Offer Photo/Video Sea & Sea Motormarine II TTL UW Camera & YS60 Flash, 16mmWW, Macro Attachment & Aluminum Case

Hello , I offer here a used

Sea & Sea Motormarine II Analog TTL Underwater Camera with Underwater Flash Sea & Sea Ys 60 with Diffuser , Extendable Flash Holder , Base Plate , Lens Holder , Sea & Sea 16 mm Wide Angle with Alignment Attachment , Macro Attachment, O-Rings , Sea & Sea Grease , and all in an aluminum case !!! Please see all pictures !!!! "Was 15 years ago at Rene Aumann in revision and hyperbaric chamber testing, since then no longer used, can give no guarantee after such a long time !!! (Please understand)" The price is 109 EUR incl. shipping !!!

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return !!!