Offer Photo/Video Underwater camera complete (CANON EOS 500 DSLR + UK housing + Canon WW zoom and macro lenses including ports + Subtronic flash

PRICE (SET): 1699 Euro

It is a complete SET based on a digital Canon Eos 500D SLR camera, with the original Canon lenses, high-quality UW housing made of aluminum (UK-Germany) the matching ports and high-quality UW flash (Subtronic) including all chargers and manuals and boxes.

In combination with the original CANON 10-22 wide-angle zoom, the camera is a compact all-rounder that covers most situations better.

From the WW close-up of an object to fish portraits to landscape photography, everything is possible with one setup.

With the right setting, the set is easy to use even by a beginner and you get good results very quickly.

Due to this versatile use of the wide-angle zoom, I have not used the expensive macro lens and the standard lens once under water. It is like the MacroPport unused.

Overall, the set is compact for a DSLR and can also be triggered one-handed with the dome port. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated.

The compact UK housing is made entirely of aluminium. It has the optional 45 degree angle viewfinder, which is a "must" for serious use.

The compact SUBTRONIC flash is ideal for a digital system. A second battery and a spare charger are available.

The camera and the lenses were used exclusively in the UW housing for UW photography and are therefore in good condition.

The set was bought by me new and the original invoices are available. It had a new purchase value of over 7500 euros. Even if it is needed, there are sustainable components that can be used both topwater and when removing the equipment. This applies in particular to the original Canon lenses, the UW ports, the flash, cables and accessories.

The EOS 500D is still more than sufficient for the UW hobby forfortography, especially the offered combination with a high-quality optics.


Camera and lenses:


- Canon Eos 500 D

- Spare battery

Wide Angle Zoom:

- Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM


- Canon 2.8 100 EF USM

Standard optics:

- Canon 20-55 EF-S 1:3.5-5.6 IS

UW Enclosures

- UK-500D underwater photo housing for Canon EOS 500D

- 45° angle finder

- Replacement O-rings and silicone grease available

Ports and intermediate ring

- DP 180 CA Base Dome Port for Canon incl. neoprene protection

- PP65 plan port for 18-55 EF-s

- ZWR50 intermediate ring for Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM

- Neoprene cover for Plan Port

Zoom rings:

- ZORI zoom ring for Canon 3.5-4.5 10-22 EF-S USM

- ZORI zoom ring for Canon 18-55 EF-s

UW Flash

- Subtronic PRO 160 with E-TTL, LG, ext. Accumulator

- Synchronous cable

- Lightning arm addition

- 1 x Spare battery

- 1 x spare charger

Transport and travel backpack

- Lowepro (for all equipment)