Dive Offer

Offer Dive Offer Reopening Dive deep and long

We open our new rebreather and diving center at Johannisstrasse 22, 69469 Weinheim on Saturday, May 14, 2005.

We have prepared for you:

· A raffle where there are great prizes to be won.
· Likewise, the physical well-being is taken care of.
· In our diving center we offer you sports diving equipment from Beuchat.
· Technical diving equipment from EXD and DIR-Zone
· Weezle Diving underwear
· Dry suits by Aqua3
· Dive computer of Delta P (VR3)
· Rebreather: Voyager, Inspiration and Submatix
· as well as many accessories

Our filling station is powered by an L&W 280 and offers the best air quality.
Furthermore, we offer regulator revision and TÜV service.
In our training center, we train according to CMAS, PADI and R.A.B.
Instructors from PATD, DSAT, IART and IATA are available for technical training.
We have also planned some interesting diving events for 2005.

Well worth a visit


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