Dive Compressor

Offer Dive Compressor Atemluftkompressor DK 13 300/200 bar

Sell a Dräger DK 13 breathing air compressor on order

Year of construction 1985
739 operating hours
Zul operating pressure 350 bar
Zul operating temperature 80°C
Sample TÜV mark DB 50/2
with high pressure dry filter
No maintenance backlog

The compressor is ready for operation. The test according to EN 12021 certifies that the breathing air quality is within the valid and permissible tolerances.
However, some repairs are due:
Safety valve stage 2 slightly leaks, the suction valve of level 3 is defective.
The level 4 free-flight piston must be replaced.

All test certificates and proof of maintenance since 1985 are available.
Likewise, all operating instructions, circuit diagrams and certificates.

The breathing air compressor is therefore still suitable for respiratory protection or diving area.

If you have any further questions, please contact me by e-mail.