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The fascination with diving has continued to grow in recent years among recreational divers and TEC divers. With concentrated competence and passion, we have built up the demand of the field of diving equipment through various positions, and since 2020 at the Lübeck location we have been supporting the clarification of the facts of diving accidents and technical issues.

Diving is generally the intrusion of a body into a liquid. As a rule, this refers to the diving of people under water. Unlike swimming and snorkeling, when diving the entire body is below the surface of the water. The conditions above the water are very different from those that prevail under water, which places special demands on people and technology, which are met with special learned skills and appropriate equipment.

We know that the clarification after a complex accident and in the case of a defect that can be understood is the greatest thing that can help after such a situation or even tragic loss. Our motivation is your enlightenment.

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