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I sell here a Sea&Sea Sea Arm 8 - Double Ball Arm for underwater photography. There are two pieces available, each length M.

30 Euro VB Price per piece!

The arms were intended for a setup that was never in use, so the arms are new. One package has been opened, the other is closed.

Original price per arm: 47,95 Euro
Product Ref: SS-22113
EAN: 4960436221133
Length: 222.7 mm
Weight: 83.8 g
Material: Construction: corrosion resistant aluminum alloy (anodized body)
Condition: NEW

Also pay attention to my other ads (more parts, cheaper in the set)
Shipping (books/goods shipment 2 Euro, parcel 4 Euro, package 5 Euro) or pick-up in Mannheim.

Since private sale, no warranty.
No warranty or return


Due to chronic non-use, I sell my underwater photo set for the Sony RX100 here.
I used the set with the RX100-3. According to Sony, it is compatible with Mark 1 to Mark 5.

The set consists of:

Sony housing MPK-URX100a in original box with accessories
Aluminium rail
Trigger handle
2 aluminium arms
2 terminals
Weefine Smart Focus 6000 lamp/flash in original case with complete accessories

The lightning was in Egypt twice.
The housing was often in the lake with us. It has traces of use but is dense.

The invoice for the flash, which is from 2020, from a German dealer is included.

Further information about the devices:

Light :


I prefer collection so that the buyer can convince himself of the perfect condition.

In terms of price, I imagined 599 euros.

But you can talk about it.



sell well-preserved underwater wide-angle lens UWL-09 due to system change. The UWL-09 offers an exceptionally wide field of view and a minimum focus distance.

It allows for stunning wide-angle and close-up shots that are super sharp and very detailed from corner to corner. It's perfect for a variety of subjects, including seascapes, divers, shipwrecks, and schools of fish, without having to stray further from the subject, taking full advantage of the clarity of the water and artificial light sources.

The lens attaches to the lens mount of the body and can be attached and removed during the dive. It can be mounted with the help of an adapter on lens terminals with 67 mm thread.

The lens has some traces of use on the lens and the sun visor, but these do not affect the optical quality and are not visible in the photos. As proof, I have attached some pictures that I took this year in February with the lens. On request, I will be happy to send the pictures by e-mail so that they can be viewed large on the computer.

VB: 540 Euro. The lens can of course be viewed in M├╝nster.

Of course I will be happy to answer questions :-)

Write a message


Phone: 01637662037

Sold is a mesh bag of the company H2O Toools. The bags are super suitable for all accessories underwater, due to the small format also well suited for wet lenses and filters.

Size: height about 11cm, width 11cm, depth 4cm
Features: Mesh bag with drawstring
Condition: New

Asking price: 7 Euro

Shipping takes place as a shipment of goods, also possible at The Packstation or picked up in Mannheim

Private sale, as always without guarantee and exchange.

Sold is a mesh bag of the company H2O Toools. The bags are super suitable for all accessories underwater, due to the small format also well suited for wet lenses and filters or even complete compact cameras.

Size: height about 21cm, width 21cm, depth 4cm
Features: Mesh bag with drawstring
Condition: New

Asking price: 8 Euro

A smaller model is also among my other ads.

Shipping takes place as a shipment of goods, also possible at The Packstation or picked up in Mannheim

Private sale, as always without guarantee and exchange.

I sell here a new and unused interchangeable head for lamps of the Light &Motion Gobe series. This lamp head is not used, in original packaging and includes new O-ring and lubricant.

GoBe Focus LED head red light in a perfect wavelength with a 60┬░ light angle. The GoBe Focus red light LED head allows a discreet view at night during animal observation and underwater photography, especially during night dives.

- 60┬░ beam
- 165 lumens red light - certified according to FL-1 standard
- Fits on the Gobe Standard body or the Gobe+ body
- Best CREE LEDs
- Self-developed reflectors optimize the light for maximum efficiency and balanced distribution

Condition: New

Asking price: 35 Euro

Private sale. Shipping possible, or pick-up in Mannheim

Search Nauticam underwater housing for the Sony RX100 II

Garching a.d. Alz

For sale is a complete UW camera set consisting of digital compact camera Canon PowerShot G1 X, associated Canon underwater housing WP-DC44 (up to 40m/130ft.), camera bag and an SD card 16GB.

The set is used, but in very good condition. It was only used during the holiday dives. I sell it because I switched to another product.

The camera has:

  • Highly sensitive Canon CMOS sensor with 14.3 megapixel resolution
  • Intelligent IS lens with 4x opt. Zoom (4x digital), light intensity: 1:2.8ÔÇô5.8, focal length: 28ÔÇô112 mm
  • 7.5 cm (3.0 inch) PureColor II VA (TFT) with a resolution of 920,000 pixels, Quick-Bright LCD
  • Sensitivity (ISO): 100 to 12,800, Optical Image Stabilizer, Full HD Video Recording (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution)

Original price 545,00 Euro

Link to Camera Data sheet

The Canon WP-DC44 underwater housing is made of transparent special plastic and pressure-proof up to a diving depth of 40 meters. The housing offers full operation of the camera with controls optimized for underwater use. An attachable flash diffuser ensures the reduction of drop shadows when using the built-in flash unit. Original price 299,00 Euro

Link to UW Housing Datasheet

My asking price for this set is 275,00 Euro.

Private sale, no guarantee, no exchange. Shipping (DHL) or pick-up (Saxony) possible.


New, therefore price 39,90EUR

For sale is a new dome diffuser for the underwater flash Sea & Sea YS-D1 and YS-D2. The model also fits other flashes (e.B. YS-27) due to the soft silicone cuff.


  • Good light is very important for underwater photography, with this Dome Diffuser you get up to 30% higher illumination and can thus optimally illuminate your underwater images.
  • The Dome Diffuser is the perfect extension if you only want to work with a flash, as the shadows become "softer" and you have no hard edges in the picture.
  • But even with two flashes, a super wide angle or fisheye lens can be perfectly illuminated.
  • The diffuser can also be conveniently plugged in underwater, and can be secured by the supplied safety cord.
  • This dome diffuser provides a uniform and warm light. The dome significantly increases the illumination angle of the flash to around 120┬░.
  • The special material of the dome has a very high light transmission. It is simply plugged into the front of the flash (see example picture)
  • The light loss is only a 1/2 aperture!


  • Size: 95 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 56g
  • Beam angle: 120┬░ circular beam angle
  • f/stop: -0.5
  • Compatible: Sea&Sea YS-D1 and D2

Private sale, no guarantee, no exchange. Shipping (DHL) or pick-up (Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) possible.

For sale comes my backup flash, which is super funtkioniert and never made any problem. Comes, as pictured, with two difussors, ball connection and is in top shape. It has LZ 32 and has a 2-stage LED pilot light. Has never leaked and has only very slight traces of use.

My asking price is EUR 299,-- incl. shipping within Germany and Switzerland.

As a private person I give no guarantee or guarantee, nor is there a return, you have to write today unfortunately so....


The housing is made of a seawater-resistant aluminum alloy (pressure-resistant up to 90 m depth) and is compatible with all 3 camcorders mentioned above.

All relevant camera functions can be controlled via the partly electronic, partly manual transmissions of the housing. This also applies to the 10 different picture profiles of the camcorder (including S-LOG2 and 3 as well as HLG (= Hybrid Log Gamma) to maximize the dynamic range in post-production.

The housing is also equipped with a swivelling close-up lens inside, which even allows macro scenes to be rotated with the wide-angle lens attached. This ensures maximum flexibility during the dive with regard to the potential motifs (from whale sharks to nudibranchs). Furthermore, the white balance can be massively supported by means of a URPRO color correction filter located inside the housing. By the way, the manual white balance can be done with a single keystroke. In addition, the housing is equipped with an optical and acoustic humidity detector as well as a microphone (mono).

The case has an M6 port on the top, as well as a connection socket (optional) for the HDMI cable for connecting an external 5-inch HDMI monitor (not included in the accessories). The case even allows the mounting of the large Sony FV 100 battery and for a battery change the camcorder does not have to be removed from the housing.

In conclusion, it should be noted that with one of the 3 aforementioned camcorders in this Sealux housing, results of exceptional quality can be achieved.

The case, including the wide-angle attachment, was purchased from Sealux in March 2020 and has only been used during two holidays since that time (due to Corona). Therefore, and due to intensive care after each dive, the condition of the facility can be described as very good.

The purchase price for the housing plus humidity sensor was 3,117 EUR (original invoice available) while the price for the wide-angle attachment was 1,570 EUR. A price of 3,300 EUR for all the equipment seems reasonable to me. By the way, the electronic lamp control of X-Light mounted on the housing (see illustrations) is not included in the scope of delivery.

If required, an absolutely new original Sony camcorder FDR-AX700 with 2 batteries (Sony NP-FV100A and 70A) and all accessories can also be purchased (price: 1,200 EUR). I am happy to provide you with any information on this.

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

The following equipment was only used during a 14-day diving holiday in October 2019. Therefore, all parts are absolutely as good as new and well maintained. I also highlighted those parts that have not been in the water at all.

┬Ě Nikon Z7/Z6 underwater housing from Nauticam with HDMI connection and integrated vacuum testing and leak warning system

┬Ě Macro port for the 60mm Micro-Nikkor 60 (N120),

┬Ě Extension ring 30 (with locking) to extend the macro port for the Micro-Nikkor 60mm (N120), so that this port can also be used for the Micro-Nikkor 105mm (has never been in the water before),

┬Ě 8.5 inch super wide angle dome port made of acrylic glass (N120),

┬Ě Extension ring 50 with locking (N120) to use the Nikon Z lens 14-30 mm in combination with the 8.5 inch super wide-angle dome port,

┬Ě Focus or zoom rings for 60mm and 105mm Micro-Nikkor as well as the 14-30mm Z lens,

┬Ě Macro-to-wide-angle lens (MWL-1): In combination with a 60 mm Micro-Nikkor, allows an angle of view of 150┬░, so that macro and extreme wide-angle shots can be realized during a dive. The lens can be focused from the front lens to infinity (has never been in the water before),

┬Ě Nauticam Macro Attachment Line CMC-1 (has never been in the water),

┬Ě Nauticam double swivel mount to use the MWL-1 and nautican macro lens CMC-1 (to further increase the image scale of the 60mm Micro-Nikkor) during a dive (has never been in the water before),

┬Ě 45┬░ viewfinder for Nauticam housing Z7/Z6 (has never been in the water).

The above equipment was purchased on 12.06.2019 at the price of 9,100 EUR (All invoice documents are available.)

My asking price for this equipment is 5,500 EUR (VB).

I also sell the case only with the super wide-angle dome port, the macro port as well as the associated extension ports and the zoom and focus rings (so without the MWL-1, the CMC-1, the double pan mount, as well as the 45┬░ viewfinder).

My asking price for this is 3,800 EUR (VB).

I answer inquiries about the equipment at any time.

Best regards,

Harald von Eick

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

I offer here my Ikelite Flash DS-161

  • incl. TTL cable .
  • new battery (2016), hardly used since then
  • Charger

for technical details see here:

(I separate myself from all my UW photo equipment i.e. SLR camera Canon 7D in Ikelite housing, because I no longer enjoy towing when traveling by air)

I offer here my Ikelite case for the Canon 7D - incl. handle.

The case is almost as good as new - was sent to the manufacturer after a hairline crack and completely renewed. All the buttons flash and flash - since then the case has not been in the water.

Private sale - no guarantee, no return

(I separate myself from all my UW photo equipment i.e. SLR camera Canon 7D in Ikelite housing, because I no longer enjoy towing when traveling by air)

Underwater housing almost like new! Only used 1 time. Suitable for Canon g9x and g9x Mark ii. Scope of delivery: underwater housing, acceptable flash diffuser, hand strap, silicone grease, anti-glare hood for LCD screen, screwdriver, O-ring remover and replacement O-ring and lens mount cover. Access on the dive screen, maximum depth: up to 60m. Moisture meter and alarm system.

Due to very bad timing and my move, I sell this very well preserved camera including accessories at a fair price. I had bought this set from a good friend with a diving school on Zakynthos right before the pandemic began.

ÔÇó Canon EOS 7D
ÔÇó Nauticam housing for the 7D
ÔÇó Canon EF 60mm f/2.8 Macro + matching port incl. extension ring
ÔÇó External flash

The housing went through the service at the beginning of 2020 for 700+EUR. I will be happy to send photos and service reports on request!

More photos and price on request, or your asking prices by message.

Offer Ikelite UW housing for EOS 5 D MK 3 in good condition see photos. Accessories and plan port available.

Ev. also suitable the EOS 5 D MK 3 and the Canon 24 mm f/1.4 L II USM for sale.

Offers welcome.

Private return or warranty excluded

Offer Meikon UW housing for a Panasonic DMC-LX100 FourThirds camera. The case is brand new and has never been in the water. I had bought it shortly before a holiday, because my other case on the shutter broke than, backup bought. The repair was successful and the housing was therefore only available as a "backup", but never in use.

VHB 150,-

Offer Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100 with FourThirds sensor and fast 24mm LEICA Vario-Summilux lens with extensive accessories, such as filter set (red/UV/pole), spare batteries, bag, book. In addition, a meikon housing released up to 45m deep. A few times before a holiday, the closure broke and since I was not sure if the ordered case would come in time (which was not the case), I had repaired the closure. With the - successful!! - repaired closure I was then several weeks on vacation and after return I had 2 cases, a repaired one, which I then continued to use and one that has never had water contact until today, so is brand new. The 2nd case is offered in another promotion.

The camera was used almost exclusively in the housing under water and was accordingly only used on vacation and little.

VHB EUR550,-

Offer UW housing from the renowned manufacturer ikelite for a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 The camera itself is not in the scope. In addition to the nUW housing, the range of products includes a carrier plate and a ball arm for mounting a flash or lamp, as well as an optical cable for triggering a flash via the flash of the camera.

VB EUR250,-

Used ÔÇô good condition -High power with Guide Number 24 -100 degrees circular beam angle without diffuser. 110 degrees circular beam angle with -0.5/-1.5 diffuser. -Recycle time is minimum "approx. 1.6 sec." at full flash. -Optical / electrical connection compatible. -Precise S-TTL, 24-step External Auto, 13-step Manual and Nikonos TTL for film camera support. -Built-in EV. Controller to fine-tune S-TTL Auto exposure -High-intensity 180 lumen power LED multifunctional, Focus Light with shutter linked auto OFF function. -Next generation wireless TTL. -Fully accommodates with Nikon D700 / D300/ D200 /D90 / D80, which alter number of pre-flash between "once" or "twice" Scope of delivery as shown in Picture 2, with Fibreoptic cable for triggering with camera flash.

VB EUR350,-

The most powerful UW flash ever produced by Subtronic with a power of 350 Ws.

The UW guide number is 22 (at 2 m light path) and an underwater illumination angle of 118 degrees. The flash sequence time (minimum/full power) ranges from 0.1 ÔÇô 2.5 sec.

In addition to a Nikon TTL function (analog Nikon cameras!), the device also has 7 manual power levels (only these would be usable for digital photography)

The pilot light in the center of the two ring flash tubes can be switched in two power levels.

The device also has a slave flash function, an SOS flash function, a flash readiness indicator and a battery charge level indicator. The color temperature can be controlled via 4 steps between 4,300 and 5,200 degrees Kelvin.

2 cameras can be connected to the flash at the same time (two S5 sockets).

The batteries are unfortunately deeply discharged and have to be replaced by the manufacturer Subtronic.

The flash is offered complete with synchronous cable, charger, neoprene protective cover, and protective cap for dome disc as well as an operating manual.

Asking price 250 EUR (VB).

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

Sealux macro port for AF-S Micro-Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8 G ED with manual focusing option plus 3 diopter wet lens for shooting up to 2:1 scale

Price: 190 EUR (VB)

If you are interested, I also sell the lens.

Special macro port for AF Micro-Nikkor 70-180 mm f/4.5-5.6 D (real Rari├Ąt!) plus manual focusing option. Price 220 EUR (VB)

If you are interested, I also sell the lens.

Special macro port for AF-S Micro-Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8 G ED plus 2x converter from Kenko with manual focusing option.

Price 220 EUR (VB)

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

For the nostalgics and lovers of analog underwater photography!

Sealux's CF5 case has been specially designed for the legendary Nikon F5 together with the Nikon DA-30 sports viewfinder. The Nikon F5 is the last, truly professional analog camera from Nikon before the boom in digital photography. It has all the technical possibilities that could be realized about 20 years ago in small-format photography.

The Sealux housing is the latest generation of die-cast aluminium camera housings (pressed to 10 bar). The housing has an acoustic humidity detector and is equipped with all relevant bushings, which allow creative work with the F5 under water. The case has never experienced a water intrusion during its 124 dives and has not been in use since its last maintenance at the manufacturer in 2007.

The Nikon F5 is offered used on the Internet at quite attractive conditions ÔÇô but not the DA-30 sports viewfinder (real rarity!)

Ideal for situations where normal viewfinder viewing is difficult or impossible, this viewfinder makes the uncompromising use of a Nikon F5 in an underwater housing possible. It can be exchanged for the F5's default viewfinder in seconds. The delivery is made with rubber eyecup.

The DA-30 allows three-D matrix, center-weighted and spot measurement.

Price for the Sealux case plus DA-30 sports viewfinder: 350 EUR (VB)

If you have any questions about this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone (07392-913395).

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

Moin Divers,

look for a Sea & Sea TTL Converter for Canon. And synchronous cables.

Camera is EOS 550 D, housing one RDX, and the flash two YS 90.

Possible offers with asking price .

I offer a Seacam flash arm in good used condition for sale.

Open questions are gladly answered.

Since it is a private sale, warranty and return remain excluded.

Underwater flash Sea&Sea YS-03.

Without fiber optic cable, with matching batteries, charger, silicone grease and ball head

Reliable, easy-to-use TTL flash

For sale due to system change

260EUR incl. shipping

Sale under exclusion of warranty, functional test possible upon collection.


Phone: 01636238396

Offer my DX6G here. Complete with YS-3 flash, wide angle and macro flash. 1.5 years old, little used.

The Sea & Sea DX-6G is a robust all-weather sports camera combined with an underwater housing. The camera is equipped with many great features for underwater applications, including special underwater and macro modes. Equipment for many applications: e.B mountaineering, skiing, fishing and diving - with a depth of 14 m and a fall resistance of 1.6 m. The camera also works at temperatures down to -10 degrees. With housing, the camera can be used up to 55m depth. The Adventure Set also includes the Sea + Sea YS-03 flash set. The semi-transparent diffuser scatters and softens the light from the flash and also reduces the effects of overexposed images or when strong light creates shadows in the image. Since the YS-03 is designed to mimic the light intensity of the camera's built-in flash, there is no need to manually adjust the power. The YS-03 is compatible with any pre-flash camera and has a TTL flash exposure function, regardless of make. Designed for underwater photographers, the YS-03 is easy to understand. The only controller is the main switch. By simply turning the switch from OFF to TTL, you can capture beautiful, colorful images. Included: DX-6G camera, underwater housing, macro ring diffuser, USB charging cable, battery, user manual, warranty card, Sea+Sea YS-03 flash, camera rail, flexible arm, fiber optic cable, wide-angle converter lens.

Price 600EUR


Phone: 01781983353

Rarely used Peli Case. Top condition Ideal
for trips where delicate equipment is good and
must be safely stowed away. Whether photo
Video equipment, drone or laptops for
Trade fairs etc. this suitcase is a "must have"
Technical data: Internal dimensions: 602 x 609 x
353 mm External dimensions: 691 x 698 x 414 mm
Bottom depth inside: 302 mm lid depth inside:
51 mm internal volume: 130 liters

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.
Retail Price: 260 EUR


Sell my UW camera and housing including accessories as shown because of hobby task.

Everything works perfectly and can also be visited on request.

I have always paid a lot of attention to the care and cleanliness of my equipment and therefore the things are in excellent condition.

There are also 3 memory cards included. 2x 1GB and 1x 2GB

The UW photos were taken with this camera!!

Olympus PT-037 Underwater Housing for SP-550 UZ
UW housing for Olympus SP-550UZ; When the action shifts from the beach to the water, you don't have to do without your Olympus digital camera. The underwater housing PT-037 was specially developed for SP-550 UZ and is absolutely waterproof up to a water depth of 40 meters.
Ideal for fascinating underwater photography or shots of water sports activities.
Thanks to the durable, robust, high-quality polycarbonate housing, the camera is protected not only from the ingress of water, but also from vibrations and shocks on land.
All camera functions, such as .B zooming or triggering the internal flash, are available at any time.

Waterproof up to a water pressure corresponding to 40 m depth- Easy handling above and below water
All camera functions can be controlled- Detachable anti-glare protection for LCD monitor-
Screw thread for attachment lenses and filters supplied-
Built-in flash can be used underwater to trigger a compatible digital slave flash

Olympus SP-560 UZ Datasheet

Camera class(s) compact camera, super zoom camera
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7 News
1 laboratory test [EUR]
1 Publication such as test reports, e-books or printed books
Sensor CCD sensor 1/2.3" 6.2 x 4.6 mm (crop factor 5.6)
8.5 megapixels (physical), 8.0 megapixels (effective)
Pixel pitch 1.9 ╬╝m
Photo Resolution
3,264 x 2,448 pixels (4:3)
2,560 x 1,920 pixels (4:3)
2,560 x 1,440 pixels (16:9)
2,304 x 1,728 pixels (4:3)
1,600 x 1,200 pixels (4:3)
640 x 480 pixels (4:3)
Image formats JPG, RAW
Color depth 24 bits (8 bits per color channel)
Metadata Exif (version 2.21), DCF standard
640 x 480 (4:3) 30 p
320 x 240 (4:3) 30 p
MOV (Codec Motion JPEG)
Audio format (video) WAV
Focal length 27 to 486 mm (35mm equivalent)
18x zoom
Digital zoom 5.6x
Sharpness range 10 cm to infinity (wide angle)
120 cm to infinity (telephoto)
Macro range 10 cm (wide angle)
120 cm (tele)
Aperture F2.8 (wide angle)
F4.5 (Tele)
Autofocus yes
Autofocus Functions Single Autofocus, Continuous Autofocus, Area Autofocus, Manual, AF Assist Light
Filter thread 48.4 mm
Viewfinder and Monitor
Monitor 2.5" TFT LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels
Video viewfinder Video viewfinder available, diopter compensation
Exposure metering Center-weighted integral measurement, matrix/multi-field measurement, spot metering
Exposure times 1/2,000 to 1 s (automatic)

Bulb function
Exposure Control Program Automatic, Aperture Automatic, Time Automatic, Manual
Bracketing function Bracketing function with a maximum of 5 shots, step size of 1/3 EV
Exposure compensation -2.0 to +2.0 EV with step size of 1/3 EV
Light sensitivity ISO 50 to ISO 3,200 (manual)
Remote access not available
Motifs auction, various motif programs, documents, fireworks, interior shot, candlelight, landscape, food, night shot, night portrait, portrait, self-portrait, sunset, sports, beach/snow, 1 more motif programs
White Balance Automatic, Clouds, Sun, Fine Tuning, Fluorescent Lamp with 3 Presets, Incandescent Lamp Light, Manual
Continuous shooting Continuous shooting function max. 1.2 frames/s at highest resolution and max. 7 stored photos, high-speed continuous shooting mode 1 with max. 23 frames in a row at approx. 7 fps in 3 MP mode;
High-speed continuous shooting mode 2 with a maximum of 15 frames in a row at approx. 15 fps in 1.2 MP mode
Self-timer self-timer with distance of 12 s
Recording functions live histogram
Flash built-in flash (hinged)

Phone: 00436763004903

Hello , I offer here a used

Sea & Sea Motormarine II Analog TTL Underwater Camera with Underwater Flash Sea & Sea Ys 60 with Diffuser , Extendable Flash Holder , Base Plate , Lens Holder , Sea & Sea 16 mm Wide Angle with Alignment Attachment , Macro Attachment, O-Rings , Sea & Sea Grease , and all in an aluminum case !!! Please see all pictures !!!! "Was 15 years ago at Rene Aumann in revision and hyperbaric chamber testing, since then no longer used, can give no guarantee after such a long time !!! (Please understand)" The price is 109 EUR incl. shipping !!!

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return !!!


I sell here my Sea&Sea underwater camera with a lot of accessories. I can only estimate the age of the camera, as I only bought it used myself. But there are even the original packaging.

The accessories are:

  • 3 batteries
  • Charging cable for batteries
  • Connection for the cigarette lighter in the car
  • Fastening rail
  • 2 arms for flash or lamp
  • Instruction manual with CDs

My price expectations are 200,00 EUR for everything.

Shipping is possible


Sell used wide-angle wet lens UWL-H100 28M67 (Type 1&2) from INON.

The lens has no scratches or stains.

Price: 280EUR

- achromatic wet lens with 5 lens elements in 4 groups for clean imaging
- Reduces the minimum focus distance
- universal M67 thread
- Angle of view under water 100.5┬░ and on land 158.35┬░
- Downforce 370g

Scope of delivery:
- Wide angle wet lens UWL-H100 28-M67 Type2 with instructions
- Conversion kit from Type 2 to Type 1 with instructions

Private sale - no return - no guarantee!
The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Payment via PayPal and shipping possible for a fee.


Phone: 01732956987

Sell a camera body from Nitmar N249, see also pictures.


PayPal and shipping are possible.

Sell a camera body for Sony cameras, it is sold as defective because untested, see also pictures.


PayPal and shipping are possible.

I sell my Panasonic GH4 with Nauticam case in very good condition, which comes with all accessories. As an accessory, Go Pro 6 would be black with camera holder and UW housing, 3 lenses included. Price: 2000 EUR

Little used camera incl. housing and dual flash system
Date of purchase: May 2019
Original price: 4844,90 EUR

Price: 3875,00 EUR

Camera: Sony DSC-RX100 M5A

incl. underwater housing metal: Sea&Sea MDX-RX 100III

Double flash system Sea&Sea YS-D2J


2 Double Ball Arm M

4 Ball Clamp II

2 Fixed Ball Base

1 Camera Tray

2 Extra Grip

2 Camera Tray Adapters

1 LCD Monitor Hood with Lens

1 battery for camera

1 SD card High Speed 64 GB

1 case holder, for fixing to the jacket


Phone: 01702862636


Sell a calendar for the year 2022 that is no longer needed here

Photo calendar exposes high gloss in DIN A3 approx. 45x30 cm

Shipping for 5.99 possible or gladly also pick-up.

Price 22 Euro

If you have any questions, please email with einfach


Sell an extensive range of Subal photo equipment for divers, Subal Gehaeuse ND 2 for Nikon D2X/D2H, various dome ports, close-up lenses, adapter rings, jeser rings. Everything like new in a waterproof case. Sold individually on request or completely as a bundle. Please send inquiry, we will then send the exact model name and photos.

Pa├žo de Sousa

Phone: 00351919449070

The set includes the following items:

  • Nikon D300S SLR camera incl. user manual
  • Lens Sigma 18-50 mm, 1 3.5-5.6 dc
  • Lens af-s micro nikkor 85 mm 1 3.5 g ed
  • Underwater housing from BS Kinetics with socket for 2nd flash
  • Underwater flash YS-D1 from Sea & Sea with user manual
  • self-built frame for storing the housing
  • self-installed moisture detector in the housing
  • Charging cable and 3 memory cards of 2 GB each
  • Photo backpack Slingshot Edege 250 AW by Lowepro

Since the parts come from an estate and I have no idea about the matter, I can not answer any questions about it.

With the above article titles, however, it should not be a problem to get all the information on the Internet.

VB 1,750.00

I offer here a Recsea underwater housing for the Canon S100.
It is used and has never been flooded.
I would like to have 50EUR + shipping costs.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or, if the fees (3%) are covered, by PayPal.


Phone: 017681170929

Hello, I am a passionate collector of old film cameras (until 1980) and cameras (SLR until 1995) and now also have some old exhibits from the underwater sector and am looking for literature and individual parts about Hugyfot (SLR 1980) and Subal Miniflex N (for Nikon F 801).

Here I am grateful for hints and offers.


To be sold privately because of non-use. 15 dives used, all in tiptoppen condition. NP EUR 450, VP EUR200 + Shipping (Switzerland --> Germany EUR 30)

D&D M67 Flip Diopter Holder for 67mm Port:

D&D NB Pro Canon Powershot G7x Mark II Underwater Housing: - D&D NB Pro Canon Powershot G7x Underwater Enclosure

AQUAKO Super Macro Lens II x1.5 Diopter: Aquako Wet Lens Type 1 M52 Super Macro Close-up Magnifier 1.2x Diopter Lens For Olympus TG Series Housing (

Sell my Nikon Coolpix P7800 underwater camera with associated Ikelite housing and original accessories/repair kit. The camera is easy to use and takes great photos (both above and underwater) whether in program mode or manual setting. The camera as well as the housing are in perfect and very well maintained condition. (No scratches in the lens etc) Shipping only within D/AT/CH. Since this is a private sale, warranty and complaint is excluded. Items can be viewed on site.

price VB 589EUR