Offer Miscellaneous Dräger VGB Poseidon Cyclon Antik !!!! Great condition from collection

Clean up my office, real antiques, nothing plastic! 3 double hose machines, Dräger/Kaiman/Medi, 1 Dräger full face mask, 1 Poseidon Cyclon 300 metal. Condition great, all freshly maintained before they got to my office over 20 years ago. Are probably submersible, but much too bad for that. Like to sell in a package, prices VHS. I do not react to "was isse letzte Preis" and inquiries "Ey Alter, beg isch Dich 30 für den alten Automaten". These machines were already in use when most Tekkies didn't even pee in diapers for the first time.

Flensburger Förde