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Chestmount rebreather adapter for the diving tank New!

Price incl shipping 70EUR

RON with carbon base
Kirch BOV
Cooper Hoses
Switch block
7 x QC 6 couplings
Hoses (5 x MD for Stage + 2x for Switchblock)
Connection adapter with cable for PPO2 monitor (PPO2 monitor is not included)
Double 12 and double 8 with frame and barrier bridge (bottles do not have a current T├╝v).
Double 12 is still filled with TMX 18/45 and Double 8 with TMX 21/35.

Various spare parts (exhalation membrane BOV, filters for lime tanks, O-rings, screws, pre-bent stainless steel pipe for bridge, replacement hoses for connection switch block to PSCR, etc.)

The device worked perfectly on the last dive, but has now been in the garage for a long time. The buyer assures to have a revision carried out before use and to use the rebreather only with appropriate training.

Only pick-up possible (M├╝lheim a.d.R.).

It is a private sale without guarantee, warranty or possibility of return. The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.

for sale for a total of 3,550 EUR

A separate sale of the PSCR without frame/bottles/accessories would be possible (PSCR+BOV+Switchblock 1,800 EUR). However, I only sell frame/bottles/accessories separately when the PSCR is sold.


I'm selling a Cobby Frame for an AP inspiration here. The AP circulator can be installed in the frame and the bottles can be attached to the outside. Due to the large foot, the circulatory device is stable.

Asking price: 350EUR

The Frame can be used with Evolution and Inspiration canister.
Weight 2.7 Kg
50 cm long
Diam 21 cm
3 mm AG 3 aluminium
Laser cut
Professionnal welding
Hard anodization with colorisation
2 Cam band supports to attach tanks provided.
Can be kept as a hand luggage in a plane even with the canister inside.
Full protection of the canister including the side snorkel.
Can fit up to 4 tanks.
Pre drilled holes to fit most of "quick release tank supports".
Pre drilled holes to put your Evolution handle allowing you to use your 2 hands to carry your rebreather.
Pre drilled holes to attach your diluant manifold.
Pre drilled holes to attach your surface marker at the bottom of the frame.
Your weights can be fixed at the bottom of the frame avoiding the need to have a weight belt (your back will appreciate).
Reinforcement of the Frame to have a flat contact between the Frame and Backplate.
All Stainless Steal nuts & bolts needed are provided.
Rubber protection for the top and bottom to protect the frame and the boat from scratching.
Rubber protection of the handle.

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

2pcs MIFLEX Carbon HD hose 120cm
slight traces of use
both sips are oxygen-pure

purchased 05/2022
were mounted on the Revo rebreather for 6 dives
but the configuration did not prove itself for me

Fixed price 60

Shipping with DHL for 5,49

Private sale, therefore no return, guarantee or warranty

90542 Eckental

Offer jjccr backplate with straps. Brand-new. 150EUR

I offer at a fixed price 100,00 EUR:

Mono immersion cylinder valves for 230 bar compressed air are the simplest variant of valves used in immersion technology, which makes them widely available. They are usually used on smaller bottles or on aluminum bottles. Your service effort is also very low because only a few components and sealing elements are required

Here I offer a mono diving cylinder valve for 230bar for left and right. In combination, these valves are especially intended for sidemount diving and use in recirculation devices / rebreathers.

Diving cylinder valves for 230bar are tested with 300-350bar pressure.

Technical specifications of the 230bar immersion cylinder valve

  • Right and left monovalve compressed air 230 bar
  • for bottles with M25x2mm bottle neck thread
  • Production according to EN-144
  • Connection thread G5/8" female thread 200bar
  • black rubber handwheel, does not match handwheel in blast sketch!
  • not expandable with a second exit
  • Riser tube and O-ring included
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BA-HTD10137
  • EAN: 4250605461652

Shipping with Hermes parcel + 4.90EUR


Phone: 01737250433

Search Contact to Rebreather divers or Rebreather interested in the area Flensburg - Kiel.

Flensburger F├Ârde

Offer a little used Ratio IX3M Pro Reb because of hobby resolution The tech dive computer has only made 70 dives, it is suitable for rebreather diving and has countless extra functions. Among other things, it would be possible to analyze O2 with the additional adapter (not included). Included is the adapter for CCR Fischer Srtecker with which it is possible to read out 3 O2 sensors of a CCR. 800 Chf Vhb.

Lenzburg Schweiz

Phone: 0041764476861

Oxygen tank for Russian rebreather for sale.

2 separately lockable "batteries" with a volume of 0.12l each. Total 0.24l 150bar, oxygen pure, residual filling.

For hobbyists, the two very finely adjustable valves may be interesting.



For sale is a Golem Gear BOV for the AP Inspiration. It can be connected directly to the T-pieces of the counter-lungs and dipped. Hardly dived, in excellent addition 460EUR incl. insured shipping to Germany


For sale is a Sentinel BOV for the AP Inspiration. It can be connected directly to the T-pieces of the counter-lungs and dipped. The HUD holder is also suitable for the original inspiration HUD. Hardly dived, in excellent condition 480EUR incl. insured shipping to Germany.


The rebreather offered here comes from a project where my goal was to build an m-CCR from a NITROX SCR. The system works, I was with the device a few times in the water dives up to 100min and 20m were problem-free.

The control of the O2 component is based on the KISS principle: O2 needle valve set to approx. 0.9l/min; manual addition of additional O2 via buttons; Diluent (air) via pulmonary automatic bypass AND also possible manually. The O2 -Sufe is specially adapted for the Constant-Flow needle valve - conversion part for Apek's first stage is incl. A ppO2 monitoring is also built-in - 2 separate sensors on 2 separate displays (are installed in one housing). The built-in belt corresponds to a DIR style.


The system is passed WITHOUT false, first stages and finimeters.

The O2 monitoring (sensors are not included), as well as the conversion part for an APEKS first stage at constant medium pressure are included.

PRICE: 850.-, excl. shipping (shipping within the EU is possible)

Questions about the system, if possible, please send a message.

Neunkirchen / ├ľsterreich

1. High-quality lung machine complete set !

For detailed information, simply check with Cressi or ask me.

Consisting of:

+ 1st stage: Cressi T-10 Cromo

+ 2nd stage: Cressi Galaxy R

+ Octopus : Cressi Balanced MG

+ Dive console: Cressi Leonardo (computer)

(incl. compass and finimeter)

+ Inflator hose

+ Solenoid valve for the octopus

RRP: 975EUR (I would like to have 460 EUR)

Condition: Very good - from summer 2019

(Computer 36TG, equipment under 20TG)

Everything is completely prepared and ready to dive.

2. Cressi Commander Wing Jacket

RRP: 399EUR (I would like 200EUR)

Condition: Very good - from summer 2019

(Under 20TG)

Size: L

The wing has been treated very well and is freshly prepared. It can be dived directly.

All equipment offered here is from the Cressi Atelier series. These are the high-end products from Cressi that can only be bought in the dive shop!

Since I only dive rebreather, I have to part with a heavy heart.

(If you are interested in matching diving suits, fins etc. and accessories, please report!)

Total price for both: 660EUR VB

Retail sales are also possible!


A 2 year old Poseidon Seven Rebreather is offered in the original scope of delivery.

40 meters variant

First possession - Purchase invoice of Poseidon Germany is at

new service 19.02.2021

Private sale with the end of the statutory warranty

Rebreather works without problems, no defects, very good condition

Shipping possible - pick-up preferred

Price: 3590.-EUR


I offer a functional original Dr├Ąger LAR V circulating diving device, a 100% oxygen rebreather.
All parts as shown.

The device is functional, and allows completely bubble-free diving.
It is non-magnetic and completely silent according to STANAG.

For international users:
You can buy an origional German CCR, a closed circuit rebreather, used by the German Navy and the US SEALS. (as the MK 25)
In original excellent condition, amagnetic and silent.

Warning: It is NOT a recreational diving device, has NO CE approval. Diving with pure oxygen requires extra training.
The device is therefore, although fully functional, only sold "to hobbyists", or as an exhibit. Likewise, ONLY the device incl. bottle is for sale, NOT the suit, the fins, the diver etc.

Shipping is of course possible for 10EUR.

International shipping possible against prepayment


Long aluminium backplate

Ideal for large dual appliances or rebreathers

3mm Alu

Condition of the plate almost like new, only dipped three times

Webbing is older

Asking price 120EUR
Shipping or collection possible


I am selling the Sidemount SF2 eCCR rebreather that I purchased for a project in July 2019.It only has 19 dives. As new and with everything that comes standard. Ready to dive.

Low price. If you want information contact me.

If necessary, I can still send photos. The rebreather is in top condition. However, the Switshblock would need new valve seals. That's why I installed two new flow stop valves. I did the season (September 2020) with it in Hemmoor tX dives.

BOV is installed. DSV is also there. All seals as well as the drain valve from the inner counter-lung are new.

Also present:

D12 , multiple frames for different bottles, BOV, DSV, ARGON SET, Backplate ALU with harness by OMS, Wing OMS 94lbs

Everything in top condition

Some spare parts

Vb 3900EUR

Offer here a professional oxygen rebreather OXY GEM-11 Made by Kawasaki in the original transport case and all accessories. Everything is unused and in new condition! There are 2 x 5L carbon oxygen cylinders. One in the transport case and one in the device. These carbon bottles are particularly light. The rebreather has a full face mask. The container is filled with CO2-binding breathing lime. However, this should be replaced before use. Operation Manual is included. Shipping possible against assumption of costs. Pick-up preferred. Was intended as a craft object but nothing came of it.

Price 2000EUR.


Because of hobby task I sell our rebreather.

This model of Rebreather has been taken as a template for the SF2 available on the market. It is therefore the predecessor model.
Visually, it is identical. The main difference is in the mind of the rebby and the operation. This will be explained in a moment.

This device has a simple shape and looks clear and compact.

This is due to the fact that the sensors are located in the tube.
The difference to the SF2 is due to the technology and handling. The SF2 is an eccr and this model is a mccr. The sensors of our rebreather are connected to the dive computer Shearwater Perdix (which is not included in the price). The dive computer takes over all the gas control and indicates when oxygen needs to be supplied. Another dive computer can also be connected here. The oxygen is supplied manually with an oxygen inflator.
The big advantage of this self-control and self-dosing is that you do not blindly rely on an automatic device. You always have your own control over your oxygen supply.

The assembly or disassembly of the rebreather is very easy, as the entire tube can be taken apart. All parts can be easily reached without unscrewing the accessories (1st stage / wing / plate / harness / bottles).

The electronics chamber is located inside the head. It is housed in the smallest of spaces, which reduces condensation in this area to almost zero.

The connectors of the breathing set are mounted slightly angled on the head, which contributes to an optimal positioning of the set and a pleasant wearing comfort.

The counter-lung is located in the lower tube. This leads to an ideal diving position in the water as well as low water resistance.

The lime container sits between the head and the centre piece.

The tanks are easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble.

The rebreather has always been reliable and has worked flawlessly. It was well maintained. It is fully functional.

The Lieferumpfang includes:

  • Rebreather, as described above with oxygen inflator and all mounted hoses

  • DIRZONE Wing with Harness

  • Travelframe

  • 2 x 1st stage Apeks TEK3 with finimeter

  • Price: 2.000 Euro

    When picking up, there is still a cardboard box of lime.

  • In addition, the following can be purchased with extra charge:

  • Shearwater Perdix (dive computer)

  • 3-litre mono bottles

  • BOV (Golem Gear) with folding hoses

    Since this is a private purchase, there is no guarantee and a return is not possible.

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

for Dr├Ąger RAY Rebreather or DOLPHIN

Adapter G 3/4 to M24x2, 20,-EUR

1 x DRÄGER-Nitrox double valve M24x2 70,-EUR

Rebreather Ports

2 x breathing tubes, each. approx. 80cm


Dr├Ąger Panorama Nova Dive, high quality OC/CC Full Face Mask with many accessories in very good condition (used < 20x ), ready to dive!

More or less the best full face mask money can buy.

Can be used with a rebreather with a optional (not included) rebreather bite-piece.

1x Dr├Ąger Panorama Nova Dive

2x TecMe P-Port adapter (solid delrin) for Apeks regulators + extra O-rings

2x Dr├Ąger First Stage

2x Dr├Ąger Shark Second stage (1x P-Port, 1x normal mouthpiece)

1x Clear Pilot Anti-Fogging Spray

1x Mask Box

The mask is excellent condition, the p-ports plug easily and also the 'window wipers' rotate very smooth.

The two Tecme p-port adapters allow you to use your own Apeks regulators and that makes this a really nice breathing mask. Also the p-port allows you to unplug your regulator and breath ambient air while swimming at the surface or when gearing up. You can also switch p-port regulators underwater if needed, just make sure to practice in a pool a few times.

The visor/window was replaced last year as I damaged the anti-fogging coating (~ 100 USD/EUR). Retail value in well above EUR 1500 / $ 1650.

Asking EUR 750 / $ 825, shipping from The Netherlands not included.

Sell a new Hollis EXPLORER rebreather (original price EUR 4950,00). Price: VB

P.S. Since private sale, no guarantee and no return!


New diving compute used only once

Technical data:

Application: Tech and sport divers

Processor: Low-power Microchip PIC18F87K22

Datamemory: 4 MegaByte flash memory

Advertisement: IPS LCD monitor with ambient light sensor, viewing angle: 160┬░, resolution: 320 x 240 pixels, size: 2.4" (63mm diagonal screen)

Connections: Bluetooth Smart Ready (2.0 and 4.0)

Sensor: Combined pressure/temperature sensor, 3D compass (tilt-compensated)

Power supply: Lithium-ion battery (20 hrs running time/2 hr swell)

Controls: Two sensor buttons

Housing: Aluminum, milled from the full and hard-anodized. Scratch-resistant borosilicate glass pane

Operating depth: 120 meters

Dive computer is in good condition only slight traces of usage...

Pick-up would be possible ...
Shipping at extra cost...
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me...
Private sale, therefore no warranty or withdrawal, warranties ..

Price :700EUR

Is a Whitearrow circulatory device

Can be dipped as pscr or as m ccr everything is available

2x 8.5 l separated

2x 8.5 l with bridge

The counter-lung is the Nt 3 system new and the breathing tubes are cooper pants

If you have any questions, please contact us

Price 4500 EUR


Submatix CCR 100 SMS

Includes: - canister (4 hours autonomy) - 2x PPO2 displays; (1) Submatix Oxyscan 100-A, (2) VR2 Delta P Computer - wing included is: Buddy Redwing - maintenance tools included - can be sold without cylinders for courier purposes etc. Last used 4 years ago and will need to be serviced. It is your responsibility to ensure you are fully trained to use this rebreather. Buyer to pay for courier. Happy to answer any questions or send more pictures if required. Price : 1150 Euros

Poseidon Rebreather MKVI 2450th EUR and a Poseidon Seven 3650th-EUR for sale

Both devices have received a new service.

Sports battery, wing, bottles and the rest of the accessories are included


A PSCR RB80 clone is offered.

Made entirely of Delrin/POM.

Frame is powdered from Va and black. Clamps for attaching the bailout tanks are included, switch block complete except for the two QC6.

Loop consists of Cooper pants, cordura protection from Dr├Ąger and BOV Tres Presidentes ( identical Golem Shrimp )

Lots of spare parts and lungs almost new.

Shipping of the buyers, an education is needed!

VB EUR1500,-


-Used, undamaged,
-Complete with inflator hose,
-Bubble material: double-shelled, cordura (perfect for cave & wreck),
-Color: Black.
-Manufacturer: A.P.Valves, Cornwall, UK

Price: 119,-EUR

84489 Burghausen

Unused BOV from Poseidon. I had bought the BOV to convert another rebreather. But I never got to it. The BOV is therefore as good as new, as it has never been used.

Price 900EUR

-Original and as good as new,
-New generation (not the old type),
-stainless steel,
-with belt holder (new)
-with MD hose,
-with Swagelok QC6 female Connector
-with Swagelok QC6 male connector / 9/16 male
-with APEKS Free Flow Control (FCD)
-with adapter 3/8 fem-9/16 fem

-Perfect for quick conversion from SCR to mCCR.

Price: 349,-EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for malice and intent as well as for damages for bodily injury as well as for gross negligence or intent remains unaffected.

84489 Burghausen

Hello, because of the abandonment of diving I offer here my

SF-2 rebreather in full equipment "Ready to Dive +".

Included is the following:

SF-2 ECCR tube approx. 60 h dive time incl. Shearwater Controller DiveCAN

Shearwater Petrel with Fischer connector as backup computer

Backplate long and heavy (6 mm)

Wing Black Devil

1st stage Scubaforce oxygen side

Stage 1 Scubaforce Diluent

Manual ADS metal version over the shoulder

Golem Gear BOV with Breathing Snake

Original DSV with long spare hoses Dr├Ąger

2 x pair of 3l bottle set 300 bar.

Original suitcase from Scubaforce is also included.

Pictures can be emailed via PM and serious interest.

The device has traces of use from cave diving but is technically in a

perfect condition, the oxygen sensors are about 1 year old but still have

acceptable values.

VB 7900,-- Euro


  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á backmounted counterlungs (BMCLs
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á AD
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Tempstic
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á BOV (bailout valve)
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Trimix Software
  • ┬Ě22KG win
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á XL harness (Fits me with 182cm and 85Kg
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á ALIBOX / Travelframe from Aluminu
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Data cathe
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Delrin lid for the lime container (to store lime between the TG
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 2 O2 and 2 Diluent 3 liter bottle
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á New replacement AP16 O2 Senso
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 3 working/good AP16 O2 sensors installed (all also within the best before life)


  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á frontmounted counterlungs (FMCLs) and harness with lead pocket
  • (Have quick-release fasteners installed for easier cleaning
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Original housing (small crack in the floor, but it does not bother further and has been there for at least 8 years
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Auto Air
  • ┬Ě┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á 2l 300 bar buoyancing gas cylinder incl. quick connector and Scubapro MK16 or MK25 first stage.

If desired, I can convert to original housing, Auto Air and FMCLs.

Do not sell individual parts of the rebreather, but it would be OK without Auto Air, FMCLs or BMCLs and without ALIBOX or original housing.

VB 3600EUR including shipping. Pick-up possible in 35428 Langg├Âns

Hello everyone

I sell a Hollis Prism2 in very good condition with various accessories.
what's in it?
- Hollis Prism2 complete with 2x 3l steel bottles (black, O2 with nitrox thread).

- Hollis Prism BOV
- Stainless steel stand
- small counter-lungs
- all medium pressure hoses exchanged for flex hoses
- new high-pressure hoses
- various spare parts (O-rings etc.)
- Custom-made HUD holder for the "normal" mouthpiece (not BOV)
- 4x originally packaged O2 sensors

Price 5399EUR VHB


pSCR Rebreather

A used pSCR rebreather in good condition. (Manufacturer Deep Access Model Sphere) It is "Ready to dive" and is sold without wing, backplate, and the Apeks vending machine.

D8.5 Steel
Steel Frame
Lola Valve with Flex Bridge
Cooper Pants
Switchblock QC-6

Price: 1.995EUR


pSCR Rebreather

A used pSCR rebreather in good condition. (Manufacturer Deep Access Model Sphere) It is "Ready to dive" and is sold without wing, backplate, and the Apeks vending machine.

D8.5 Steel
Steel Frame
Lola Valve with Flex Bridge
Cooper Pants
Switchblock QC-6

Price: 1.995EUR


Offer Regreather ECCR Submatix quantum Exp
Dimensions 60cm x 34 cm x 22 cm
27kg with bottles 20kg without
2.7kg lime container
2x 3l bottles
Computer SPX 42
Fishing cable for 2nd computer
O2 Booster
Diluent Booster with Inflator connector
Aluminium cover
New Wing
Shipping is possible costs must be borne by yourself.
Send more pictures if you are interested
3000 EUR

Mannheim / Lenzburg CH

Offer Submatix Quantum Exp
Submatix ready-to-dive with smaller bladder and lots of accessories. A second Fisher cable for a second computer e.b. Shearwater is available. The Eccr is equipped with a computer and a Hud. O2 and Diluentbosster are available. In addition, another bottle can be connected to the diluentbooster by means of an inflator hose in an emergency.

Mannheim / Lenzburg CH

Hello, for sale is my JJ-CCR rebreather bought in December 2016. Since purchase, the unit has not completed 35 hours. It is visually as well as technically in a very good condition. For all dives, a cave shield was used to protect the tube. The device was always dry and stored in the house.
The offer includes the complete JJ with 2x 3L 300Bar bottles, Cave Shield and various O-Ring Kits.
Price: 7.000 Euro VHB. Shipping is at the expense of the buyer.


Sell a PSCR Rebreather SF1, as shown in the photos.
Bottles have T├ťV and are freshly powdered.
Cylinder valves have been overhauled.
VHB 1900,-


Sell Kirby-Morgan full face mask M-48 MOD1, Modular professional mask that allows a complete machine change under water without having to remove the full face mask. Especially interesting for rebreather divers. Rebreather pods with switching device are optionally available.

Equipped with Scuba-Pod and original KM regulator. Swivel and hose are NOT part of the offer.

More detailed description of the countless variations and expansion possibilities of the mask under

Mask has 3 dives on the watch, so it is as good as new. Comes with instructions and original bag.

If you have any questions, simply email.

Original price in the clearly 4-digit range, here for EUR 900, - to be given.

kappeln / schlei

I have a Poseidon Seven head unused for sale, as well as a Black Battery and a Poseidon Seven completely ready to dive with Wing and Harnes with 5 dives and new service 48 Trimix

Seven head 1950.-EUR
Battery module 100 meters 450.-EUR
Seven Rebreather 4500.-EUR

I ask for inspection and collection if possible.
The rebreather can be tested with appropriate training.


Sell very well preserved Liberty CCR with new sensors and accessories. For more information you can contact me.


Offer a high-performance booster for sale
-double acting
-for all gases
-very quiet
-well suited for larger bottles
-Volume per stroke approx. 58cc
-total volume 1030cc
-with 300 bar or 200 bar connection
-Dimensions:approx. 350mmx250mmx800mm in rollable frame(fits in any corner)
-manual and pneumatic drive (10 bar)
-the booster is as good as new and also suitable for continuous operation in the dive center
It is as good as unapputable and beats all commercial boosters up to 5000, - EUR
For comparison, the strongest ROB presses 21.6 cc per stroke
-the device has no CE is therefore of course sold as a decorative piece

SF1, PSCR for sale
Rebreather, breathing tubes, BOV, swichblock, Reserve-O rings, bridge

Raum: HD/KA

For sale:
-side mount rebreather mccr(similar to SF2)
-Alu tube
-adjustable cmf(zr. Time 0.8 l/min)
-manual feed-in O2... Dil
-currently 2 sensors (up to 4 possible)
-the size is like 80 cuf
-the price is a matter of negotiation (makes me a suggestion)
if you have any further questions please send us an e-mail

This is a private sale, i.e. without any liability or claims.

Hello everyone

for sale are two fully functioning Hollis Explorer eSCR rebreathers. The devices were purchased at the beginning of 2016 and have been in use for about 35 hours of diving since then. Visually, both units are flawless.

The devices are delivered ', ready to dive out the box ́ ́ ́.

The offer also includes 3 oxygen sensors and one Co2 sensor.

On the top there are two 5l steel bottles per unit.

If you are interested, a course can be organized. Course requirements at least OWD certification.

I am happy to send pictures on request.

Price per unit: 2.100 Euro

Price for both units: 3,800 euros

An on-site visit can also be arranged. If you intend to buy, a try dive can also be organized.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me