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Our company deals with all technical aspects of diving as well as the development, manufacture and testing of technical equipment and equipment for industry and public institutions. Take a look at our websites. For the scuba divers among you we have an extra area:


Applies to ISO certification of diving technology Brandenburg
At the end of August 2010, our quality management system for the areas of regulator service for diving equipment and pressure vessel service for respiratory and diving equipment was once again confirmed by DEKRA!

New outdoor jet system !!!
For our existing service of internal steeling, we can now also offer external steeling of pressure vessels.

Our services at a glance:
•Testing of compressed air equipment (from the diving area and respiratory protection)
•Regulator maintenance and repair, authorized specialist operation
•Compressor maintenance and repair, service operation and base dealer of Bauer Compressors Munich
•Manufacture of special parts and test machines
•Regulator tests according to EN 250: since 1993 for the preparation of court reports
•Filling station of compressed air
•Borrowing and sale of diving equipment

Purchase of used compressors, also defective.

There are still vacancies to
Operator and Technology Seminar
for high-pressure compressors
in Brandenburg on 16 and 17 October 2010

Compressors Operator Seminar

Seminar content

Obtaining basic technical and legal knowledge,
as well as the organisational requirements for
operation of breathing air compressors.

Seminar topics:
- Basics for operators
- Installation guidelines
- Briefings
- legal bases
- Prerequisites and procedure of filling operation
- Compressed gas container markings
- maintenance regulations,
- Remedy in the event of operational disruptions

(no practice)

Cost please ask.
(including seminar documents and certificate)

Start at 9 a.m.

Compressors Technical Seminar

Seminar content

practical work on the breathing air compressor

Seminar topics:
- practical work on the compressor
- Constructive construction of 3- / 4-stage compressor blocks
- Condensation and its draining
- Influencing factors on filter life
- Lubrication
- Troubleshooting
- Fixing faults on the compressor
- practical disassembly,
- Measurement of oil pressure
-. Measurement of the intermediate duck of the individual stages
- Test run
(you can bring your own compressor)

Cost please ask.
(including seminar documents and certificate)

Start at 9 a.m.


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