Basic Equipment

Offer Basic Equipment Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2 - Frameless Single Glass Mask with Ultraclear Glasses Mask

Deduct after 3 inserts in the swimming pool, so quasi as new for 45, - EUR including shipping. A payment via PayPal (friends) is just as possible as a pick-up. Ansosnten a TOP glasses and the manufacturer says:

Incredible visibility, unmatched comfort.
The latest evolution of the frameless mask combines 2 different silicones to make it the most comfortable mask in the water. All the features have already made the Frameless popular with enthusiastic divers, the Frameless 2 is even more comfortable for long dives. A special mask edge with very soft silicone allows the most comfortable fit.

Frameless 2 Mask Features

• Special UltraSoft silicone sealing lip
• Unmatched stability
• Optical quality, distortion-free UltraClear glasses
• Hydrodynamic design without external frame.
• Wide field of view, small volume.
• Very comfortable seat
• Quick release close.
• Clear silicone