Dive Suit

Offer Dive Suit Aqualung Iceland comfort size L

Sell my trusty wetsuit because of switching to Reserve Trockie. Bought September 2018 since 2019 only used as a backup for my Trocki and therefore only 29 dives on the clock. The suit keeps you super warm and water penetrates very leisurely into the suit due to the semidry technique. The suit has a small leg pocket that allows you to carry a backup mask. A small carabiner is also attached to the bag, on which you can, for example, attach the hood and carry it.
For more information:

The suit was stored in a heated and air-conditioned room, protected from light, dry and air-conditioned. The condition is as good as new, only the right smooth skin neoprene is torn. However, the damage was glued back and I could not determine a loss of heat due to increased water ingress.
Original price is currently 459EUR and can currently be used. Only to be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Price 300EUR VB

Legal information:

It is a private sale. The item is sold under exclusion of any warranty. No liability is assumed for defects.

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