Basic Equipment

Offer Basic Equipment Cressi Thor EBS | Size L (42-44)

Sell here original packaged Cressi Thor EBS diving fins in size L (42-44).

Shipping possible.

Price: 60,00 Euro

Cressi's decades of experience in the development and production of open and closed fins can be felt in every detail of the new THOR.

This premium model is made from an exclusive mix of materials (3 materials) patented by Cressi, which has never been used in diving before, which combines extreme stability and kink resistance with high propulsion. At the same time, the fin is comfortable to use, suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike. It reacts very directly and implements all "control commands" precisely.
Due to the more flexible material in the middle part, a very good "spoon effect" is created, important for good propulsion, without lateral tilting.
The inclination of the blade in relation to the foot part is increased by 5 percent compared to other models. This angle provides greater efficiency and a more natural foot position when fin strike.


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