Dive Job

Offer Dive Job Diving instructor wanted as partner and successor for diving school in Mainz

The previously owner-managed diving school with online shop is to have a management team in the future.

Giving up work and responsibility is the goal. We urgently need reinforcement in order to create more opportunities for further development and still offer our customers the best possible support. In the medium term, the partnership is to become a successor.

The purpose of the partnership should be a second self-responsible diving instructor. The financial participation is secondary and can be designed flexibly.

In any case, the partner should have sufficient diving experience at home and abroad. He should support the goals of the diving school, an optimal training, oriented to the needs of the divers, and be able to familiarize himself with the existing concepts. Ideally, there is interest in the development and further development of new concepts. The level of training is of secondary importance, as we train in-house up to the course director.

If you are interested, please contact us at: gernot@seekuh.com or 0160/94834907

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