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Offer Meikon UW housing for a Panasonic DMC-LX100 FourThirds camera. The case is brand new and has never been in the water. I had bought it shortly before a holiday, because my other case on the shutter broke than, backup bought. The repair was successful and the housing was therefore only available as a "backup", but never in use.

VHB 150,-


I sell here a Sea&Sea Sea Arm 8 - Double Ball Arm for underwater photography. There are two pieces available, each length M.

30 Euro VB Price per piece!

The arms were intended for a setup that was never in use, so the arms are new. One package has been opened, the other is closed.

Original price per arm: 47,95 Euro
Product Ref: SS-22113
EAN: 4960436221133
Length: 222.7 mm
Weight: 83.8 g
Material: Construction: corrosion resistant aluminum alloy (anodized body)
Condition: NEW

Also pay attention to my other ads (more parts, cheaper in the set)
Shipping (books/goods shipment 2 Euro, parcel 4 Euro, package 5 Euro) or pick-up in Mannheim.

Since private sale, no warranty.
No warranty or return

A complete immersion housing set for the Olympus camera OMD EM 1

To the housing: Original Olympus PT EP11 with the macro port PPO EP03 and the port PPO E02 with adapter ring PAD EP08 for the 12-40mm lens. (with all seals)

All parts have always been treated with great care and work perfectly and have only minor signs of use.

Price for the whole set 749,-Euro.

Lenses and camera are not among them!!

Retail sale is also possible, then please contact us.


Phone: 02333604000

I offer here an Olympus TG-4 with matching Olympus housing for the TG-4.
Battery and charger for the TG-4 are included. The camera has always worked perfectly. Housing is tight. The camera was used underwater exclusively in the housing. Camera and housing have normal traces of use. Housing has on a corner (see photo) a small piece of plastic that has broken off. However, this has no influence on the tightness. No scratches on the lens of the camera and housing. Everything works perfectly
If you have any questions or interest, please contact us. The article can also be viewed by arrangement.

5621 Zufikon

Phone: +41795219414

A new camera equipment for underwater photography is sold here.
Contents of the set:
- Camera Sony Alpha 6300 650 EUR
- Sony SEL lens 35F18 340 EUR
- Ikelite underwater housing 775 EUR
- Camera rail by Ikelite + carrying cord 68,53EUR + 112,50 EUR
- 2x brackets for holding flashes or similar 35 EUR per pcs.
- 2x fiber optic cable from Sea&Sea 60EUR per pc.
- 2x Blitz Sea&Sea Ysd3 650 EUR per piece
- 2x ball holder Ikelite 69,90 EUR
- Domeport 8' 450 EUR


Individual sales are also possible after consultation.

I sell my fully mounted underwater diving camera OLYPMUS OM-D E-M5 and am the original owner of the camera and rig setup. I have all the recipes for all the items listed below. It includes a fully equipped Natuicam NA-EM5 underwater camera body, so you can shoot it directly underwater without worries or concerns

Price EUR 2900

Location: Spain


Phone: +345564678654

Top underwater camera from Leica Typ X-U

NP about 3200 ,-- Euro - as new almost unused ( was only 2 x in fresh water)

no signs of use. - is unfortunately only in the closet and not in the suitcase

with OVP and all accessories

VB 1950;--

Robert Reile, 0151/50503764


Phone: 0821/44808628

Offer Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100 with FourThirds sensor and fast 24mm LEICA Vario-Summilux lens with extensive accessories, such as filter set (red/UV/pole), spare batteries, bag, book. In addition, a meikon housing released up to 45m deep. A few times before a holiday, the closure broke and since I was not sure if the ordered case would come in time (which was not the case), I had repaired the closure. With the - successful!! - repaired closure I was then several weeks on vacation and after return I had 2 cases, a repaired one, which I then continued to use and one that has never had water contact until today, so is brand new. The 2nd case is offered in another promotion.

The camera was used almost exclusively in the housing under water and was accordingly only used on vacation and little.

VHB EUR550,-

Offer UW housing from the renowned manufacturer ikelite for a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 The camera itself is not in the scope. In addition to the nUW housing, the range of products includes a carrier plate and a ball arm for mounting a flash or lamp, as well as an optical cable for triggering a flash via the flash of the camera.

VB EUR250,-

Moin Divers,

look for a Sea & Sea TTL Converter for Canon. And synchronous cables.

Camera is EOS 550 D, housing one RDX, and the flash two YS 90.

Possible offers with asking price .

Offer my DX6G here. Complete with YS-3 flash, wide angle and macro flash. 1.5 years old, little used.

The Sea & Sea DX-6G is a robust all-weather sports camera combined with an underwater housing. The camera is equipped with many great features for underwater applications, including special underwater and macro modes. Equipment for many applications: e.B mountaineering, skiing, fishing and diving - with a depth of 14 m and a fall resistance of 1.6 m. The camera also works at temperatures down to -10 degrees. With housing, the camera can be used up to 55m depth. The Adventure Set also includes the Sea + Sea YS-03 flash set. The semi-transparent diffuser scatters and softens the light from the flash and also reduces the effects of overexposed images or when strong light creates shadows in the image. Since the YS-03 is designed to mimic the light intensity of the camera's built-in flash, there is no need to manually adjust the power. The YS-03 is compatible with any pre-flash camera and has a TTL flash exposure function, regardless of make. Designed for underwater photographers, the YS-03 is easy to understand. The only controller is the main switch. By simply turning the switch from OFF to TTL, you can capture beautiful, colorful images. Included: DX-6G camera, underwater housing, macro ring diffuser, USB charging cable, battery, user manual, warranty card, Sea+Sea YS-03 flash, camera rail, flexible arm, fiber optic cable, wide-angle converter lens.

Price 600EUR


Phone: 01781983353

Sell my UW camera and housing including accessories as shown because of hobby task.

Everything works perfectly and can also be visited on request.

I have always paid a lot of attention to the care and cleanliness of my equipment and therefore the things are in excellent condition.

There are also 3 memory cards included. 2x 1GB and 1x 2GB

The UW photos were taken with this camera!!

Olympus PT-037 Underwater Housing for SP-550 UZ
UW housing for Olympus SP-550UZ; When the action shifts from the beach to the water, you don't have to do without your Olympus digital camera. The underwater housing PT-037 was specially developed for SP-550 UZ and is absolutely waterproof up to a water depth of 40 meters.
Ideal for fascinating underwater photography or shots of water sports activities.
Thanks to the durable, robust, high-quality polycarbonate housing, the camera is protected not only from the ingress of water, but also from vibrations and shocks on land.
All camera functions, such as .B zooming or triggering the internal flash, are available at any time.

Waterproof up to a water pressure corresponding to 40 m depth- Easy handling above and below water
All camera functions can be controlled- Detachable anti-glare protection for LCD monitor-
Screw thread for attachment lenses and filters supplied-
Built-in flash can be used underwater to trigger a compatible digital slave flash

Olympus SP-560 UZ Datasheet

Camera class(s) compact camera, super zoom camera
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1 laboratory test [EUR]
1 Publication such as test reports, e-books or printed books
Sensor CCD sensor 1/2.3" 6.2 x 4.6 mm (crop factor 5.6)
8.5 megapixels (physical), 8.0 megapixels (effective)
Pixel pitch 1.9 ╬╝m
Photo Resolution
3,264 x 2,448 pixels (4:3)
2,560 x 1,920 pixels (4:3)
2,560 x 1,440 pixels (16:9)
2,304 x 1,728 pixels (4:3)
1,600 x 1,200 pixels (4:3)
640 x 480 pixels (4:3)
Image formats JPG, RAW
Color depth 24 bits (8 bits per color channel)
Metadata Exif (version 2.21), DCF standard
640 x 480 (4:3) 30 p
320 x 240 (4:3) 30 p
MOV (Codec Motion JPEG)
Audio format (video) WAV
Focal length 27 to 486 mm (35mm equivalent)
18x zoom
Digital zoom 5.6x
Sharpness range 10 cm to infinity (wide angle)
120 cm to infinity (telephoto)
Macro range 10 cm (wide angle)
120 cm (tele)
Aperture F2.8 (wide angle)
F4.5 (Tele)
Autofocus yes
Autofocus Functions Single Autofocus, Continuous Autofocus, Area Autofocus, Manual, AF Assist Light
Filter thread 48.4 mm
Viewfinder and Monitor
Monitor 2.5" TFT LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels
Video viewfinder Video viewfinder available, diopter compensation
Exposure metering Center-weighted integral measurement, matrix/multi-field measurement, spot metering
Exposure times 1/2,000 to 1 s (automatic)

Bulb function
Exposure Control Program Automatic, Aperture Automatic, Time Automatic, Manual
Bracketing function Bracketing function with a maximum of 5 shots, step size of 1/3 EV
Exposure compensation -2.0 to +2.0 EV with step size of 1/3 EV
Light sensitivity ISO 50 to ISO 3,200 (manual)
Remote access not available
Motifs auction, various motif programs, documents, fireworks, interior shot, candlelight, landscape, food, night shot, night portrait, portrait, self-portrait, sunset, sports, beach/snow, 1 more motif programs
White Balance Automatic, Clouds, Sun, Fine Tuning, Fluorescent Lamp with 3 Presets, Incandescent Lamp Light, Manual
Continuous shooting Continuous shooting function max. 1.2 frames/s at highest resolution and max. 7 stored photos, high-speed continuous shooting mode 1 with max. 23 frames in a row at approx. 7 fps in 3 MP mode;
High-speed continuous shooting mode 2 with a maximum of 15 frames in a row at approx. 15 fps in 1.2 MP mode
Self-timer self-timer with distance of 12 s
Recording functions live histogram
Flash built-in flash (hinged)

Phone: 00436763004903

Hello , I offer here a used

Sea & Sea Motormarine II Analog TTL Underwater Camera with Underwater Flash Sea & Sea Ys 60 with Diffuser , Extendable Flash Holder , Base Plate , Lens Holder , Sea & Sea 16 mm Wide Angle with Alignment Attachment , Macro Attachment, O-Rings , Sea & Sea Grease , and all in an aluminum case !!! Please see all pictures !!!! "Was 15 years ago at Rene Aumann in revision and hyperbaric chamber testing, since then no longer used, can give no guarantee after such a long time !!! (Please understand)" The price is 109 EUR incl. shipping !!!

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return !!!


I sell here my Sea&Sea underwater camera with a lot of accessories. I can only estimate the age of the camera, as I only bought it used myself. But there are even the original packaging.

The accessories are:

  • 3 batteries
  • Charging cable for batteries
  • Connection for the cigarette lighter in the car
  • Fastening rail
  • 2 arms for flash or lamp
  • Instruction manual with CDs

My price expectations are 200,00 EUR for everything.

Shipping is possible


Suex Actioncam Gopro Mount

Price 40EUR

The bracket is attached to the front of the trigger...

For this 2 holes have to be drilled... And then sunk them... So that the screws do not disturb...

The camera can be rotated 360┬░ on the mount and can be adjusted in any position...

Bracket comes with all the needed screw... Incl. the inch screw for the camera... All screws in VA2

The holder is an in-house development and comes from a 3D printer ...


Phone: 01725330952

Sell here a compass actioncam mount for the Suex VR and XJS...

Price 60EUR

Suitable for the Silva c58 ... the compass has 2 adjustable axes where the compass can be adjusted very well to the magnetic field of the scooter...

The compass is not part of this offer ...

New on this mount is the recording for the action cam Gopro or the same

The bracket comes with all the necessary screws... Incl. The inch screw for the camera... All screws in VA2

Either the compass or an action cam can be mounted...

The holder is an in-house development and comes from a 3D printer ...

If you are interested, just contact us ...


Phone: 01725330952

Little used camera incl. housing and dual flash system
Date of purchase: May 2019
Original price: 4844,90 EUR

Price: 3875,00 EUR

Camera: Sony DSC-RX100 M5A

incl. underwater housing metal: Sea&Sea MDX-RX 100III

Double flash system Sea&Sea YS-D2J


2 Double Ball Arm M

4 Ball Clamp II

2 Fixed Ball Base

1 Camera Tray

2 Extra Grip

2 Camera Tray Adapters

1 LCD Monitor Hood with Lens

1 battery for camera

1 SD card High Speed 64 GB

1 case holder, for fixing to the jacket


Phone: 01702862636

To be sold privately because of non-use. 15 dives used, all in tiptoppen condition. NP EUR 450, VP EUR200 + Shipping (Switzerland --> Germany EUR 30)

D&D M67 Flip Diopter Holder for 67mm Port:

D&D NB Pro Canon Powershot G7x Mark II Underwater Housing: - D&D NB Pro Canon Powershot G7x Underwater Enclosure

AQUAKO Super Macro Lens II x1.5 Diopter: Aquako Wet Lens Type 1 M52 Super Macro Close-up Magnifier 1.2x Diopter Lens For Olympus TG Series Housing (

PRICE (SET): 1699 Euro

It is a complete SET based on a digital Canon Eos 500D SLR camera, with the original Canon lenses, high-quality UW housing made of aluminum (UK-Germany) the matching ports and high-quality UW flash (Subtronic) including all chargers and manuals and boxes.

In combination with the original CANON 10-22 wide-angle zoom, the camera is a compact all-rounder that covers most situations better.

From the WW close-up of an object to fish portraits to landscape photography, everything is possible with one setup.

With the right setting, the set is easy to use even by a beginner and you get good results very quickly.

Due to this versatile use of the wide-angle zoom, I have not used the expensive macro lens and the standard lens once under water. It is like the MacroPport unused.

Overall, the set is compact for a DSLR and can also be triggered one-handed with the dome port. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated.

The compact UK housing is made entirely of aluminium. It has the optional 45 degree angle viewfinder, which is a "must" for serious use.

The compact SUBTRONIC flash is ideal for a digital system. A second battery and a spare charger are available.

The camera and the lenses were used exclusively in the UW housing for UW photography and are therefore in good condition.

The set was bought by me new and the original invoices are available. It had a new purchase value of over 7500 euros. Even if it is needed, there are sustainable components that can be used both topwater and when removing the equipment. This applies in particular to the original Canon lenses, the UW ports, the flash, cables and accessories.

The EOS 500D is still more than sufficient for the UW hobby forfortography, especially the offered combination with a high-quality optics.


Camera and lenses:


- Canon Eos 500 D

- Spare battery

Wide Angle Zoom:

- Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM


- Canon 2.8 100 EF USM

Standard optics:

- Canon 20-55 EF-S 1:3.5-5.6 IS

UW Enclosures

- UK-500D underwater photo housing for Canon EOS 500D

- 45┬░ angle finder

- Replacement O-rings and silicone grease available

Ports and intermediate ring

- DP 180 CA Base Dome Port for Canon incl. neoprene protection

- PP65 plan port for 18-55 EF-s

- ZWR50 intermediate ring for Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM

- Neoprene cover for Plan Port

Zoom rings:

- ZORI zoom ring for Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM

- ZORI zoom ring for Canon 18-55 EF-s

UW Flash

- Subtronic PRO 160 with E-TTL, LG, ext. Accumulator

- Synchronous cable

- Lightning arm addition

- 1 x Spare battery

- 1 x spare charger

Transport and travel backpack

- Lowepro (for all equipment)


Aquatica Housing Camera Accessories

1) Aquatica 18426 AF/MF Flat Macro Port

2) Aquatica 18407 9.25" Mega Dome

3) Aquatica 20054 Aqua View Finder 180 degrees

4) Aquatica Port Extensions

a) wide lense 18497 Extension Ring 54.5 mm

b) macro 100 mm 18453 Extension Ring

5) Lens rings

a) Focus ring EF 100mm macro

b) Zoom ring EF 16- 35mm

c) Focus ring EF 16-35mm

The entire accessory set is available. The equipment is sold to finance a new setup.

All parts are used but in perfect condition. Only the Glass Dome has a small scratch, which is NOT visible in wide-angle shots, hence the price discount. The value of all accessories amounts to 5300 euros.

Price: 3170 Euro

Burg Spreewald

Analog camera NIKONOS II with lens, flash Oceanic (change baterien !) Sea&Sea wide angle lens, lens with viewfinder ,micro rings , flash arm Oceanic .

Price VB. 280.- Eur + Shipping


Phone: +34677145123

We , 2 women offer complete well-maintained diving equipment for 2 people (size 42 )+ 2 underwater photo cases Lumix and Rollei

1 Diving Suit "Aqualung Iceland Comfort" Size 44, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 Diving Suit with Ice Vest / Shorty T-20r "Water Proof",Size 42, 7mm Semi-Dry

1 diving shoes "Water Proof", size 39, with firm outsole, 5mm

1 Diving Gloves "Scubapro", Size M

1 Diving Gloves "Mares", Size M

1 Tarier Vest "Seac Sub", Size M

1 Tarier vest " Cressi", size M

1 diving fins for diving shoes "Mares"

1 diving fins for diving shoes " Cressi"

1 submersible belt without lead

1 diving belt with weights (7 kilos)

2 lead pockets without lead

6 lead (1.5 kilos), 3 lead (1 kilo), 2 lead (2 kilos) " Seacsub, Softlead" :

1 Diving and rescue buoy (signal buoy for divers)

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Favor S"

1 Dive Computer "Suunto Geteko"

1 regulator advantage set with octopus and finimeter "Apeks ATX 50"

1 Finimeter "Sailor Scub"

1 underwater photo housing Lumix , suitable for camera Lumix-Panasonic DMW-MCFS5 incl. operating instructions

1 underwater photo housing Rollei with matching camera Rollei Bullet HD and accessories, incl. operating instructions

The purchase price of the entire equipment was approx. 3600.00 Euro.

The entire diving equipment has only about 20-25 dives on the hump. For various reasons, we don't dive anymore. We really think this is a pity and would like to pass on the complete well-maintained diving equipment to those interested.

So, get started and book diving course / diving holiday immediately. Beforehand, a few services (checking and replacing seals, changing batteries, etc.) should be made for your own safety.

Our price presentation: 1250,00 Euro, VB , individual can also be sold

On request: to Jutta and Andrea :

60486 Frankfurt

Sell complete underwater photo equipment with extensive accessories. The equipment includes 2x camera Olympus OMD E-M5, underwater housing of Nauticam NA-EM5, 2x Inon flashes Z 240, wide angle, macro, fish eye and zoom 12-50 incl. the ports for the sub-wasesergeause. More details in the table (see pictures).

Sell price: EUR 3,400,- plus shipping

This is a private sale without warranty, warranty or redemption
Insured shipping is possible when the costs are covered.



I sell my Ikelite underwater case for the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. The housing has only very slight traces of use and works completely without problems. Included is a replacement O-ring and all spare parts for any buttons.

In addition, I add a red filter, this has a small scratch on the edge. Through the lens of the camera this can not be seen so it does not affect the photos. If you have any further questions, just contact me.

Receipt is also still available.

Until then, Happy Bubbles to everyone!

VB 390 Euro


Phone: +4915238418685

Sell a complete underwater camera set.

2 x Nikonos V underwater camera (one with slight traces of use, the second is new and was just my replacement camera)
2 x Lens W Nikkor 35mm F/2.5
1 x UW flash NIKONOS SB 105 + replacement seals
1 x Lightning cable Nikonos
1 x Flash rail
1 x Manual NIKONOS V
1 x User Manual Lens W Nikkor 35mm F/2.5
2 x Service certificates from specialist retailers
3 x Macro Attachment

Insured shipping is possible if costs are covered.


Ribnitz Damgarten

Phone: 01742428439

Sell the housing in individual parts !!!!!!
UK-Germany case for Canon 5 D MK II without viewfinder : 350,00 EUR
The housing is made of aluminum, two-piece, incl. sealing rings and O-ring grease
The camera is mounted on a slide (suitable for Canon 5 D MK II) and inserted into the housing.
45┬░ Subal viewfinder 360 ┬░ swivel, snaps in every 90┬░ : 350,00 EUR
- a flat port PP65, : 80,00EUR
- large dome port d=180 mm, : 480,00 EUR
- Mini fisheye dome port. : 450,00EUR
Zoom rings
- Canon 17 ÔÇô 40 f/4 : 45,00 EUR
- Tokina 10-17 mm ( shaved ) : 45,00 EUR
Intermediate rings :
15 / 20 / 30 / 35 / 45 : each : 35,00 EUR
Plug-in ring for macro lenses suitable for 67 mm lenses. : 65,00 EUR

Complete set consisting of 2 pieces Olympus C-7070 digital camera and 1 UW aluminum housing Patima 7070 inl. TTL Flash Adapter M. Heinrichs Oly TTL C3


A camera is in good condition, has scratches at the top of the housing and the shutter release, in the places where the camera in the underwater housing is guided past the trigger mechanisms of the UW housing. Otherwise no defects. Second camera (replacement camera so far without UW use) is as good as new without signs of use and has not yet been used in the UW housing. Displays of the cameras have been provided with protective film since the first use. Batteries of the cameras would have to be checked and ev. be replaced (had not had the things in use for a long time).

Underwater housing is in good condition. No scratches on the port but discoloration on the aluminum and scratches on the plexiglass on the back (can be polished).

Have attached a plug between flash socket (Nikonos 5pin spring) and hot shoe in the underwater housing, so that both the M. Heinrichs TTL adapter (had an Inon D-2000 with it in use) and the normal hotshoe can be used.

Equipment is in technically perfect working condition and had no water intrusion.

Everything in the original scope of delivery with original packaging (incl. software, operating instructions, replacement O-ring for housing, etc.). Description for the assembly of the Patima housing in the original in Japanese/Korean/English with pictures. At that time original price of all parts EUR 2900.-EUR, to self-collector or shipping according to effort


As good as new dive lamps set - Lamps by Waveocean Prometheus
2 lamps -1 handle - 1 Goodmannhandel for both lamps with camera attachment
1 additional lamp qudos knog - 1 camera with underwater housing Hero 4 and 1 bag.

for 450,- EUR

Pick up or plus postage


Phone: 02131/667979

Moin, for sale is my T-Housing housing for an Actionpro X9 camera. The housing is milled from aluminum and approved up to 150 m diving depth. The housing has about 20 dives and has the usual traces of use (for wreck diving). The scratches in the glass are largely compensated by the light refraction factor between glass and water. The price is the basis for negotiation plus the shipping costs.


Sell my Intova underwater camera. With flash

The camera was used by with little used about 10 dives.

Technically, it is in very good condition, slight traces of use on the underwater housing, the underwater housing is 100% water tight. Objectively, there are no scratches, so no disturbances can be seen on the pictures. Included are an installation CD for the PC, memory card, a manual and a hand strap.

The additional flash works perfectly and comes with three filters.

Since from private without return.


Shipping is possible against reimbursement of costs. Payment. only via PayPal or when picking up in cash.


Without flash. (has unfortunately already been sold)

Price for housing 499,-

Sell an Ikelite underwater housing used on 15 dives suitable for Nikon camera D5000 (I would have). Lens is a 18-105mm with polarization filter. Two batteries, charging cables are included with the camera. Instructions and packaging.

Complete with housing, handles and dome port as well as the tooth adjustment rings for focus for different lenses and other accessories is included.

Complete package thus and ready to dive with camera, only one memory card is missing

The underwater housing is made of clear, corrosion-free polycarbonate. The maximum diving depth is 100m.

All camera functions can be operated via the underwater housing.

Scope of delivery:

- Ikelite underwater housing with dome port

- Double handle - Handles with quick coupling

- Protective cap port opening

- Zoom ring

- various spare parts

- Nikon D5000

- Lens Nikon 18-105mm

Shipping or direct handover

85049 Ingolstadt

Hugyfot External 7" HD monitor with connection cable and ballmount and accessories.

  • Housing milled from seawater-resistant aluminium.
  • Black anodized and Teflon coated.
  • Secure rotary lock.
  • Depth rating 200m.
  • 7-inch HDMI monitor.
  • Pushbuttons for screen adjustment.
  • Large removable sun hood.
  • 1 lithium battery pack (8h battery life).
  • Dual O-ring sealing system.

- Bought the monitor in November. I've never been in the water with it.
- In the meantime I switched to SONY DSLR camera and the monitor has become too big for me.

Basis for negotiation 1100,00 EUR


Phone: 00436642307935

Sea&Sea basic rail for cameras, video, GoPros

I sell an almost new camera rail, suitable for all common cameras and camera housings, since standard screw mounting.

This sturdy base rail is equipped with a side wing, which is used to attach the flash unit or a UW lamp.

It is in technical and optical very good used condition, has no recognizable scratches and the rubber on the top, so that the camera does not slip, looks like new and still has real grip.

Price: 20EUR

Shipping costs will be charged at the postage fees DHL (1.60EUR as an air cushion letter or 3.80EUR as a package ÔÇô depending on your wishes).

Alternatively, pick-up is also possible.

Animal-free non-smoking household!

I would like to sell the way I would like to buy myself.

Fair, honest, and mutually satisfactory.

Due to the current warranty law, the following information is required: The sale is made to the exclusion of any liability for material defects. As a private person, I exclude all guarantees, warranties, returns and exchanges. All items offered by me are in the condition described to the best of my knowledge and belief. All offers are of a private, non-commercial nature. The buyer is liable for transport damage and loss of the goods during shipping (BGB ┬ž 447 Transfer of risk in the case of shipment purchase).


Phone: 01712289616

I sell an original Sea&Sea flash/camera rail with handle, as shown in the photos (original name: SEA-GRIP).

The parts are unused and have never been in the water. I took them out of the original box and mounted them just for the photos.

Due to the metal angle (no plastic!!), the flash and the handle can be flexibly mounted on the left or right of the base plate.

The mounting screw on the handle can be used to mount a Blitzam. Of course, flash arms can be mounted on the left and/or right of the base plate (in the photos I only opted for an assembly variant).

The rubber on the rail is also flawless and still with real grip.

All in all, a new, extremely flexible premium system, which will also meet high demands - at a used price.

The price: 50 EURO plus shipping (or collection without shipping costs).

For more photos, information or questions about the pictures (

I would like to sell the way I would like to buy myself. Fair, honest, and mutually satisfactory.

Due to the current warranty law, the following information is required: The sale is made to the exclusion of any liability for material defects. As a private person, I exclude all guarantees, warranties, returns and exchanges. All items offered by me are in the condition described to the best of my knowledge and belief. All offers are of a private, non-commercial nature. The buyer is liable for transport damage and loss of the goods during dispatch (BGB ┬ž 447 transfer of risk in the case of shipment purchase), unless transport insurance has been taken out.


Phone: 01712289616

The plate has never been in the water before and is therefore new.

The handle is ergonomically shaped and lies well and softly in the hand. This makes it possible to hold photo and video cameras without fatigue.

The handle can be screwed under as well as on the plate, so that it can be individually adapted. The mounting screw can be attached to 3 different places (3 holes with thread), so that almost all camera models can be mounted.

In addition, a T-plate is screwed onto the base plate. This serves as the basis for quickly removable arm systems. Especially advantageous for unleashed flash technology. This T-plate can also be mounted on the upper side of the base plate.

Dimensions of the T-piece (see photo): f: 40mm, e: 25mm, a: 15mm, h: 10mm, k: 5mm

The mounting screw is standard tripod screw (1/4 inch), which has an additional female thread (probably 3/8 inch) to attach e.B a lamp under the camera. You always have one hand too little.

All in all, a new, extremely flexible premium system, which will also meet high demands.

I have 2 identical base plates with handle on offer.

Price individually: 25EUR plus shipping with DHL at postage price

Price in double pack: 40EUR plus shipping with DHL at postage price

or pick-up, of course then without shipping costs. Insured shipping is also possible.

Animal-free non-smoking household!

I would like to sell the way I would like to buy myself. Fair, honest, and mutually satisfactory.

Due to the current warranty law, the following information is required: The sale is made to the exclusion of any liability for material defects. As a private person, I exclude all guarantees, warranties, returns and exchanges. All items offered by me are in the condition described to the best of my knowledge and belief. All offers are of a private, non-commercial nature. The buyer is liable for transport damage and loss of the goods during dispatch (BGB ┬ž 447 transfer of risk in the case of shipment purchase), unless transport insurance has been taken out.


Phone: 01712289616

SONY Rx100 II with original Sony underwater housing & 2 spare batteries

The best underwater camera I've ever had (see my photos all done with the camera)

original Sony underwater housing (works for series 1-5)

2 spare batteries

Original packaging

works perfectly!

450 Eur

Sell Rollei 7 s with underwater housing. The camera cannot be switched on, has fallen into the water in the swimming pool without a housing.

That is why for hobbyists is sold as defective.

Price 80,00 Euro


Ikelite UW enclosure. 2013 1 x used in the Maldives. Since then stored in the original case. I also add the camera, a Nikon D3100 incl. AF-S 18-55 f3.5-5.6 VR. The camera is very well maintained, has an estimated 20,000 triggers.

Since I am switching to the Nikon Z system, everything has to be handed in.

New camera set Sealife DC2000 with flash - Super to use camera for first-class underwater shooting.

Absolutely new - never used - cumbersome to sell.

Indoor camera plus rubberized shockproof housing, waterproof up to 60 meters. 20MP 1" image sensor, Full HD video, RAW format and 3" high resolution LCD display.

Sea Dragon 2500 lamp head, 2500 lumens, soft and even 120 degree wide angle beam,

three brightness levels.

Flex Connect, flexible arm for easy attachment of the Sea Dragon lamp head.

0.75x wide-angle lens (SL051) - compensates for the magnification effect of the water and extends the field of view by 33%. Exact edge sharpness and highest image quality. Can also be placed under water.

Lens mount DC series - is mounted under the camera body or on the flex arm to accommodate the wide-angle lens when not needed on the camera. The lens can be mounted both above and below water.

All with original packaging, dealer calculation and warranty.

Original price camera/light set 1219,-EUR / wide angle 199,- EUR/ lens mount 39,-EUR/ flex arm 59,- EUR total 1516,- EUR

I sell the whole set for 949,- EUR

If you have any questions or more detailed information, please contact us

Nikon D500 camera in perfect condition for sale 600 euros

Model: Nikon D500 Resolution (Megapixels): 20.9 Mpix

Brand: Nikon Color: Black

I sell my Nikon D500, it has no or hidden defects, it is first hand

No signs of use

Touch Screen, Video Recording, Bluetooth, Body Only, Audio Recording, Dustproof, Wi-Fi

Sold with battery, charger, strap.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.


Search flash and also underwater tray gladly also complete packet without camera and housing that I have

Thank you very much

Sony a6300 incl. 16-50mm lens (with underwater housing FA6500 V2 Kit A from Fantasea incl. port)

For both the Sony and the Fantasea case, there is still warranty, the original packaging and the invoice. The case has now been sold. I've only been in the water with it once. I offer the camera for 750 EUR VB.

If I am interested, I can still offer spare batteries and the book for the camera, "SonyA6300: The manual for the camera", for sale.

It is possible to pick up the camera (and housing). But I also like to send it.

Information from dealer sites about the products:

Sony Alpha 6300 E-Mount System Camera (Black)

--> 24 megapixels, 7.5 cm (3") display, XGA OLED viewfinder, L-Kit 16-50 mm lens

  • Lens compatibility: Sony E-mount lenses, APS-C sensors with 24.2 megapixel resolution
  • Recording format (still images): JPEG compatible (DCF version 2.0, Exif version 2.3, MPF baseline compatible), RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 format)
  • Recording Format: XAVC S/AVCHD format, compatible with version 2.0,MP4; Focus Type: Fast Hybrid Autofocus
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight: Approx. 120 x 66.9 x 48.8 mm; Approx. 361 g (housing only)/approx. 404 g (with battery and storage medium)
  • Battery life (photos): Approx. 350 shots (viewfinder)/Approx. 400 shots (LC display) (CIPA standard); Battery life (videos): Actual: Approx. 70 min (viewfinder)/approx. 75 min (LC display) (CIPA standard), Continuous recording: Approx. 115 min (viewfinder)/approx. 115 min (LC display) (CIPA standard)
  • Scope of delivery: Sony Alpha 6300 E-mount system camera (24 megapixels, 7.5 cm (3 inch) display, XGA OLED viewfinder) L-Kit (16-50 mm lens) black


Phone: +491778943586

Sell my underwater camera set here.

For sale are:
Ikelite Uw Enclosure for D90
Wide Angle Dome Port Ikelite
2x ball adapter for flashes

Camera Nikon D90 SLR Camera + Charger
Lens Sigma 10-20

For further information or questions I am happy to be available by PN.
The housing can be tested or viewed.


I offer here a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition with a lot of accessories.

Of course, it works perfectly and is in an extremely well-kept condition.

I just use them far too little and that's why I'm giving them away now.

There is everything that is shown in the pictures:

- Camera Hero 3 Black Edition with display and 4 batteries
- Remote control
- Protective housing up to 40m waterproof - Underwater housing up to 150m waterproof
- USB cable for camera and remote control
- GoPro teskop mount - Various UV filters - additional 2 chargers (connectable 230V or 12V car.) with 4 batteries

This is a private sale, without warranty and without return!

Price Dive Computer: 250,00EUR VB

Shipping price is still negotiable

Noble compact with 7.1 MPixel with underwater housing up to 40m. The camera can be operated in full automatic mode, but also in manual mode in addition to aperture and time automatic. The images can be saved in JPG and raw (or simultaneously), which offers many possibilities for further processing of the images. The camera, even as JPG, still takes beautiful pictures even by today's standards, but needs some ambient light. The camera is simple and intuitive to use: all important functions can be selected either directly via a button, or on the first menu level - Canon can do this particularly well. Super camera for little money to start underwater photography. Especially because the housing is very compact and does not interfere with diving. Incl. 2 batteries, charger, and 2 pieces of 1 MB CompactFlash card (image size is around 4MB, i.e. it fits in the high-resolution JPG format usually more than 250 pictures on a card) AV cable, hand strap and shoulder straps for camera and underwater housing. Everything as shown in the photos. If necessary, I will send more photos on request. The attached, unedited underwater photos are taken without additional light source by me in Egypt with this camera. I also liked to use the camera on land, because it is really very compact and also takes very nice pictures here. The camera's internal image processing works very well, so I have only very rarely revised images on the computer. Price VB EUR120,-- plus shipping, or e.B. handover in Hemmoor. I always try to describe the objects as well as possible, and to the best of my knowledge and belief. If you have any questions, please let me know ÔÇô I will definitely get back to you! Private sale: The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee. No exchange or return.

s├╝dlicher Hamburger Speckg├╝rtel

For sale are:

Sony ILCE7M3 with second battery and charger

Sony Sel 16-35Z

Sony SEL 24-70Z

Tonic AT-X10-17 with Sigma Mount Converter MC-11

Isotta Underwater Housing with Vacuum Set

Isotta 6.5 Optical Domport B120

with extension rings 40 and 80 mm as well as zoomgear for wide angle

Symbiossis flashes SS1 and SS2 with 4000 lumens each

as well as accessories such as the buoyancy bodies, ball arms, fiber optic cable charger to describe just a little!

NP: Feb.2019 approx. 16.000.-EUR

Insurance until Feb 2020 , as well as all invoices from the specialist trade attached.

TOP condition as very little used. For the purpose of handing over the task of the sorts.

I am happy to answer all details and questions

Price inquiries under 5 digits useless!


I part with my SLR camera and housing - we have had wonderful experiences under water together, but since my husband can no longer dive for health reasons (and we can therefore not distribute the equipment on our luggage), it is simply too much luggage for me on long-distance trips :-(

Canon EOS 7D with 3 lenses:

  • Canon EF-S 18-135
  • Canon EF-S USM 60 / 2.8
  • Tokina AT-X 10-17 / 3.5-4.5

Matching IKElite UW enclosure with handle and 2 ports:

  • Dome 8" (for Tokina 10-17)
  • Flat port (for Canon 60mm macro)

Flash DS-161

  • incl. flash arm and cable

In addition: second battery for the camera, CF card, various seals (partly still new).

The flash has a new battery (renewed in 2016 after I once forgot the O-ring...)
The case is as good as new - in April 2019 after a hairline crack at the manufacturer almost completely renewed and since then no longer dipped: electronics new, all 16 buttons new, all seals new, new housing body

ORIGINAL PRICE for everything was 5,500 euros

Please send us an email for offers/inquiries

I sell my "almost new" underwater camera system here. Because I just don't find enough time for it.

The system was purchased in February 2019, and was actually only 3 times in fresh water and a diving holiday in salt water. Everything was always rinsed very thoroughly. Not only does everything look like new, but it is.

The set is sold as a whole as it is offered. So no one-time offers please.

What's included:

The packaging is no longer available, but the supplied accessories that were not used for this configuration. Incl. descriptions. The original O-rings supplied are all still new, and have not been replaced. Since as described the set is almost new.

The set has a new value as described here of EUR 3450.-

I was more than happy with it. I have to say the pictures and videos in 4K quality are just incredible. Even for an inexperienced photographer, it is very quickly possible to take great pictures. On request, I can send already made pictures to see what is possible with it.

VP: EUR 2200.-