Basic Equipment

Offer Basic Equipment ATOMIC Aquatics Venom Dive Maske + Maskenband blau schwarz

Hello Together, from overstock a new Atomic mask in top condition is offered here. The manufacturer says:

The VENOM Frameless has a low volume despite its enormous field of view and sits unsurpassedly well on your face. The hydrodynamic design supports perfection. The Venom is made in the Atomic exclusive "Wicked" style. The silicone body consists of two different soft martilys. The ultra-soft end edge ensures a perfect seal on the face. Water entry is not possible here. Of course, the Atomic Venom is also equipped with ultra-clear glass from Schott. This is glass of the highest quality without external inclusions, just as it is also used in optician shops. This gives you the perfect view at all times without any losses. The Venom will change the way they think about diving masks.

Here are the facts in short:

  • Single-glass mask with perfect vision
  • Unsurpassed tightness thanks to extra-soft Silkonrand
  • 30-year warranty against frame breakage
  • Fit and visual field unbeatable
  • Ultraclear glasses for perfect visibility
  • Easy-to-handle quick-release fasteners

As shown, the mask plus corresponding mask strap for 70,-EUR payment via PayPal and shipping is possible. I offer more items, so that you can save shipping costs if necessary.

Greeting from Berlin