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I offer here my Ikelite case for the Canon 7D - incl. handle.

The case is almost as good as new - was sent to the manufacturer after a hairline crack and completely renewed. All the buttons flash and flash - since then the case has not been in the water.

Private sale - no guarantee, no return

(I separate myself from all my UW photo equipment i.e. SLR camera Canon 7D in Ikelite housing, because I no longer enjoy towing when traveling by air)

I offer here my Ikelite Flash DS-161

  • incl. TTL cable .
  • new battery (2016), hardly used since then
  • Charger

for technical details see here:

(I separate myself from all my UW photo equipment i.e. SLR camera Canon 7D in Ikelite housing, because I no longer enjoy towing when traveling by air)

Sell new (only used once) underwater macro lens from Weefine. The lens is in excellent condition and is optically flawless. NP around 440 Euro.VB: 330 Euro

Here is the product description: Weefine Super Macro Lens WFL05S M67 +13
The U/W macro lens that looks good and makes your subjects look good.

A very high-quality UW macro lens that meets the highest demands. Due to the flat size and the large diameter, the WFL05S is also ideally suited for operation on full-frame cameras ( Sony A9, A7 etc, Canon 5D, Nikon D800 etc ).

More flexibility in the compact camera class ( e.g. Sony RX100, Canon G7X Mark II, Canon G7X Mark III ) The extremely large optical opening on the back ensures an extended use of the zoom range compared to other macro lenses.

SMART: For deep Nauticam threads or folding holders, the red ring can be removed to bring the lens even closer to the glass of the underwater housing and make the most of it.

The lens can of course be tested on site in M├╝nster. Always feel free to ask!


Phone: 01637662037

I offer here a Recsea underwater housing for the Canon S100.
It is used and has never been flooded.
I would like to have 50EUR + shipping costs.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or, if the fees (3%) are covered, by PayPal.


Phone: 017681170929

Underwater housing almost like new! Only used 1 time. Suitable for Canon g9x and g9x Mark ii. Scope of delivery: underwater housing, acceptable flash diffuser, hand strap, silicone grease, anti-glare hood for LCD screen, screwdriver, O-ring remover and replacement O-ring and lens mount cover. Access on the dive screen, maximum depth: up to 60m. Moisture meter and alarm system.

Offer Ikelite UW housing for EOS 5 D MK 3 in good condition see photos. Accessories and plan port available.

Ev. also suitable the EOS 5 D MK 3 and the Canon 24 mm f/1.4 L II USM for sale.

Offers welcome.

Private return or warranty excluded

Moin Divers,

look for a Sea & Sea TTL Converter for Canon. And synchronous cables.

Camera is EOS 550 D, housing one RDX, and the flash two YS 90.

Possible offers with asking price .

To be sold privately because of non-use. 15 dives used, all in tiptoppen condition. NP EUR 450, VP EUR200 + Shipping (Switzerland --> Germany EUR 30)

D&D M67 Flip Diopter Holder for 67mm Port:

D&D NB Pro Canon Powershot G7x Mark II Underwater Housing: - D&D NB Pro Canon Powershot G7x Underwater Enclosure

AQUAKO Super Macro Lens II x1.5 Diopter: Aquako Wet Lens Type 1 M52 Super Macro Close-up Magnifier 1.2x Diopter Lens For Olympus TG Series Housing (

PRICE (SET): 1699 Euro

It is a complete SET based on a digital Canon Eos 500D SLR camera, with the original Canon lenses, high-quality UW housing made of aluminum (UK-Germany) the matching ports and high-quality UW flash (Subtronic) including all chargers and manuals and boxes.

In combination with the original CANON 10-22 wide-angle zoom, the camera is a compact all-rounder that covers most situations better.

From the WW close-up of an object to fish portraits to landscape photography, everything is possible with one setup.

With the right setting, the set is easy to use even by a beginner and you get good results very quickly.

Due to this versatile use of the wide-angle zoom, I have not used the expensive macro lens and the standard lens once under water. It is like the MacroPport unused.

Overall, the set is compact for a DSLR and can also be triggered one-handed with the dome port. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated.

The compact UK housing is made entirely of aluminium. It has the optional 45 degree angle viewfinder, which is a "must" for serious use.

The compact SUBTRONIC flash is ideal for a digital system. A second battery and a spare charger are available.

The camera and the lenses were used exclusively in the UW housing for UW photography and are therefore in good condition.

The set was bought by me new and the original invoices are available. It had a new purchase value of over 7500 euros. Even if it is needed, there are sustainable components that can be used both topwater and when removing the equipment. This applies in particular to the original Canon lenses, the UW ports, the flash, cables and accessories.

The EOS 500D is still more than sufficient for the UW hobby forfortography, especially the offered combination with a high-quality optics.


Camera and lenses:


- Canon Eos 500 D

- Spare battery

Wide Angle Zoom:

- Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM


- Canon 2.8 100 EF USM

Standard optics:

- Canon 20-55 EF-S 1:3.5-5.6 IS

UW Enclosures

- UK-500D underwater photo housing for Canon EOS 500D

- 45┬░ angle finder

- Replacement O-rings and silicone grease available

Ports and intermediate ring

- DP 180 CA Base Dome Port for Canon incl. neoprene protection

- PP65 plan port for 18-55 EF-s

- ZWR50 intermediate ring for Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM

- Neoprene cover for Plan Port

Zoom rings:

- ZORI zoom ring for Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM

- ZORI zoom ring for Canon 18-55 EF-s

UW Flash

- Subtronic PRO 160 with E-TTL, LG, ext. Accumulator

- Synchronous cable

- Lightning arm addition

- 1 x Spare battery

- 1 x spare charger

Transport and travel backpack

- Lowepro (for all equipment)


Ready to shoot Canon C200 and Nauticam NAC200 underwater housing, which was used last year for both 25 meter deep shark shootings and surfing on the top and was sold due to an upgrade. Pull it out of the box and jump into the water, everything is ready to go

Price EUR 9000

Location: Spain


Phone: +345564678654


I sell my Ikelite underwater case for the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. The housing has only very slight traces of use and works completely without problems. Included is a replacement O-ring and all spare parts for any buttons.

In addition, I add a red filter, this has a small scratch on the edge. Through the lens of the camera this can not be seen so it does not affect the photos. If you have any further questions, just contact me.

Receipt is also still available.

Until then, Happy Bubbles to everyone!

VB 390 Euro


Phone: +4915238418685

Sell the housing in individual parts !!!!!!
UK-Germany case for Canon 5 D MK II without viewfinder : 350,00 EUR
The housing is made of aluminum, two-piece, incl. sealing rings and O-ring grease
The camera is mounted on a slide (suitable for Canon 5 D MK II) and inserted into the housing.
45┬░ Subal viewfinder 360 ┬░ swivel, snaps in every 90┬░ : 350,00 EUR
- a flat port PP65, : 80,00EUR
- large dome port d=180 mm, : 480,00 EUR
- Mini fisheye dome port. : 450,00EUR
Zoom rings
- Canon 17 ÔÇô 40 f/4 : 45,00 EUR
- Tokina 10-17 mm ( shaved ) : 45,00 EUR
Intermediate rings :
15 / 20 / 30 / 35 / 45 : each : 35,00 EUR
Plug-in ring for macro lenses suitable for 67 mm lenses. : 65,00 EUR

Equipment Canon DSLR:

- Canon EOS 50D Body (incl. original accessories, without lenses)
- 3 batteries Ansmann
- 3 CF cards
- Screen protector (mounted)
- Adjustment disc EF grid
- Canon close-up lens 500D 77mm (wg. edge blur UW)

Equipment Ikelite:

- Housing from Ikelite incl. conversion to 4-series system for port and electronic conversion from 40D to 50D (each incl. housing inspection at Ikelite)
- Standard port for Canon EF-S 60mm (without lens, no scratches on the glass)
- Flatport (no scratches on the glass)
- Domeport 8" (no scratches on the glass)
- Extension rings for Canon EF-S 60mm, Canon EF L 100mm, Canon EF-S 10-22mm
- Zoom clips for Canon EF-S 18-55mm and Canon EF-S 10-22mm
- Aluminum bottom by Mike-Dive
- Original Ikelite grundschine incl. handles
- Bottle opener for port change
- Neoprene covers for all ports
- Dunnage cap for housing and dome port
- Replacement O-rings for case back panel and front
- Silicone

Package price 1.190EUR

All equipment is in perfect and well-kept condition. The equipment was always handled carefully. Invoices are available.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.

UW enclosure Ikelite for Canon 100D with double handle

with macro and wide angle ports

UW flash Ikelite DS51 with ball arm and TLL cable

div. Accessories and bag

VB 300,-EUR

Noble compact with 7.1 MPixel with underwater housing up to 40m. The camera can be operated in full automatic mode, but also in manual mode in addition to aperture and time automatic. The images can be saved in JPG and raw (or simultaneously), which offers many possibilities for further processing of the images. The camera, even as JPG, still takes beautiful pictures even by today's standards, but needs some ambient light. The camera is simple and intuitive to use: all important functions can be selected either directly via a button, or on the first menu level - Canon can do this particularly well. Super camera for little money to start underwater photography. Especially because the housing is very compact and does not interfere with diving. Incl. 2 batteries, charger, and 2 pieces of 1 MB CompactFlash card (image size is around 4MB, i.e. it fits in the high-resolution JPG format usually more than 250 pictures on a card) AV cable, hand strap and shoulder straps for camera and underwater housing. Everything as shown in the photos. If necessary, I will send more photos on request. The attached, unedited underwater photos are taken without additional light source by me in Egypt with this camera. I also liked to use the camera on land, because it is really very compact and also takes very nice pictures here. The camera's internal image processing works very well, so I have only very rarely revised images on the computer. Price VB EUR120,-- plus shipping, or e.B. handover in Hemmoor. I always try to describe the objects as well as possible, and to the best of my knowledge and belief. If you have any questions, please let me know ÔÇô I will definitely get back to you! Private sale: The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee. No exchange or return.

s├╝dlicher Hamburger Speckg├╝rtel

I part with my SLR camera and housing - we have had wonderful experiences under water together, but since my husband can no longer dive for health reasons (and we can therefore not distribute the equipment on our luggage), it is simply too much luggage for me on long-distance trips :-(

Canon EOS 7D with 3 lenses:

  • Canon EF-S 18-135
  • Canon EF-S USM 60 / 2.8
  • Tokina AT-X 10-17 / 3.5-4.5

Matching IKElite UW enclosure with handle and 2 ports:

  • Dome 8" (for Tokina 10-17)
  • Flat port (for Canon 60mm macro)

Flash DS-161

  • incl. flash arm and cable

In addition: second battery for the camera, CF card, various seals (partly still new).

The flash has a new battery (renewed in 2016 after I once forgot the O-ring...)
The case is as good as new - in April 2019 after a hairline crack at the manufacturer almost completely renewed and since then no longer dipped: electronics new, all 16 buttons new, all seals new, new housing body

ORIGINAL PRICE for everything was 5,500 euros

Please send us an email for offers/inquiries

Sell my complete equipment just can't cope... the camera had about 10 times in the water, 1x salt water. Just want to enjoy diving.

I bought it all together online at the beginning of the year.

The last photo is taken in complete darkness in an underwater h├Âle with the two lamps.

There is a

Canon EOS 750 d with 18-135 EFS OBJECTIVE

SEA FROG case for 18-135 lens

Camera rail with two arms.

A Reef Slave Lightning with 4xAA Batteries

2x The more legendary FaMi video lamps with 3000 lumens and eight batteries.

Hot shoe ADAPER and various other ADAPER

Camera Bag


1x Canon 7D - . 0380431925 - ShutterCount: 38578 (designed for 150,000)
Battery + charging station
1x Canon 7D - . 3981605274 - ShutterCount: 18002, battery + charging station
1x CF-Card 16 GB
2x CF-Card 4GB
1x CF-Card 2GB
1x Microdrive 6 GB
1x Sigma 10-12 1:4-5.6 DC HSM, UV filter
1x Sigma 17-70 1:2.8-4.5 DC Macro, UV filter
1x Sigma 18-200 1:3.5-6.3 DC, UV filter
1x Tele converter 2x

2x Inovatec UW-LED, 2500 lumens,
3 positions: 30% - 50% - 100%, chargers, bags
2x Goosenecks

1x BS-Kinetics UW housing Lut, 80 meters, for Canon 7D,
all functions, O-rings + replacement O-rings
1x glass dome port for Sigma 10-12
1x zoom ring for Sigma 10-20
1x plan port for Sigma 17-70
1x zoom ring for Sigma 17-70
1x port extension

The set consists of a complete equipment with a 2nd camera,
3 lenses, 2 LED video lights and the matching housing with
Domeport, Planport, ... All components are well maintained, fully operational and
functional - but of course show signs of use. It is
to used equipment, therefore no warranty or return.

SET PRICE: 1.900,00 EUR

Information & information: or +43 664 144 85 28 - joe haschek

Steiermark - ├ľsterreich

Phone: +436641448528

Sell here a great camera set for the entry into underwater photography. The set was a faithful companion to me underwater. It includes the following: Canon G1X with protective case, Ikelite Uw housing 6146.01, Ikelite DS 161 video lamp with flash and arm, camera manual

Fully functional and tight.

Price 869,00 EUR VB

Shipping is possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sell an underwater enclosure "WP-DC54"

Used it for my Canon G7X.

Low scratches that have no effect on the shots.


Price: 140,-EUR

Private sale. No warranty or return.

plus shipping according to buyer's request or collection in 59071.

I sell here our underwater housing from Canon type WP-DC 42 for the price of 90EUR VHB.

The housing is up to a water depth of 40m/130ft. waterproof. We have had it so far on some dives (max. 5) and thus made beautiful pictures of the underwater world. But unfortunately now no more time to dive.

It consists of a solid housing for the Canon PowerShot SX220 HS and SX230 HS. A flash scattering disc is included, as the direct flashing of objects usually leads to bad photos.

The housing is sold in the original packaging with instructions, strap, flash diffuser, silicone and hand strap.

I also sell the matching camera Canon SX220 HS in anthracite on ebay classifieds. If you are interested, simply contact us.

Pick-up in Kuppenheim or insured shipping (5.99EUR) would be possible.

As usual at a flea market, the sale takes place under exclusion of warranty and right of return.


sell from a discount used, well-kept underwater housing for Canon EOS 40D with HUGYFOT Fisheye lens (think it's plastic)

Incl. vacuum pump and handle. As shown.


Private sale

No PayPal

Price + Shipping

Optionally, the matching Canon EOS 40D Body with EF-S 10-22mm lens (1:3.5-4.5) can be purchased. Purchase of the camera only in conjunction with underwater housing.

Special price when buying camera and housing = 700EUR + shipping


Hi everyone, I am looking for an underwater housing for my Canon 5D Mark ii.


Powershot S110 and WP DC47 underwater housing and M67 adapter

Underwater Camera Set by Canon

used, therefore of course with usual traces of use

The housing was only used for a diving holiday, the camera of course also private

The set consists of:
the Camera S110
two batteries
USB cable
two CDs

The WP DC47 enclosure
Flash cover

an adapter with M67 thread for macro lenses

They bid on everything you see in the photos. I am happy to send more photos or you can look at the set
with me on site.

I am a private seller, you waive warranty, warranty, right of return

Pickup or Shipping
Cash payment, bank transfer, PayPal


verkaufe f. 950 EUR (VHB) . NP ca. 2500 Euro.

ein Komplettmonitorsystem Video/ Live View SmallHD DP4, dem UW Geh├Ąuse Nauticam DP4, Off Set Vacuum Bulkhead M16 NA-25622 Erweiterungen NA 25028 & NA 25032, Canon Akkus und Ladeger├Ąt.

Kompatibilit├Ątsliste zu Kamera und Geh├Ąuse siehe Bilder:

Set besteht aus:

1. SmallHD DP4 Bundle (Neupreis/ Retail Price: Ca. 600 EUR)

.... Battery Plate: Canon
Inputs: HDMI, Component, Composite
Display: 800X480
Software: Focus Assist, False Color, 2x Zoom, Frame Guides, and more...

1x DP4 Monitor
1x Canon battery bracket
1x screen protector
1x hot shoe ball mount
1x 1.5ft Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable
1x HDMI 90-degree adapter

2.Nauticam UW Geh├Ąuse / Underwater Housing NA-DP4 (Neupreis/ Retail Price: Ca. 1400 EUR)

Nauticam NA-DP4
HDMI Cable Standard 20 cm HDMI-C (Nikon, Canon, u.a)
HDMI Cable Standard 20 cm HDMI-D (Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, u.a.)

3. Nauticam Off Set Vacuum Bulkhead M16 NA-25622and Bulkhead Extension (Neupreis/ Retail Price: Ca. 260 EUR)

NA 25028
NA 25032

4. Orginal Canon Akkus & Lageger├Ąt (OEM) (Neupreis/ Retail Price: Ca. 180 EUR)

2 x LP-E6 batteries
Kabel EU Stecker
Kabel US Stecker

Frankfurt/ Main

Underwater housing for my Canon G7x (Mark I) wanted. From D&D to Meikon to Fantasea please offer everything in this respect still dense and functional.


Seacam underwater housing for Canon EOS-1D X / 1D C as new!

The best case on the market! 100% functional. Back com Service Check at Seacam. All TipTop.

Original price almost 6.000 EUR!

Here for 3900 EUR VHB


I offer my underwater photo equipment because of system change.

Composed of:

- Camera body Canon 5D MkI with Full Size Sensor (only approx. 13Tsd. triggers)
- Original manuals and software
- Battery grip
- 2x CF cards (512MB and 1GB)
- 2x battery and charger

- UK-Germany underwater housing with 2 handles.
- DOME port with 55mm distance ring and zoom ring for a Canon EF 17-40mm/1:4.0 L USM (would also have to be with the EF 16-35mm/1:2.8

- Flatport suitable for a Canon EF 100/2.8L Macro IS USM lens
- Lightning arm
- Lightning cable (TTL capable)
- UK-Germany underwater housing for a Canon Speedlite 580 EX II flash

Since I do not go diving so often, all the equipment is in perfect condition. The UW housing was built in the

Feb. 2016 completely reviewed.

Total price (camera housing, handles, 2x ports, Canon 5D DSLR, flash arm, flash cable, housing for flash): EUR 2.500,00

Original price of all parts: approx. EUR 6.000,00

Shipping with DHL or pick-up in Reilingen


I offer my underwater photo equipment because of system change.

Composed of:

- Camera body Canon 5D MkI with Full Size Sensor (only approx. 13 thousand trips)
- Original manuals and software
- Battery grip
- 2x CF cards (512MB and 1GB)
- 2x battery and charger

- UK-Germany underwater housing with 2 handles.
- DOME port with 55mm distance ring and zoom ring for a Canon EF 17-40mm/1:4.0 L USM (would also have to be with the EF 16-35mm/1:2.8

- Flatport suitable for a Canon EF 100/2.8L Macro IS USM lens
- Lightning arm
- Lightning cable (TTL capable)
- UK-Germany underwater housing for a Canon Speedlite 580 EX II flash

Since I do not go diving so often, all the equipment is in perfect condition. The UW housing was installed in the

Feb. 2016 completely reviewed.

Total price (camera housing, handles, 2x ports, Canon 5D DSLR, flash arm, flash cable, housing for flash): EUR 2.500,00

Original price of all parts: approx. EUR 6.000,00

Shipping with DHL or pick-up in Reilingen


Offer used UW photo equipment
Camera Canon EOS 5D Full Frame Digital Camera
Housing Sealux CC5 with LD viewfinder and all necessary bushings for the operation of the camera.
Sealux Planport
Sigma EX 2.8/50mm Macro
Price 950EUR
Everything in very good condition
Information also under 0173/4923732

For sale because of system changeover:
Product: Everything can also be purchased individually!!!!
Hugyfot Canon 7D Mark UW housing: NP:2.350,00 EUR VB:1000,00 EUR
INON 45┬░ Viewfinder for Hugyfot: NP: 590,00 EUR VB: 370,00 EUR SOLD!
HUGYFOT Extension Ring 45mm: NP: 150,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Focus/Zoomgear: 4 pieces NP: 132,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Silicone Gear: 4 pieces NP: 132,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Flat port Acrylic-L70/D100 : NP: 210,00 EUR VB: 100,00 EUR
Hugyfot Vacuum Check Pump: NP: 170,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Wide Angle Port Acrylic-L50/D128: NP: 350,00 EUR VB: 170,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Fisheye Port Acrylic-L 25/D174: NP: 500,00 EUR VB: 250,00 EUR
md-lightsnake Adapter duo NEW: NP: 60,00 EUR VB: 50,00 EUR SOLD!
md-snoot, mikedive light former : NP: 88,00 EUR VB: 50,00 EUR
Isotta Quick Clamp: 4 pcs NP: 200,00 EUR VB: 100,00 EUR
Inon MR 130 Hugyfot Port with M67Connection
for e.B. Subseec: NP: 350,00 EUR VB: 170,00 EUR
Inon Z 240 Type 3: 2 pieces NP: 1270,00 EUR VB: 635,00 EUR SOLD!
Sea&Sea Sync Cord N Double Cable / : NP: 189,95 EUR VB: 90,00 EUR
Sea&Sea Spiral Cable 5pin Synccord NEW: NP: 85,95 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
Subsee +10 Macro Attachment Lens: NP: 235,00 EUR VB: 120,00 EUR SOLD
Together new price NP total over 7000, - EUR

In addition, there are various spare parts such as O-rings, 2x hot shoe for Canon, neoprene sleeves, 2 flash arms with buoyancy bodies from Mike Dive, housing alarm batteries, silicone grease...... Etc.
Who wants to have the complete system VB: 3000,00Euro
Suitable for macro, super macro and wide angle.
You can also contact me by phone or Whats App: 01774235538
I look forward to your fair offers
Axel B.


Sell UK-Germany underwater housing for Canon eos 7D Camera with flash and lightning cable with accessories for hobby task.
Original invoices will be sent from 30.03.2010
The underwater house has about 40 dives on it is like new (see pictures).

UK-7D Underwater Housing Flash Socket N III Links
Dome Port 180 Base
ZWR50 for 10-22 EF-s
ZORI for 10-22 EF-s
Replacement O-ring
PP105 macro port for 100 EF
UK Macro Attachment Adapter
UCL 165 attachment lens for even greater enlargement Price 3730 eur

Lightning cable Sea & Sea 86 Price 535 eur

Lightning arms with ball joints 100 eur

ATTENTION if you are interested have more pictures of the underwater housing please request

ORIGINAL description of UK-Germany
Housing description:
The underwater photo housing is CNC milled from seawater-resistant aluminum, hard anodized and specially manufactured for PROFESSIONAL USE. The interior is equipped with a black textile flocking, which is reflex-absorbing and absorbs moisture if necessary. The housing is closed with two secured clamping fasteners. Memory card change is possible without removing the camera.


The camera is placed in the housing by means of a slot. All operations are transferred. A special lens release makes it easier to change lenses. 1 flash socket S6 with camera connection (for E-TTL) is located on the top left (2nd flash socket on the right optional). A display window at the top and monitor window at the back provides insight into all the necessary data. On the left side, a ball for flash arm attachment is mounted on the handle. A removable handle is attached to the right and left sides of the housing. On request, a rail can also be attached under the housing, which allows the use of a second handle on the left side.
Port system:
The housing is equipped with our proven UK bayonet system and thus allows the use of the various SLR lenses behind the corresponding front ports.

Dimensions and weight:

Length (without handle): 190 mm, height: 165 mm, depth: 120 mm.
Weight: approx. 2100 grams without port

Permissible diving depth: 70 m

Would the inspection of the case still be taken over at my expense by the UK-Germany either the buyer sends in the case and then sends me the invoice or I send the case to UK-Germany.


Canon Ixus 110 IS with Canon WP DC 32 underwater housing

Canon IXUS 110 IS
with 2 additional batteries ( 1 x Canon , 1 x No Name)
with charger ( no original Canon )
with operating instructions
with protective case from Canon

WP DC 32 Enclosures from Canon
the O - ring was just changed last October, the old O - ring I put also because it is not defective

Camera and underwater housing have many traces of use and scratches. But both are fully functional
and the scratches or traces of use on the housing do not interfere with the photos.

I have very small snails in macro underwater mode
photographed, as well as sharks or other larger fish. If you are interested, I will send you more photos.

Although the set has many hundreds of photos under its belt, you will still be able to take countless great photos with it.

I am a private seller, you waive warranty, warranty and right of return

I offer a Sealux underwater housing for the Canon 7D. The housing has made 5 dives in fresh water. The lens rings are made for the 17-55 mm zoom to manually operate the zoom and sharpness. The large dome port is made of glass and the corresponding intermediate ring. There is also a 3.5 inch monitor with charger and 2 spiral connection cables. The housing has 2 S6 sockets. One jack is for the monitor, the other to send an image to the surface via a cable. I only used the camera for video recording. The housing is absolutely as good as new. The price is VB EUR 2500.I am open to reasonable price quotes. If you have any questions, please call 01729402293


Sell my complete camera/underwater camera equipment for abandonment for 849EUR

1x Canon EOS 500D, 15.1 MP
1x Canon EF-S 18 - 55mm lens
1x Canon EF-S 18 - 135mm IS lens with lens hood
1x Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro
1x Hama Skyfilter 52mm
1x Hoya 58mm UV Filter
2x 16GB memory card
1x Canon battery, 1x additional battery, 1x Canon charger
1x underwater housing Sea & Sea RDX-450D (which fits 500D and everything works!), waterproof to 60m depth, flatport for 18 - 55mm & 60mm macro, front lid, O-ring, O-ring removal tool, silicone grease, 2 viewfinder for housing (x0.5 & x0.8)
There is also a Hama standby bag for the camera.

Because of the size I would prefer pick-up, but shipping can be organized under certain circumstances.

Camera equipment has normal traces of use, but everything works perfectly! The UW housing is absolutely tight and has not been used frequently.
I only sell the whole thing together - but if you know the individual prices, you can see that my asking price of 849EUR is more than fair!


I offer my 2 year old underwater photo equipment due to system change.

Composed of:

Canon 70D APC Sensor
Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.5 IS (wide angle)
Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro (Marcro shots)
BS-Kinetics carbon housing with handles. In 12/2015 waited at - all TIP-TOP!!! Matching adjustment rings (focus, zoom) suitable for the above lenses.

Domeport and flashes already sold!

Original manuals and packaging from the 70D and the BS-Kinetic case!

VB: Total price (housing, handles, standard port, flash arms see photo, Canon 70D DSLR, 2x EF-S lenses with lens hoods, photo bag): EUR 2.000,00

Delivery insured free domicile with GLS.
or pick-up in Hamburg


I offer here my UW case for the Canon 7d, since I am a father, I just can not get to it anymore. Here only the camera has to come in from you and you can get started.

Here is a list of the parts:
Art-No. Item Name
770017301 Nauticam NA-7D housing for the Canon 7D camera
770018802 Nauticam 8.5" Fisheye Dome Port
770021170 Nauticam Port Extension Ring 70mm #21170 (for Canon 16-35L)
770019537 Nauticam Port Extension Ring 30mm #21130 (for Canon 8-15 Fisheye)
770025224 B&J ball with M10 thread and hole for mounting #25224
135000127 fiber optic connection for INON Type 4 flashes
1770018703 Nauticam Macro Port 94 #18703

The entire accessories of Nauticam, additional sealing rings etc are of course included
You can start right away, camera in - fire free !

Main Taunus

Offer used UW photo equipment
Camera Canon EOS 5D Full Frame Digital Camera
Housing Sealux CC5 with LD viewfinder and all necessary bushings for the operation of the camera.
Sealux Planport
Sigma EX 2.8/50mm Macro
Price 950EUR

Everything in very good condition
Information also under 0173/4923732


For health reasons for sale:

2x Flash Seaflash 100 Digital, Canon C093, Neoprene Case, Flash Arm 50/150/300
1x Seacam UW housing prelude Canon EOS 60 D
1x S10 sports viewfinder
1x P75 plan port
1x WP Wideport + Extension
1x corrective lens 700 mm tooth ring
Original price 2013: 9.000 EUR

1x Canon EOS 60 D + 17-85IS+EF70-300 mm
Original price 2013: 1.457 EUR

Selling Price: Negotiable

The ideal introduction to UW macro photography
Have the following used items for sale
-EOS 30D with complete factory delivery
-Sigma 2.8/50mm macro with original packaging
-Sealux CC30 housing with access to almost all camera functions
-Flatport PN102 suitable for 50mm macro or standard zooms

Everything in very good used condition.
Sale without guarantee since private.
Complete 595EUR

Information also under 0173/4923732


Hello sell my used Patima/Canon/Subgear/Sea&Sea underwater camera set

Included in the set are

Patima Housing PDCH 600d
Patima Zoom Port PC-CHZP 18-55mm
Subgear Video Light 3 times LED
2 times Sea &Sea YS 01 flash with fiber optic cable
Canos EOS 600d with Canon EFS 18-55mm lens
Parapro Case Model 3317/ 330x350x170
Sea&Sea Bag
24x battery +2 chargers
2x Sea&Sea Compact Arm + various add-on parts

For health reasons I unfortunately had to give the diving to it
The set was last used in August 2013.
In December 2013, the housing was for inspection and pressure test at Aqua Fototeam
All documents available.
Nevertheless, the O rings should be renewed.
The set shows slight signs of use.
The Sea&Sea arms are not optimal for the flash I myself had no problems with it under water.

Price for the entire set see also photos.
More photos and retail sale on anfage.

2300 Euro VB
Retail sale possible.

I am happy to answer any further questions


Sell my Ikelite complete set. It consists of the following scope of delivery:

Ikelite UW housing 500D incl. 2 arms
Ikelite 8" dome port with neoprene protection
Canon 500D housing incl. 2 batteries and charger
Tamron Lens 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5
Canon Lens EFS 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
Zoom ring for the Canon lens
Zoom ring for the Tamron lens
Hard case for the complete set incl. punched out foam

The 8" dome port is ideal for half/half shots.
The whole set can be visited in advance.
Also sell the parts individually if desired.

Price 1299 Euro

It is also possible to borrow the set for 1 weekend for 75 euros or 120 euros a week, or 180 euros for 2 weeks.


Due to switching to a newer system, I sell a set consisting of a used Canon S95 with about 1,600 trips made so far, and a case Ikelite 6242.90.

The camera itself has no scratches or damage in terms of optics and display, the display is still provided with the protective film. The camera is sold with the original packaging, the original accessories (charger, cable, CDs, instructions, etc.), plus there are 3 batteries. Despite its small size, the S95 also takes great pictures in the macro range. It can record in RAW mode, which allows for comprehensive, lossless post-processing of the images.

The case Ikelite 6242.90, waterproof to 60 m depth, has been converted according to Ikelite's specifications with a retrofit kit for the S95. The housing shows signs of diving-related use on the back. The lens area is without scratches and has been protected during transport etc. by the cover cap included in the scope of sale. The spring-loaded buttons are - as usual with Ikelite housings - a bit more difficult.

The set gave me a lot of pleasure. It is well suited for beginners, thanks to the small dimensions easy to transport - especially on the plane. Sample images (of course greatly reduced in size and as JPEG) can be found in my T-Net reports of recent years, for example here:

The set can be visited in the Rhine-Main area and also picked up in person.

Price: EUR 250,-- plus EUR 6.95 for insured shipping, if necessary.

bei Frankfurt

Have the following used items for sale
-EOS 30D with complete factory delivery
-Sigma 2.8/50mm macro with original packaging
-Sealux CC30 housing with access to almost all camera functions
-Flatport PN102 suitable for 50mm macro or standard zooms

Everything in very good used condition.
Sale without guarantee since private.
Complete 695EUR

Information also under 0173/4923732


look for a (gladly used) UW case for my Canon Eos 600d. With interchangeable ports, for different lenses. Gladly with Bliz or lamp.



I offer an underwater housing from UK Germany, suitable for the Canon PowerShot G5 for sale.

The high-quality housing is CNC-milled from a block of aluminum. All important functions of the camera can also be operated with housing, for the two displays of the camera there are viewing windows.

The housing has a hot shoe contact that is guided outwards via a Nikonos socket, a T-piece for attaching a flash arm on the left and a handle on the right with M8 threaded hole. It is closed via two Nielsen safety clamping fasteners and has a removable/replaceable plan port with bayonet lock.

However, I have to admit that I never used it after buying it from a 2nd hand, but switched to a system camera. That's why I can't say anything about the tightness, but the O-rings were maintained with silicone grease and look good.

On request I include a functional but used Canon Powershot G5 (incl. all cables, instructions and 1GB flash card).

VB EUR 180.-

Visit/pick-up in 22047 Hamburg possible or insured shipping with DHL (plus EUR 5.-)


A compact semi-professional UW photo equipment in top condition is offered here. Unfortunately, I currently lack the time to exhaust the equipment and it is really too bad to leave this unused in the closet. If you have any questions, you can reach me under "". In the following I have listed the components of the equipment together with the current reference value. The total package has a new price of about 3100, - EUR More on the listed website!

Greeting Alex



would like to switch to SLR for UW photography and am therefore looking for my Canon 600d a UW housing, gladly also used. Also with flash or lamp.
Please offer everything with asking price.
Thank you very much


look for a used UW housing for my Canon 600D, if possible also with flash or photo lamp.
I am a beginner in photography, please offer everything, with asking price.
Thank you!