Dive Education

Offer Dive Education Diving course - especially for the needs of holiday divers

This is the best diving course for holiday divers.

Just do your open water dives on your next vacation, somewhere in the world or further supervised by us at one of our partners, who we know will continue excellent training accordingly.

More information https://seekuh.com/tauchschule-mainz-wiesbaden/urlaub-tauchkurs/

Menadive Safaga, Egypt

In the Red Sea, breathtaking reefs and an incredible variety await you. For many years, the Menadive has been one of our favorite diving bases whose quality we are absolutely convinced of.

Website: https://www.menadive.com/

Petro Divers Mallorca About 2 hours flight from Frankfurt, Mallorca is also suitable for a long weekend. With the low-cost airline from Frankfurt also interesting in terms of price for a long weekend.

Website: https://petrodivers.com/

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