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Offer Switchblock, MD hoses have the length of 100 cm.
Make me a fair offer.


Sell Salvo Main Light 21W HID!


Lamp head: test tube design, 21W HID burner, long reflector (identical dir zone)

Battery tank: Capacity: measured today: 8891mAh, so almost 9Ah. LiPo battery with less than 100WH, so may be in hand luggage when flying!!! Very clean construction of Salvo!

Charger: Wide range charger 100-240V

Lamp is extremely reliable, no dropouts or problems and no water ingress!!!
Lamp works perfectly!
Can be visited!

New price: 450VHB incl. insured shipping!

Gro├čraum Stuttgart - Ulm

Offer here a jacket from CRESSI type S111R. It comes from a club stock but was never borrowed due to its size (XL) and is therefore AS GOOD AS NEW and without signs of use. The front lead pockets are easy to fill from above. In the back area, 4 x 1kg trim lead ashes are sewn on. In addition to the lead pockets at the front, a 1 storage bag with zipper and of course 2 quick drains (shoulder, back)The new purchase value is over 300 EUR. With me you give the part for 180 EUR

Hello diving community ,
I offer here an older used Scubapro
Master Jacket ( in size L ).
The jacket is orange, but is already a bit faded by the sun.
The safety valve goes, the two quick drains go, the inflator goes and the inflator hose is fine.
The bottle holder and strap with metal buckle are fine.
The wearing strap is FINE.

The jacket should cost 25 EUR and 6,90EUR shipping!!

Greetings from Upper Bavaria,



Offer: 230g underwear, used but in good condition.
Outer material made of breathable Micro Twill and inside of 230g/m polar fleece. The padding is made of 60g polyester. Rubber bands on the wrists and ankles would have to be re-sewn in (if necessary).
Size XS (I am 1.66m, if more precise dimensions desired simply PN)
The underwear is really nice and warm, but is too bad for me under my neoprene ;)
Item location: Karlsruhe
Price: 30 Euro (+ shipping if applicable)


Original packaged, brand new and unused DUI hood, 7mm, size S, with warm neck collar.

[about the size: on the original package is S/M, the statements about whether it is S or M, are unfortunately very different]

VB 55,00 EURO (+ shipping if applicable)


Due to heavy weight loss I have to give a CRESSI AQUARIDE buoyancy jacket in size XL. Bought a year and a half ago, about 50 TG. Also have a new suit as well as a diving case to offer.

Price 100 Euro VB

Shipping possible for 7,50 Euro


Sell 1. First Sufe Seac Sub 2nd Stage Oceanic-Alpha 7 Octopus Suunto-T20 Apeks and
Air pressure gauge with compass

2. First St. Scubapro 2. St. Scubapro G 500
Oct. Scubapro R 190 and air pressure. with compass

3. First St. Scubapro 2. St. Scubapro D 400
Oct. Scubapro R 190 and air pressure. with compass

65199 Wiesbaden

Sell 1st children's suit by Seemann Sub
Size L 120 cm long 5 mm thick one-piece 20 EUR

2. Children's suit by Camaro-Austria Gr. L (152) 114 cm long 3 mm thick two-piece 20 EUR

65199 Wiesbaden

Halcyon Single Tank Adapter with Lead

- Used to securely attach a mono bottle to the backplate and wing

- The adapter is attached to the wing and backplate with two wing screws. The mono bottle is then attached to the Halcyon Single Tank Adapter using Halcyon Single Tank Bands tension straps

- Single Tank Adapter is sold with a lead weight of about 2.7 kg.

Advantage: Weight on the lead belt can be reduced or it can be completely dispensed with. This achieves a more comfortable water location. If less weight is required, the lead piece can be easily removed.

- Weight approx. 2.7 kg (6 lbs)

- The lead is epoxy coated

Condition: Almost new, 2 dives

139.- EUR + Shipping (DHL)

bei Bremen

Halcyon Alu Backplate incl. Storage Pack

Technical data backplate (aluminium):
- Weight: approx. 909 gr (2 lbs)
- Height: 39.3 cm
- Width: 26.0 cm
- Hole spacing: 280 mm

Storage Pack

Used to store a buoy during the dive.

The two lower screws for attaching the storage pack are not included. The screws were intentionally removed.
Advantages of removing the two screws:

- The attachment of the backplate is much simplified, as it is much easier to get to the lower mounting screw.

- The fastening of a P-lead is much simplified

- Inserting buoys into or under the storage pack is made easier

A buckle is looped in on the right side of the band to facilitate ÔÇô in particular ÔÇô the removal of the equipment. The banding is NOT cut. A use without the buckle is easily possible ÔÇô the banding only has to be readjusted.

Condition: Almost new, 2 dives

219.- Euro + shipping (DHL)

bei Bremen

Halcyon Wing Eclipse

- For use on mono bottles

- Double-shell construction (has a protective cover and an internal bubble

- Completely circumferential bubble - allows better air distribution in any position


Approx. 40 lbs (18.1 kg) buoyancy volume

Condition: Almost new, 2 dives

299.- Euro + shipping (DHL)

bei Bremen

Halcyon Trimmbleitaschen

- Easy installation on the bottle tension straps

- Can be used with hard or soft lead

- Material: Ballistic Nylon

- Velcro fastener and safety buckle

- Capacity per trim lead pocket: approx. 2 kg - total approx. 4 kg

Condition: Almost new, 2 dives

29.- EUR - Plus Shipping (DHL)

bei Bremen

Halcyon Lead Bags (Active Control Ballast) Horizontal

- Quick drop possible

- Mounting of a lamp system behind the bag possible

- "Side release" buckle prevents unintentional lead loss, but can be opened quickly

- Can be used with hard and/or soft lead weights

- Lead inner pocket has a handle that allows the removal of the lead easily

Condition: Almost new, 2 dives

99.- EUR - Plus Shipping (DHL)

bei Bremen

For sale are my very little dipped Turtle Fins (about 5 TG). The condition is as seen in the picture, very good.

- Size 2XL
- Solid rubber fin with medium-hard blade ideal for fin strokes Frogkick, Helicopter, Backwards Kick as well as for scootering.
- Best tunnelling in all positions!
- for an extra charge I add stainless steel spring straps.

VB: 100EUR

A pick-up Breuna near Kassel is possible.
The fins can also be shipped via DHL for 6.90EUR.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Important note:

As a private seller, I sell all items without the legal warranty.



I offer a little used E-410 with 17.5 lens and a UW housing set bought a few months ago but never used.

where is:

Olympus E-410
Lens Olympus 17,5-45mm
Olympus UW housing PT-E03
incl. zoom ring
incl. 2 new O-rings f.d. back cover
Flash cover (simultaneous connection for optical lightning cable)
LL Cable
Metal handles with rail
Add 2 filters for the lens and a small used camera bag for free!

Normal traces of use, top condition!
I am happy to send photos if you are interested!

VB Price excl. Shipping:
PRICE UPDATE 2013-11-10: 490,- excl. Shipping

If you are interested, please ask for an answer and asking price. Delivery only in the entire set.
Shipping to ├ľ/D and CH possible.

I sell the set because I have zero time for it, I'm even more of a layman and have the end with my Lumix. For some snorkelers it is just too massive, since it is already going into the professional area.

Private sale WITHOUT guarantee and right of return!

Thank you


Sell a 10l Nitrox bottle.
No T├ťV.

Price after offer plus shipping.


Sell Scubapro Twin Jet Fins Gr. Large
used for 40 EUR and
Atomic Nature's Wing Fins Size XL new for 60 EUR

65199 Wiesbaden

Sell Seac Sub Indi Fins Size S-M
used for 15 EUR and
Technisub Sea Quest Gr.M used for 15 EUR

65199 Wiesbaden

Sell 2 Children's Jacket Sailor Sub "Rebel"
Gr.M once black/yellow and once black/blue hardly worn for 50 EUR each

65199 Wiesbaden

Sell 1 Scubapro Men's Dive Jacket Size L
used for 70 EUR and
1 Mod. JWA Innovative Women's Diving Jacket Gr.M
almost new for 70 EUR

65199 Wiesbaden

Scubapro Uwatec Smart Com new, unused and originally packaged.
Price: 350,00 Euro + shipping costs
If you are interested, please call: 01725755471


Scubapro T-Force / Diving jacket size M / The jacket is new and unused!!!!! / Price: 230,00 Euro / If you are interested, please call: 01725755471


Sell Scubapro Dive Light with Charger
in good condition for 115 EUR VB

65199 Wiesbaden

Hello diving friends,

have here a Suunto Dx Elasto with transmitter.
The computer is designed for air/nitrox/trimix and rebreather.

Since I bought the computer and have now switched to another rebreather, I no longer need the computer.

The computer has never been in the water and is still in the original packaging.

The computer is under warranty!

I had paid 1299EUR.

If you are interested in the computer, you are welcome to send me a price proposal.

Northern Diver Vortex Trilamine Dry Suit
Gr.S (men), however, fits women with size 76 or 38)
Schuhgr. 39

Suit in good condition.

Price: 100 EUR
Should just go away and if necessary he will find a happy buyer

22111 Hamburg

Sell a DUI Trilaminate dry suit.

Men's size M with turboboots in size L
The suit is a bit older but in very good condition.

A new dry zipper has just been installed directly before adjustment. (T-Master Zip plastic version ́, almost indestructible)

My asking price is 690 EUR incl. shipping by DHL Paket. For a DUI with a new rice shot a very good price.
I have more articles like Vortex and DUI online here.

22111 Hamburg

For sale;
Agir Habrok 55 Wing without backplate. 2 years old and about 60 Tg.

Price vb 175EUR


For sale is an OMS Double Blader 100lbs in black.
Model designation BC double blader 100lb black.

The wing was used about 25 TG. Therefore as good as new.

Price 400,- Euro



I sell an Ikelite synchronous cable #4104.31 manually Nikonos 5 to Ikelite (Bitz) connector.


The Ikelite Synchronous Cable for Manual Flash Control is designed to connect an underwater housing with Nikonos 5Pin connector to an Ikelite underwater flash.
The housing must have a flash output (flash socket) Nikonos 5Pin to connect the synchronous cable.
The Ikelite Sync. Corduroy is 60cm long and can be stretched to 180cm.

The synchronous cable is suitable between all underwater housings with a Nikonos connector and one of the following underwater flashes:

Ikelite DS-50
Ikelite DS-51
Ikelite DS-125
Ikelite DS-160
Ikelite DS-161
Ikelite DS-200

Original price: 99 Euro

Retail price: 50 Euro.

Regulator 2nd stage X650 from Scubapro incl. ND hose.

An old model but absolutely as good as new. The part was never used. Also have a D400 (unmerged)

Price: 100 EUR incl. shipping within Germany by DHL Paket


Regulator 2nd stage X650 from Scubapro incl. ND hose.

An old model but absolutely as good as new. The part was never used. Also have a D400 (unmerged)

Price: 100 EUR incl. shipping within Germany by DHL Paket


from my EX is still hangs a 7mm Isotherm Halbtrocki with gas-tight backzip in the basement + matching hood; almost new. 70.00 EUR

Bergisch Gladbach

5mm Oceanic wetsuit in 52 for 50.00 EUR; Front, arm and leg tips.

Bergisch Gladbach

older sailor jacket black jack (lead integral) incl. lead pockets. Inflator should be replaced with the original (mounted is Scubapro Powerinflator) 70.00 EUR VB

Bergisch Gladbach

Offer fully functional Mares Morphos Pro (Airtrim) incl. lead bags in size L; VB 120.00 EUR Revision 2013 at underwaterno1; Pick-up only

Bergisch Gladbach

Offer a Waterproof Taurus LADY in size M/t. The suit has a thickness of 7mm, a gas-tight transverse zipper and is almost unworn (2 pool dives, in the lake I preferred to go dry). Pictures can be sent if you are interested.

Shipping possible (insured via Hermes).

Price: on request


Offer a Waterproof Taurus LADY in size M/t. The suit is almost unworn (2 pool dives, in the lake I preferred to go dry). Pictures can be sent if you are interested.

Shipping possible (insured via Hermes).

Price: on request


I sell a Kowalski Speed 1250 dive light in good condition. The lamp includes a charger and a neoprene protective cover. Will be provided in the original packaging.
The model is known for extremely fast loading time and confidence. The lamp is a spot model with 50W halogen burner.



since I no longer need the full face mask, it is for sale.
The mask comes with a blue transport bag and the surface valve.

I am happy to send pictures on request.

Price with surface valve 350,00EUR VHB
Price without surface valve 300,00EUR VHB
Shipping goes with it.

Since private sale no return.


have here a completely new Suunto DX elastomer with transmitter.

Original price is just under 1500EUR

Offer the Suunto for 850,00EUR VHB.
I take care of shipping!!!

Since Pvivat sales do not take back

Polaris diving tank 10 l 300 bar double valve with T├ťV

Well-maintained diving tank 10l 300Bar from Polaris (commissioning 01/2011).
The bottle received a new T├ťV in July last year (until 01/2016).

The bottle and valve are in perfect condition and are shipped with low residual pressure.

- 10l 300 bar bottle
- written certificate of commissioning
- separately shut-off double valve
- Stand
- Network
- Carrying handle

Asking price: 2225EUR

As a private seller, I sell without warranty and right of return.


Offer a controller set from APEKS. Consisting of 1st stage DST, 2nd stage ATX40, Octo AT20, Fini Tusa 0-400 bar and inflator hose. Revision was carried out in the summer of 2013 and has been hanging around ever since.
Price: 290EUR VB

34311 Naumburg (Hessen)

I sell my Northern Diver wetsuit "Divemaster" for women, size L or shoe size 6/39 (due to pregnancy) for 290,00 EUR (VHB). More photos under Kalaydo code: 44261262.
Hardly dived, absolutely dense, like new. Incl. bag and knife.

50226 Frechen, NRW

HT suit from Bora-Bora

Have here a semi-dry suit from the house of Bora-Bora on. The suit has double cuffs on the arms and legs, as well as a attached hood. In addition, the suit has a front zipper.

Neoprene thickness 6-7mm

According to the interior lettering, it is a women's suit in size 44.

Sell it for VB 55,00 Euro plus shipping. The shipping costs are 7,00 Euro, if the shipping by surname is desired, higher shipping costs will be incurred. The shipping costs refer only to shipping within the German mainland.
The shipping costs to Austria are 25,00 Euro if paid in advance.

The sale is made by private therefore no guarantee, warranty etc. according to BGB, EU law etc. or exchange is granted.

Search Aqualung Mistral 2 used.


NEW AND UNWORN, unfortunately does not suit me, so I have to hand it in

Brand new and unworn, with label and if I find the invoice, there is also the one! has never seen water! EUR 130!!!!!

Women Size 12 (42/44/46)

- low water exchange in the diving suit

- Seams are fourfold glued and blind sewn

- Material: heat-retaining thermobamboo internal lamination

- Back zipper with individually adjustable collar

- Easy On/Off zippers on the legs

EUR 130

Shipping to 7,50 possible


BRAND NEW UNUSED diving case from IQ, got it as a gift, but don't need it because I already have a box...

EUR 95

Shipping due to the size 13 Euro

With a volume of 110 liters, the Dive Bag 110 from iQ is a true space miracle. Whether with photo equipment or evening wear; in this bag you get everything in. Two spacious fin pockets for fins up to 72 cm in length. The travel backpack with a width of 45cm is narrow enough for travel on the train.

Trolley or backpack? Both!
On three ball-bearing rollers and with individually adjustable telescopic handle, the Dive Bag follows you on all smooth floors. For all uneven floors you have two padded shoulder straps available. The bag, in which the shoulder straps are stowed, also serves as a cushion when you wear the dive bag on your back.

Low-corrosion zippers.
To avoid rust, the zippers of the Dive Bag are made of plastic. Nevertheless, rinse them regularly with fresh water. Salt water breaks everything!. The zipper of the main compartment is lockable.

In addition to the ball-bearing castors and the low-corrosion zippers, the durable and light-resistant 600 Denier polyester fabric ensures that you enjoy your bag for a long time.

Cross struts inside can be removed so that the Dive Bag becomes foldable and can be easily stowed in the cabinet.

Dimensions: approx. 76 x 45 x 32 cm
Volume: approx. 110l
Weight: 4.9 kg


I am looking for a wing/backplate combination or individual components

Harness: Standard Harness from Halcyon, Heser or similar. I would also listen to offers for comfort harnesses

Backplate: Heser, Halcyon, DiveTec, Dir Zone etc. Aluminum or stainless steel - I'm open, where aluminum has priority for the time being (dip still wet/semi-dry)

Wing: A Dir Zone Ring Wing 17 would be perfect, but I also like to accept comparable offers.

Thanks for reading and the admins for the possibility to post my request here!


Hello :-)

I sell a Polaris XT50.
It has been little dipped and is in great condition. There are only slight stains from my bottles. But this is purely cosmetic in nature. You can't see it assembled ;-)

Despite the higher buoyancy, the XT50 is just as wide as a DIR ZONE Stream 20. Therefore, there is no tacco effect (occurs when the wing is too wide, which stands too far past the bottles and is difficult to empty). The additional buoyancy reserve results from the lower web.

Price is VHB - just suggest something fair!

Aachen / H├╝llhorst