.Invoice I look out at purchase and enclose it. Ass presa forward, I think so. Glass has no visible scratches

Goodman Handle (Quasi as good as new, since I only dipped the soft handle)
Soft handle with long flap, also usable with dry wearing shoes.
BoltSnap to secure the lamp.
Original Charger
Original Finnsub Dry Bag (a bit dusty due to storage in the basement)

Now to the most interesting, the battery performance:

Battery on delivery and according to the manufacturer's specifications:

3000 lumens= 1 hour

1500 lumens = 2 hours

300 lumens = 12 hours

Today charged and tested at 17 ┬░ water temperature in the water bucket:

3000 lumens = 58 minutes 50 seconds.

Therefore, I would describe the battery condition as very good. I can test the 1500 lumens level if interested, but should therefore be at least 116 minutes.

As always, since private sale no guarantee or warranty on the lamp. However, I guarantee the battery condition. If picked up on site, we can also repeat the test here with a coffee.

If the lamp says nothing to you, here is a review:├╝stung-tests/197-erfahrungsbericht-finnsub-3000-short

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

I sell my used Dragonsub Lux 5 dive light. The NP was 376EUR. Although it is used, fortunately you can only see slight traces of use, which of course does not detract from the functionality. It still works like the first day. A super great part!!!

NP: 376EUR

Fixed price 120EUR incl. shipping

Here are the facts:

Bulbs: 1025 lumens
Battery type: 3 Ni-Mh batteries
or C-type batteries
Burning time: 150 minutes
Dimensions: 62 x 193mm
Weight: 500g (with batteries)

Sell a Hartenberger Mini Compact H4

Charger, neoprene sleeve, manual, new bulb Osram HLX 20W

The lamp still has a burn time of 50min. at 125% and 125min at 50%. So it doesn't get quite full when charging anymore.

However, it shines these times constantly.

Since we only dive on holiday, a small travel lamp comes into the luggage.


Cash payment or bank transfer

Shipping possible, then comes into the negotiation.

Greeting Herwig

Private sale, no guarantee and return


Phone: 015751336066

Sell a little-used HID lamp head.

The manufacturer of the lamp would have to be the company Salvo.

It is equipped with an e/o cord and can be operated with any battery tank that also has such a connection.

The lamp head is in great condition and also has very few scratches.

The reflector is in good condition.

The lamp head can be visited and tested for functionality.


Sell 2 used Heser Backup Selected Edition lamps
with traces of use incl. 2 boltsnaps in the set for:

240EUR incl. vers. Dispatch

individually 125EUR plus verse. Shipping 6EUR

Full function and always tight.

High light output due to 4W LED burner
Best Focusing
Large light output (27mm)
High reliability
No control electronics
Long burning time
Only 2 outer housing parts - only one sealing edge
Sealing edge with double O-ring sealing
Interior in precision mechanical quality made of metal
Waste heat return to the batteries
Non-slip housing
Simple switching mechanism
Battery and rechargeable battery operation possible
Dimensions: Largest diameter (at the lamp head): 48mm, Diameter at the handle: 37mm, Total length: 215mm, Weight without batteries: 300g.


For sale is the tech dive light medi Wreck/Cave by Hartenberger. It has a burn time of 65 min at 20W and is dimmable.

The battery (7.2 V/4.0 Ah NMH) is unfortunately defective and must be replaced. (Repair price 99Euro at Hartenberger)

With battery tank, cable, lamp body (20W bulb), charger off-shore I / 6, 3 pockets (not in the picture) and spare parts (not in the picture)

VB 200 Euro + Shipping


I bought the lamp about 2 years ago for 1,300 EUR. It is in new condition, i.e. never used in water. 2 brightness levels, light cone infinitely adjustable, see photos. Lamp is in the original packaging with the complete original accessories. Gladly more info on request. Asking price: 1.000 EUR.

I offer my Treble Light Blackline 40.12c dive light. It is a halogen lamp (30 or 50w) in a solid aluminum housing.

A magnetic switch allows the lamp to be adjusted to 3 different brightness levels. There is also a charging indicator
which can also be read under water.

In addition, there is the matching case, 2 protective covers and the matching charger.

Since the lamp has not been used for a long time, it is recommended to replace the batteries to return
to be able to use the full capacity.

Weight: 1600 g
Output: approx. 600 g
Length: 185 mm
Diameter: 82 mm

I'm open for best offers :-)

Shipping with DHL (insured package) or pick-up in F├╝rth


Phone: +491737073121

At the end of the season I sell my Kowalski dive light incl. charger.

- It works, but the battery pack should be renewed.
- VB 50 Euro

General note:
This is a private sale. The images are original photos of the item for sale.


Dive Light Underwater Lamp TillyTec TT1 + LED 1500 - NEW!!!!!

modular hand lamp TillyTec consisting of battery tank TT1 + lamp head LED 1500 with handle

Expandable at any time by another tank or head, conversion to tank lamp with TillyTec cable.

Comparable light output approx. 85W / approx. 30000 lux. Burning time 120-240 min.

Currently tested on 27.11.2019 -> burning time > 180min. without loss of power, then I got the part out of the water!

Scope of delivery: TillyTec battery tank TT1 + lamp head LED 1500 + handle + charger + transport bag

Price: 275EUR incl. shipping

I offer my dive light Fa&Mi Power LED 50 for sale.

The lamp is as good as new and shows no signs of use. I used the lamp for 5 dives in Germany, where the lamp did me excellent service.

Since it has been in the closet for some time now, I offer it here for sale.

The lamp is checked and technically in perfect condition.

Burner: 4 x 3W Luxeon III LED

270 lumens light output

Light colour: 5000┬░-7000┬░K

Beam angle: 12 deg

Weight 700 [g]

Original price EUR269.00

VB EUR150.00


I have to hand in a Scubapro Nova Light 720 (wide) lamp. I only had them in the water three times and cleaned them properly afterwards. So it is like new including original cardboard, instructions and mounting option from the manufacturer.

If you are interested, write to me; Feel free to ask questions at any time. I don't need it anymore because I was able to take another lamp from a friend. Including shipping, I would hand them in for 70 euros. But I am open to your offers.

Brightness: 720 lumens

Two lighting modes: 100% and 50%

Light source/lamp type: CREE XM-L2 LED

Light angle: wider beam of approx. 80┬║

Battery: 3x baby cell type C; commercially available

Aluminium with rubber padding at the front end

Diamond-shaped metal notches on handle and lamp head for secure grip

Easy to turn on/off by rotating

Double O-ring seals for waterproofness

300 m maximum operating depth

Burning time up to 10 hours, depending on brightness level

22.2cm long

Replaceable lamp head

Pressure relief valve for battery gassing



Sell a Hartenberger mini Compact here.

The device was currently at Hartenberger in Cologne for complete inspection. (25 EUR)

A new disc was pressed (20EUR) and the battery was completely changed. (115 EUR)

In addition, all o- rings (seals) were exchanged for new ones.

The lamp was then pressure tested by Hartenberger for 1h at 80 m. (9EUR)

A brand new charger was also purchased. (39EUR)

Say the device is as good as new (except for a few scratches on the outside)

I have a second have Hartenberger lamp.
Therefore, I no longer need them

invoice of the repair; I am happy to enclose the guarantee as well as the verification and receipts...

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

Payment for shipping by PayPal or bank transfer possible, I ship insured with DHL

I do not allow myself to answer "absurd" price expectations.

plus 4 halogen burners (8 EUR pcs)

If you have any questions, simply report


LED lamp head by Hartenberger for maxi wreck or other, NP 182 EUR little dipped VB 100 EUR


Phone: 015233691345

Sell an LED dive light used only once. Sale because of hobby task. Original price 219 Euro. Function tested. The lamp has 3 LEDs and requires normal AA batteries.

Sale price negotiable: 90 Euro

91352 Hallerndorf

Little used lamp, bought in 2015 for 390EUR, since then only about 20-30 dives.

Infinitely adjustable, warm light thanks to the special cold/warm LED head.

Fully functional, of course. But since I am almost only traveling with photo and video lamp, it is no longer used.

Landkreis N├╝rnberg

I sell my dive light from Tovatec.

Brightness: 3600 lumens

Beam angle: 12 to 100┬░

Adjustable to 100%, 50%, 10% and strobe

Burning time 1.2h 100%, 3h 50%, 16h 10%, 2h strobe

Sold is everything that can be seen in the picture: lamp, battery charger / cable, two 26650 batteries, replacement alkaline battery holder, lanyard and bag

The lamp has made 10 TG and shows only slight signs of use.


Dive light + speed camera (Mares & LiteXpress). Condition: Used in mint condition. Shipping with DHL parcel up to 2 kg for 4,99EUR also possible.

Price: 65EUR

07629 Hermsdorf

Phone: 015750179445

Sell used

Halogen Dive Light

As shown in the pictures.

Lamp has always been a faithful companion.

All three levels work.

Charge batteries.

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 40,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

Sell like new

Charger Graupner Ultarmat 14 plus in OVP

As shown in the pictures.

The charger was only used to charge my dive light.

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 55,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

SELF-made, which I bought myself used.

The battery cover is already prepared to install a 2nd connection.

Tank is tight. Capacity seems fine. However, I do not have a measuring device to check this exactly.


Phone: +4915116050621

LED dive light fully functional for sale, price 35 Euro

Shipping possible (plus shipping costs)


Dive light for sale, price 25,- Euro

Shipping possible (plus shipping costs)


Battery tank 12 V with spiral cavities height 23.5 cm, diameter 9 cm. Condition and age of the batteries unknown.

Price 50,00 plus shipping, or free pick-up in Kiel


Offer underwater lamp by Kowalski for 80EUR Condition: Used


Hartenberger Lamp Maxi Compact.
MB Sub Lamp

Accus probably defective

Both with charger

VB 120.00 in a package

We sell our Hartenberger mini compact LCD. The lamp has been dipped very little and has accordingly few traces of use. The battery has always been stored in accordance with the regulations (temperature & state of charge), which can also be verified by the user in the integrated memory. Accordingly, it also has a good running time.

As an accessory, the LG off-shore I/6 fast charger comes with neoprene protection and replacement burners. The original operating instructions (incl. quick start guide) and invoice are also available.

The invoice is from 11.02.2010. Due to the children, my wife has not yet made 20 TG with her lamp. Since the prognosis for the future is not better, the lamp is sold.

This is a private sale - so no return & guarantee. On-site viewing possible, however!

Sell my Hartenberger miniCompact with a new battery. The fast charger LG off-shore ll from Hartenberger is included, the plug on the charger for charging the battery pack has been renewed.
Other accessories: neoprene protection for the lamp, safety pin against unintentional switching on, 2 replacement incandescent lamps.

Lamp and charger work without any problems. No hobbyist lamp (warranty seal of the lamp electronics and the charger are intact, seal of the battery pack no longer intact due to the battery replacement).
For the new battery (4500m Ah) the copy of the invoice (from 22.10.2018) will be sent with the purchase.

Price: 190EUR VB

Private sale, no guarantee

83559 Mittergars

Sell my used Dive Rite tank lamp. The lamp consists of the Slimline tank and the MR 11 lamp head, the battery was renewed on 28.10.2018 by a specialist company (original invoice will be sent with the purchase), the built-in burner has only burned for almost 10 hours.

In addition to the lamp and the charger, extensive accessories are available:
Storm Case - Transport Case
Operating instructions
2 new HID burners (price 150EUR per piece)
Goodman Handle
Replacement seals for lamp head and battery tank
Replacement glass for lamp head

Price: 650EUR VB

Private sale, no guarantee.

83559 Mittergars

Hello everyone

I am looking for my first dive light :-)

I just need them to see something, not for video or UW photography.

But be should not be too weak, would want to see something here in domestic waters.

Thank you for your offers.




[Sell] Finnsub 1400 Short Rings Cave

I own too many lamps and therefore separate myself from this beautiful Finnsub:

Finnsub 1400 Short Rings (Cave Version)
- 10 degree spot
- Hard Goodman and Softhandle (for pull & glide) are included
- Boltsnap is pre-assembled
- Incl. the colored rings, charger and protective cap for the lamp head
- The battery ran for well over 2 hours at the last use, but according to the manufacturer it can also be replaced cost-effectively and quickly (about 75 EUR), if necessary with soldering experience even for a fraction


For more information, see
Of course, I am also happy to answer questions via PM or here.


Sell lamps from Schulz Feinwerktechnik:

1 x Flashlight GS35 LED Flood Photo/Video, 2400 Lumens Warmton 120┬░, invoice from 14.03.2017 is available - so it is still in the warranty period of 2 years!

The lamp has very slight traces of use but is otherwise in very good condition.
VHB 150,00 Euro.

1 x Hand lamp GS45 Halogen incl. 8 NiMH batteries, neoprene case, case, charger and two spare bulbs. No invoice available.

The lamp also has a few traces of use but also still works perfectly.
VHB 80 Euro.


For sale is a Kowalski dive light, see pictures. The lamp works perfectly and has minimal traces of use ( see pictures )

Battery: 3x 1.5V C Cell Baby LR14
Windscreen : Mineral glass, chemically hardened
Housing - aluminium - brushed seawater-resistant anodized
Max. Diving depth 200 meters
LED MC-E 10 Watt
Burning time: depending on the quality of the batteries: Total burning time up to 16.5 hours
can of course also be operated with batteries.
Switch on and off: switching on and off is done by turning the end piece
Light angle: 10┬░ spot
Colour temperature: approx. 6500┬░ K
Illuminance: approx. 4300 lux
Weight without batteries 370 g with batteries approx. 590 g

Price 50EUR


I offer my FAMI 2001 for sale.
The lamp requires new batteries, cost about 120,-.
Traces of use are not to be overlooked.
Nevertheless, the lamp is tight.
Price: VB 111,- Euro, on collection, shipping is possible,
costs about 6,-


Sell here my faithful tank lamp with battery and charger.
The tank lamp has a magnetic switch that can control the brightness on 3 levels.
Pictures of the luminous efficacy can be sent by e-mail.

VP: EUR 130,-

Can be shipped for an extra charge!
Private sale! No guarantee or return!


Hello everyone
sell an I-Wave Ocean Caerberus S
Three levels switchable.
Burn time over 6 hours at full power.
Little used, condition as new.


I am looking for an mb-sub vb-50 (cave).
I would be happy about offers-


Halcyon Scout BackUp LED
3 Watt burner
for 3 x C batteries
with small boltsnap
120 EUR incl. Shipping VB


HID Lamp Head 18W
von Halcyon.
legendary WelchAllyn Burner.
1A Beam with beautiful Corona.
GoodManHandle with ThumbLoop and small carabiner.
E/O Cord!
400EUR incl. Shipping VB



I offer here a 50w Yellow Diving HID lamp for sale. The lamp head is equipped with an E/O cord and can be connected to any 12V battery tank. Where:

- a normal reflector with Goodman handle
- a video reflector (approx. 110┬░) with Goodman handle
- a replacement test tube

The lamp was purchased in mid-2015, but has only been used by about 30 TG since then. Nevertheless, of course, slight traces of use / scratches are present.

The lamp head has just been overhauled by the manufacturer.

VB 300.- EUR

Private sale. No return, no guarantee!

I sell a tank lamp "Light Monkey 21W HID" with 10Ah battery tank in used but good condition. The inner lid has been rebuilt and has an additional balancer connection, which allows the single cell voltage to be read out and balanced. Adapter cable is included.

Burn test (incl. current and single cell voltage) was carried out two months ago, running time 4 hours 27 minutes. I can email a diagram.

In addition, there is a used replacement burner with test tube. The lamp has also just received new cable glands.

Never flooded, always carefully treated.

I can email photos.

EUR700 + shipping costs, or pick up in Berlin.


Sell lamp head Halcyon 18W HID. Incl. spare burner and spare Testube

On behalf of a friend I sell his Halcyon Flare lamp head with E/O cord. The lamp is fully functional and never dived much. (Used as backup lamp) Outwardly no nasty quirks or the like. The E/O Cord is like new with no 10 dives behind it....

Price:400 Euro

Gladly, I send you photos by mail.


LED Dive Light NEW
Good as a second lamp
Incl. shipping only 13 Euro!