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Sell 12 l DTG bottle with yellow net
Year of construction 2.94 next T├ťV 11.2014 immediately suitable for diving!!
FB: 95,-EUR only pick up zip code 85276
Private sale no return

Hettenshausen /Pfaffenhofen

sell a complete 7l stage set, used and labeled as 100% O2 Stage. The set consists of a 7l Alustage, T├ťV until the end of 2015. Of course, the rigging kit. Regulator is a Mares MR22 (old model), which has only recently been revised and cleared. Since then, stage 3x has been in fresh water. At the moment there are still 110 bar of oxygen in it. So if you want to start with a second dekostage now the ideal opportunity. Buy and go diving...
Asking price is 350 Euro VHB. No shipping, but pick-up in Freiburg or Stuttgart. Then you don't have to drain the good oxygen...
Best regards Joe


Portable pressure chamber, used
In optically mint condition.
Very light one-person transport pressure chamber made of aluminium, approx. 80kg with docking valve to larger stationary pressure chamber. Max 6.5Bar with two compressed gas tanks and pressure bulkhead for passing through smaller objects as well as installed intercom. TYPE: HAUX PROFI TRANSTAR.
To be sold without assurance of properties, without warranty, can be checked in detail at my site.
The mobile pressure collector also for small boats!
Fixed price: 1950.00 Euro


UW Scooter Submerge UV 18 with UV 26 conversion kit
complete with large battery pack.
1x used, in best condition NP 5,600 euros. The best American scooter, a further development of the Gavin in
finest quality and performance.
Price 1.580 Euro


Hey guys

Some time ago I gave up my dive shop.
But I still have a lot of new goods that I sell at absolute hammer prices!
Fins, masks, soft and hard lead.
Gas mixing set,Tec bubbles,Harness systems,Double 12 300 with wing and harness from Dirzone and and and.
For Ineresse mail to me or call from 21,00 clock to 05741/8058540
Greetings Dirk


I hand over all my photo equipment.
This is a 35mm Sea&Sea UW camera:

1 x MM IIex
1 x Wide angle 16mm
1 x Wide angle 20mm
1 x Lensholder
1 x Macro 1:2
1 x Additional viewfinder
2 x Flash Sub 50
1 x Flash adapter
1 x Flash rail
2 x Flash Arms
1 x Flash holder
1 x Replacement seal
1 x Fat
1 x Spiral cable
1 bag for everything
1 book Motormarine

The camera is in good condition and has never had a water intrusion.

In terms of price, I had thought of 300,00 Euro.


Search 80 cuft Alustage from Luxfer possibly also with breathing regulator (Apeks DST).



Hello dear divers,
because of the abandonment of diving I still have a lot to offer for sale here.

1.) Poseidon Xstream MKIII (2x 2nd stage + 2x 1st stage + finimeter) -> 700EUR VB

2.) Halcyon Evolve Wing 18,1Kg Buoyancy -> 220EUR VB

3.) Steel backplate with strap -> 110EUR VB

4.) Diving tank D7 230bar with lockable bridge and steel clamps -> 300EUR VB

If you want more information or photos, just report it.



Offer mono bubble with bracket.
Price 200EUR


Offer an Apeks Wing Jacket. It is the Black ICE. The size is M/L.
The jacket is like new.
Thought so of 300EUR


Offer a Double 12 of Polaris.
Complete with clamps and detachable bridge.
The bottles have no T├ťV have always been filled.
300EUR without shipping

This advertisement is valid for the other the e-mail address is incorrect.


Offer Polaris Double 12 with clamps and lockable bridge. Bottle has no T├ťV.
Always filled.

In terms of price, I thought of 300EUR without shipping.


1st stage Poseidon Mod. 2980 with short Trockischlauch
VB 110 Euro


3 DIR configured stage machines.
120 EUR each together for 300 EUR


Sell my D7.

Doppel7 (232 bar) with V4-Tec clamps and Halcyon valves.

The bottle does not have a T├ťV at the moment (09/2013) but was otherwise always regularly at the T├ťV. I bought the bottle in mid-2006.

Bottle has the usual traces of use.

Price: EUR 350,00

Self-collection preferred. We would have to talk about shipping separately.

Weingarten (Baden)


I am looking for a dive computer in the type HW OSTC, Shearwater or similar.

Please a PM with offer.


Underwater flash
Sea & Sea YS-25-DX (especially for digital cameras!)
robust, handy and powerful.
Slight signs of use (scratches on the housing), fully functional and of course tight.

Complete with all necessary accessories such as
* high-quality, sturdy Sea & Sea flash arm (extendable)
* Sea & Sea flash arm fitting
* Sea & Sea camera rail and screw connection
* Diffuser (for wide angle and even softer light)
* Fiber optic cable with Sea&Sea connection (standard 6.5mm)
* Camera adapter with Velcro connection (self-made, but working, of course any other with 6.5mm connection also works)

7 different power levels - so of course also great for brightening macros - setting of the pre-flashes (0-2 depending on the camera model). Operation with commercially available AA batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries

Original price complete approx. EUR 400.-

Private sale, no warranty or return

EUR 110.- plus shipping (EUR 5,90)


I offer here my Trocki of the brand Scubaforce, type X9 for sale.

The suit is not a standard trocki, but a custom-made for adult divers. The suit corresponds to a men's dress size of 66-70.


ÔÇó Trilaminate construction
ÔÇó Pants are made of 1200 Cordura and the top is made of 840 nylon
ÔÇó The blue cover on the upper body is made of 1000 Cordura
ÔÇó As leg pockets the large pockets were chosen, so that you have enough space to stow e.B. the Trocki gloves, mask and so on the footpath to the entrance The bags have a small compartment and a large main compartment
ÔÇó Fixed feet in size 47
ÔÇó Inlet and exhaust valve are from Apeks
ÔÇó Front zipper
ÔÇó Suspenders
ÔÇó Arm cuffs are made of latex
ÔÇó Neoprene neck cuff

In December 2013 I had the latex sleeves on the arms renewed and a new neoprene cuff installed on the neck. The latex sleeves are the robust thick version.
The renewal of the cuff alone has cost just under 200.00 euros.

The suit has not yet completed 100 dives, but unfortunately I have grown out of the suit.

The sales price is VB 500,00 Euro.
Item location: Xanten
Shipping: already from 7,00 Euro the suit can be insured by DHL within Germany possible.

The sale is made by private therefore no guarantee, warranty etc. according to BGB, EU law etc. or exchange is granted.

Sell a Seac X5-M lung automaton here. It is diaphragm controlled, two high-pressure outlets and four medium-pressure outlets.

A Miflex hose is installed directly from the factory as a hose.

I did one (1) dive with the regulator, but I just can't part with my good old Poseison Triton.
The controller (1st & 2nd stage) now has a new owner.

Price: 130,00 Euro
Shipping costs: Shipping by post/DHL already possible from 7,00 Euro.

It is a used controller.

The sale is made as a private sale.


I am looking for an SI-Tech suit holder with E/O Cord.


I sell the diver's knife seen in the photo.

Price 40 EUR incl. DHL postage

OVP and unused


I sell the scubapro diver's knife seen in the photo.

Price 12 EUR incl. DHL postage
PayPal or prepayment


I sell the diving knife from MARES NEU & OVP that can be seen in the photo.

Payment by PayPal or prepayment
Price 29 EUR incl. DHL ParcelPorto


I sell two 2nd stages of Scubapro

D400 & X65o incl. ND Hose

The parts are unused.
Price for both together 85 EUR incl. postage as DHL Paket.


Offer d2g Explorer Trocki size ML / 44 year of construction 2005.
The Trocki has been lying for 2 years, so the cuffs must be replaced,
otherwise it's fine.
Some places are re-dited with Aquasure.
The zipper was replaced in 2009.
Shoe size 46
Valves from Apeks (High Profile)
Leg pockets
Halcyon Pee Valve
Checkup Ring System

To be submitted against bid.


Offer d2g Explorer Trocki size S / 40 built in 2006.
The Trocki has been lying for 3 years, so the cuffs must be replaced,
otherwise it's fine.
Shoe size 36/37
Valves from Apeks (High Profile)
Leg pockets

To be submitted against bid.


Hello dear diving friends,

I am looking for a used Vytec from Suunto or comparable computer with multigas function (diving with 2 gases)
The computer should be in good technical condition and the battery should not be empty.
Ask for offers from your side.

Thank you


I offer here an E/O Cord extension 80cm and an E/O Cord Y connector. Both new and unused.
Original price for the extension is 129, - Euro and the Y-connection costs 179, - Euro.
I give the extension cable for 100, - Euro and the Y-connection plug for 129, - Euro.

Shipping costs are 5, - Euro, handover in Bremen, M├╝nster or Osnabr├╝ck possible.


Hello everyone
I sell all my diving equipment.

I have prepared a list here.

I am happy to answer questions and of course I also send photos:

1.) Regulator Oceanic with two 1st steps (FDX10,2XDelta4, Alpha 8 Octopus,FiniTopLine52mm) 250,00 EUR
2.) Dry suit Oceanic Comfort 3, size 52, 15 TG only fresh water, back zip 200,00 EUR
3.) Underwear Uebbys Fleece Size M 50,00 EUR
4.) Polaris XT50 Wing complete 280,00 EUR
5.) 12L compressed air bottle short, double valve T├╝v until 10/2014-Poseidon carrying handle 120,00 EUR
6.) 10L compressed air bottle short, double valve T├╝v until 10/2014-Poseidon carrying handle 100,00 EUR
7.) Gloves waterproof G1,5mm size S hardly worn 40,00 EUR
8.) Gloves Crux Size L 15,00 EUR
9.) Gloves Q-Flex Glove 3000 Size M royalnavy 5,00 EUR
10.) Atomic SPLITFIN Size L Reefred with Spring Straps 70,00 EUR
11.) Mares raptor, size R, yellow/black with spring straps 40,00 EUR
12.) Compass Sailor Sup with Retractor 30,00 EUR
13.) Dive light MBSub 14,4 Volt MC 1,9AH, 3 levels adjustable, lamp head ODL/15 GU 5,3k/W 50,00 EUR
14.) Hood WaterProof, 5/7 mm size S 30,00 EUR
15.) Mask Tusa , Visio Tri-EX cobalt blue 40,00 EUR
16. ) Seac SUB Icaro universal bag, leg pocket 10,00 EUR
17.) wetsuit, body&hood Oceanic Size 48 10,00 EUR
18.) Lead belt, Supgear, 4 gr. bags size m 8,00 EUR
19.) Buoy mares 8,00 EUR
20.) Nitro Adapter Din/M26 5,00 EUR
21.) Lead soft lead 3x2 kilo and 4x 1 kilo per kilo, lead pieces for clamping 2x1kg 5,00 EUR

Since it is a private sale, there is no guarantee and no returns.

The equipment can be visited in Wesel.

Greetings also Wesel


Would have a used and well preserved diLo TS to offer.

Size is about 9 medium-sized men's hand.
The gloves are very easy to replace.

- The complete system with the box as well as the various inner clamping rings.

But without fleece gloves!
Price: 45EUR incl. shipping


Offer yourself a few used fins from Aqualung here. It is the Blade 2 Flex ADJ in lime/grey. Fins have the size Giant (estimate so from shoe size 44-47) I myself have 45 and I fit them without problems. Normal, slight signs of use.

Price: 40EUR plus shipping 6,90EUR or they can also be picked up in Sinn/Hessen.


Dive mainly in our local lakes, Murner See Steinberger See Happurger See, Rothsee. Dive mostly dry:-) I'm always looking for new buddies.
Have over 500 TG.


Dry suit Scubapro Spitsbergen
Get dressed and jump into the water!

Colour grey/black

182cm/80kg/shoe size 43/44 suited me very well

Approx. 200 dives

Latex sleeves, inlet and outlet valves and dry zip are OK,
a hole in the neck cuff is professionally patched.

Seams re-thickened with Aquasure,
not nice but functional
in the step less (!) Water ingress

With hood, 3-finger gloves, inflator hose and bag.

I add a lycra underwear with it.

Ideal for dry diving beginners

FP 75EUR inc. Dispatch


Sell Dr├Ąger Ray
Absolutely as good as new
12 freshwater dives
2x 5 litre bottles
Extra hose set
100% nozzle

Only available by phone
0043 664 530 1654

5440 golling

Sell Bauer Poseidon Compressor P 180
455 hours of training
200-300 bar
Four filling connections

Only available by phone
0043 664 530 1654

5440 golling

Offer Scubapro Automat R190 no T├ťV
with 1st stage and finimeter, functional

without warranty

FB: 40,-EUR

Hettenshausen /Pfaffenhofen

Sell Scubapro regulator set.
Always been reliable, pleasant to dive.

Last revision in 2012.

The set consists of:

Stage 1: MK 18
Stage 2: S550
Octopus: Scubapro R190
Inflator hose
Pressure gauge

All parts are well maintained and have always been stored dry and clean.

Viewing desired.

Shipping possible.

FP: 150,- EUR


Offer a diving train from Aqualung here. It is new, unused and with invoice.

The NP is 149EUR I would like to have 100 Euro for it incl. shipping


Hello, dear divers and club boards,

Currently we are the owner of a fully equipped caravan incl. annual pitch in Gammel Albo, one of the most popular diving campsites for North German clubs and divers.

We want to hand it over, as it is no longer economically worthwhile for us to continue to maintain the caravan.

It is a Fendt caravan with 5 sleeping places as well as wet room and unused kitchen and finished awning floor without awning. All in very good condition.

The pitch, centrally located on the campsite Gammel Albo and as the crow flies about 50 m from the diving entrance to the Baltic Sea) can be taken over. This makes this caravan ideal for diving clubs as a base.

Further accessories and the complete inventory (crockery, cutlery, glasses, kitchenette with fridge for awning, porch, camping table with chairs and pads and much more.m.) can be taken over.

Our asking price is VHB 3.500,- EUR incl.dem all available accessories and inventory.

If you/her are interested in taking over this caravan privately or as a club caravan, please send an e-mail to


Sell new SANTI BZ400 men's underwear Gr.M

The underwear was dipped only 5 times. Since it constricts me in the shoulder area, I unfortunately have to sell it!

Price: 290 Euro5

Product description according to SANTI:

The BZ400 is the warmest underwear from SANTI, manufactured for use in cold water below 7┬░C. The insulation layer is made of high-quality compressed Thinsulate type 400. Due to the compression, the optimal freedom of movement is given. The outer layer is made of 100% durable, breathable polyamide with polyester reinforcements in particularly stressed areas. Like the other underwear, the BZ400 is equipped with flexible inserts on the hip and under the armpit.
ÔÇó three pockets (2 hip pockets, 1 chest pocket with zipper)
ÔÇó 2-way zipper
ÔÇó Elastic inserts on the hips and under the armpits
ÔÇó Elastic cuffs on the sleeves
ÔÇó Thumb loops
ÔÇó 10cm wide foot loops
ÔÇó Protective covers made of polyester
ÔÇó Suspenders

M├Âdling, ├ľsterreich

Sell Mares Avanti Superchannel, full foot fin blue, size 44-45, I dipped her with shoe size 43 sat nice and loose (avoiding chafing) and is still not rumbled from the foot.

+ 4,10EUR Shipping

22525 Hamburg

EFR Instructor Kit NEW!!! Unused!!!

Sell here my EFR Instructor Kit, it is unused, was only partially opened for photo.

Without an EFR-Instructor certification or equivalent instructor training, PADI can no longer become a diving instructor, according to PADI standards.
Here you have the possibility to get an EFR-Instructor Kit for little money.

The Instructor Kit consists of the following articles:
1. EFR-Instructor Binder
2. EFR-Instructor Manual (welded)
3. ERA manual for the student/user (welded in)
4. ERA Stickers
5. Emergency Care at a Glance
6. EFR-Instructor application with hologram

Without the application with the hologram, you can not be certified as an EFR Instructor!

Since I will not do my PADI Instructor, I no longer have any use for the EFR Instructor Kit.

Sell it for 40 euros plus shipping.

The shipping costs are 7,00 Euro, if the shipping by surname is desired, higher shipping costs will be incurred. The shipping costs refer only to shipping within the German mainland.

The sale is made by private therefore no guarantee, warranty etc. according to BGB, EU law etc. or exchange is granted.

Sell Mares Trilastic Wetsuit 8-6-5mm Man. Gr 4 (dipped this suit with a height of 179cm and 75kg).
In addition, Bellow Pockets (pockets on the sides) were expertly sewn to the suit.

+ 6,99EUR Shipping

22525 Hamburg

Sell Waterproof B1 BOOTS 6,5mm with RV, (Gr.42,43)

+ 4,10EUR Shipping

22525 Hamburg

Sell Mares Buoyancy Jacket Vector 1000 MRS Plus, Size: L (I dipped the jacket with height 179cm and 75kg super)

+ 6,99EUR Shipping

22525 Hamburg

Sell Scubatec second outlet for monovalve 232bar

+ 4,10EUR Shipping

22525 Hamburg


I am looking for an 80cuf alustage with riging.
Please offer with asking price.


Phone: 01774660390

Hello I offer here:

1X 1st level Dacor Viper with 2nd level and Octopus

1x 1st stage Dacor Eagle Pro

1x Revision Kit for 1st level

1x Revision Kit 2nd Level

Everything is in a good used condition, original box and operating instructions available

VHB 120 Euro incl. shipping


Underwater housing for a camcorder!

"Stingray III Sport"

of the company LIGHT & MOTION

former original price 1.890,00 Euro

The equipment is little used, has no signs of use.

Easy handling!

Original is an English manual.

We add a German operating manual.


"Top Dawg Monitor Back" - large monitor

"Sunray Mini Classic Ligthing System" - "Light System"

Replacement O-rings

Transport case

On request, we can also add a camcorder for an extra charge.

For the following Sony cameras:


16348 Wandlitz

NEW: for 179 Euro!

Product Features:
* 3-D anatomically designed with pre-bent arms, legs, andpanels for a superior fit
* Back zipper with stretch panels
* Double thread stitch and all ends knotted together
* HexTex Core Insulation Protection ÔÇô a new lining materialthat slows water movement for enhanced warmth and increased comfort
* Hi-Density Microcell CR Neoprene for more stretch anddurability
* Generous double seals made from Glide Skin neoprene withzipper at both arms and legs
* Inside neck smooth skin lining