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Dry suit Whites Fusion, Fusion Essence, Drycore, size L, trilaminate, neck cuff needs to be replaced, glove system

Boots from Kallweit, size 40/41

Underwear in M, Halo 3D, Fourth Element

I am 1.78 m tall and weigh 66 kg

For 600 Euro


Offer this dry suit "NOVA" from Seaskin UK in mint condition.

It is the ultimate membrane dry suit in heavy-duty design, which is equally suitable for scuba diving and tech diving.

This suit is made of trilaminate of the highest quality. The trilaminate fabric makes the Seaskin Nova flexible and durable. All seams are triple sewn and glued inside by hand to ensure extreme strength and reliability. Of particular note is the really thick material that makes the suit durable. If you like, you can still have pee or heating valves installed in a specialist company.

The suit is equipped with a medium-weight BDM dry zipper with front entry, which is protected by a separate plastic zipper for cover.

Elastic inner struts and an outer crotch strap ensure the optimal fit during use and the innovative "Flex Back" design provides maximum maneuverability when stretching and bending.
The neck and wrist cuffs are made of soft and above all warm neoprene, which are at the same time even more durable than latex and do not have to be replaced according to the schedule.

The valves used are an Apeks Low Profile automatically adjustable drain valve and an Apeks Swivel Inflation valve, which comes with an extra long 89 cm hose.

To protect the legs from abrasion, knee pads made of indestructible Kevlar have been applied for maximum abrasion resistance without loss of flexibility.

The neoprene-lined diving boots also have a fin holder. Reflective bands on the arms ensure good visibility.

This high-quality Nova dry suit by Seaskin is handmade from trilaminate fabric of the highest quality and is sold in size M. You must not be taller than 176 CM and weigh more than 84 kg to make the suit fit.

The shoe size is 43.5. Delivery is carried out with zip wax and medium pressure hose.

The suit is now almost a year old and was only dived three times (!) by me. I'm selling this suit for the sake of circumstances, because I'd rather switch to a different model.

Suits of this kind now easily cost 1,500.00 euros and I offer it in an almost new condition for 550.00 euros FP incl. shipping within Germany.

Please inquire about shipping abroad.

This is a private sale, therefore no return or warranty.


for health reasons I sell my Trilaminate-Trocki from Kallweit, brand NEXUS

The suit is very well maintained and was rarely dived. The proof of 44 dives in sweet water are available in the logbook! Men's size XL, my height approx. 186 cm

The suit is 100% tight. The metal zipper in the chest area is in top condition, covered with flap and additional zipper. Indoor carrying system with two suspenders.

The latex cuffs on the arms and the neck cuff are in very good condition. Shoe size 43 - 44

The hood is made of 7-9 mm neoprene.

Dry glove system including gloves, originally packaged p-valve valve (pee valve)

An automatically adjustable drain valve and an inflator inlet valve are used as valves.

Matching underwear with front zipper with hand and foot loops. The Trocki includes the classic travel bag and a net for the underwear

Price 850,--EUR

I offer additional diving articles in other advertisements.

Private sale, no warranty, no guarantee, no return. Only cash payment at pick-up - No Pay-Pal or direct icing or similar

We are an animal-free non-smoking household. If you do not agree with this, waive a bid! Please clarify your questions in advance!

I sell my Scubapro dry suit in size S (ladies), as this unfortunately no longer fits me.

The dry suit is made of breathable trilaminate.

The suit is in good condition and has been used for about 40 dives in fresh water.
As can be seen in a picture, my diving suit unfortunately had a hole on the thigh. This has been patched and now keeps completely dry again.
In addition, I sent the suit to Scubapro again for leak testing, in which the hole, as well as all seams were checked again.


Private sale therefore no return and no warranty.

Hello everyone

offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots subsequently welded on by the dealer. Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (have size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, I offer gloves with click system (size S/M) which I can also sell separately.

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zippers and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been maintained between the TG. The suit was stored over time in the shady dry cellar manufacturer-compliant. It was never started without talk. The spots on the suit come from diving in the lake.

I am 1.78 tall and (was) 90 to 95 kg heavy. Due to weight loss, the suit unfortunately no longer fits me.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.



Suit in trilaminate (nylon butyl) with a leg pocket (size 110), neoprene neck cuff size L; hood XXL; suspenders inside; solid boots size 49. (Info: I am 1.97 m tall)

This suit finally offers you the opportunity to put on and take off completely independently. The large and wide-opening front pouch is arranged above the waist and thus also offers you a large slip to the arms without having to "bend". Furthermore, the zipper is mounted in a position where you cause the slightest movement when diving, so you are no longer restricted in freedom of movement by the stiff zipper.

Underwear Saros consists of layers connected with quilted seams: outer layer nylon, middle layer warmflex┬ę and inner layer of polar fleece. The different coating systems of the Warmflex┬ę material ensure variable insulation and are therefore suitable for different temperature ranges. Foot loops, elastic band in the waist area, trouser pockets, wind collar. Well suited for temperatures up to 5┬░ degrees. Plastic buckle on the belt would have to be renewed. Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 700EUR Complete


Originally packaged glove system for
Dry suits (trilaminate or neoprene). Never used by me
Innovative clamping ring system for mounting
Dry gloves on dry suits.
By clamping rings in different thicknesses, thin latex and
thicker, coated gloves can be used.
The advantages of this system:
Easy installation in just a few minutes
Unique closure

Comparatively small outer diameter
Spare parts included
Ergonomic shape
120 EUR VB


I only sell the equipment completely!

For inquiries please relalistic offers.

Trilaminate Dry Suit Northern Diver Aquarius Size XXL new and unused. Cuffs are not trimmed, with Arpex valve!

The Wickelzip allows you to put on and take off the Trockis from Northern Diver (Aqualung) independently. One of the few Trockis on the market that can be dressed without outside help. And all this at a great price! Technical characteristics of the Northern Diver Aquarius

"Ultra-light"Dry suit with front entry

Breathable and robust

Attract without outside help - thanks to front entrance

Neoprene heat sleeve on the neck

Cargo Pocket

4mm neoprene boots for warm feet

Suspenders for a better fit

Kevlar reinforcement on the buttocks

Kevlar reinforcement at the knees

Reflector strips on shoulders and arms

Leg pocket

In a set with hood, care set and transport bag

Northern Diver Glove System Dry Glove new and unused, size XL,

NothernDiver Dryglove System with Safelock. Finally a complete dry diving glove set which really works and can be mounted within minutes! All necessary mounting parts are included in the set - including instruction DVD! Even a neoprene sealing glue, if you have laminated neoprene cuffs is available!

Technical details:

Revolutionary closure for quick opening/closing without outside help!

2 sets of spacer rings included (flat rings for neoprene cuffs, high rings for latex sleeves)

Sturdy PVC gloves with a slightly rough surface

Acid-resistant gloves

Separate inner gloves (perfect for cleaning)

Mounting tools included! (Loosens systems that are tightened too tightly)

CE approved


Package includes:

2 PVC gloves

2 separate fleece inner gloves

2 sets of spacer rings

1 assembly tool

1 sealing glue with brush

1 Instruction manual on DVD

Seemann Subtech 100 Underwear XXL for dry suits Innovative underwear made of 3 layers of material, which is suitable for both neoprene and neoprene

Trilaminate dry suits is suitable. The outer layer of material made of water-repellent polyester fabric ensures comfort and durability as well as easy slippage. The lining

made of soft DOUBLE FLEECE transports moisture away from the skin and gives

comfortable thermal insulation. The polyester inner lining provides additional thermal insulation.

Easy to put on and take off with arm cuffs made of 2mm SCS neoprene. The anatomical

cut ankle cuffs made of 1.5 mm Glideskin allow easy sliding in

in suit and booties. The quilted seams prevent the materials from slipping when attaching and

Undress. Other features: 2 large hip pockets and chest pocket with zipper, integrated thumb loops, wrist loops, resistant spiral zipper, from above and

bottom to open, elastic waist.

Diving tanks

The double jaw consists of 2 x 7 liter steel bottles 300bar,wide bridge distance, identical to D-12, double unit is equipped with the well proven V4tec stainless steel precision clamp sets (V4 steel) and with T├ťV.

Scubapro 10 liters with stand used,

2 litre bottle used,

Argon Mono Aluminium Tarrier gas cylinder 0.85 litres 200 bar

Unused with argon straps,

The Deepstop-Apeks DIR Set DS4 consists of:

Right side:

The Apeks DS4 1st stage DIN, DIN G5/8" air connection with metal handwheel and protective cap

210cm 3/8" medium pressure hose black with XTX50 2nd stage, black,

a small carabiner hook with caveline attached,


The Apeks DS4 1st level DIN

a 56cm high pressure hose with deepstop mineral pressure gauge and 1" a

60cm backup hose with the Apeks XTX50 2nd step and Bunjeeloop,

each in black.

Regulator pocket

Mk10 1st stage with...


I sell a brand new trilaminate diving suit - bought last year in December. Unfortunately, I had to realize that the cut around the calves is too tight for me.

Size L / Boots Size 40/41 (I fit easily into the boots with thick socks and normal shoe size 40)

VB: 800,00 EUR

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Phone: +494961879949866

Hello everyone

offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots subsequently welded on by the dealer. Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (have size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, I offer gloves with click system (size S/M) which I can also sell separately.

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zippers and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been maintained between the TG. The suit was stored over time in the shady dry cellar manufacturer-compliant. It was never started without talk. The spots on the suit come from diving in the lake.

I am 1.78 tall and (was) 90 to 95 kg heavy. Due to weight loss, the suit unfortunately no longer fits me.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.

Price by arrangement.



Sell here my Rofos 360, this is made of particularly light and robust RIP-Stop material. The suit comes from a repair exchange and has only been dipped about 10 times. Included is the bag, the inflator hose and the hood.


  • 3-ply trilaminate, outside RIP-STOP inside reinforced nylon
    ÔÇó Size XLS
    ÔÇó Seams with 7 threads, hot glued inside with tape
    ÔÇó Telescopic torso with crotch strap
    ÔÇó Cordura 1000 reinforcements on: shoulders, elbows, forearms, seat, knee, shin, front and back overlay
    ÔÇó Large leg pockets made of Cordura 1000 with 4 compartments on both sides
    ÔÇó Waterproof front zipper YKK Aquaseal with Cordura 1000 protection and YKK nylon zipper.
    ÔÇó Exhaust and inlet valves APEKS
    ÔÇó new silicone hand cuff, neoprene neck cuff with 3mm super stretch neoprene heat collar for more comfort and thermal protection
    ÔÇó Flex feet 2XL in 3mm neoprene with a firm sole and removable insole with reinforcements on the instep and ankle strap
    ÔÇó Pee-Valve left
    ÔÇó Adjustable wide suspenders
  • the RS 360 weighs approx. 3.0 kg

VHB 850,00 Euro


I am looking for a well-kept well-preserved dry suit (trilaminate). 5 years old, as few dives as possible.
If possible, neoprene cuffs.

Size specification: XL for height 1,90 (95kg)

Dry glove system desired.

Would be willing to spend about 900, - EUR for a good use suit. I would also accept a longer journey.

Phone: 01520 - 8624364




If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

As good as new. Size 54

Information from the manufacturer:
The robust dry suit Definition HD from Scubapro is made of high-quality trilaminate. This material combines very high resistance, a low dead weight and very easy handling for the diver. Put on and take off is very easy on this model due to the very long front zipper. This runs diagonally from the left shoulder to the right hip. The optimal fit is achieved by the telescope system. As a result, the suit is optimally adapted to the body. The easy-to-reach pocket on the right side of the Scubapro Definition Dry HD is equipped with A D-ring and Velcro fastener. For best tightness, latex neck and arm cuffs are used. These can be adjusted in diameter according to the needs of the diver.

high-quality and extremely robust trilaminate HD material
Low weight and fast drying
newly designed separate hood that can be individually adapted to the shape of the face. The opening system allows easy on and off, water infiltration on the neck is effectively prevented
lockable warm neck prevents cold bridges at the neck area and protects the cuff
variable adjustable upper body length due to telescopic torso
Suspenders and crotch strap for perfect fit
Flex Seal seam seals and double material thickness on particularly stressed abrasion zones
Heavy duty latex cuffs on neck and leg cuffs - for optimal fit and good tightness
extra long, sloping frontzip for easy dressing with second cover to protect the underlying dryzip
Two large cargo pockets with Velcro on the legs for easy access
D-rings in the pockets for fixing equipment
Balanced, rotatable SI TECH inlet valve and automatic exhaust valve for best operating comfort
Reflection strips for twilight and night dives
Attached feet with firm outsole
Schuhg├Âssen: S (48) Gr. 42, M (50) Gr. 43-44, L(52) Gr. 45, XL(54) Gr. 45, XXL(56) Gr. 46-47, 3XL(58) Gr. 48, 4XL(60) Gr. 48


Sell this Scubapro K2 Extreme undercover because of hobby assignment

2 years

Size: XL

Perfect for Trilaminate

About 20 Tg

Np 220EUR

Fp 130EUR

Location Hamburg


Phone: 01622337521

Hello, I enjoy diving in warm waters much more, so I sell my complete dry suit set consisting of:

  • Dry suit "d9" by "Waterproof" -> light and breathable; Size S Ladies
  • Underwear "thermal fusion" by "Aqua Lung" -> size S/M
  • Aqua Lung Socks for Dry Suit -> Size 6/8
  • Kallweit Glove System -> this is already integrated, but can also be agreed or exchanged for another glove system. I have not yet agreed on the cold protection made of neoprene on the Trocki on the forearms, but this can also be separated if necessary.
  • Neoprene shoes / boots "waterproof" "b5 marine boot" -> size 27 = converted shoe size 42
  • suitable inflator hose for the dry suit
  • Talc for the care of the dry suit
  • Hangers for the dry suit very stable
  • Bag for transporting the suit
  • Sliding paste zipper -> as needed for easier sliding of the zipper.

I purchased the suit in 2018 and used it in only 5 dives during that time. Therefore, it is in very good condition. The suit was stored dry, protected from the sun and hanging. The cuffs were maintained with talc, slight traces of talc can be seen on the suit in the pictures, but goes away very well on the first dive. Due to the zipper at the front across the body, the suit can be put on and made very easily without outside help. I am 168 tall and have shoe size 39. With these measurements, the suit suited me very well, I still had sufficient freedom of movement. The suit has dived very well during the dives and is easy to transport due to the light weight. I sell the suit only with a heavy heart. If necessary, I can also send the original invoice with purchase.

I only sell the set completely for 1150 EUR VB.


Sell a trilaminate dry suit from Kallweit, size L (about 1.80m - 1.85m), with new, changeable neck and arm cuffs, brand new modern plastic zipper (I've been tired of the old metal versions), large leg pockets and decent boots in size 34-44 according to Kallweit table, heat collar, rotating inlet valve INT, automatic exhaust valve, year of construction 2010, few dives and good condition. Suit is tight, only a seal on the leg, was probably once a bushing mounted. The clamps on the arm cuffs are only used for reinforcement, you can also omit. Suit is unfortunately a size too big for me (I 1.78m, slim). I think someone with 1.85m should fit well. Fitting on site welcome. 550,- VHB


Sell very little (under 10 TG) worn Bare Trilaminate Tech Dry Suit (size XL-XXL Unisex)

with Rolock 3 dry diving glove system and original bare storage backpack

including underwear BARE-SB MID black/blue 2-piece with feet.

The Bare Trilaminat Tech Dry is equipped with front zipper. This ensures easy entry and independent opening and closing. The telescopic torso ensures the right freedom of movement and the suspenders for the correct fit. A flexible double belt reinforcement at the seams creates high durability.

Boot size 42/43 (sole 30 cm long)

Length to step: 98 cm, (height 176 cm)

Crotch strap for a good fit

Since this is a private sale, I do not take over any guarantee and return

FB 680,00 EURO

Pick-up or shipping possible

Ebersbach an der Fils

I sell my Kallweit Helios dry suit for 399 Euro VB (original price was 1300 Euro), because I have unfortunately "grown out" of this diving suit due to my pregnancy and no longer have the opportunity to dive. With the first child I still had the hope that I would come back to diving after the birth, but unfortunately that never worked out and with a second one the time will be even shorter...
It would be a pity if this great suit continued to hang unused on the hanger. That's why I would be happy to pass it on to another diving enthusiast. The suit was in the water about 10 times, as I preferred to go into the water with my semi-dry diving suit in warmer temperatures. The dry suit was stored hanging on a hanger in a dry dark room all the time.

Due to the large front zipper you can get in very well and put it on excellently alone. The suit is made of neoprene instead of trilaminate and therefore warmer overall.
The neck cuff is also made of neoprene which is why it is warmer and does not wear out. It includes a glove ring system (see photos). The wrist cuffs need to be replaced (see photos).
The boots are size 40/41. Normally I wear shoe size 39. Boots can be easily exchanged at Kallweit.
I am 1.70 m tall and wear clothing size 38/40/M.

Fitting on site is possible.

I can take more photos on request. Just feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Shipping is possible against advance payment and assumption of shipping costs. In the case of uninsured shipping, the buyer bears the risk.

No guarantee or exchange as private sale.

Animal-free - non-smoker - household.

24229 Schwedeneck

  • Hello have here 2 new Mares XR1 NTS in L And XL
  • Np was 1800EUR
  • has never been in the water
  • now for 999EUR
  • New breathable, ultra-light, resistant NTS trilaminate
  • New improved, even more robust KEV/XR - reinforcements around the shoulders, knees, shins and buttocks
  • New high-density, black XR tapes (over-gluing of the seams)
  • New more durable sewing and bonding processes (suits and bags)
  • Conical latex neck and arm cuffs (allow the application of dry gloves)
  • Mares exclusive intake and exhaust valves
  • Maximum flexibility through improved cutting and new design
  • 2 diagonal YKK front zippers made of plastic: 1 heavy-duty plastic zipper, 1 new YKK Aquaseal dry zipper
  • Adjustable waist drawstring and crotch strap
  • Adjustable, wide, comfortable and elastic suspenders
  • Attached feet made of 4mm neoprene with firm sole
  • Reinforced edge on the feet, adjustable Velcro for perfect grip
  • 2 pockets with 4 compartments, water drain and highly stable zipper, inside with several elastic bands
  • Rasps on the edge of the pocket flap for a better grip
  • Dry neck cuff, hood covers the entire neck area, so that no water can penetrate
  • New 4mm Dry Smooth Hood
  • New reinforced transport bag, which can also be used as a mat for changing clothes
  • For extremely demanding tech divers, long cave, deep or wreck dives
  • Extremely stable, durable and versatile. Great freedom of movement for frog kick and valve exercises

Sell my diving equipment consisting of two 10er,1 doppel7 (all bottles have to go to the T├╝v),1 Trilaminate dry suit of the brand Mobbys,hood,dry diving gloves plus underwear of Mobbys size L,a buoyancy jacket Black Diamond and dieverses other equipment.If you are interested, you can look at the things with me and decide!!!

52249 Eschweiler

Phone: 491772168015

Dry suit Hollis DX-300 with Kubi gloves /// Retail price EUR 900.- Hollis DX-300 with underwear and Kubi gloves

The suit is used, is tight and is sold with Kubi glove system, boots, urinal valve and underwear. The original price is approx. CHF 2800.- / EUR2500.-

The arm exhaust valve was replaced in 2018.

The suit is designed for people with a size of 170cm to 185cm and shoe size 41-43

Of course, the suit may be tried on before buying. The location of the suit is near Bern CH

Origianl text by Hollis:

The DX300 is the latest addition to the Hollis exposure line. Designed by technical divers, for technical divers and developed over three years in a variety of demanding conditions. It is maneuverable and comfortable, while ensuring long service life.

The suit is constructed with double diamond fabric trilaminate material, which has a mass of 500gm/sqm to provide strength and absolute seam initegrity. Freedom of movement is optimized, with the panels cut onto the material preload to provide 25% extra stretching than traditional trilam and a flat and flexible YKK zipper.

Includes SiTech silicone neck and wrist seals for comfort and quick replacement. The suit is also equipped with two large thigh pockets (both with Velcro and 2" dring), 3M reflective safety strips for visibility, double thick knee pads 5mm neoprene socks and internal suspenders.

Double Diamond Weave Trilaminate has a total mass of 500gm / sqm, lightweight and robust

Our patented BIAS cut combined with a telescopic torso increases freedom of movement, but allows for a closer fit of air migration

The wide flat seam construction minimizes the risk of leaks in high-risk areas

Equipped with the new innovative YKK, flat and flexible zipper

Equipped with SiTech Neck Tite system with silicone seal

Equipped with SiTech Quick Change Solution Oval wrist system with silicone seals as standard (with replacement seals)

Two large Velcro bags with an internal D-ring

Double Thick Knee Pads

5mm neoprene socks

Adjustable suspenders included

With boots


I sell my new dry suit extender from Subgear in size 38 made of trilaminate (was a gift)

-unworn (labels still on)

-Cuffs are a little further made to try on, otherwise much too tight

-with bag

-Information on the corresponding dimensions in the last photo

Private sale (no guarantee and return!)

Shipping (plus 10 Euro shipping costs) or self-collection (Stuttgart)

Price: 450 VB


For sale here is a Trocki, of the brand Otter "Extreme"

All cuffs are still top. As well as all valves. I dived him only last week. Since I switch to trilaminate, this Trocki is sold.

Material: Crash Neoprene 7mm

Size : XXL

Boats : 45/46

In addition, there is a glove system, size L, care utensils wax for the zipper and powder for the cuffs. I also give a matching bag for the Trocki.

VB: 450EUR

Without warranty Guarantee since private sale, private person


Sell this SeemannSub extender Trilaminate dry suit due to time constraints. BRAND NEW zipper (changed by specialist company-Trockiklinik) All cuffs without any defects. SUIT 100% TIGHT.

Incl. hood 5mm and dry gloves incl. wool gloves. (Gloves are dipped 1x, so also as new)
Urinal valve-NEW

The suit now hangs 1 1/2 years unused in the dry cellar because I just don't have time to go diving.
That's why you can certainly find someone who can experience something with the suit.

Manufacturer- SeemannSub
Product Type- Dry Suit, Diving Suit Size XL
Remark- rotatable Si Tech inlet valve / automatic exhaust valve / sewn-on neoprene feet size 42
For whom - Men, Women
Version- Two-piece
Material Trilaminate
Closure with front zipper

To the size.
I am slim with 180cm and 75Kg.
Smaller and less should not be. There is still room up and outside :-)
Suit can be tried on with me. NON-SMOKER!!!


Sinsheim (Elsenz)

For sale: Brand new dry suit for women or children. Trilaminate with Apeks valves and Nova-Quick System Siflex silicone manchettes (self-replaceable). YKK plastic zipper. Size XS-S for: - Height max 170cm - Chest circumference 76cm (above chest 87cm) - Po 85cm - Wrist to wrist about 130cm - Upper arm size about 53cm - Leg from crotch to floor about 81cm - Calf about 33cm - Shoe size 39 Original price 1000.- VK: 800.- Unfortunately, the person has grown out of the suit before the first use. If you have any questions, please contact me.



With a heavy heart, we part with my wife's diving equipment, as it simply does not get into water acutely.

- Ocenanic Ladies Trilaminate Trocki Gr. 44 with glove system Northern Diver.
Arms shortened a few cm. With hood. Original price currently 649 EUR plus 140 EUR for the glove system.

Neck cuff needs to be renewed (I could still do it by arrangement). Size chart attached

VB 400 EUR

in addition, I have to submit:

- Seac fleece underwear very thin in M

- Bare underwear Polarwear 100g L


Underwear dry diving various:

Seeman Subtech 100 little dipped Gr.M.

Good underwear for the transition period under a trilaminate Trocki.

I don't need it anymore.


Weezle Extreme+ Gr.M

Little dipped underwear (very, very warm). Unfortunately, he has a small damage to the right shoulder which would be easy to repair with an adhesive patch.


The regulations for a private sale apply. No warranty, guarantee or return of the item.


DUI trilaminate dry suit for women (TLS350 in size MLS; for height 168 cm and dress size 42) with zip-seal latex cuffs on the neck and wrists, with sewn-on "socks" size 40; diagonal front zipper

DUI hood (7mm neoprene; Size M) with heat collar

1 pair of rock boots size 40/41

DUI_Trockentauch gloves (with zip seal; in blue) with yellow underwear gloves

1,200,- EUR

see also display "As good as new Trocki underwear"


Sell my Oceanic Trocki with SI-Tech Ventielen. It has suspenders and two large leg pockets. It is a trilaminate suit that has always served me faithfully. But I got a new one. The suit was last year in the Trockiklinik where small leaks were repaired, bill available.
The suit is absolutely tight.
I am about 173 cm, 68 kg and shoe size 43

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Tel:0 176/39086937


Sell Dry Suit Heavy Light BDS FZ Man (Front Zipper) - Kevlar ! This suit has been specially developed for special forces who are exposed to special climatic conditions. The Trilaminate reinforced with Kevlar uniquely protects against abrasion (fast roping) and cracking, as well as against sharp-edged objects, but is still breathable and extremely light. Gloves are not included.
Ready-to-wear size XL Shoe size 44
Neoprene neck cuff - trouser straps integrated - 2 leg pockets.
Suit was worn 5 times. Condition perfect !
Original price EUR 2170.-
Retail price EUR 1000.-


DUI trilaminate dry suit for women (TLS350 in size MLS; for height 168 cm and dress size 42) with zip-seal latex cuffs on the neck and wrists, with sewn-on "socks" size 40; diagonal front zipper

DUI hood (7mm neoprene; Size M) with heat collar

1 pair of rock boots size 40/41

DUI_Trockentauch gloves (with zip seal; in blue) with yellow underwear gloves

1,200,- EUR


Sell a super trilaminate dry suit of the brand Scubaforce, model Explorer, in size M. Valves by Apeks. Incl. bag.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs.
Upon collection, the suit can also be sampled.

The suit is used, but of course completely tight and immediately ready for use.
The neck cuff has only recently been changed. The arm cuffs are still in great shape and have only been minimally shortened. The dry glove system is not sold!
The discoloration in the knee area comes from glued knee pads, which have come loose at some point (the pads are included, so can be glued back on). On the left thigh there was once a small hole, which was glued. The place is absolutely dense, so it is only a small blemish.

The suit has a telescopic torso and, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for height 1.60m - 1.70m at 55 - 70 kg. With 1.75m, the suit also fit me without any problems. Also in terms of "body volume" there is definitely still some room for manoeuvre. Currently, shoes in size M (39/40) are mounted.

400,00 Euro VB

38159 Vechelde

Alaska One, XL, Trilaminate, for height 182-194 and chest circumference 112-120, shoe size XL

The seams have all been subsequently sealed, new suspenders mounted, neoprene closure on the hood, CheckUp glove system, latex sleeves. My shoe size: 10,5 - Hand size: XL - Height: 183 cm

The Alaska One is considered indestructible and you don't need to talk about Ursuit as a brand - absolutely TOP !!!!!!

I am happy to send more pictures or info ́s or the suit can be examined and tried here !!

In terms of price, I imagine fair 200 Euro ́s



Sell my ROFOS RS450K dry suit. It is from March 2017 and in good condition. A HESER Pee Valve is installed on the left leg.

Standard Size L
Neoprene Boots XL
Kevlar Overlay
Telescopic torso
Neck cuff neoprene
Arm cuff latex
Carrying bag is also included.

Further information and pictures:


Regular VK 1.729,-

Retail price 950,-


Sell Dry Suit Heavy Light BDS FZ Man (Front Zipper) - Kevlar ! This suit has been specially developed for special forces who are exposed to special climatic conditions. The Trilaminate reinforced with Kevlar uniquely protects against abrasion (fast roping) and cracking, as well as against sharp-edged objects, but is still breathable and extremely light. Gloves are included.
Ready-to-wear size XL Shoe size 44
Neoprene neck cuff - trouser straps integrated - 2 leg pockets.
Suit was worn 5 times. Condition perfect !
Original price EUR 2170.-
Retail price EUR 1000.-


Fleece underwear from Uebbys

Size: XL

The underwear is made of breathable fleece material and ideal as an underwear in neoprentrocki for the winter or for the trilaminate trocki in summer.

With packing bag
Price: 40 Euro
Plus shipping costs
Private sale! No guarantee, warranty or return


Dear Ladies,
my Trocki is great, unfortunately "upstairs" a bit too big.
So so from the chest down in the abdomen / buttocks area ;)
He was in the water a maximum of 10 times. Hemmoor and Elbsee.

Dimensions according to the manufacturer:
Chest 113 cm
Hip circumference 113 cm
Waist circumference 115 cm
Shoe size 41

I am 175 cm tall, which also fit very well.
I recommend trouser size more than 38, on top so from 42.
It's best to try it on ;-)

Features according to the manufacturer's website:
+Trilaminate dry suit with front zip
+Telescopic torso
+solid braces system
+YKK (Dynat / BDM) Dry zip
+Movement Zones
+Latex cuffs
+large heat collar
+Cordura Protection System (protects shoulder, chest and arm area)
+2 XBP below Pockets with 2 loops each and Velcro fastener
+Apeks valves (inlet 340 degree rotatable, high profile outlet valve)
+Dry boot boots with fin strap stoppers
+YKK protective zipper

Without gloves or hood.
Original price was EUR 1.395,- > the VB is EUR 888.-
Underwhelmer if required for EUR 80, - plus.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Gladly more pictures by mail.
Fitting and visit in D├╝sseldorf-S├╝d


40225 D├╝sseldorf

Sell an almost new Trilaminate dry suit "QT-500" from Oceanic.
It is a men's model size M with sturdy shoes of size XL (about 28 cm foot length).

Trilaminate with stretch! Lightweight and robust! Double on the knees

Latex cuffs on arms and neck

SI-Tech valves, inlet rotatable 360┬░, exhaust valve automatically or by pressing

sturdy boots

Long front diagonal TIZIP zipper. Extremely flexible and robust! Cover flap with Velcro fastener.

Two large thigh pockets with wetnotes compartment and stainless steel D rings. Velcro.

Other features:
Heat collar with Velcro fastener
Includes MD hose, care pen and operating instructions

Price VHB 650


Herren Trocki by Bare - only 20 TG

Gr L, according to the manufacturer suitable for 180 - 185 m, but I was able to carry it with 1.77 m without any problems

Shoe size XL - 43/44

-ATR, the automatic length adjustment ensures the perfect fit
-Reinforcements at the seam crosses
-Neoprene neck cuff
-Kevlar knee pads
-Front ZIP is protected by the protective ZIP
-Braces attachment
-4mm crush neoprene boots
-1 leg pocket
-double front - zipper
-robust trilaminate

Additionally included in the purchase price are:
Dry gloves from Dive Systems Check Up in XL
Wet adapter for wet gloves

very good condition, as only 20 TG

I sell many more diving items such as Double 8 Bottles, Tech Fins, Zeagle Jacket, Regulators, Feet, Trocki Underwear etc. If you are interested, just ask or look at my other sales posts.


Shipping possible for 7 EUR
Pick-up possible in the district of Nienburg - exact location on request

Payment in cash, bank transfer, PayPal against assumption of Paypal fees by the buyer

We offer here a dry suits Waterproof D70 including underwear. Newly purchased Mitt 2014

For questions: 0172-8229521
I have also offered these elsewhere,
first come first served :-)

Fixed price 180,- EUR

In the meantime we have bought new Trilaminat Trocki's because we have switched to technical diving.
Now we have decided with a heavy heart that the Waterproof are too bad to just "hang around".

The hangers are NOT included

Dry suit Waterproof D70 Neoprene Gr.M with underwear

This is a men's suit but since I am very slim and tall and long legs
, I dipped the suit as a woman. In the abdominal area, of course, this was too far what but
was compensated by the jacket without any problems.

The suit is therefore suitable for men of normal stature as well as for women.

Some details:

- Size: Men's M (I am 175 tall and weigh about 55 kg (I am a woman :-) )

- Shoe size estimated 42 / 43 (I have normal 39 / 40 - with thick socks but no problem)

- Underwear - Size Men's M

- Both arm cuffs have been renewed, about 10 dives with the new cuffs (exchange in the specialized shop !)

- Neck cuff is still the original - but by appropriate care super condition. If ever an exchange
is necessary - about 80, - EUR in the specialist shop

- Zipper 100% tight and was professionally waxed by us before each dive

- Cuffs were always treated with talc, never came into contact with deodorant or shaving water

- Suits were always, as seen in the photo, hung upside down to protect the cuffs

- Small signs of wear on Trocki and underwear are of course present, but absolutely nothing that the
Tightness or function restricts. Minor dirt is also present. But I got from it
apart from "brushing" the suit and thereby rubbing up the neoprene.

- The suit was absolutely tight until the last dive. The zipper smooth and the cuffs soft.
!! Of course, I can not guarantee the tightness of a sale !!

- The suit was used in domestic waters and also in Austrian mountain lakes and never let us down.
Due to the neoprene and the warm underwear, winter dives were no problem.

- A connection hose is unfortunately not included. Costs in the specialist trade about 15, - to 20, - EUR I would estimate

83543 Rott am Inn

SANTI Women's Dry Diving Set

I sell:

- a Santi Espace Trilaminate dry suit
- a women's underwear Santi BZ400
- an already assembled Rolock dry diving glove set.

Everything is in a technically flawless and mint condition and has only been dipped a little.


Santi Espace Trilaminate dry suit with metal zip, rubber feet, knee pads, APEKS intake and exhaust valves. Size XL
Description Espace:

Santi BZ400 women's underwear (can be opened up to the back - see pictures). The underdog has a name patch "Ricarda" Gr. XL

Rolock dry diving glove set, already mounted on the latex arm cuffs. Glove outside: Showa 660 (the blue) new, size 10 (XL). Matching inner glove: normani Thinsulate 40g

Inflator hose or other accessories are not part of this auction.

If interested, I can send the exact mass / further pictures.

800 EUR plus shipping


Have the following diving equipment too verk.

As good as new Trilaminate Scubapro Evertec LT Gr.L with hood and Sitec dry diving glove system.
Vb.800EUR incl. Dispatch

1x 40cuf Stage rigged monovalve oxygen-clean
Alu Dirty Beast without T├╝v

1x 80 cuf Stage rigged monovalve oxygen-clean
Alu Dirty Beast with T├╝v 9/2018

2x 7L steel bottle 300 bar double valve without T├╝v
Vb. per piece 140EUR

Bottle pick-up in Neum├╝nster or Hemmoor

Dive computer XP 5 battery to change yourself
FP,55EUR incl. shipping

Lifting bag Polaris 31L filling with the inflator new.
FP.55EUR incl. Dispatch

Tecline Reel 130m as new
FP.85EUR incl. Dispatch

Overflow hose with pressure gauge as new
FP.65EUR incl. Dispatch

Seac Propulsion Fins with Springstraps Gr.M-L yellow/black
FP.35EUR incl. Dispatch


I sell a Trilaminate Trocki Seemann Extender in size 60 incl. Kalweit underwear in 4XL as well as rock boots in 4XL (about shoe size 46) The Trocki has not been in the water for about 1.5 years before was always tight, and well maintained. Latex neck and arm cuffs. The neck cuff begins to tear and needs to be renewed, the arm cuffs could remain fit if they remain fit



Probably the most durable drying suit in the world. (Not comparable to any trilaminate.) Never had even the slightest leakage. The cuffs have been changed by a specialist company JUST NEW and can still be cut.
Two large leg pockets, D-rings, attached hood, integrated suspenders, telescopic waist for maximum mobility.

Size XL (body measurements see picture), shoe size 44. Approx. 40 dives, very good used condition
Price: 790 EUR VB

For more information:


Scubaforce Dry Suit (first generation)Size ML

Trilaminate dry suit
Front entry with protective zipper
Leg pocket left and right
Socket for heating vest
Pee valve

The front zip is in good condition, it is tight and is covered with a protective tab.
Inlet and outlet is also tight, as well as the material itself.

The cuffs are brittle and need to be changed

I am 170cm and 65kg and the suit fits perfectly. Through the telescopic torso there is some air upwards

Since private sale no garanie or return. In the case of desired shipping, the shipping route and the costs would have to be agreed.

VB 210,-


Phone: 081214385966

Scubaforce Dry Suit Body (first Explorer Edition)

Trilaminate dry suit
Front entry with protective zipper
Leg pocket left and right
Neck cuff available
Feet, arm cuffs and valves must be placed.

As written above, it is a pure body. If you would like to intervene in the suit, this is the right place for you. The size of the suit is L ( For about 180cm and 85 kg)

Since private sale no garanie or return. In the case of desired shipping, the shipping route and the costs would have to be agreed.

VB 110.-


Phone: 081214385966

Dry Suit Bare Finndry T Twinshell Size ML

Inside 2mm Crush Neoprene
On the outside a robust trilaminate cover protection suit
Lower Leg Anti-Inflation System (integrated Gator Wraps)
Back zipper with protective tab
1 armbag left
1 thigh pocket left
Brusteinlass valve 360┬░ rotatable
Exhaust valve, left upper arm, adjustable
Attached hood

It is made of crush neoprene and has a protective suit made of robust trilaminate.

The back zipper is in top condition, it is tight and is covered with a protective tab.
Inlet and outlet is also tight, as well as the material itself.

The brustein outlet valve can be rotated 360┬░. The hand cuffs are new. The Bare has an anti-leg-inflation system with zipper. This prevents air from flowing into the feet too quickly. There are sturdy boots attached in gr.42 with thick sole. The suit is size ML. and it fit me perfectly it is also some room for manoeuvre upwards (I am 170 and have 65 kg.).

Due to the attached hood, this suit is particularly warm.

Attention: The cuffs on the arms must be replaced, as they are cracked, or torn on the right side. Ordering a repair costs incl. material approx. 80EUR

Since private sale no garanie or return. In the case of desired shipping, the shipping route and the costs would have to be agreed.

Vhb.: 190EUR


Phone: 081214385966

Sell a little dipped BARE HD Tech Dry dry suit INCLUDING brand new checkup glove system, hood, inflator hose and transport bag. It is really in top condition, and has a leg pocket with integrated D-ring. Original price together over 1600EUR.

The suit is just 3 years old, and has only about 10TG in fresh water.

Women's size M, should fit at a size of 169-174 and a weight of 64-75Kg.

Zipper and cuffs are in perfect condition. Just get in and dive in.

I imagined 750EUR, just make me an offer.


The suit has a silicone neck cuff, a peevalve, a double heating bushing, cordura legs with Kevlar knee pads, belowpockets, softline boots size XXL (45/46) and a checkup glove system. Although it has always been reliable and tight so far, I will send the suit to the manufacturer for leak testing before sale
Manufacturer info:

A diagonal front zipper combined with a telescopic torso offers the X9 the best freedom of movement with an optimal fit.
The seams are hand-sealed in a complex sealing process. Sealing ÔÇô a polyurethane-based adhesive forms a permanent bond with the trilaminate and is much more durable than conventional seals via tapes.
The X9 is made of a material mix of robust 1200 Cordura in the leg area and the lightweight 840' trilaminate in the upper body. Thus, the "sociable" leg area is excellently protected and the suit still offers an enormous freedom of movement thanks to the softer material in the upper body. The nylon is protected by a Cordura Protection Overlay. This not only covers large parts of the shoulders and arms, but also includes the protective zipper for the dry zip.
In order to achieve even better freedom of movement, the X9 Movement has zones in the armpit and crotch area. These elipse-shaped inserts reduce the clamping forces on the seams to such an extent that a valve drill is child's play.
The X9 also offers an unusually good design for the seam guidance in the crotch area: There is no crossing seam! Thus, the load in this area is significantly reduced.
A firmly mounted solid suspender system ensures an ideal fit. Two leg pockets with Velcro are of course available as standard.
The standard equipment of the X9 also includes the XBP bags. The XBP is a large-volume suit pocket, with a separate inner compartment for wetnotes and a reinforcement in the grip area for easy opening and closing.
Scubaforce also pays attention to the highest quality when selecting components. Inlet and outlet valves from Apeks, dry zips from YKK, trilaminate from European production.
Features of the standard equipment at a glance
- Trilaminate dry suit with front zip
- Telescopic torso
- solid braces system
- YKK (Dynat / BDM) Dry zip
- large heat collar
- 2 XBP below pockets with 2 loops each and Velcro fastener
- Apeks valves (inlet 340 degree rotatable, high profile outlet valve)
- slimeline boat with fin band stoppers


Trilaminate dry suit of the manufacturer BARE, model "Trilam Tech Dry", in the following equipment:
Men's size "M" with latex cuffs on neck and arms. Chest diagonal zipper (plastic TiZip), HD Crush boots (size: UK 7 or EU 40/41 or 26 cm), leg pocket left.
Because of the detailed model description please inform on the website of the manufacturer:
The suit is about 2 years old and has been worn on about 100 dives. The usual small traces of use are of course present. The zipper is tight, the latex sleeves are non-porous, inlet and outlet valves are fully functional. The suit has no leaks.
VB: 500 Euro

Currently mounted is the dry hand shoe system of the Northern Diver "Dryglove", size "S" which is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be sold on request for an extra charge of 50 euros.

35510 Butzbach