Basic Equipment

Offer Basic Equipment Cressi Dive Set Frog Plus blue - with dry snorkel incl. feet

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As good as new. Snorkel and mask Unused.

Information from the manufacturer:

We have put together this high-quality diver complete set from the best components!

The Cressi Big Eyes EVO mask has an extremely large field of view, which is achieved by the patented, inclined front glasses made of safety glass. Nevertheless, the internal volume is comparatively small, which simplifies emptying the mask.

The snorkel is a so-called dry snorkel - i.e. no water penetrates when snorkeling. The drytop closes automatically when you dive.

The diving fins Frog Plus are lightweight, have a very comfortable foot part and practical quick adjustments of the heel strap.

The 6.5 mm neoprene foot has an underlaid zipper and a firm shape sole.

Our recommendation for comfort and fun on your next dives!
Diving mask Cressi Big Eyes EVO
Dry snorkel Cressi Alpga Dry
Diving fins Cressi Frog Plus
Neoprene foot Mero RV ISO