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Mixed quite relaxed travel troupe of 25-59 years still has 2 remaining places available on the MV Legends. We do a safari off the normal route. In any case, the Thistlegorm and the Rosalie Moeller are on the plan. The group is half compressed air/nitrox normal recreational divers and rotary divers. We want to dive a maximum of 60 m/Tx1 range, so that the decoration does not take too long and everyone can dive at the wrecks. Who thinks at 20 m everything is over will not be happy here, but we are not depth hunters and it is up to everyone whether and where he dives. Of course, we dive according to the usual rules.

In August or September we all want to meet at the Baltic Sea/Schleswig Holsstein to discuss the route/ideas and dive. Of course, it would be good if you take a look and we get to know us.

Search for

AOWD Nx Deep upwards looking for fellow divers, preferably woman as we have a woman traveling alone with us and who would like to share her cabin with a woman! So 50 dives and the ability to independently regulate his stuff should be available, the Rosalie Moeller is for example from 28-50 m. If you have any questions, just let us know!

Flensburger F├Ârde


I offer a little-used personal filter.

It is fully functional and clean.

Technical data MaVoTec Nitrox Clean Filter RSV:
- is used after the compressor
- Filter capacity 0.3 liters
- Air passage up to 500 l/min
- Service life filter cartridge at 100 l/min = 10 hours
- Input DIN 5/8" female - Output DIN 5/8" male
- 300 bar version
- integrated check valve with vent screw
- incl. filter cartridge
(Filter construction: felt disc - XeoDry (special dryer) - felt disc - activated carbon - XeoDry)
- Manufacturer Maximator / MaVoTec

NP: 289EUR


63526 Erlensee

A filling fitting made of V4A (1.4571) for mixing nitrox or trimix gases is offered.
It can also be used for normal bottle filling. The digital pressure gauge goes up to 400bar.
Included is a G5/8 adapter from 300bar to 200bar.
A check valve is installed in the permanently installed connection of the filling fitting.

The filling adapter can be connected to a 200bar or 300bar filling hose, as well as screwed into 200bar or 300bar bottle connections.
With the large handwheel, the flow rate can be adjusted, especially for oxygen, as only low flow velocities are allowed.

FP: 480,00EUR plus shipping


Hello community!

Now that I got the fourth TC for my birthday, I want to part with this device. It is simply too good to leave it unused in the drawer for years.

The device is absolutely reliable and offers modes for freediving, sports and technical diving. Ideal backup device for all skill levels.

The most important features are the compactness, the simple intuitive operation and the excellent readability, especially in minimal visibility.

The device can be synchronized with the Deepblu app to create an interactive dive log.

What I personally like quite well: You can save the dive logs with photos and videos, so you can link the corresponding recording to the respective depth course in the diagram with one click.

You can optionally share the Tauchprot okolle with the worldwide Communty, but you don't have to, you can also save the things in personal mode by simply not sharing them.

The TC measures all important dive data:

  • Decompression, saturation and desaturation calculations for standard air and nitrox dives

  • Decompression algorithm according to B├╝hlmann ZHL 16C model

  • Three levels of adjustable safety factors: Conservative, Normal or Progressive

  • Nitrox diving between 21% and 40%

  • Dive plan function for planning dives

  • Freediving mode, specially designed for apnea/freediving, six freediving-specific depth alarms

  • Bottom timer setting with current depth gauge and total running time as well as resettable stage time and average depth

  • Audible and visual alarms

  • Dive logbook stores all important data of up to 200 dives

  • Wireless synchronization via Bluetooth to upload and save dive data to the Deepblu Mobile App

  • Free Wireless Firmware Upgrades (OTA)

  • 2.2-inch LCD screen with high contrast and low-pixel EBTN technology

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with magnetic USB port

  • Built-in clock and calendar

  • Ability to customize settings by syncing COSMIQ+ with the Deepblu mobile app

For all technical specialists (something from the manual (copied):

Operating Modes: Watch Mode / Scuba Mode / Bottom Timer Mode / Freedive Mode / Log Mode / Sync Mode.
Units of measurement: Metric (meters/┬░C) or British (feet/┬░F).
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Gases: air and nitrox. Oxygen content adjustable between 21% ÔÇô 40%.
Oxygen partial pressure (PPO2): Adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.
Algorithm: Deepblu decompression algorithm based on the B├╝hlmann ZHL 16C model.
Safety factor: conservative, normal, progressive.
Altitude: Supports altitude diving over 300 m.
Battery life: 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted dive time per charge.
Battery type: Lithium-ion (rechargeable).
Charger: Standard USB.
Log memory: Up to 25 unsynchronized logs.
Data transfer: Blue Tooth 4.0.
Dive Log Software: Deepblu Mobile App for iOS/Android.
Firmware Upgrade: Free OTA firmware upgrades.
Housing material: Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate.
Lens material: Polycarbonate with 8h hardness coating.
Screen technology: Improved negative image LCD display with Black Twisted Nematic (EBTN).
Bracelet Material: 1.24mm NATO ballistic nylon bracelet with stainless steel buckles and Velcro fastener. 2. Bungee cable mount.
Dimensions: 70.6 mm (2.78 inches) ├Ś 48.6 mm (1.91 inches) ├Ś 20.9 mm (0.82 inches).
Weight approx.: 81 grams.

Scope of delivery:
2 x NATO hand strap.
Charging cable.
Storage box

About the condition:

The device is 3 years old and used but unrestrictedly in order and reliable*.

The NP is around 359, - Euro.

PRICE: 220,- Euro --> plus verse: 3,80 (only national)

But I would prefer a personal handover at any time, location...

42859 Remscheid

Phone: 017634370021

Very compact 3-series console Swiv from Oceanic with submersible booster Veo 250, Fini, compass & thermometer

I dissolve my diving equipment stock and offer here a 3-series console Swiv from Oceanic with submersible booster Veo 250 (nitrox - & decoccoable), Fini, compass & thermometer. All instruments work perfectly. The compass capsule had to be changed after defective and one from Seemann was used (identical to Oceanic). The console comes as shown in the pictures, also with the user manual for the Veo 250.

If you have any further questions, please send me a message.

Price 85,-EUR insured shipping additionally 6,50EUR

Private sale to the best of our knowledge and belief. No warranty, return, guarantee etc. The bidder agrees to this.

All lung machines / regulators / diving equipment can be mounted on a filled 12 Lt bottle and tried out :-D

CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED and READY TO USE! A smoke- animal- and allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott and a wonderful good day I wish :-)

3x for cold water & nitrox as well as for TEK dives / sidemount BEST suited & several times internationally awarded & in very good condition ATOMIC AQUATICS T2 lung machines / regulator incl. swivel / swivel joint on the second stage! T2 as a complete set with a T1 Octopus, a NEUwertigen 3er konsole (finimeter, depth gauge & compass) & NEUwertiger inflator hose for ONLY 999 EUR per set.

It will be cheaper in price if you want to do without some things on the set because you do not need it or do not want it...

2x the same set with a B2, Z1 Octo and 360 BAR Fini I have for 599 EUR per set.

IMMEDIATELY ready for use! Miscellaneous of small parts or accessories I like to give :-)

Personal pick-up or delivery in the greater Munich area or DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPly throughout Europe!

Thank you for your interest and thank you for your email :-)

Of course, the configuration can be mounted with mounting according to standards of scuba diving, according to DIR, according to TEK & also according to sidemount

Atomic Aquatics T2 or T2X = The best regulators ever designed! Divers and industry experts have confirmed this bold claim. The T2x is designed for the best performance, the best corrosion resistance & the best look on the market... POINT. The ultra-light T2x is the perfect regulator for on the go, especially for remote dive destinations where every extra pound of travel weight can't be repaired. T2x Atomic Aquatics regulators were the first to design & manufacture a regulator made entirely of titanium. This exotic material was chosen for its absolute corrosion resistance in salt water, its hardness, & its amazing lightness. The components of the first & second stage are made of solid titanium, which is lightweight & corrosion-free. All T2 regulators have a comfort ball joint made of solid titanium.

A new, high air delivery design of the second stage facilitates breathing at any depth ÔÇô from shallow spots to the deepest sea gorges. Front cover with metal accents, adjustment knob & AFC cover The first stage is factory sealed to prevent the ingress of silt & sand. Atomic Aquatics first-stage high-flow pistons with Jet Seat System T2.

First stage: The components of the first stage are made of a solid titanium piece that is lightweight & corrosion-free. Icing protection factory First stage Connections: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel head T2.

Second stage: Patented Atomic Seat Saving Orifice (Titanium) Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC) Control knob for manual adjustment of the second stage in special situations The Atomic Comfort swivel joint is standard! Elliptical exhalation valve A custom-fit, comfortable silicone mouthpiece with fixed bite warts Front cover, control knob & AFC cover with design metal applications 2 years / 300 dives Maintenance interval Limited 30 years warranty - regardless of proof of maintenance The combined weight of the Atomic T2x First and Second Stage is less than 1 kg.

THANK YOU very much and always good air :-)

85221 Dachau

Used dive computer. Condition good, normal signs of use. Battery still needs to be replaced by buyers.

Air or nitrox decompression computer up to 50% O2, with improved display, water activation, high storage capacity, easy battery change, Nitrox adjustable 21 - 50%, graphical and numerical displays, 12 TG logbook, easy one-button operation, two different computing models (DSAT and PZ+).


- Powered by Oceanics Exclusive Dual Algorithm? - The choice between Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL 16C data basis)

- Air or nitrox mixture up to 50% O2

- Safety Stop Countdown Timer-

- Water contact and/or manual activation by push button

- Simple one-button operation

- Access to the Last Dive display with just one push of a button (max. depth & dive time)

- 12 dives logbook

- Memory reset for dive centers and diving schools

- User replaceable battery with 8 seconds hot swap

- Now available in metric preset.



- Operating modes / possibility of use: Standard (Air / Nitrox)

- Push buttons : 1

- User interface : Click forward

- Type / mounting option : Hockey Puck Module, Wrist, 2 and 3 Gauge console compatible

- Activation: water contact or push button

- Algorithm Basis: Dual Algorithm? With the conservative factor enabled, the zero times are based on the next higher level,
starting at 920 m (3,000 ft.) Height, calculated.

- Altitude algorithm : NOAA

- O2 Limit Base : NOAA

- Fabric compartments: 12 (5 to 480 minutes)

- Automatic height adjustment (adjustment): 610 - 4 200 m

- Deep Stop: Optional, 02 Countdown Timer at 1/2 maximum depth for dives deeper than 80 ft/25m

- Decompression capacity : 10 - 60 ft (3-18 m)

- Automatic safety stop: 15 ft / 3m - 3 min

- Ascent speed range: 3.35 - 9 m/min / 6.4 - 18 m/min

- Maximum ascent speed range: 30 fpm (18m)

- User replaceable battery/battery change: Yes

- Battery type: CR2450

- Battery capacity* : 300 hours of diving

- 8-Second Hot Swap retains calculations during battery change: Yes

- Empty battery indicator (graphical): Yes

- Calendar / Clock: TIME

- Operating Depth Diving (NoRM): 330 ft / 100 m

- 24 hour countdown to flying: Yes

- Calculated desaturation time for flying: Yes

- Dive mode display: Main display up to 2 alternative displays and 1 secondary display

- High O2 alarm / warning : 300 SOTU / DOTU

- High PO2 Alarm/Warning: 1.6 Preset or user adjustable

- Logbook entries in the device Capacity: 12 DIVES

- Dive planning sequence: PUSH BUTTON 9-57 m

- Calculated desaturation time for flying: Yes

- Nitrogen compartment display: Yes

- Oxygen saturation: Numeric %

- Variable ascent rate display: Yes

- No Decompression Time Remaining Display : Yes

- Display oxygen compartments: Yes

- Setting FO2 value (%) Gas 1: air, 21-50%

- Setting Units of Measurement : Yes

- Setting time format (12/24 hours) : Yes

- Setting Time (time of day) : Yes

- Setting Maximum PO2 Alarm: Yes

- Setting FO2 50% Default : Yes

- Setting water activation on/off: Yes

No guarantee or warranty and return by me as it is a private sale.


Phone: 01633922440

Original packaging, unopened
with invoice from July 2021, so still 2 years warranty!

800 EUR VB

Shearwater has developed a high-quality dive computer through the interplay of modern manufacturing techniques and the use of innovative materials. Many tech divers estimated the Shearwater brand because their computers are installed on several circular immersion sawn on the market. Most important for the success of the Shearwater Perdix, however, is probably its reliability, long battery life and simple intuitive operation.

The Perdix offers you the following operating modes :

OC Recreational
This mode allows the programming of 3 air or nitrox mixtures and offers all features for every demanding diving enthusiast including adaptive safety stop and of course the display of the zero time limit.

OC Technical
The Technical Mode allows the programming of 5 Trimix gases. Of course, the gases can also be programmed under water. This could make sense, for .B, if you get a breathing mixture from your diving partner, which is not present in your own gas list.

This mode is intended for use with closed diving equipment. Even if you don't dive yet, who knows where your diving career is going. Good to know that your Perdix is prepared for anything. The mode also supports 5 different CC gases plus 5 OC gases for bailout (BO). The decoration model calculates with programmable constant PO2 values.
This is a simple time/depth gauge mode.
Specifications Perdix OC/CC:

High Resolution 2.2" Display: Display Type Full Color LED LCD
AA battery (any type): AA Alkalline - 45 hours; SAFT LS14500 -120 hours
Elegant and slim profile

Double O-ring seal
Easy to use: Intuitive and proven menu navigation
1000-hour logbook
Data transfer to Mac or PC via Bluetooth Smart Ready
260 meters depth
Individually adjustable display
B├╝hlmann GF Algorithm
Size: (WxHxD) 83 x 74 x 39 mm
Weight: 154 g
Including bag
Dimensions (computer):
approx. 83 x 74 x 39 mm
approx. 154g


Sell my dive computer Suunto Gekko for compressed air / Nitrox.

Was my spare computer, so it is in top condition, minimal signs of use, no scratches on the display. Complete with user manual.

Battery new, but unfortunately can not guarantee waterproofness, as I have no possibility to print.

Sale of private, no guarantee, no warranty, no return.

VB 125 Euronen

Timmendorfer Strand

A BAUER Mini Verticus MV5.5 (3-stage) with a MAVOTEC Nitrox filling system (constant flow) is sold here. The compressor is in top condition and has 1,940 operating hours and is fully functional and without defects. Electric three-phase motor 380V, switchable for bottle fillings 300bar and bottle fillings 200bar. With the MAVOTEC Diffuser, nitrox mixtures up to 40% O2 can be produced directly. The compressor has an air liter output of almost 200 liters/min. Filter cartridge P41 for long service life always guarantee perfect air conditions in the diving bottle. The system is first-time owned and has always been serviced with original BAUER maintenance accessories. The compressor is ideal for the use of a small to medium diving school/dive center/diving club. Here are numerous pictures that document the condition of the plant. The retail price incl. the MVOTEC Nitrox system, incl. 3 filling hoses (without oxygen bottles) VB 6.000,- EUR.

-automatic condensate automatic
-automatic pressure shutdown
-P41 filter system without securus monitoring
-Oil pressure monitoring
-380V/16A three-phase motor
-MAVOTEC Nitrox filling diffuser
-3 filling hoses (230bar/300bar)
-Operating hour counter (as of 1,939 hours)
-Original price 13.000,- Euro (VB 6.000,- EUR)

The system is not shipped by forwarding company (only self-pick-up near Kempten / Allg├Ąu) IMPORTANT: Since I am usually not reachable by phone, please send a message with your telephone number if you are interested. I will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee, warranty, return or exchange possible."


The rebreather offered here comes from a project where my goal was to build an m-CCR from a NITROX SCR. The system works, I was with the device a few times in the water dives up to 100min and 20m were problem-free.

The control of the O2 component is based on the KISS principle: O2 needle valve set to approx. 0.9l/min; manual addition of additional O2 via buttons; Diluent (air) via pulmonary automatic bypass AND also possible manually. The O2 -Sufe is specially adapted for the Constant-Flow needle valve - conversion part for Apek's first stage is incl. A ppO2 monitoring is also built-in - 2 separate sensors on 2 separate displays (are installed in one housing). The built-in belt corresponds to a DIR style.


The system is passed WITHOUT false, first stages and finimeters.

The O2 monitoring (sensors are not included), as well as the conversion part for an APEKS first stage at constant medium pressure are included.

PRICE: 850.-, excl. shipping (shipping within the EU is possible)

Questions about the system, if possible, please send a message.

Neunkirchen / ├ľsterreich

Offer complete diving equipment for girls in size M consisting of:

Total package for only 899 EUR VB

1. Aqua Lung Jacket Pro HD in M

Carrying handle, Two oversized side pockets with 2 way zipper and integrated lead pockets, Adjustable grief waistband, Anti slip pad, Quick drain,

2. Seac fins with matching Seac Neo shoes size M corresponds to shoe size 40 - 41, fins M-L in white pink

3. Seac regulator with finimeter and matching pocket

4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8" thread

1 high-pressure outlet UNF7/16" thread

1st stage designed for 230 bar working pressure

Functional system: Compensating piston

Shockproof rubber protective cap

Ergonomic handwheel

Body made of chrome-plated, polished brass, extremely resistant to saltwater corrosion

Facilitation of the exhalation phase thanks to the increased surface area of the outlet membrane

Front cap made of silicone rubber, with large surface, for safe operation of the air shower even with gloves.

Safety system: membrane fixation, guarantees perfect functioning and stability in every phase of work

Bubble repellent with chin rest for greater stability

Large oval aushalation membrane for easy outhaling in any diving position

New ergonomic mouthpiece, prevents fatigue of the lower jaw

Octopus with 1m long yellow tube

4. Cressi Dive Computer in White

Complete adjustment of O2 oxygen parameters from 21% to 99%

Possibility to perform a nitrox dive after an air dive (even during the desaturation phase)

Deep Stop can be switched on or off

Battery change can be carried out by the user himself


Hello I sell my faithful companion Subgear XP-H with quick coupling due to changeover.

The computer works flawlessly

The "XP-H" is not only small and handy, but also a real all-rounder:

  • Nitrox compatible for 21-40% oxygen content (adjustable in 1% increments)
  • PDIS (profile-dependent depth stops)
  • Backlight
  • Time, 12 and 24 h mode
  • Automatic safety stop
  • Planners for zero-time dives
  • Visual and acoustic alarm (switchable)
  • Maximum depth in gauge mode 120 m
  • PpO2 Value from 1.0 to 1.6 bar
  • Integrated altimeter
  • Adjustable for salt or fresh water
  • Battery change can be done by the user himself

The "XP-H" is particularly distinguished by its integrated air pressure indicator. The diver can always read all important data at a glance. Since the "XP-H" is connected to the 1st stage of the regulator, it can never be forgotten. During the dive, the maximum depth, temperature, time and backlight can be called up or activated via the pressure switches. The adaptive algorithm increases security.

The alarm for the bottle reserve can be set from 50-200 bar and the second from 20-120 bar in 5 steps.

Still the usual, the sale is from. private and takes place without guarantee, guarantee or return. The screen protector has minimal scratches, but they are not visible underwater. TG I think a total of 10-20 I'm first owner.

150EUR VB plus shipping (lump sum 5EUR)


For private reasons, I am looking for a successor for my dive babies. The base is located directly on the harbor promenade of one of the most beautiful places in the southwest of Mallorca. With over 1000 regular guests, we have built up a very good and loyal customer base over the last 30 years. In addition to being awarded the Diving Award, the base enjoys an excellent reputation among travel agencies and diving schools worldwide.

The base is equipped with its own boat, an almost new VW bus, 2 compressors (one of them for Nitrox), 5 storage bottles and air cooling system, rental equipment for 40-50 divers and over 50 bottles.

The base is perfectly cut and offers reception, shop, training room, 3 showers, a wet area including sink and a spacious lounge area for guests after the dives. Our workshop is equipped to carry out any repair and maintenance of diving equipment on site.

Either a buyer or partner is sought to continue the business. Please only seriously mean requests.


Dive Computer Oceanic Veo 2.0

Including original accessories and packaging as seen in the photos. The dive computer is fully functional and was only used for just under 10 dives. Unfortunately, I have to give up diving for personal reasons.

Three operating variants: as a decorative computer, as a depth gauge or in freediving mode: NORM (air and nitrox), GAUGE (with runtime timer) and FREE (tracks calculations to enable switching between NORM and Free).

Two different computational models to choose from (Pelagic DSAT algorithm or Pelagic Z+ model). This exclusive dual algorithm from Oceanic allows you to choose a decompression algorithm base that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. The Pelagic DSAT model is ideal for individual dives with the classic rectangular profile thanks to its longer base times on the first dive. If the diver is still desaturated, the maximum but still safe ground time is determined. Ideal for divers who only do one dive per day. The data for the Pelagic DSAT computational model was obtained in thousands of dives and Doppler studies with PADI in PADI's Recreational Dive Planner (RDP). In the setting of the Pelagic Z+ model, the calculator becomes around 15 to 20 percent more conservative, but is very well suited for many repeat and multilevel dives, as is the case with a classic diving holiday. Another advantage of the Pelagic Z+ mode is the better compatibility of the dive data with the dive buddy when using a computer of the competitors.

Calculations for air or single nitrox mixture to 50% O2.

Deep stop function with countdown timer. 2 minutes countdown at half maximum depth for dives over 25 m.

Large, easy-to-read digits and thoughtful bar charts that make it easier to monitor ascent speed and nitrogen loading.

Ease of use via two push buttons. "Step Forward" and "Fast Scroll" interface for optimized access and setting of personal options.

The SmartGlo backlight captures ambient light and allows backlighting only in low light conditions, reducing battery life.

Audible alarms are supported by a separate flashing LED in the housing.

Easy retrieval of the data of the last dive with just the push of a button.

History function. Maintains the calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed. 24-day logbook. The course mode includes the total number of dives, the maximum depth, the total number of hours and the lowest temperature.

Optional PC interface (OceanLog) with the possibility to download its profiles to a PC.

Firmware auto-update with operational improvements or even new features.

Private sale, therefore no warranty or guarantee.

Pick-up in Leipzig Plagwitz or shipping possible (shipping costs are borne by the buyer).

Selling price is VB


  • Sell the dive computer Type: ATOMIC COBALT

With original packaging

Plus of a high-pressure hose and coupling

Used for 18 training dives for diving license

Manufacturer: ATOMIC Aquatics

ÔÇô Operation with 4 push buttons

ÔÇô continuous calculation of the ambient pressure

ÔÇô Nitrox: for an oxygen content of up to 99 %

ÔÇô Gas mixtures: 3x Nitrox, switchable during the dive

ÔÇô Altitude adjustment: automatic up to 3050 meters

ÔÇô Display: AMOLED color display

ÔÇô Depth stops: yes

ÔÇô Algorithm: RGBM according to Dr. Bruce Wienke

ÔÇô Fabrics: 15

ÔÇô Calculation of the actual remaining basic time

ÔÇô maximum depth 100 m

ÔÇô Cylinder pressure: max. 344 bar

ÔÇô visual and audible alarms (freely selectable)

ÔÇô Logbook memory: 600 hours dive profile

ÔÇô Storage interval: freely selectable

ÔÇô Dive planner: yes, storable

ÔÇô Compass: yes, calibratable, course storable, 3D design

ÔÇô Breathing gas data ÔÇô Transmission: Slimline ÔÇô High pressure hose coated with Kevlar

ÔÇô Interface: USB (charger and PC)

ÔÇô Battery capacity: up to 50 hours

ÔÇô Operating temperature: -18┬░ to 49┬░C

ÔÇô Software: Download from website

85049 Ingolstadt

Schneider / Kromp / Prey:

Safe diving with Nitrox.

Kosmos, 2008; hardcover, 13 x 19 cm

used, condition: 1A

16,00 Euro + Shipping

TDI Basic Nitrox Book

Just a few years ago, the use of oxygenated air was reserved for a small group of divers. Ridiculed as exotics, they often received ridicule from the compressed air breathers and the "established" training associations. But times have changed.
Nitrox has long since become a "common sense". Hardly any dive center can afford to offer only normal compressed air as breathing gas. And all over the world, diving is taking advantage of the benefits of diving with Nitrox. Longer zero times. Safe diving. This manual illuminates diving with Nitrox from all conceivable sides. Physical and physiological relationships are explained in detail and vividly. "Best Mix" and "MOD" calculations are also part of the Nitrox course at TDI, because after all, we want the diver to be able to use ALL Nitrox mixtures up to 40%.

Few dives.

Full-fledged sports, nitrox, trimix and gyro computer

Small and light

High-end backup computers

Please read about the functions and the evaluation in the "Diving": ".... If you need a computer for everything, you can't ignore the DX: so many functions in such high quality...".

See photos for details.

EUR 499.00

Note: All sales are made under exclusion of any warranty.

Oceanic VTX divecomputer, air integrated

The computer is new and comes from a warranty claim. Since I now have another one, I don't need it.

In terms of price, I am open to realistic proposals.

  • Operating modes standard (air & nitrox), finimeter, freediving and compass

  • Activmatrix OLED display with adjustable brightness and auto-dimming option

  • Hoseless air integration up to 4 transmitters

  • Digital compass 3-axis with misdirection compensation

  • 4 Gas mixtures

  • Nitrox capability 21-100%

  • Personal alarms and alarm confirmation

  • Dual AlgorithmÔäó

  • Automatic height adjustment

  • Ascent Speed Monitor (Depth Dependent)

  • Safety stop Adjustable, with timer

  • Depth Stop Optional

  • Logbook for 24 dives

  • PC/Mac & Mobile Interface

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface

  • Firmware updatable

  • User replaceable batteries

  • Battery life 30 diving hours (3v CR2)

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


New dive computer Mantis 1 from Scubapro for only 299,- EUR
Original price 389,00 EUR with original packaging and dealer invoice.
Dive computer and watch in one. Air and nitrox, takes into account up to 3 nitrox mixtures (21% to 100% oxygen in the multi-gas algorithm. Housing made of brushed, saltwater-resistant stainless steel, mineral glass. Up to 120 meters. Four diving modes: Deco, Gauge; Apnea and CCR. With bracelet extension.

for Dr├Ąger RAY Rebreather or DOLPHIN

Adapter G 3/4 to M24x2, 20,-EUR

1 x DRÄGER-Nitrox double valve M24x2 70,-EUR

Rebreather Ports

2 x breathing tubes, each. approx. 80cm


CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED & READY TO USE! A smoke, animal & allergy free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & a wonderful good day I wish :-)

1x TIP-TOP Oceanic VT3 with transmitter, storage box and German operating instructions AND for the hand module and for the transmitter I enclose a new battery :-)

With transmitter and Transportox ONLY 398 EUR fixed price. Please do not renegotiate...

EVERYTHING can be visited & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I AM ALSO HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-) I often travel all over Bavaria for work.

DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPly throughout Europe!

Thank you :-D I appreciate your interest and your contact :-)

Always good air and safe ascents I wish :-)

Enjoy a completely new, tubeless diving experience through radio transmission of the bottle pressure data. The VT 3 is the latest radio-controlled, air-integrated dive computer from OCEANIC with globally unique features. Switching between 3 transmitters with monitoring of up to 3 nitrox mixtures up to 100% oxygen or the control of the bottle pressure of your dive partners.

Individual air consumption calculation.
Adjustable depth and time at safety stop.
Measurement mode for deep divers with special
Breathing mixtures (air-integrated digital depth gauge with
detailed PC interface recordings up to 120 m depth).
Freedive mode with nitrogen saturation monitoring for a
Safe switching between device and free dives.
Automatic height adjustment.
Audible and visual alarm, individually adjustable.
SmartGlo® backlight and individually adjustable safety surcharge.
Batteries can be replaced by yourself.
Included OceanLog® PC interface for downloads and programming
individual settings on the PC.

Oceanic VT3 - Radio controlled buddy check or monitoring of up to three gases. With the Oceanic VT3, Oceanic offers a dive computer of the very latest generation. The diver can not only easily monitor the pressure of up to three diving devices, but also the respective air pressure data of one or two diving buddies. During the dive, up to three nitrox mixtures of 21-100% oxygen can be monitored. The Oceanic VT3 has extensive features:

Air, nitrox, depth gauge and freediving mode
Switching between three transmitters possible with monitoring of up to three Nitrox mixtures up to 100% O2
Adjustable safety stop time and depth
Personal security settings related to the computational model
Adjustable acoustic alarm in conjunction with an optical LED alarm
Alarm Confirmation
Back Light
Logbook and History Mode
In addition, the depths and times of apnea dives are monitored and calculated in freediving mode, so that a change between device dives and apnea dives is possible at any time, the nitrogen enrichment is always calculated.

The recommend. VK is EUR 849,-- for the complete system with one transmitter.


85221 Dachau

Christmas and New Year's Eve are getting closer...

There's nothing better than leaving holiday stress behind and going on safari

­čî▓Christmas Safari LAST MINUTE ONLY 825EUR North & Street of Tiran

­čÄŐNew Year's Eve Safari LAST MINUTE ONLY 795EUR North, Ras Mohamed & Wrecks

No hidden costs,Marine Park, Fuel Surcharge included, Transfer, Nitrox,3-4 Tg per day, Catering.

In the price not received: rental equipment, 15l, alcohol and flight

84000 Hurghada

Sell here a Ratio idive Easy Avantgarde dive computer in red.
I made 44 TG with the computer (is currently still used by me), glass is without scratches, only on the edge of the case there is a small scratch. Wristband extension and USB charging cable are included, as well as a computer bag from Scubapro (see photos).
The Ratio iDive Easy Avantgarde has 2 modes - Air & Nitrox
Algorithms: B├╝hlmann ZHL-16 B
Housing: Stainless steel
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Display: 40mm / 80x80 pixels
Max operating depth: 220 mt / 721 ft
Adjustable deep and safety stops
Bottom-Timer Mode
Large and bright display, Easy to read. Size matters:
The dive data on the iDive is displayed 15% to 30% larger than on all other watch computers on the market. The display measures 80x80 pixels 100% matrix. Bright, brighter the brightest! Adjust brightness and contrast according to your personal preferences. The high-performance battery is simply charged via USB.
Manual backlight setting:
Even the setting of the backlight is special with the iDive: fully automatic, manual or during the dive.
Sleep mode: The iDive can sleep just like you. If the iDive is not moved, it automatically enters economy mode after 5 minutes, reducing power by 80%. As soon as the sensors detect any movement, the display is switched on.

Additional apps available, 3D compass, weather forecast, magnetometer
Automatic adjustment of mountain lake mode, thermometer, barometer, pedometer and much more.

Software is available free of charge for both Windows and MAC (download on the Ratio page).

This is a private sale, no guarantee, no return

The Descent Mk1 dive computer features Garmin Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate measurement 2 to visually measure the pulse. (The device must have skin contact and cannot be worn over a wet or dry suit.) The dive computer measures the load and automatically uploads the heart rate data to your Garmin Connect? online account so that it can be viewed and analyzed after the dive.

Versatile PREMIUM GPS dive computer in watch design with bright, 1.2-inch color display and TOPO maps
Integrated sensors, including 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, as well as GPS and GLONASS to mark the dive's entry and dive points
Supports single-throttle, multi-throttle, gauge mode and apnea dives, including Nitrox and Trimix; Planning dives directly on the device
Dive calendar to store and review the data of up to 10,000 dives as well as sharing the data online via Garmin Connect? and the corresponding mobile app
Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate monitoring 2 with multisport activity profiles, performance values and smart notifications
Battery life: Battery life: Up to 19 days in watch mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS mode
Not to mention Garmin's unique support in the unlikely event of a failure within the warranty period. You will receive a new device immediately!

- As good as new 5 months old
- No scratches or damage
- in OVP
- With invoice


Scope of delivery:

- Descent MK1 silver with sapphire crystal and black silicone strap
- Extra long QuickFit? bracelet
- USB charging/sync cable
- Documentation/Instructions

PayPal is also possible, but preferably pick-up / cash payment

The classic in the Nitrox version.

Battery 62%.

100 Euro incl. shipping


Fully functional, battery capacity still 98%, original accessories complete. 40 dives were carried out. Traces of use on the housing and on the replaceable display cover, the display itself is scratch-free. The practical impact activation of the backlight also works.
To change some settings and to transfer the dives to the SmartTrak software (latest version at you need a USB IrDA infrared adapter, the enclosed one I used with the Smart Pro under Windows.

Price 80EUR

Shipping for 5 Euro insured with Hermes or DHL.
Sale of private without warranty.

(28.6.:reserved for Bernd)

50733 K├Âln

Phone: 0221 7327996

Because of hobby work I sell two Apex stage controllers with Nitrox M26 thread. (each 1st stage, second stage and finimeter)

The regulators have not been for revision for a long time, but work well.

FP each 149 EUR inc. Dispatch.

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

Tiefenstein UnterwasserWelten sells on behalf of a Nitrox membrane filling system consisting of a low-pressure compressor "Atlas Copco GA 5 FF", a high-pressure compressor "L&W 280E Nautic" (2013), oil coal filters from Atlas Copco "DD17" and "PD17", an activated carbon filter tower from Burger Engineering AG (2016), a compressed air heater "VA2000" (2016), a nitrogen membrane module "Parker EnOxy 608" (2017) and a high-pressure ball valve "KH 12 HD EU 220". Details about the individual components can be found HERE!

The package price is EURO 10'900.ÔÇö (CHF 12'000) from seat in CH-9326 Horn (directly on Lake Constance). The components of the system have been expertly dismantled (Hubsys Airtec) and must be picked up in CH-9326 Horn. A guarantee is not available, but the facility has been well maintained and continuously maintained. Many of the components are quite new (e.B membrane from 01/2017, original price CHF 6'500.ÔÇô) or in very good condition. The fully and immediately functional complete system is available at an advantageously low package price, as it is no longer needed due to a double track.

Please send inquiries by e-mail.

CH-9326 Horn direkt am Bodensee

Visit Tiefenstein UnterwasserWelten

Private sale

Sell used but fully functional dive computer Suunto D9TX with bottle transmitter from my private property.for ambitious leisure or Tec divers. The offered Suunto D9TX has the usual scratch marks (scratches, slight grinding marks on the case).

The dive computer is for diving with multiple gases air,Nitrox,Trimix


Titanium case and sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Complete continuous decompression with the Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm

Trimix support (including helium and oxygen)

Gas exchange for up to 8 mixtures

Five modes: air mode, gas mixing mode, measurement mode, free mode and off

Innovative apnea timer and a timer in air and gas mixing mode

Integrated digital 3D compass with tilt correction

Updatable firmware from manufacturer

Optional tubeless air integration ÔÇô current cylinder pressure, remaining air time

Integrated dive planner

Detailed graphical logs and dive data as well as the ability to plan dives and gas mixtures on your PC with DM5 software

This is a private sale, without warranty and without return!

Price VB: 499EUR


I bought the computer on 8.11.2018 (voucher redeemed), it was not yet in the water. Works (also with transmitter), has been tested,
is only sold together. Receipt will be sent along.

- Steel case and sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating
- Continuous, complete decompression algorithm ÔÇô Suunto RGBM
- Gas exchange between up to three gases
- Five modes: Air, Nitrox, Measure, Freediving and Off
- Innovative apnea timer and a timer in air and nitrox mode
- Integrated digital 3D compass with tilt compensation
- Updatable firmware
- Integrated dive planner
- Detailed graphical logs and dive data on your PC or Mac with Suunto DM5 software

Suunto Wireless Cylinder Pressure Transmitter for the Suunto Dive Computers D4i, D6i, D9tx, VYTEC DS, VYPER AIR and HelO2.
In conjunction with your dive computer, you can easily check the current cylinder pressure at any time with this transmitter
and the remaining air time.


- Compatible with Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i
- Also compatible with Suunto dive computers D9, HelO2, Vytec DS and Vyper Air
- Control bottle pressure wirelessly on your dive computer with graphical and numerical displays
- An estimate of the remaining air time is available throughout the dive.
- Track your air consumption over multiple dives with Suunto DM4 and Movescount software
- Battery life approx. 2 years (with 100 dives)

Fixed price 650 Euro


Currently we are 14 participants who have booked a full charter on the 20-seat Blue Pearl. We are looking for enthusiastic, relaxed divers who have the time and desire to join us.

We are looking for you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Here are the tour dates:

Diving ship:
MY Blue Pearl (see below for more information)

06 to 13/06/2019

Driving area / Route:
Red Sea, North - Tiran (see below for more information)

Port from/ to:

Prerequisite: AOWD or equivalent and at least 20 dives


  1. Services:
    Accommodation in half double cabin, transfer from/to Hurghada airport - to the ship at tour start Hurghada. If the airport does not match the port of departure, the transfer costs EUR 10,-- surcharge per person/route

  2. Meals:
    Full board, drinks such as water, coffee, tea and soft drinks in bottles are available free of charge

  3. Additional costs per person, payable on board:
    EUR 30,-- entry visa, alcoholic beverages, soda, tonic and other canned drinks, course fees, rental (upon pre-order), tips for the crew

  4. Diving:
    3-4 dives daily, bottle, lead, guide. Divers with Nitrox Brevet dive on the MY Blue Pearl Nitrox for free, in case of technical problems/failure of the Nitrox system is not entitled to reimbursement!

The ship:

About the MY Blue Pearl: (Texts and pictures from BluePlanetLiveaboards)

Even from the outside, the Blue Pearl makes a fantastic impression and at the latest when entering the salon even 'routine safari hares' can no longer get out of the traffic jam. Too nice to be true? By no means. Why should divers spend the best time of your year spartan? It can also be done differently ÔÇô enjoy and pamper.

The Blue Pearl was built in November 2003, with a length of 36 m and a width of 8 m.

The Blue Pearl routes run from north to south. The most famous and sought-after dive sites, such as the classic North and Wreck Tours, to St. Johns, Marine Parks, Brothers, Daedalus, Zabargad and Rocky are served.

10 cabins up to a maximum of 20 guests. The ship offers 8 twin cabins and 2 double-bed upper deck master cabins, all with private bathroom and air conditioning. Blue Pearl offers a comfortable living and dining area with TV, DVD and CD player. Outside there are 2 spacious sun decks, partly shady upholstered, and enough space to relax. 2 stairs lead to a large diving platform with a charging station for your diving lamp and camera batteries.

Included in your tour are three freshly prepared meals a day, selected snacks between dives, soft drinks, water, tea and coffee. On the ship you can also buy local wines, beer, mixed and diet drinks.

Upon arrival, you will be led on board and you will receive your boat briefing while dinner is being prepared.

The next morning after breakfast, the MY Blue Pearl sets sail at about 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. The exact departure time is in the hands of the Coast Guard.

Weekly schedule at the MY Blue Pearl:
Day 1 - 2 to 3 dives
Day 2 to 5 - up to 4 dives (no Marine Park)
Day 2 to 5 - up to 3 dives (Marine Park)
Day 6 - 2 dives

With Blue Planet Liveaboards there are a few limitations and some recommendations on dives depending on the qualification:

North and Wrecks ÔÇô 20 dives, Advanced Open Water or equivalent (recommended)

St. John's ÔÇô 30 dives, Advanced Open Water or equivalent (recommended)

Marine parks such as Brothers, Daedalus, Rocky and Zabargad require at least 50 dives and Advanced Open Water or equivalent.

On the MY Blue Planet you dive "NITROX FOR FREE".

The route:

The route of the North Tiran Tour is probably the most classic of all the liveaboard routes offered in the Red Sea.

North and Tiran Tour is similar to the North and Wreck Safari it allows into the Strait of Tiran, insight into some of the most notorious wrecks. Fascinating reefs and steep walls await the diver here. Tiran is located in the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and consists of four main reefs, which are...

Phone: 0511-76351553 Visit Tauchschule tauchmalab

Deepblu Cosmiq Dive Computer

red/black : Rg. from 27.12.2016 will be enclosed for any warranty claims

used, with signs of use, only used a diving holiday

currently bungee straps are mounted, the nylon Velcro bracelet is also included

Clock Mode
Dive mode
Bottom Timer Mode
Freediving mode
Log Mode
Sync Mode

LCD Display

air and nitrox are adjustable as gases

Charging via USB

is read out in the Deepblu app

it is a protective film on the display

Scope of delivery: Dive computer with bungee bands

Velcro Nylon Bracelet

Quick Start Guide

Charging cable

Hardcase I

ch am a private seller, you waive the warranty, warranty, right of return when buying

269 VB

Shipping or Pickup

Cash payment, bank transfer, PayPal

2 x Deepblu Cosmiq Dive Computer

red/black : Rg. from 27.12.2016 will be enclosed for any warranty claims purple/white: won at boot 2017 at the Deepblu booth, no warranty receipt   used, with signs of use, only used a diving holiday   currently bungee straps are mounted, the nylon Velcro bracelet is also included
Clock Mode
Dive mode
Bottom Timer Mode
Freediving mode
Log Mode
Sync Mode

Three different deployment modes: Scuba (Diving), Gauge (Bottom Timer) and Freedive

LCD Display   air and nitrox are adjustable as gases   Charging via USB   is read out in the Deepblu app   it is a protective film on the display   Scope of delivery: Dive computer with bungee bands Velcro Nylon Bracelet Quick Start Guide Charging cable Hardcase   I am a private seller, they waive warranty, warranty, right of return when buying   eur 279 each VB   Shipping or Pickup Cash payment, bank transfer, PayPal

2 x Deepblu Cosmiq Dive Computer

red/black : Rg. from 27.12.2016 will be enclosed for possible warranty claims purple/white: won at the Boot 2017 at the booth of Deepblu, no warranty receipt needed, with signs of use, only a diving holiday used currently bungee straps are mounted, the nylon Velcro bracelet is also included

Clock Mode
Dive mode
Bottom Timer Mode
Freediving mode
Log Mode
Sync Mode

Three different deployment modes: Scuba (Diving), Gauge (Bottom Timer) and Freedive

LCD display as gases are air and nitrox adjustable Charging via USB is read out in the Deepblu app it is a protective film on the display Scope of delivery: Dive computer with bungee straps Velcro nylon bracelet Quick Start Instructions Charging cable Hardcase I am a private seller, they waive when buying on warranty, warranty, right of return each 279 EUR VB shipping or collection cash payment, Bank transfer, PayPal

Hello sell 2x against bid, individually or as a package. Everything is in top condition. Bottles are for collection, no shipping.

- Double 7, Dir Style and Nitrox clean, T├╝v to
- Heeser Backplate
- OMS Donat

Looking forward to numerous inquiries
Good air
Anke - Wikipedia

Freiburg im Breisgau

Sell the following regulator hoses.

1x Scubapro Nitrox black 75cm 18EUR New
incl. shipping


Sell the following regulator hoses.

1x Scubapro Nitrox yellow 100cm 18EUR New
incl. shipping


For sale I have a stage controller set as pictured. Consisting of a DS4 and ATX40 controller from Apeks and Finimeter. The set was still dipped until recently.
The first stage connector is M26 for Nitrox.

A revision should still be made, even if the controllers work very well.

The asking price is 195EUR incl. shipping


Dives incl. Bottle, air and weight at a sharply calculated price.

EASTER "Complete" from 01.04.2018 to 29.04.2018
7 nights in (apartment with kitchen, satellite TV, terrace) and heating !
ÔÇó 3 days diving ( 6 dives ( incl. bottle & lead
ÔÇó All together for only EUR 279,- per person ) Single room supplement EUR 76,- )

The SSI OWD ÔÇô Open Water Diver ÔÇô VIP Package

One-time price: 599,00 Euro P.p (1 student: 1 instructor)
Included: Brevet Card and Logbook, access to SSI online training
Rental equipment, Digital Course Kit.
One-time price: 499,00 Euro P.p (2 students: 1 instructor)
Included: Brevet Card and Logbook, access to SSI online training
Rental equipment, Digital Course Kit.

On request, we also teach diving with Nitrox (SSI Nitrox EAN 40%)
And boat diving.
Training and online certification
For each of these courses is EUR 69,-. Included: Digi Kit

These courses are credited for the next higher level of education the Speciality Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver

Bozava Dugi Otk Kroatien

For health reasons, I am gradually selling my equipment!

The Alu Stages are without T├ťV because I have always filled them myself for Nitrox / Trimix or only O2

Here I offer:
1x Stage 80cft. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 150,-EUR
1x Stage 10ltr. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 140,-EUR
Bottles can be purchased individually or together!

If you are interested, please contact us.


For health reasons, I am gradually selling my equipment!

The Alu Stages are without T├ťV because I have always filled them myself for Nitrox / Trimix or only O2

Here I offer:
1x Stage 80cft. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 150,-EUR
1x Stage 10ltr. with rigging without T├ťV this is no problem
Price 140,-EUR
Bottles can be purchased individually or together!

If you are interested, please contact us.


The computer is new and comes from a warranty claim. Since I now have another one, I don't need it.

Operating modes standard (air & nitrox), finimeter, freediving and compass
Activmatrix OLED display with adjustable brightness and auto-dimming option
Hoseless air integration up to 4 transmitters
Digital compass 3-axis with misdirection compensation
4 Gas mixtures
Nitrox capability 21-100%
Personal alarms and alarm confirmation
Dual AlgorithmÔäó
Automatic height adjustment
Ascent Speed Monitor (Depth Dependent)
Safety stop Adjustable, with timer
Depth Stop Optional
Logbook for 24 dives
PC/Mac & Mobile Interface
Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface
Firmware updatable
User replaceable batteries
Battery life 30 diving hours (3v CR2)

Location Hamburg, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, just write, I will answer as soon as possible.

For those for whom it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.



2x Apeks TX 50 Nitrox / O2 can be used up to 100 % oxygen.
With 3/4 connection thread!!

ATTENTION: Before using the controller, maintenance should be carried out by a specialist workshop!

Price per controller: 199,00 Euro >>>>>> Together: 349,00 Euro
Private sale, no return or guarantee


Incl. three 300 bar (stands on the hose) hoses and adapter for helium u oxygen storage bottle.
Custom-made, was built into an Explorer Case and can be easily "taken along".
Outer Mase Explorer Case: (WxHxD) approx. 51x22x43 cm. The oily solution in the pressure gauge, which indicates the filling pressure of the helium storage bottle, is partially slightly clouded, but the pressure gauge can still be read. The original price was about 1000 euros. The panel hasn't been used lately that I haven't had time to dive. Shipping with assumption of the shipping costs (17,00 Euro within D) possible. Private sale: no guarantee or return. Please ask questions in advance. More pictures on request
Price: FP 510 Euro

92648 Vohenstrau├č

Since my planned switch to Nitrox was not implemented, I part with some purchased parts.
Sell robust oxygen finimeter with metal capsule, mineral glass pane and 80cm HD hose.
Can also be used as a normal (i.e. not Nitrox or O2) finimeter!

- Scale up to 450 bar.
- Diameter with protective capsule 58 mm
- Diameter visible glass 44 mm
- Height 30 mm
- Hose length 80 cm
The article is new and unused ÔÇô I bought it as O2 purely, but would recommend a revision by the specialist trade when used with Nitrox or O2 for safety!
If you have any questions, please write to us!

Price Fini: 50EUR
Shipping DHL: 4,99EUR


DTG 15L (oxygen) with Nitrox double valve and two filling adapters, stand and mains, T├ťV until 09/2018

VB 270,- EUR

As a private person, I give no guarantee and no return

D-36124 Eichenzell