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I bought these equipment for the diving course I attended in Frankfurt. After the course with my wife we decided to sell it because we dive maybe once per year when we go on Holiday and every time we don´t want to bring all the stuff with us. Not to mention that something like gloves and boots you cannot use in mediterranean sea...

So the stuff is almost brend new, we used it only for the course, meaning 4 dives in the pool and 2 in the lake.

Please note than the dark blu fins and the small belt in the picture are sold.


Fins Female/Kid Size XS 90 Euro (Price new 139euro) Pink bag as gift

Boots 25 Euro each (New 50euro)

Belt 15 euros (New 29)

Gloves M (Oceanic) and XS (Seac) 20euro (39,90 new)

If you are interested please contact me on my phone or via mail a_alex_78@hotmail.com 017671215284

P.s.in the prices the shipment is not included. Consider around 6 euros for small stuff (shipment insured and tracked) and up to 18 for fins and boots (DHL prices...)

Ask if you want to see more photos, I couldn´t upload all of them.