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Sell the jacket (size XL) here, as I switched to Wing. The I3 system is unbeatable when it comes to buoyancy. Perfect venting in almost any location. The inlet and outlet of the air via a lever is much more practical and pleasant than the inflator solution.
Jacket works perfectly.

The jacket can be visited, looked at.
No guarantee or warranty since private sale.

Price 150EUR


Due to the abandonment of diving, I offer all my equipment for sale individually:

Here: Little dipped Mares MRS Plus buoyancy jacket including lead pockets.
This jacket is foldable and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling.

Despite my height of 173cm, this size suited me perfectly.

More on offer: fins, regulator, foot line, gloves, hood, if necessary also wet & dry suit.
On request, please send us more information!

Price: 150EUR

Location: Cologne
Shipping possible, shipping costs are borne by buyer



Sell Halcyon Alu backplate with banding. ( unabridged )

Including RCA system, lead pockets, back and shoulder pads.

Everything in good condition, only been in the water a few times with a double unit.

Since I only have mono diving and the identical system again, this is sold.

Price 300 Euro + shipping

Sell Buoyancy Jacket Halcyon Wing 55

Info 0172 29 100 02

Price: 150 EURO


Offer brand new Seac Smart Jacket size XL from 2020.

Price VHB

The jacket offers various customization options, e.g. adjustable position of the chest strap.

If you have any questions about the jacket, just contact us.

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, return price and revocation.

Jacket SeaQuest QD-Pro Size XL. Integrated lead pockets. Incl. 1 spare bag. Bubble ok. Inflator ok. 2 quick-release straps for double 8 ÔÇô can be easily converted to single bottle. Knife on jacket.

Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 125


I sell here a Halcyon Eclipse Wing in the 40lbs variant. The special thing is that the wing is virtually unused. I had bought a set of a double swing and this monowing with single tank adapter a few years ago. But it turned out that I only use the double swing. The Eclipse was stored hanging and slightly inflated in a dry cellar, so it was not exposed to any UV radiation.

The monowing and the adapter were in the water exactly once in the swimming pool, that's it. So it's kind of new.

The Wing currently has a new price between 520 and 560 euros. Here it is available for 380 plus shipping. Self-collectors save on shipping.

If you are interested, the adapter is also for sale. The original price of the adapter MIT weight is currently between 260 and 285 EUR, I would give it away for 180EUR.

If you are interested in the package of both, you can strike here for 525.


Sell a used jacket / buoyancy vest by Aqualung, model Pro LT in size L. Price: 120EUR
It's absolutely fine, I just lost weight and need it smaller.

Instead of the simple bottle strap, I installed one with a stainless steel buckle. This can be adjusted much faster and opened completely when changing bottles.

SureLockÔäó II Lead Bags System: Insert lead bags until it clicks. In case of emergency, pull with a jerk to loosen the bags.
Backpack with integrated insert to prevent the compressed air bottle from slipping
Two large side pockets with heavy-duty zipper
Octopus pocket front right and instrument bag left
Length-adjustable abdominal belt
Large pulling aids on the quick drains: quick to find and easy to grip even with thick gloves
Positioning tabs to adjust the jacket perfectly to the height
Eyelets for attaching an optional diving knife

Material outside: Abrasion and UV resistant 500D ArmorÔäó Cordura┬«

Material inside: 420D urethane coated nylon mixture of UV-resistant polyester and mesh material

Weight system: SureLockÔäó II

weight: size L 19 kg

weight trim lead: 4.5 kg trim lead in two pockets on the bottle strap

Quick drains: 1 right shoulder, 1 right rear

It is a private sale without guarantee or warranty.

Parcel shipping is included in the price, PayPal friends no problem!


For lovers of historical diving equipment:

I sell my first buoyancy aid, a Sailor Sub Buoyancy Vest, newly bought in 1992 (!)

The good piece seems to be even tight after a provisional test with rinsing water in a tub. The valves also work. Nevertheless, I sell the vest as a decoration / exhibition item without warranty / warranty.

Update: The vest has been inflated in the corner for 48 hours and is as plump as at the beginning. Seems to be still dense.

The emergency bottle (0.5l) is no longer available. The connection is closed with a blind plug. On the back, in the area of the buoyancy bottle holder, my name with Edding is attached. But that's pretty faded over the years.

30 Euro plus shipping


Offer a very well preserved buoyancy vest from the company Mares. Model Hybrid Pure MRS+, size XS/S. The vest was rarely used. The condition is like new. Operating instructions etc. are also available. If you are interested, please write to us. Have numerous other diving items on offer, as I give up the hobby. Private purchase, therefore no return and guarantee or warranty.

Scubapro X-Tek Pro Xtreme System 27kg Buoyancy - Horseshoe Wing in North Rhine-Westphalia - Tight | eBay Classifieds (

1 year old. No 20 TG. Due to permanent switch to sidemount. This wing is no longer available. Original price was 900EUR. Maximum reliability due to the redundant bubble. In addition, perfect water location.

- Large horseshoe wings with a buoyancy capacity of 27 kg - ideal for dives with double device
- Double, redundant inner bubbles made of 420 Denier Nylon, protected by an outer shell made of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon
- Precise buoyancy with balanced power inflation (BPI)
- Stable 50 mm Pro-TEK strap
- Better grip and comfort thanks to padded shoulder straps
- Quick release buckle on the left shoulder side for easy removal
- 50 mm stride strap with two stainless steel D-rings
- The stainless steel backplate ensures optimal stability during longer dives
- Shoulder straps with two D-rings on each side
- Internal storage compartment for signal buoys or lifting bags

Shipping possible against assumption of costs. Since this is a private sale, the sale is made to the exclusion of any guarantee or warranty.


Phone: 017624442179

Price 360,00EUR

Hollis LTS Jacket BCD - lightweight travel wing jacket in size XL

has been in the water 3 times and is good for diving.

Unfortunately it is only rumm because I do not come to it.

  • Soft back cushion - for a comfortable dive
  • Two quick drains - 1x in the pleated hose and 1x on the lower left
  • Chest strap - for the optimal fit on the body
  • Lead integrated - approx. 3 kg per bag
  • Material: Robust 1000 nylon outer skin, 420D buoyancy body
  • Compact pack size - protects holiday luggage
  • Lift: 13.6 kg
  • Weight: 2.3 to 2.9 kg

Shipping possible with overnhame of shipping costs

Private sale no guarantee

Spitz an der Donau

The Lotus i3 is a women's wing jacket with Aqua Lung's patented i3 buoyancy system, which was specially developed for women. The WraptureTM Harness System nestles against the female body shape and ensures maximum comfort and stability. The integrated lead pockets are securely anchored in the jacket with the Sure Lock II system.

In addition, I add a jacket knife (see pictures)

Price VB 220 Euro incl. insured shipping with DHL

Private sale, therefore the sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects


The jacket has about 30 dives. Included are the inflator hose, the transport backpack and the travel strap. Further details about the jacket would go beyond the scope here and can be found directly at Scubapro . Price VB 400 EUR incl. insured shipping with DHL private sale, therefore the sale takes place under exclusion of any material defect


Halcyon Explorer 55, freshly revised as new.

EUR 130.00

Nordhausen, Leipzig, Osterrode

ScubaPro Equator

Size XS (is slightly larger from my point of view. My diving suit is size 40 with a narrow upper body)

Fabric: Nylon 420 D

6 stainless steel D-rings
Knife eyelets


Top condition approx. 25x used
Non-smoking household


I sell my only 3x dipped Scubapro S-Tek Pro system with stainless steel backplate and the 60s bubble with 27kg buoyancy, because I have to switch to sidemount for health reasons.
The system was purchased in January 2022 and was then in the water 3x.
It is therefore like new.
If you have any questions, simply contact us.

The jacket was purchased new in September 2019 and has been in fresh and salt water since the 25 TG. Because of the switch to a wing jacket, the Glide is sold. The jacket was always properly cleaned and stored. The jacket was freshly disinfected. The condition is immaculate.

VHB 230EUR. Shipping for 6EUR surcharge.


Phone: 01755625134

The jacket was purchased new in June 2020 and has been in fresh and salt water since the 30 TG. Because of the switch to a wing jacket, the Bella is sold. The JAcket has always been properly cleaned and stored. The jacket was freshly disinfected. The condition is immaculate.

I add a suitable Miflex tube for the octopus free of charge.

VHB 230EUR. Shipping for 6EUR surcharge.


Phone: 01755625134

Offer an Aqualung Axiom i3 in size "LG" for trading or exchange.

I have become very fond of this jacket and have dived it about 50 times in 4 years.
It is well maintained and shows hardly any signs of use. If you want, I will be happy to send more photos or answer any questions.
If you want, you can of course also have a look at it on site in D├╝sseldorf.
You can find all the details about the jacket under

"Unfortunately" the jacket has become too big in the meantime and I would very much like to exchange it for an equivalent one in size "ML".
Of course, you can also buy it for 250EUR. We will then arrange shipping depending on the place of purchase


Sold is an Oms Performance Double Wing bubble in green with 45 lbs.

The price is 200 Euro VB.

Will only be sold due to new purchase. It is in good condition and completely tight.

It was purchased in 2019.

It is a classic donut wing with Cordura material.

In the case of shipping, the costs shall be borne by the buyer.

This is a private sale without guarantee and warranty.


For sale is an Aqualung Pro Lt Jacket. It has always served me well and is only sold due to system changes.

The price is 180 Euro VB.

The size is ML.

Below is some information from the manufacturer:

- SureLockÔäó II Lead Bags System: Insert lead bags until it "clicks". In case of emergency, pull with a jerk to loosen the bags.

- Backpack with integrated insert to prevent the compressed air bottle from slipping

- Two large side pockets with heavy-duty zipper

- Octopus pocket front right and instrument pocket left

- Length-adjustable abdominal belt

- Large pulling aids on the quick drains: quick to find and easy to grip even with thick gloves

- Positioning tabs to adjust the jacket perfectly to the height

- Eyelets for attaching an optional diving knife

weight trim lead: 4.5 kg trim lead in two pockets on the bottle strap

D-rings: Four stainless, flat D-rings

Quick drains: 1 right shoulder, 1 right rear

In the case of shipping, the buyer bears the costs.

Private sale. No warranty and guarantee.


A new black powder-coated backplate made of 4mm aluminum for 125EUR is offered.
The weight of one backplate is 1.3kg.

The backplates can be sent by parcel service or we can arrange to meet at a lake in the D├╝sseldorf / Cologne area. The package costs are to be borne by the buyer.


Hi I am looking for a very well preserved Axiom i3 In size M/M would have one in XL to exchange but after taking over 22 Kg unfortunately now much too big maybe someone can help

I offer for sale a new OMS Ocean Wing 60lbs in a friendly black.

The Wing is in excellent condition, has rarely been dived and then only in fresh water (Hemmoor). The inflator is also fully functional. NP was about 360 EUR.

I would like to have 230 EUR for this

By the way, I have two of them - if you are interested in both wings, I give them for 420 EUR.

Poseidon One Harness with Besea W50 and Blackline lead bags

Price: 300EUR

Shipping possible against assumption of postage costs


Poseidon Beasea W100 Wing for the Poseidon One Harness. Buoyancy of 32kg, ideal for technical divers and large double devices.

Price: 100 VB

Important: Bubble is tight, but a seal would have to be retrofitted to one of the quick drains (see last picture), as I have installed it in another device. These can be.B found here:

The inflator works and looks good from the outside, but I recommend a revision before the first dives and ggbf. to clean.

Shipping possible


As good as new BCD, model Castor Wolf in size XL with:

- Double-barrel zippers on the pockets
- Lead discharge pockets with T-handle (3 pieces)
- Shoulder straps with extended adjustment range
- Trimweight Pocktes (2 pieces)
- Knife holder

Suitable for single and double bottles
Fully adjustable abdominal belt
Lordosis support
Minor configuration in the side and back area
Additional loops for additional equipment
Large side pockets with integrated D-Pentagon rings
Ergonomically adjustable shoulder straps
Safety buckles from the rescue and salvage area

Overall, a very comfortable and well thought-out buoyancy jacket for many applications - even compatible with Poseidon Se7en. Original price is 550EUR ( and is negotiable here to a certain extent.


Buoyancy jacket SeaQuest PRO QD in size L

with AQUATEC diving knife T-Rex Titanium

Very good condition

For 165,-EUR plus shipping

Sell brand new unpunged Oceanic buoyancy jacket in size XS. The jacket has integrated lead pockets and also a transport bag + inflator hose is included in the scope of delivery (see pictures.

Fitting on site in Karlsruhe Durlach or insured shipping possible.

Classic DIR Wing for the use of double packages is double-shelled, so it has an internal bladder and an outer protective cover.

The bubble is made of 400 denier nylon. The protective cover is made of 1680 balistic nylon. By using these materials, the Halcyon Explorer Wing is excellently protected against damage.

- Approx. 55 lbs (24.9 kg) buoyancy volume, for heavy dual equipment

250 Euro VB


- SL ÔÇô Lead pocket system

- Adjustable chest strap

- Octopus pocket

- More buoyancy with the XLT system

- Back carrying shell

- Adjustable hip belt (removable)

- 2 large zippered pockets provide enough storage space.

- Knife holder

- incl. 2x lead pockets and 2x trim lead bags on the bottle holder

Price: 120EUR VB plus shipping

The jacket is very well maintained and has been cleaned and dried after each dive.

This sale is a private sale. It is made to the exclusion of any warranty and guarantee. A return or an exchange is excluded.


Hello diving community, I offer here a new jacket Seaquest Pro QD + in size L , and a new Aqualung S.O.S. Surface ObservationSignal and a new jacket hanger . The parts are new and are shipped in the original packaging. Included are operating instructions and care instructions as well as the Owner's Manuel . Please see all pictures !!! The price including shipping is 319 EUR This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return !!!



I am looking for a used Hollis Jacket HTS 2 Harness + Crotch Belt + Wing + Weight Bags in Size L




I offer here my Sport Jacket from Aqualung. It has always served me well. It has no defects. The sale is due to the switch to a different system. The jacket is lead-integrated and has trim bleaches at the back. The lead bags are not in the photo, but are of course available. The associated inflator hose is also part of it.

Shipping is possible, otherwise also pick-up or handover in Hemmoor.

Size is M/D.

Price 260,00 EUR VHB


Condition: very good, fully functional. 10x used

Sale because of hobby task.


removable weight at the front of the lead pockets.

Reinforced back carrier, as well as thick foam padding offer greater wearing comfort.

Adjustable chest strap, of which the right side is elastic, offers additional flexibility.

Pull quick release valves, rear bottom, front top right and in the inflator.

Ergonomically shaped shoulder area with rotatable quick-release buckles (exclusive to Sea Quest) for unsurpassed fit.

Additional padding of the shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

2 large outer pockets with zippers and zip pull line.

Large D-rings for adjusting the shoulder straps, even with the thickest gloves.

Two lead pockets (without lead)

Weight: 3-4 kg

Pockets: two on the sides with zipper

Quick drains: 3

Tension straps: 1 and one carrying and catching loop

D-rings: 6 made of stainless steel, 2 made of robust plastic

Since this is a private sale, I do not take over any guarantee or warranty Can also be shipped.

Price: EUR 90,00


Jacket Beuchat size S was never in the water.For details see pictures

Retail price 120,00EUR +postage

Bad Kissingen

Phone: 0971/78 53 08 18

Complete set wing

Bubble 40 lb Dive System Original price: 385 Euro
Harness Hollies HTS SM Original price: 359 Euro
Backplate stainless steel manufacturer unknown Original price: 100-200 Euro
Lead bags approx. 50 Euro

Original price between 850 and 950 Euro!!

VB 350 EUR

For sale is a used standard Halcyon backplate for 170EUR with complete harness. Weight incl. harness approx. 2,9kg. Condition used with very few traces of use.

The backplate can be picked up or shipped to DE against DHL reimbursement (6EUR). International shipping is also possible after consultation.

Sale of private, no return or guarantee.

Wing for large double devices, D18 o D20, Dortmund area or at nearby lakes. Little used. VB 195



I offer here my Mares Jacket, which has served me well many dives. I dived about 50 dives with it and mostly in Slazwasser. The jacket is in very good condition, has always been cared for and has at most a few traces of use on the hard plastic.

Price: 195,00EUR

Payment by PayPal, but transfer is also possible.



Phone: +4917641806297

Offer Buoyancy Jacket Scubapro Size M

for 50 Euro + postage

Non-smoking household, no pets.

Sell a Mares Pure Mrs+ dive jacket here. It is a wing jacket. It has been little dived and is really in very good condition.
Valves, occasions etc were treated well and the jacket was also stored well/dry.

I liked to use it in cold water but also on vacation. Now it is to be sold due to a different equipment.

The laws on private sale apply.
Shipping would also be possible for an extra charge.

The jacket was only dived 8 times in the lake and a few times in the diving tower. It is like new, more photos gladly on request.

240 Euro negotiation basis, Jacket can also be sent by post.

Used item, no return, no warranty, no warranty.

Frankfurt am Main

Offer here a used backplate from Heser. The original price is 220EUR. For 130 Euros (VB) I would sell them. Heser backplates are genuine quality products made in Germany.

With the weight and length of the backplate, it is good for smaller people under 170 cm people. Due to the weight, no additional P-weight or similar is required.

Here are some information from the manufacturer:

A short backplate offers the advantage for people with a height of less than 170cm that you have a little more leeway when tuning the position on the back. As a result, a more favorable position can often be found on the back, so that under certain circumstances the achievement of a horizontal water position is facilitated.

This backplate is of outstanding quality. In contrast to conventional backplates, all edges are provided with a milled radius. This protects the webbing in the best possible way. Due to its excellent workmanship, the backplate has a very nice look.


Backplate material: 6mm, approx. 3.6kg seawater resistant stainless steel (1.4571 ; 316Ti)
Surface: Matt (blasted with precious corundum)
Dimensions: length = 357mm (23mm shorter than standard backplates); Width = approx. 240mm (40mm narrower than standard backplates)
Hole spacing: 11 inches = 279.4 mm (Fits any wing with the standard hole spacing 11 inches)

Private sale, therefore no return or warranty.



I sell my buoyancy jacket Gr.S, as I have switched to Wingjacket.

The vest is about 1 year old and used 3 times.

Great condition and due to size and weight perfect for traveling.

Would like to have 200EUR for self-collection (F├╝rth)

or shipping takeover.

Please report by e-mail


Phone: 015170342494